A Lusty Affair! ISHRA SS Final LUSTY Part pg 11!!

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Hey guys

I have written a short OS which I wanted to share with you. I would also like to thank you all for always liking and commenting on my work. Thanks friends for taking the time out to show your appreciation, I cant tell you how it fuels my creativity!

Anyway I hope you enjoy this short instalment tooSmile

A LustyAffair! OS

I trudge through my files and daily meetings in a bubble of
boredom. I am already regretting my decision to come in early to finish off my
work before the impending holidays. The hours seem to be passing at a snail's
pace. As it is New Year's Eve most of the vast office lays empty with only a
few people, scattered about, trying to finish off their workload before they
too can go and join in the merrymaking. I look up at the office clock, it
reminds me painfully, that it is only 10.45am. An involuntary groan escapes my

To alleviate my boredom I decide to go for a walk and make myself some coffee.

As I walk around the bank of lifts, in the middle of the open plan office, several people wave and shout New Year greeting to me. I smile and wave back.

I am about to reach the small canteen area when a gentle tap on my elbow alerts me to someone's presence behind me. Before I can turn around though, I feel his hot breath, near my left ear, sending tremors of pleasure up and down my body.

"Hey there" The soft, sexy drawl uttered close to my ear sends a ripple of pleasure to my core.

The unexpected intrusion into my dismayed boredom sends a surge of excited delight throughout my body and I close my eyes in bliss, to savour the sweet moment. The softly spoken greeting sends my hormones racing and my breaths begin to quiver. I wonder how it is possible for a grown woman to melt into a mass of giddiness, simply by the sound of his silken voice. Does he do this to me on purpose or does he have this effect on all the women. I can feel that I am wet, there, this is how much he effects me, my body becomes acutely aware of him, my chest juts forward, nipples standing to attention in his honour, and a wanton yearning beginning to brew inside me. I do not trust myself to look at him. I know, if I do, I will be undone.

Yet I have to. It would be rude not to.

Trying to regain some composure, I open my eyes, plaster a smile on my face and slowly turn towards him.

My heart performs a summersault as I clap eyes on his handsome face, roughly covered by his long dark hair, the tips of which I register, are still damp from his early morning shower. I take a deep breath to calm myself, but in the process inhale the fresh minty fragrance of his bodywash instead. His body. I stand immobilized by the thought of him-naked- drenched with water- the droplets kissing his skin- intimately-
in the shower in the shower.

Haiyo muragan! Mujhay sambhalo". I swoon as my breathing becomes laboured.

With extreme difficulty I try to distract myself by looking elsewhere, only getting as far as his day old stubble. I stare and muse how it renders him a rustic, yet boyish charm. The more I dwell on it the more my frantic imagination begins to fill my mind with shocking ideas! "How would it feel
against my body? Would it be as sharp and prickly as it looks or would it be less harsh?"

Did I really just think that?? I shake myself incredulously!

As I do, my eyes lock with his and now I am truly lost. The dark pools inhibit in them a hypnotic charm which draws me in and begins to drown me, in their depths. As I drown deeper and deeper, I glimpse of a mischievous glint in them too, as if he knows exactly what effect he is having on me. And enjoying it. As I continue to look, his gaze intensifies, penetrating into the essence of my soul. I tremble involuntarily.

I stand there, shuddering in the aftermath of my orgasmic moment, he looks at me with his sexy lopsided grin, unaware, I realise, of the havoc he is causing inside me.

"How are you? Haven't seen you for a while?" His voice is a subdued whisper only audible to me, his eyes leisurely sliding over me as if giving me a smooth desirous caress with them.

"Take me in your arms!" I want to cry!

"Erm... I'm fine... aren't you off today? I mean the rest of your team are." I croak, nervously.

"Just kiss me!" Is what I really want to scream!

"Yes just had some files to deliver to my secretary. So..How's the family?" He smiles, watching me intently while I continue to melt into a mass of nerves.

"They're fine, enjoying the festive season. How's your little girl?" I am amazed at my vocal ability as I continue the idle chatter while my body craves for other forms of gratification!

"Take me here! On the desk!" Is what I really want him to do!

"Hmm yea she's good" He purrs, then suddenly he asks "When do you finish?"

I am momentarily shocked into silence by his questionand it doesn't helpwhen he purposely leans in closer to me, the blood in my veins starts to rush at an accelerated pace.

"I..I...erm..what?" I mumble, barely audible. I look around me to see if anybody is observing us.

"Yes, yes, YES!" Is what I really want to shout!

"I was wondering, could you help me with something? Meet me in my office in 5?" He whispers conspiratorially, his sweet breath fanning my face and his fingers grazing my arm gently causing a delicious shiver to run up my spine. A hundred fantasizes burst forth in my head.

Does he want to try it against his desk? Or in his chair? Hmm me under the desk, him in the chair? Or me on the desk, him giving me ...STOP! STOP!

My morning at work just got a whole lot more exciting with the boss, Raman Kumar Bhalla inviting me into his office!

Shit! How could I think that? Where are my morals? I was becoming more wanton day by day! It is his bad influence on me! This is not me! I'm the sensible one, the statue of virtue and mahanta!

"Erm...I... erm" His closeness renders me speechless and I am unable to string my words together. In delicious anticipation I bite my lip nervously.

"You were never this inarticulate before, Madrasan!" He winks at me and then smiles again.

Oh! I could just die on that smile! It is that smile and the sight of his lithe athletic body, visible through his snug white shirt and equally fitted dark designer suit which melts my resolve to be good and so I promise him.

"I'll be there, Mr Bhalla"

"I look forward to it Mrs Bhalla"Grinning knowingly, he turns to walk off to his office.

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Posted: 2015-12-22T17:05:15Z
Hot OSEmbarrassed

Really liked Ishita mind voiceLOL hopefully we will get that on the show sometimeWink
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Posted: 2015-12-22T17:07:32Z
OH my...sensual ..entertaining..Ishu...and her fantasies...loved  it 
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Posted: 2015-12-22T23:39:08Z
Originally posted by mayasundar

Hot OSEmbarrassed

Really liked Ishita mind voiceLOLhopefully we will get that on the show sometimeWink

Thanks. It would be great if she responded to Ramans advances in the show, but I guess being an Indian tv show they probably wouldn't be able to. That's why whenever Raman gets romantic, the phone interrupts them or Ishita runs away! Lol LOL
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Posted: 2015-12-23T00:08:12Z
sooo hot and sweet update dr.thank you sooo much.do write more stories like this.
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Posted: 2015-12-23T00:37:54Z
hahaha its very nice1
love her mind voice!!!

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Posted: 2015-12-23T03:47:28Z
The plot twist at the end though Wink
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Posted: 2015-12-23T05:04:15Z
hott update
loved it
missing your temptatio n os series Unhappy
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