RAYA TS : TUM SAATH HO Last part on pg 5 update 24 dec 2015(Page 2)

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nice one bro...the song..is great and the TS to! really...superb...loved the cute 4 yrs raya...really..and here there friendship is unbreakable... super amazing.. next jaldi!!!
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" I had a Flower for every time you made me Smile and laugh and i'd have garden to walk in forever"

4 year later 

Venue College Night 8pm 

Somewhere In College 

"He tried to kiss me" She says and hugs him hides her face in V of his Chest...he consoles her but Not able to console her she cries and cries in his arms ...

Ram slowly separates her from his Tugs her hair behind her ears lift her chin with his finger...
Bus bahut ro li ab ye sada hua thobda Dhoke aa(enough Now stop crying and wash your face ) Now i am your Partner for Prom and this time i ll kill you too if u stop me to punch Rajat and how many times i told you He is not good guy but you,you were so busy in making me jealous...

priya lift her eyes to see him...pure rage and jealousy on his face...She has no courage to reply him when he is angry...and yes she did asked Rajat for prom and make Ram jealous too...


Ram with his hands in Sanjana's waist walks over to Priya and tap on her shoulder...
she turns and her eyes falls on Ram left hand around sanjana's waiste...she rises her eyebrows...

"What" Ram gives her look...

She ddnt replied any and Walks over to Rajat and drags him towards Ram and sanjana...Ram meet my prom partner 


Rajat stuns hear this he himself asked Priya in morning and she denied and Now she herself Announcing "Wow treat" he thinks...Ram loses his hand around sanjana and Grabs Priya's hand and drags her in corner...

"What the hell" you are not going with him..Ram barks on her...

"Who the hell are you deciding this",, priya replies him

"Let me remind you baby" i am your best friend and you ll do what i said

Oh Come out of your fantasy world from last one year  you have changed and your best friend too i suppose i was your best friend but Now sanjana replaces me..she turns crosses her hand over her chest fights woth her tears to fall down

He turns her by shoulder " No one can replace you and sanjana is just friend but You ,you are special" 

You liar i am noting coming to your this trap again Ram...and i am going to Prom with him...and thats Final and you go with your So called Girlfriend i dnt care all i care is About Rajat...ohh god he is so so..u know what i think he is Real man...perfect package...

"What the " Ram about to complete his sentence But Priya cut him off...

"Dont even try to Say next word About him Ram and Remember If u do anything to rajat i ll tell all your dirty secret to Uncle and Aunty including Cigarette and Rave Party too   " She points finger in his chest and leave stuns him with this avatar...

"Flashback End"

She lil stammers : i...i...am sorry 

Ram looks at her She is scared from the incident and From his anger too 
"Dont be Scared Come here" he says sternly and opens his hands and embrace her in his hug again slowly murmurs "okay now listen lets go to party i ll around you and If he comes nears you i am there to kill him " She looks at him from same position 

he reads her eyes and adds " your perfect package is not so perfect to lay hands on me Okay so don't worry "

"If you comes with me then What about Sanjana" She asks innocently 

"What about her" He rise his eyebrow 

"She ll feel bad that her boyfriend" 


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Posted: 4 years ago
Very nice waiting ki Raya kya decision lete hai career or love waiting for next part
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Posted: 4 years ago
It is so unexpected update from you! Happy to know you remembered you started a story two days ago. well thiss time for dialogues you deserve a big round of applause Clap creation of scenes was superb especially the starting one when she was hugging ram and crying but dialogues were far beyond Smile Too Good
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Posted: 4 years ago
A cute start of love story
RaYa are one and will remain together. Their way was unique to confess about love and now both of their dreams are coming true and if they accept they have to live apart from each other.
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Posted: 4 years ago
Nice update..
Continue soon..
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Note : 1st paragraph is copied from My fav Movie so please bear with It...


"Men kicks relationship like a Football,but it doest seem to be crack women treats it like a glass and it goes to pieces "


"Mazille  Restaurant


where are you ??? i reached Priya ask him on over the phone


He comes from behind taps on her shoulder and sit on front of her



So Ram i have something to share ...priya start the conversion...

Me too wants to share something you Say 1st...

She takes tissue paper Ram looks at her ...What are you doing...

She ignores his question in busy with tissue paper...then after a minute She shows him A paper plane and act like flying in sky ...Ram's  eyes wide open like saucer he stands up and comes near her and she too stands up He hugs her...ohh god i am so happy u made it priya u made it...All people are watching them...both embarrasses and sits on their places and ram hold her hands and says why didn't you told me before ???

