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Will try to update tomorrow
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superb part...
maan gifts her a new phone ...geet felt nice bt that natasha ruined it all...now geet is angry on maan ...
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Posted: 2016-06-13T23:50:33Z
Originally posted by .CookieMonster.

superb part... maan gifts her a new phone ...geet felt nice bt that natasha ruined it all...now geet is angry on maan ...
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Originally posted by .CookieMonster.

update nxt soon
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Originally posted by Drashtilove

Will be waiting
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PART 9 - When we reached home, i start walking fast leaving him behind but Maan hold my hand tighty and asked "whats wrong? Why are you looking so upset?".I angrily freed my hand from his grip "did anyone say anything? He asked with a little concerned . "Yes"i turned around "you humiliated me in front of all"...

Maan looked at me little confused "what? What i did?". He asked so innocently which just made my blood boil ...

"don't act innocent ,didn't you told your friends that how good your wife...at bed?" i said gritted my teeth. "yes,i did but what is there so angry about?". He clearly didn't see anything wrong about those words...

"You really don't see anything wrong. You were openly telling them about your bedroom activities and yet you see nothing wrong" i shook my head disbeliefly 'is he the same person whom i want to make this relation work' i thought painfully...

"They were asking me so i just said that and if i said the truth they would have blame you. Cant you understand it?" he said like a matter of fact...

"No you don't understand ,husband and wife relation shouldn't use for gossiping ,its private thing" i said calmly want to make him see the point

" i didn't say you to lie, i know people asked such type of questions in these party but you could have avoided but no you said such disgusting thing to your friends .They were looking at me so creepily " ...

i still remember those looks which made more angry "you just wanted to keep your pride by saying that right,clearly you don't see anything beyond your elephant size pride not even your so called wife" tears rolled down to my cheeks. I wiped them harshly there is no use of crying in front of this man...

"you don't even know how to respect your wife. You are so disgusting" saying i about to left but he pulled me with a jerk and said angrily

" i am disgusting? Don't forget that this disgusting man who is starving for month didn't touch you last night. If i wanted i can i would hav..."

"fine then you are welcome to rape your wife tonight" i said coldly looking at his eyes, he was very shocked listening this but before he can say his version of explanation i left from there...

At bed i was lying at one corner, yes at downstairs i said that he can touch me but i was very scared what if he actually want to have sex . After sometime he came and lie down, then pulled me against his hard chest,i tried not to cry 'will he really do it?'. He kissed my neck softly ,i was start panicking but shocked hearing him "I'm sorry"...

He slowly turned me around but i didnt look at him "i shouldn't said those words, actually those things are common in party, they were asking me so i just said 'she was good' to stop them. I didn't want you to hear it" he said quietly ...

Oh he said that and there Natasha told me those clearly she twisted his words but whatever ,he still discuss our personal matter so i have to make him understand that its wrong . "so you are saying sorry not for your words,just for that i heard them" '

i frowned "forget it"

i was about to turn but he hold me tightly "no no listen, why don't you understand,its all new for me, its my first marriage" ...

"its also my first marriage Maan" he understood he again did a blunder...

"i mean to say ,i don't understand anything about relationship, i just know guns,knife's ,meaningless sex with women, i grew up doing those things, this is so new"...

Its also new to me but for Maan i can understand his problem. He knows well about killing and sex but not relationship,its not his fault ,made men are like this. I became a little brave and touched his face...

"i want a proper relationship Maan ,not just that which based on sex. I want you give to respect this bond ,to me and also show care" i didn't say love because that just impossible in our world...

He touched my palm and kissed softly" i respect you Geet,i know you are different from other girls from our familia but you have to patience with me. I am not good at words,i just know one thing sex,and i want you so much that i don't remember if i ever wanted any woman that much"he confessed honestly "don't you want me" i blushed and said quietly...

"yes i want you but i want you to want me as ur wife not some girl, who would satisfy you " Maan was looking at me intently,clearly trying to understand my words"i want some time,i want you to go slow with me, plz"...

after sometime he finally said "ok i will try but you have to stop running from me " yes he is right i should stop running at his every kisses ,i should get use of his touches. We both have to be patience with each other...

He slowly lowered his lips to mine and caught me in a long intense kiss. I forgot all things that happened in party and melted like hot butter. I let out a moan when he relased me.He pulled me closer to his naked chest and again placed a small kiss to my head and hugged me tightly...

"Good night".He said but i can feel he wants me badly but controlled ...

I placed my head on his chest,hugged him back and closed my eyes thinking of a new day of our new relation...Edited by Keepdreaming - 2016-08-09T07:54:14Z
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Phew updated thanks for your likes and comments enjoy
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nice update..
waiting for next update..
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