Pyar Kay Bahanay ISHRA OS

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Hi friends

Just posting an OS I wrote a while ago but didn't get the chance to post.
I hope you will enjoy it!

Happy reading

Pyaar kay Bahanay

Hello Bhai, where are you?

Romi I've just come out of a meeting. I'm on my way home to change. What time do I need to be at the hall?

Don't worry Bhai. Aap araam say ready ho kay aao. The function is delayed by an hour due to some electric fault, which is being fixed now. Sarika and her family are also arriving late. Papaji, Mahir and Rinky are here. You just tell the others to come late too.

The cogs in Ramans brain turned as an idea began to take shape in his head.

Erm ok Romi. But I think we'll come early anyway to help out with final preparations.

Okay Bhai. As you wish. But don't rush. I'll see you soon then.

At home...

R. Ishita, Ishita!

I. Haan haan kya hai? Kyu chilla rahay ho?

R. I have a terrible headache please make me a cup of strong tea!

I. Ok baba but hurry and get ready. We need to leave for the hall.

MB. Raman kya huwa? Ishita iss ko tablets de. Meetings nay matt maar di hai meray putter ki!

I. Teek hai mummyji.

R. Nahi ma I'm fine. I just need some tea and rest. Aur aap log tyaar nahi huway? Jaldi karo time ho raha hai!

MB. Haan haan bas tyaar hain.

R. Teek hai to Simmi tu apni car main in sab ko lekay ja. Main thoda rest kar kay aata hoon.

MB. Teek hai. Ishita tu Raman ko cha de aur jab yeh rest kar kay teek ho jayay to dono aa jana.

I. Kya?

R. Kyun?

R. Ma par Ishita ko kyun chod rahi ho? Yeh madrasan to aur mera dimaag chatay gi! Iss ko laykay jao!

I. Mummyji main kaisy? Wo mehmaan?

MB. Chup karo tum dono! Main iss halat mai apnay putter ko akela chod kay ni jaa sakti! Hum sab hain na! Ishita to Raman ka khayal rakh. Aur jab teek ho jayay to araam naal aa jana. Wesay bhi abhi time hai. Simmi ruhi aadi chalo chalo bacho hum sab haal main chaltay hain.

Raman did an internal happy dance and smiled. Mummyji was the best! But as he looked at Ishita she narrowed her eyes, gaving him a skeptical look and went into the kitchen to prepare his tea.

She knew her husband too well to be fooled by this act!

After a little fussing and rushing around finally the family left the husband and wife and set off for the Mendhi hall.

Raman came out of the bathroom, showered and fresh just as Ishita entered their bedroom with the cup of tea.

I. What was that drama in front of Mummyji?

She stood with her hands on her hips and a formidable expression on her face, giving him daggers.

Ishita didn't know how sexy she appeared to Raman in her Jhansi ki Rani mode. In a flash he had closed the bedroom door, grabbed her by the waist and taken her in his arms. He was ready to devour his wife uninterrupted, for the next hour!

R. All the better to make love to you my darling! Raman purred huskily.

I. Raman! You are too much! Yea koi time hai? We are going to get late! Everyone will be waiting! And I still need to get dressed!

R. Kuch nahi hoga! Baa as main tyaar ho jana. We have an hour to fit some loving in. I haven't spent any time alone with you since "the night".

The mention of the hotel night, when they had truly become one, causing Ishitas face to turn a deep shade of red and she shyly buried her head in Ramans chest.

Raman couldn't believe how adorable the blush made Ishita look and he enjoyed his wife snuggling up to him.

I. Raman...

R. Hmmm?

I. You are too much na!

R. Yaar yeh tum sharmati bohat ho! This won't do! You have to stop shying away from me if you want me to improve my score of 2/10!

Raman hugged Ishita tightly as suddenly she cringed with embarrassment.

I. Raman! Don't tell me you're still on about that are you? I told you I was talking about the idli...not you!

R. Acha? So would you mind showing me what I was doing right and then maybe I can score you? You know just so it's fair. We need to be doing something to make that baby for Ruhi!

I. Raman! Aap bhi na! Chodo mujhay.

R. Madrasan stop wasting time. As you said we are getting late so just shut up and let me kiss you!

I. But time...

R. Ever heard of a quickie madam? Just feel how hard I am for you. At this rate I'll only last minutes!

I. Raman you are such a besharam!

R. Kya karoon. Is ghar main apni Biwi ko pyar karnay Kay liyay bahanay banany padtay hain! Koi meri feeling hi nahi samajhta yaar!

I. Ok ok! Mr dramaybaaz! The amount of acting you do you should have been an actor.

Raman grinned as Ishita smiled shyly and moved closer to him.

I. Chalo phir...

R. Phir Kya aa?

I. Kar lo...pyar.

R. Hmm ab aya na uoonth pahaar kay nichay!   

Ishita could only look up and smile as Raman moved his head down and captured her lips in a sensual kiss.

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Loved it ..!! It was Eeekkksss

Uff the reason and then what followed and what will happen later on Embarrassed
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Posted: 2015-11-22T21:12:12Z
OMG Devani surprise OS . And that Raman still want to improve his score 2/10 .BlushingBlushing He still stuck in that point poor Ishu Raman is smart to make the little time he had to be benefit for himself to make up with Ishu. Thank you for weekend threat.Have a wonderful start for the coming week my dear.HugHug
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Posted: 2015-11-23T04:28:10Z
very nicee
loved it
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Posted: 2015-11-23T04:50:55Z
Cute OS
mast title
Pyaar ke bahane

Totally suitable

Liked it
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Posted: 2015-11-23T05:08:07Z
wow so cute os
Romantic Bhalla at his best
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Posted: 2015-11-23T05:47:24Z
No 1 can bet sis dramebaz RKB.. Who wanted 2 spend tym her JKR..
Beautiful romantic os..
Title also 
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Posted: 2015-11-23T06:47:36Z
Lovely and cute OS
Romantic BhallaEmbarrassed
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