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Originally posted by shibz

Smile and MaNanLOL


matlab what a kameena,itna kuch galat karne k baad bhi he wants her to smile for him.some confidence the guy has.LOL i like how Nandu says "meri smile bahot achi hai but you don't deserve it". Lol. mu tod jawab.ApproveTongue
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^^yeahLOL Me too can't believe anything she says or does now.. isiliye toh not taking the PDA seriouslyTongue And I understand your annoyanceLOL Ohh I'll check your tweetsTongue

I was looking for these!! Milgaya!!!

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Found more!! Was looking for these too.. few days backCool

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Yuppiieee!! These I had not seen before.. Last to last epi ka J ManikDay Dreaming

Cr to all gifs today- LostmymusicHeart
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Some older stuff.. ManRuvEmbarrassed

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Episode 22 - My boyfriend is obsessed over you!

Cabir imitating Harshad is funny. It's actually quite cute and very typical of college kids. 

Two members of Ammonia tried stopping Nandu lol. Nandu says she is interested in Science and not Music, but lol what does that even mean, she chose this school so she has to study something lol.

"Unzip me" LOLLOLLOL

Manik's "hain" loool. The guy is quite hesitant lol. He didn't mind doing PDA with Nandu lol. 
Here is he is unzipping Alya and with Nandu he was constantly zipping her up or putting her clothes on lol. 

Ahh no Alya, why?? Doesn't matter how close you are you should never get some guy or girl's name tattooed on your body Ouch.Despite faking the hesitancy Manik still didn't say I love you to her. Unless he really was hesitant but because she got upset he said he was kidding. But the hug was actually really sweet and adorable. Embarrassed

Dhruni alert! She says so much but he stays quiet lol. But then he holds her hand and then as expected Manik baba enters with Alya and notices the hand holding lol LOL. Nandu was so scared seeing Manik lol. 

"Hello, tum na kuch kaha" - Ahhh I love the sound of his voice here. Parth does such a good job at modulating his voice. 

"Isliye tum itni aachi spot thi" - lol what a way to give a compliment. Baba why did you instigate our sherni Nandu she spilled all your little secrets in front of Alya. Dhruv's face is hilarious when he found out that Manik sent away her Chacha/chachi. Ooo Alya is going to kill you baba. 

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai on NavShad loool. SillyROFL I know Navya was stupid but initially it's really hard to blame her Harshad put on a very convincing act of being a "hero". 

Sending goons after Nandu, what a low blow Alya. AngryOuch
Niti did a great job displaying her fear. 

"Mere bhai tumhara liye fight karta hai, my boyfriend is obsessed over you and uska bestfriend Dhruv sirf tumhe sai baat karta hai" LOL what a perfect analysis of the situation. Even she knows Manik's obsessed. LOLLOL  But it's strange how she says Manik's best friend, I thought they were all each other's best friends. Dhruv always came across as the outsider. 

Wah Dhruv ji had it in him to fight lol. The fight scene is so unintentionally hilarious because of Dhruv and the goons' expressions. 

And then finally our Monster enters. Embarrassed
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Originally posted by ac2000

Pa wants to eat crocodile next LOL. As for not hearing about Ni's work, she is not doing anything significant, is she? May be thats the reason for provoking fans, to see if she can still generate a buzz or not Dead. It might also rankle that Pa gets so much attention from fans even when KY2 is off-air Ouch.                                                                                                                                  About Manan, within 24 hours of freeing Nandini from being his spot, albeit unwillingly, under pressure from friends, Manik has her as his partner, secret partner so that his friends don't interfere this time LOL. No wonder he was smirking, he found another way to be with her and this time they would be alone Embarrassed.

If you are doing it for buzz and all then don't get upset when people notice things and question you. I agree that some shippers/fans go overboard and target the other parties involved and what not, that I agree is very wrong and you should be able to live your life the way you want to even if you are a public figure. But if you don't want speculations to be made nor be questioned about something then don't post stuff that you know fully well will rile up your followers. Fine people shouldn't speculate seeing pics of two people together but it's okay if done in a decent manner but when you post something like that with someones name on it which is associated with marriage and all then lol of course people are going to wonder about it. Confused 
This is the downside of being a celebrity, it happens to all of them. DP is dating Ranveer Singh yet still get's linked to Ranbir. All the younger actors are linked to every costar of theirs.

LOL it's not really Pa's fault though it happens with most male leads because majority of the fans are girls so automatically they are drawn to the male half of the couple. It's natural it happens everywhere in tv and films. Most guys aren't vocal for their love of actresses on social media, especially not for tv actresses. Male actors tend to get the extra attention, as disappointing as that is it's just the way things work. 

Bold: Hahaha so true.
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