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PART 8 - At evening i was getting ready for our reception. First time i am taking so much time to get ready. I really dont want to disappoint or say make my father angry and also i want to look good beside my handsome husband...

After sometime there was a knock, i opened the door and saw Maan standing there looking very hot and sexy and he just stood frozen looking at me and his eyes flicked with desire but i felt good also i wouldn't mind if he kissed me there but he just kept looking at me. Don't know what to say so i just said "i am ready"...

"No you are not" came an instant reply...

He took out a box from his pocket and gave me"open it"...

I opened it slowly and saw a big diamond necklace. Its so big but i like small thing. But first time my husband gave me something so i felt good. I gave him a small smile "its beautiful,i love it". He just nodded his head, don't know but i felt he caught my lie ,so i avoided looking at his eyes...

In car he gave me another gift a phone and this time i genuinely smiled "Thank you" but remembered morning incident "why didn't you let me use your phone?" i asked quietly...

"ahh i wanted to gift you" i blushed a little, feeling happy that he thought about it but then he added arrogantly...

"and also you were asking at 7.30 am, when most newly married couple should sleep in each others arms not doing their breakfast" he finished with a smirk on his face. Oh i realised it was about his reputation 'whats so pride about bedding bride at first night,i clearly don't understand this made men rule and their so called pride...

"we are here" his voice broke my thought. He look at me so intensely ,slowly he bent down, i thought he would kiss me but he just kissed the corner of my lips ...

" you are looking very beautiful doll,feel like eating you raw"he whispered against my lips and i shivered listening him,then again he went down and bite my throat lightly "lets go" he said and went out of the car at once. I controlled my raising heart and came out. As soon as we entered the hall all attention were on us. Maan's parents came to us. My mother in law hugged me lightly

"hope you are fine" i know what she mean so i tried to give a fake blush. My father came forward shake hands with Maan then hugged me...

"hope you behaved well" i really don't know what to answered instead i asked...

"where is Mama and Mia?". "your Mama is not well so Mia also stay to take care of her" i can feel he is lying he didn't let them come. I felt like crying but controlled...

Maan held my hand,took me to the center ,where many people came and congratulate us. Some from our familia ,some big businessmen and some politician also but what making me uneasy was girls envious look toward me. They were very jealous i understood that so i just ignored all. But i couldnt ignored that witch Minister's spoiled daughter Natasha. Her looks clearly say that she wants Maan at any cost...

After sometime Maan went from there,and women start talking to me. I was getting really bored but then i noticed a group of men are looking at me and Maan was also there. He said something and a loud cheers broke down but what made me angry was that Natasha also went there and said something to his ear,his back was toward me so i couldn't see his face but don't know why i feel a sudden anger in me...

She turned around and gave me a dirty smirk,i just turned my face to girls and got busy talking to them, really didn't want to satisfy her by giving her any reaction so just pretended i didn't see anything...

Rest of the party went well but at the end when i was about to go to washroom that sult Natasha came before me, blocking my path ...

"so Geet congrats to become future chief's wife from nobody". I ignored her and tried to pass but she stopped me and said in a disgusting manner...

"i didn't know you are so bold but Maan told us ,you were quiet hot in bed and he is not disappoint at all with this marriage deal" saying this she left from there and i felt someone just slapped me. I couldn't believe Maan said something like this then i remember those guys look,when they were talking with Maan. I felt humiliated,insulted by my own husband,just wanted to hide somewhere...

When i went back to party,i couldn't look at anyone. Maan saw my pale face and asked "you ok...?". Without looking at him i just nodded" i am tired ,i want to go home"i said quietly...

"ok lets go" i shocked when he put his hand on my back and lead me toward the door..."don't we have to say good bye" i asked quickly. Really don't want to upset my father by doing anything wrong...

"No, its our party. So its our wish to leave at anytime" ...

oh yes how can i forgot its MSK's party . He can make his entry or exit at any time... The whole car ride was silent and i was hell angry on him that couldnt even look at him at all...Edited by Keepdreaming - 2016-08-09T07:43:00Z
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Updated thnx for your likes and comments enjoy
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superb update ...
so my guessed was right ..he gave her a new phone :p
I m sure Natasha was telling lie to geet ..maan can't say this type of talk about geet ..he is possessive for her. .
continue soon..
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Posted: 2016-06-11T02:28:13Z
Great update 
Man giver her first gift 
Thanks for PM
Update soon 
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Posted: 2016-06-11T02:35:42Z
geet is happy on recieving gift from maan ..
at party natasha was too much..wish geet could have slapped her..she talk abt maan talking abt geet to all ..
geet feeling bad ..
thanks for update 
waiting for next
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Posted: 2016-06-11T03:29:15Z
Nice update. Natasha is truly a b*****h
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Posted: 2016-06-11T04:06:28Z
lovely update geet was getting ready for her reception looking beautiful maan lost in her e gave her a daimond necklace as a gift though get didnt liked it she thanked him he gifted her phone geet was genuinely happy this time both reached party but geet was sad and hurt not see her mom and sis she could seee natasha eyeing maan she was jealous natasha told how maan spilled the beans abt their first night geet was hurt and angry at maan for tellin g their private thing she wanted to leave 
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Posted: 2016-06-11T04:51:22Z
Awesome update. 
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