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Hello Guys!

From so many days I'm getting too many saddie-saddie concepts. LOL And this one is one of them, Story of a wife & her insecurities. I have already penned this down so posting two chapters together. This SS will have 5-6 chapters. I'll not post any more new Fic until i finish some from my on-going ones. Embarrassed Banner Credit : caffeineaddict.

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CH 1

"Rey, can we go out for a movie today?" His wife asked him, looking at him with hopeful eyes. 

"Sorry, Taani, I have a important meeting today.' Rey denied her politely, taani gave him a small nod, successfully hiding her disappointment. She served him breakfast quietly, they were having there breakfast when his sister, Sharon entered there with her husband, swayum.

"Bhaii! Can you come with me to shopping, I need to buy some stuff for our baby but swayum is busy-" Sharon said to him, making a cute baby face which was hard for rey to ignore his sister wish.

"Sure, Sharon." Rey agreed happily. Taani stare at him with blank eyes, was he the same person who said he is busy today? Did she hold any importance in his eyes that he would even think about her too, at-least for once? She doesn't want anything from him but his little time. She never asked him to spend his whole day with her but at-least some moments with her, just him & her.

Insecurities clouded her mind, again. 


A week later.

"Rey, Maa has invited us for dinner, Aap chalenge?" Taani asked him who was busy in working on his laptop.

"Sorry, Taani, but I'm tired-" Rey answered her, giving her small apologetic look. Taani gave a forced smile in return, After a long time she was going to meet her parents and wanted him to accompany her but alas, only if her husband would think about her wishes once instead of his sister & work. The sound of cell phone ring broke her reverie, she looked up and found it was his cell phone ring. 

Rey picked up the call and after a moment, he got up and proceed toward the door when her voice stopped him.

"Rey, Where are you going?" 

"Sharon wants to eat Italian but since swayum is out of the town, she wants to me accompany her. I'll be back in some time." Rey answered her before he left there. Her eyes glistened with tears, she threw her cell phone away in frustration. She doesn't dislike sharon nor her husband for showering his love on his sister, but something that hurt her, is the way he ignore her wishes like they doesn't matter to him.

Taani chided herself for thinking like this but it was not first time that had forced her to think this way, her husband had always been ignorant toward her for his sister, not that she want him to stop caring about his sister but sometimes, it hurt her seeing that her husband who doesn't have time for her but for others, he always have time. It made her realize that she doesn't have importance in his life. She failed to make her own space in his life & heart. Her inner voice said, and as heart breaking as it may be, she couldn't deny it. 


A month later.

It was any other day but for her, it was the most beautiful day when she find out she is pregnant, their child it growing inside her. With a bright smile plastered on her face, she stepped out of hospital. She sat in her car and told the driver to drove away to RS. She wanted to give this news to her husband first.


She pushed the door open and entered inside the cabin. 

"Rey-" She called out for him softly. Rey looked up from his laptop and smile at her.

"Taani, good that you came, I wanted to talk to you-" Rey said to her, Taani smiled at him as she walked toward him. Rey got up and came to her.

"About what?"

"About Sharon, You know, Swayum is out of the town and it's her 8th month of pregnancy so i was thinking that i should made her move in with us, till swayum came back. She will be infront of my eyes and I won't be much worried about her then-" Rey said to her, Taani nodded at him positively in response.

"Great! So lets go and pick her from her home." Rey said to her, He looked quite excited. taani again nodded, not that she had any other option when her husband was too ignorant that he didn't even cared to ask her about her sudden visit in his office? It made her realized, her she will never be in Close-Important-people-in-life list. She is not important to him. Her presence or absence doesn't mattered nor her emotions.


Scroll Down for CH 2 :)

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CH 2

Next one month passed by, and she couldn't tell him about the news of her pregnancy since he was quite busy with his pregnant sister & office work, he barely had time for her. Her whole day went in fulfilling the demands & wishes of his pregnant sister & house hold chores, and at night due to tiredness she fell asleep before his arrival that she didn't get time to talk to him.

Taani was in kitchen, preparing breakfast when he entered there.