" Surprise " she says curving her lips...

i have surprise too he says and loses his hands...

"what" she says her eyebrows up

Ram signals her to wait and takes some glasses from other tables and arrange them side by side and make line of them then he set three glasses above them and makes line then two above them like a house ...this time priya shocks stands up and hugs him tight again people are watching them

They Separates and sits on their chairs


So ...Ram slowly Ask...


So what...priya replies with eyebrows up enjoying his discomfert..


"You know what okay so please don't act smart" Ram says in irritating tone...


" No i don't know " Priya replies like No i don't know anything look...


ah...hmmm...wo Ram scratches his head..


Tumne wo movie dekhi hai Jisme hero herion Ko dusre se alag hona padta hai par unka pyar jinda rahta hai marte dam tak (do you have watched that movie in which hero and herion lives apart but thier love remain alive up to death )...Ram blurt without even know what  is  he saying...


Kya kya kya (what..what what.) priya aks in confusion...


he hides his face in his palms in embarrassment and start conversion...


Look baby we are here for Something very important something that decide our life with each other...i don't want to force you for anything...Ram says and looks at her...


hmm aage (next)...priya replies in cool manners...


what aage yaha mujhe samaz nahi aa raha hai or ye ese behave kar rahi kahi ise 
shock lag gaya to kahi sucide wucide kar liya to nahi nahi (What Next??? here  i dont understand and she is behaving like this What if she get shock and  try to commit sucide or something No No) she is sensible and smart to she can handle Ram thinks to himself


Priya looks at him and puts her hands over his...Kya baat hai Ram please clear bolo(what is Ram please say clearly )...


Hmmm.wo...Nothing all clear  he tries to avoid now his mind stuck on sucide thing...


Let me complete your talk Ram...we are here for take a decision about our life...we cannt stay like this we both are independent and our life will be different from one week or so...


So...Ram asks her


So...Hume break up kar lena chahiye (we should breakup)...that only help us to live without any responsibility otherwise in this long distance relationship we ll fight over simple thinks like u dont reply me calls you are busy bla bla...priya finishes with twinkle in her eyes...


Ram puts his hands on her...I second you you are right we should break this relationship here at this point with happy note otherwise May be we ll fight in future and then on that point our friendship too break ...And moreover If we can see by practically Long distance relationship is not works at all..so its decided    


"yes"...Priya gives a faint smile...


So whats our status Now means We Broke up or still...Ram try to lighten the situation...


Yes we are now officially single...priya says


"one min " Ram intruppt her and then adds that means u already decided to breakup and i was so scared i thought you drama queen will do such drasting thing like suicide or something and he laughs...


Priya gives him glare and says : Its not funny Ram...


ok ok he stops laughing ...



You Know when you are in Love Its hardest thing to say is


He hugs her her tight,tight as possible She hugs him with equal force

"Flight Number US143 is ready to departure Miss Priya sharma this is your last warning" A announcement break their hug...

Both separates looks at each other

 "I thought We have Decided 7 days before No hugs and kisses Ram " She says with smile

" You must Go Otherwise If you miss this flight then i won't let you go So just Bye,,,he stops and says BFN (Be fine Always)...

She takes her handbag and turns...Ram too waves his hand turns and walks towards Exit  ...A loan tear Escapes from both Ram and priya's Eyes they Dont wipe that tear which makes ways from eyes to cheeks and ground


"At some point, you have to realize that some people can stay in your heart but not in your life."



3 Months Later

Hey Ram good News Finally you are out i am going to date Tonight With One of My Fellow Pilot  "Jai" ...Do ping Me when ll you listen this voice mail...

He about to answer that voice mail But its gone

He answers back to the voice mail

"Great Yaar...so i am finally out from you give me detail of every bits i want to know how he charms you...Bye have to go "

Part 3

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Posted: 4 years ago
finally u updatedWink...will gv detailed comment for all 3 parts ... lovely start ...well said ..childhood frnds n memories are to be treasured  for lifetime ...love their cute antics Smile their similar flaws made them best friends,,,, Wink priya teaching ram LOLLOLLOL
making poor rajat again the villain LOL ,... in order to make ram jealous priya landed in trouble ...loved the way he confessed his love Smile but being over modest earned him a slap LOL...n finally she too proposed ...loved the dance part ...

coming to 3rd  part ..both got opportunities they wanted but opted for breakup Ouch ... trying hard to to move on in life and adjusting in new life ..lets see how the story unfolds ...

waiting for raya reunion Heart

plzz dnt forget to update this one or else LOL
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