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pls try n update
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Originally posted by kabslocks

Awesome update.
Waiting for next part.
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Originally posted by khwaishfan

<font color="#0033ff">pls try n update </font>
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        Part 19 -

             " I don't want to go " I said looking at him straight . Maan wants us to go for a party ...I hate going parties he knows that but tonight he is adamant to take me ..finally I couldn't control and voice out what was bothering me ...

                 " you don't have to do this just because that day I said those about party... you are still free to do whatever you want , with whoever you want ..I won't stop you ..." I smiled at my own statement but he didn't get angry or said anything just smiled at me...

                   " ow I m such a fool ..you are the king no one can stop you from doing anything which you want..."

            I only want to stay away from him after last night it's hard for me to control myself before him may be he also noticed it ...from morning he was behaving so cool like nothing happened between us ..but no I can't forget his betrayal and pretend as everything is good...he never took me to party I was great full for it but not now ...as I know why he did that just to enjoy with other wh**e ...he played with me so well ...

             " its getting late you should go...everyone must be waiting for you " especially Natasha I guess ...don't Geet just stop thinking about that bitch...

        I turned around to leave but Maan came before me " you are right no one can stop me for doing what I want...and I want my wife to come in this party..."

               " but I ..."

          " sshh no ifs or but we are going together that's it " ...he select a dress and give it to me for change " go fast we are really getting late " ...seeing no option i went to change...

                 " you looking gorgeous Doll " he picked up my hand and kissed my palm softly...

             " hmm thanks " I tried to took my hand back but he hold it tight and placed it on his thigh... its getting hard to control with such close proximity... his one hand to mine and other behind me touching my hair ..playing lazily... I heart is beating fast ..what's wrong with me ? I how can I feel this for the man who betrayed... I looked at window to stop thinking about him but suddenly feel his hot breath behind my ear ..he gave a wet kisses to my throat ..then slowly to my check. ..I m loosing myself to his magical touch ...he make me look at him kissing the corner of my lips ...I closed my eyes for more but suddenly car stop ...

        " Sir we are here " driver's voice broke our trance... I opened my eyes horrified what I was doing ...

                 " f**k " he said with gritted teeth very much aroused by our closeness.. but I'm really thank full that we are here...and nothing happened...


            As expected men shamelessly flirting with their mistresses ..dancing around ..and some busy in talking about business or say planning to kill someone ...that's why i just hate these party... only saving grace is Aniee ..or else I would have died being bored ...Maan already gone to meet some people..very soon he will take charge of Dark Dragon so he is too busy meeting with all... suddenly i saw Natasha in blood red dress looking disgustingly sexy wh**e ..I feel like vomiting... she noticed me and gave a coy smile which I ignored and start talking to Aniee who is secretly looking at someone...

               I follow her eyes and saw Arjun Maan's friend and right hand.. ..he is giving her soft smile ' oh no their is something cooking between them...no I have to stop this ..love is not for familia women its cursed... I can't let Aniee suffered the same which I'm suffering...'

           " umm Aniee so how is life going..? anything new ? "

               She smiled hugging me " Geet thank God you came I have so much to tell you " she took a long breath finally said " I'm in love ...I love Arjun " the bright smile and twinkle of her eyes said all she fallen hard for that guy ...

              but its not right it will only give her pain already she came out from a bad marriage now this will just take her life...love is not for this hell if her dad get to know this they will kill her ...and Arjun what he also know the rule what if he is only playing...

               " Look Aniee listen to me carefully don't take Me wrong I only want you happy .. you know the rule right...its not possible he won't love you...your family..."

               I chocked at my own words ..she is looking so happy actually I first time she is so happy and I am stopping her but I know I have to its for her good ..." your family won't agree ..."

             " They already agreed ..." Aniee cut my words happily..." we are getting engaged soon " ...

            I'm confused how can this happen ...I know her family my in laws especially Maan's dad he would never approve this love things even for his own daughter. Made men only think about their business not for their off springs and Yash Khurana is worse from them...then how this happened...

      " but how they agreed ? "

          " All because of Maan bhai ..."

              " Maan ? "

        " you know na Arjun is Maan's right hand... and nothing can be hidden from him last week bhai saw us together ...I was so scared bhai took out his gun and asked Arjun ifi he really have feelings for me ...I tried to deny I know love is curse but Arjun didn't back away ..he told bhai everything .I was worried for worse but bhai surprised me hugging Arjun and promised us that he will get us married..."

        Im unable to speak did really Maan approving this ...he is giving priority to love than the rule if familia...

        " Bhai know that Dad would never approve this... may be will kill me so made a plan to make this happen as arrange one ..."

        I hugged her feeling happy ..she suffered a lot ...this girl really deserve this ..." I'm so happy for you ..you are really lucky... to find love in hell " ...

          She smiled wiping my tears " yes I'm lucky to have Arjun and Maan bhai in my life...he is best brother... you remember I told you about my husband who get killed last year...he didn't kill by rivals Maan bhai killed him..."

        shock will be small word to say what I felt " Maan ...he killed.."

          " yes he did ...bhai know how my life was going so wanted to free me ..that's why killed that monster... he can do anything for his family...you are lucky Geet ...bhai lov..." Mrs Khurana came from nowhere and she stop in mid ...I excuse myself and went from there...

          I still couldn't believe what I heard Maan is supporting love ..' he can do anything for his family ' yes family... he is doing it for his family for his own sister ..his own blood why he can't love me ? ..why he betrayed me ? answer is simple I'm not his family just a deal Wife nothing else... suddenly I'm jealous of Aniee and her luck... why I can't be lucky like her ? don't I deserve love ? ...

      my eyes burned but I tried to stop my tears... no use of crying on my fate ... I was about to go to washroom suddenly noticed something... Maan and Natasha at dance floor.. dancing so close ...it's feel like someone stab a knife in my heart ...' I was do right... this man can't be mine '
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sooo sorryyy
I m bad I know
guys I'm thinking to hold other two story to finish this ...its my first story and it almost a year I couldn't finish it...feeling low I guess now I should focus in this story to finish than update others ...
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Thank god u update this ..I m really missing this story ... now plz concentrat this story & hope u complete this story plzzz don't put on held . Now back to update .. now I m confused seriously maan love Geet ?? Means he done so much for anni ..than y he doing this to geet ..if he wants to dance & enjoyed with that Natasha then y he bring Geet in party to see her break pal pal .. I m really feeling bad for Geet.. I hope Geet maan ko muh tod jawab de ... y maan doing with Geet this type ...I hate maan now for breaking Geet ...plzzz next update soon..plzzz update regularly ..I request u ...
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Maan was again with Natasha...Dancing!?
Poor geet yaar she was broken...
Annie got Arjun...Geet was glad she was happy...
Thanks for update dearie...
Take your tym...
Update depends on tym and mood so chill Jo Dil kahre with KAR...
I love to read your work
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Nice part..
Ya maan kya chahta hai agar geet uska love hai toh wo natasha ka saath kyun.. Bechari geet kya uski life hell hai.. Annie ka liya itna concern hai par geet ka pyar ka saath aisa kyun ho raha hai..
Waiting for next part..
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