"Ji? Aapko kuch chahiye?" Taani asked him, while stirring the spatula in the pan, she averted her gaze and look at him. A part of her felt happy thinking he came there to talk to her, may be now she could disclose the news to him, because now days whenever he talks to her, It's about his sister only. Sometimes, she felt like she is just an outsider in this house, has no place of her own in his life and she feared what if he will treat her child like that too. Ignore him or her too just like he had been toward her when it comes to his sister who was his first priority and will always be.

"I was thinking, we should go out for lunch today, it's been too long we have spent time together-" Rey started off, smiling at her softly. Her heart skipped a beat, it was first time he himself had come to her, wanting to spend time with her on his own.

"Sure." Taani mumbled, smiling at him. Rey nodded in return, then surprising her once again, he helped her in setting up the breakfast table.


They were ready to leave for their lunch date when Sharon called him from behind.

"Bhai, Where are you going?" Sharon asked him, with hand on her huge baby bump, she moved toward them.

"We are going out for lunch, Swayum will be here in sometime." Rey answered her, smiling at her softly.

"Bhai, why don't we wait for him, then we all will go out together." Sharon suggested, she pleaded through her eyes. Rey couldn't say no to her, after their parent's death, he had raised her like his own child. For him, only her happiness matters.

"Okay." Taani frowned when Rey agreed but she quickly replaced it with forced smile when they look at her. Her heart was broken again, he gave her a hope but again, crushed it brutally.

"Ye! Thanks, bhai." In happiness, Sharon hugged him tightly. Then they moved toward the hall and  settled there, waiting for swayum's arrival. Half an hour later, Swayum arrived there and sharon told him about the lunch plan.

"Sharon, don't you think we are spoiling their plan, after all they planned to go alone, didn't they?" Swayum asked her in hushed tone so that taani & rey couldn't hear them.

"Swayum, he is my bhai, why do you think that I'm spoiling his plans. If it was like that then I'm sure he would have told me." Sharon answered him back. Swayum frowned at her, he knew his wife is too much depended on her brother in which she hadn't realized that, unintentionally, she intrude in his personal life.

"Bhai, lets go. Me & my baby are hungry." Sharon said to him, she tugged at his hand. Rey laughed at her childishness, They both walked out of the room while Swayum & Taani followed them silently. The whole ride to restaurant was filled with sharon's talks as she was talking to her husband & brother about her excitement about her baby as he due date is coming near. Taani was feeling left out, her husband was too busy to even look at her and it prick her heart.


Rey noticed how silent she was through out the lunch till they return back home, Sharon was with swayum, in her room while Rey & Taani were alone in their room.

"Taani, what happened?" Rey asked her, he held her arm and pulled her in his arms.

"Nothing." Taani lowered her eye lashes as she answered him.

"Don't lie. I have notice how silent you were, something is bothering you, I know that, please tell me, what it is." Rey voiced out, gazing down at her with soft eyes. 

"Rey, can i ask you something?" Taani asked him, she lifted her gaze up, and her mesmerizing orbs met him, leaving a tingling sensation through him.


"Can i go at my parent's place for some days?" Taani asked him.

"But Sharon? Her due date is coming, you might be needed here-" Rey reasoned with her, she felt an unknown frustration building up inside her. For few days, she wanted to stay away from here as she wasn't able to bare his ignorance anymore. It hurt her, made her feel like a burden on him. 

"I'm not her nanny, Rey, and you are here for her, I'm sure you will take better care of her than I will-" She snapped at him even though she didn't wanted to, but her frustration got better off her.  Rey's eyes widen in surprise, he had never seen her behaving like this, she had always been calm & understanding, and may be thats the reason he had always taken her for granted.


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Awesome start. bechari taani.   :(
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Posted: 2015-11-19T22:36:16Z
Amazing start
Loved it
Update soon
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Superb concept..poor taani..updt soon...
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Posted: 2015-11-19T22:39:40Z
awww lovely concept taani ki insecurity nice next update soon..
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Posted: 2015-11-19T22:44:12Z
this story literately made me cry
i was feeling for Taani
it was beautifully written
plz update it asap
i cant wait to read more of it 
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