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Please update soon.. It was amazing

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Originally posted by vrishtigoel

Please update soon.. It was amazing

will try
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eagerly waiting for update
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   Earlier ____

        " Trust me doll "...

                 Doll yes I'm only a doll to him "you gave me a perfect name Maan doll whom you played so well .Just like a doll you choose to play till you get bore then throw it way when it become old . I was such a big fool that couldn't see your real face and you know what i Hate this face , i Hate U..."

       Part 18 -

        " I hate you..."

             " you only used me for sex...every time we are together I thought its not sex but something else but no ...I was so wrong... I was another sex toy for you ...just with a name tag called wife...I was not special..."

              " stop insulting yourself ...you are the only woman in my life ...you are special... don't insult our togetherness by calling it sex ...it was much more than that. " I nodded no and was about to go but he pulled me closer ...placing his hand on my face to make me look at him ..." don't ever say like this baby...you are not a toy ..you are my queen my life my everything..."

                      he placed his lips on mine softly Kissing me ...I tried deny his touch but couldn't... then suddenly remembered him kissing Natasha...I pushed him hardly ...giving a slap on his face...he looked at me shocked...clearly didn't expect it ..that too from a girl...

                    " don't touch me with those filthy hand ..I hate your touch... I hate your kiss...i hate you...I hate everything about you ...

his face covered with a unknown emotion may be hurt, guilty... but I don't care ...I liked his look..I just wanted to hurt him more at any cost...

             " you know Maan till now I hated my father..because the way he treated me and my family mostly my mother... but now I hate you most. .and you are worse than my father..atleast he does everything openly not like you who do all things behind your wife's back " ...that's it I know i hit where it will hurt most.. he hates my father and comparison to that man is totally unbearable for him...

          " Geet you can't really mean tha..."

            is he hurt ?..yes he is I can sensed it in his voice ...it hurting me also ..its not easy to hurt the person whom you love ...' but he deserve every bit of it ' I thought and clearing the guilt from my heart...

            " I mean every word Maan...My dad is a disgusting person..he never leave a chance to beat my mom or insult her by bringing wh**es to our home...but he never tried to play with her emotions.. always shows what he is or how he is...but you..you just love to tell lies just love to pretend a good husband which you are not...my Dad is so much better than my so called husband..."


        I looked at the watch it's 2.30 am and Maan is not back yet...I know I shouldn't be worry for that man but I can't help even after what he did i couldn't stop my heart to stop loving him...I so much want to forget that day , but i couldn't.. every time he comes before my that incident keep flashing in front of my eyes...

           from that day many things changed between us...Many times Maan tried to speak about that mistake but I never fall under his pretty lies...I know he just want to have sex by sweet talking and I'm not falling for it...' but from that day he didn't force you or even touch you '...my heart tried to see me reason but I ignored it ...may be its his another ploy to gain my trust..to break me more...

          I picked up the phone and called but it still saying switched off...then thought to call Adi just then Maan walked in soaking in blood...

           I looked at him horror..and run to him..." where were you ? and this...how this happened ? "...

        I hold him tightly... and made him sat on sofa...run to get first aid box...when I came saw maan had removed his shirt ...I kept the box on table and hurriedly tried to find the medicine but couldn't find .." what the hell ? where that gone ? "

             Maan hold my hand bringing me closer .." hey doll I'm okay...nothing happened to me..."

            " what are you saying..? there is so much blood there..." I couldnt speak because of crying...

            " how this happened..? "

        " sshh " he put me on his lap ...wiping my tears..." stop crying. trust me I'm okay .." he kissed my forehead lovingly " look I already bandage the wound..." I look at him clearly and saw yes he already went to doctor...

          " but this..."

            " I know you can't be able to see me hurt that's why I went to doctor first..." he answered without hearing mine question...

            I hugged him feeling little better...again my eyes wet up by unstoppable tears..." doll stop crying.." he said hugging me ... rubbing my back to sooth me...I broke the hug and kissed the corner of his lips where there is small pitch of blood ...then suck softly not to hurt him...

               " oh baby...what I'm going to do with you..? its not first or won't be last that I came like this...will you react the same at every time...hmm " he said wiping my tears...

          yes he is right ...he is not an normal person ...we are not living in normal world ...my husband is a killer , a don ...and very soon gonna become the king of this under world...its normal here to see your partner coming wounded ...I saw it often as my father also in same world but seeing my own husband like this is so painful and very hard to stay strong...

              " I know everything... but its hurt to see you like this " ...I said without shame and hugged him...don't know how long we keep stay like this...

               After sometime I heard his voice.." I missed you "...then I realised where I am and what I did ...I show him how much I care ' no its not right ' ...I broke the hug and saw I'm on his lap...so get off slowly as don't want to hurt him...

            he was little shocked as my sudden withdrawal...don't know what to say so just asked quietly " how this happened ?" ...

               He looked at me for sometime may be understood I'm back in my self...then answered " again Black Snakes attacked to our club " ...

           " oh " I said pretending don't care about it ...then pick the first aid box and ready to go upstairs.. but he stop me holding my hand..." can I sleep with you ? can u hu...? "

            " no ...its not right to have sex in this condition " I cut him quickly ... we are not living like before... those wild nights are gone and he also didn't try to seduce me for which I am great full to him...

           He only smiled that charming smile which always used to make me crazy ..." I was not talking about sex...I only want to sleep hugging my wife..."

        I looked at him and saw he is pleading by his eyes...don't know why I couldn't say no...I nodded slowly and went to our room...

           After sometime he came on bed, pulled me toward his chest and hugged me from behind ..." good night " he softly kissed my hairs...

           a small drop of tears came from my eyes ...as I understand why I couldnt sleep from that day ...because I missed him..I missed his touch... his Kisses...who was i fooling... its not him but I can't live without his touch...he already made me addicted for his touch...


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will b waiting 4 next
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finally updated...after so longgg
sorry guys ...
I know I shouldn't have ignore this story par kya karu I kinda get obsessed to my new story ...and I know it was wrong... but there is also an another reason...as I said earlier I lost my phone ...this story was saved there ...so now i have to write again also I forgot some sequence from this story...trust me its so irritating to write the same parts...which you don't remember clearly...
enough of my bak bak ...enjoy
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Awesome update
waiting for next update
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