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You want me dead? Maan asked looking at Geet with his big angry eyes.  If so then do tell me.. I need to arrange the best way to get killed by my own family.


Oh shut up nautanki Khuranna Geet glared hearing his same ram khata whenever she brings the topic of their marriage. 10 years of dating.. and if you want more then get a doll who will sit and enjoy your stupid talks and touches. She looked at him and rolled her eyes seeing his coolly enjoying his coffee. Last chance.. Yes or No.


So you want me to go and tell tat Hitler Dad of mine tat m in love with Geet Handa and has been dating her since past 10 years.. could you please get us married now. She just stared at him without a blink probably say Dad m in love and want a Love cum Arrange Marriage.


Right she smiled answering him. Then why don't you go and tell tat Mohinder Handa of yours Jaan? She gulped hearing it and he smirked seeing the fear tat now covered her face. You want me dead.


So do you he taunted the way she has been always doing. Pyar kya apne Hitler family se pooch ke kiya the aapne. She got angry and wanting to lash it out on him she blurted those words but then seeing his smirk she knew he would say the same don't you repeat my sentence now... Just tell me Maan.. are you some biggi billi tat you get so scared of your Dad.. kha jayenge kya aapko.


Nope she smiled thinking tat he was ready but just hearing the two words "Love Marriage" he will make sure tat I die the best of death without water.  She pouted and leaned back on her chair not knowing wat to say phir tho hum kabhi shaadi kar hi nahi paayenge Maan and the suddenly she leaned forward almost touching his nose cant you use your brilliant brain for an idea.


You mean she smiled as he opened his mouth saap bhi mare aur laati bhi na toothe. She looked scared hearing his words nahi nahi.. I don't mean like something bad...jaise ki shaadi bhi ho aur kisiko pata bhi na chale ki its love marriage. She grinned and grabbed his face wanting to kiss him and before he could pull back she quickly placed a peck on his lips aap tho bilkul mere shaktimaan ki tarah ho and I love you sooo mucchhh.

A journey of a Love cum Arrange Marriage and the various problems they deal  unknown to their own family.

Character Sketch and Index Below
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Character Sketch


The Khuranna's


Savitri Devi Singh Khuranna

The head and the rule maker in the Khuranna family. No one not even her own son can go against her.


Yash Singh Khuranna

A strong believer in Arrange Marriages as his ancestors never believed in the concept of Love marriage.


Naina Singh Khuranna

A wife who follows her husband Yash with closed eyes and could never go against coz he has given her all the happiness and love from their arranged marriage.


Maan Singh Khuranna

Poor fellow has done the biggest mistake of falling in love and is now living on the edge by getting warnings from his love life and the other side his so called family values. (26 Years)


Vicky Singh Khuranna

The smart and ever ready for some excitement but being a Khuranna he buries his smartness but not for too long.


Anwesha Singh Khuarnna


The youngest of the Khuranna and is loved and pampered but holds onto the secret of her Maan Bhai like her life.



The Handa's


Dushyant Handa (Darji)

A word by him and it's the final. The rule maker of the Handa family but grandfather to his two granddaughters but who he has given all the freedom but with a condition "No Love.. No Love Marriages"


Mohinder Handa

A Xerox copy of Darji and sees to it tat his family does not make a mistake and breaks any rule made by his father.


Rano Handa

A soft mother but more of a wife and believes tat wat her husband says and does is for good.


Geet Handa

Poor girl did the biggest mistake of falling in love and has to find ways every now and then to make the suitable grooms to reject her. (24 Years)


Pooja Handa

The sister who knows tat her Di is in love and does everything she can to keep it a secret.

Ranbir Handa

Geet's cousin. Very sophisticated and though he loves his sister and cares for her, he hates her like anything.


Though they have their own beliefs and rules but they are modern families only with no love no love marriage concept.


More characters to follow as and when required.


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