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Chapter 12

Subhadra devi was enraged when Rey talked to her rudely and warned her to stay away from his wife. She felt insulted by her own grandson and she couldn't do anything but curse taani for that.

"I'm sorry, dadi, I'm sure bhai didn't had intentions to hurt you-" Sharon apologized to her grandmother, on behalf of her brother. They both were in guest room, talking to each other.

"I'm not angry on him, Sharon beta, because I know its not his words, they were his wife's words." Subhadra devi answered her. Sharon frowned, though she wasn't close to her sister-in-law, but she also knew taani would never do something like this.

"Dadi, I don't think taani is filling bhai's ear against you, she is not like that-" Sharon stated, making her narrow her eyes.

"Beta, you don't know these types of girls. They act innocent infront of world, but inside, they want nothing but their husbands to dance on their tunes, And this girl is no different. She doesn't want our Rey to come close to us." Grandmother said in confidence, and disgust lacing her words.

"Dadi, how can you be so sure?" Sharon asked her grandmother, eying her curiously.

"Beta, you are too innocent.  Haven't you seen, since he had got married, he avoids his family, you and now me too. You think this is natural? No, beta. His wife is taking him away from us, by emotionally blackmailing her, and now, she had got another reason, her child. In the name of her child, she is creating distance between him & his family." Subhadra told her, making her believe through her words that, taani is wrong.


At Night.

Rey stepped out of the washroom, after taking a bath, His eyes darkened when his gaze fell over his wife. She was standing in front of him, wearing his tee shirt which ended above her mid thighs, giving him a lot to imagine. He smirked, seeing his wife like this, surely had awoke desires in him which are hard to tame.

Rey raised his one eye brow at her questioningly while taking slow steps toward her, like predator.

"What? I find this more comfortable than my night gowns-" Taani trailed off, smiling at him sheepishly.

"I didn't said anything, did i?" Rey laughed, causing her to narrow her eyes at him. Rey step close to her, decreasing the gap between their bodies. Her breath hitched, her heart was beating loudly against her ribcage in anticipation. 

"You look ravishing in my clothes. You should wear them more often." Rey whispered in her ear, He went close to closer to Taani. Taani startled feeling his warm breath falling on her nape. Rey stroked his finger on her back sliding down it following her spinal code line, making her to shiver from tip to toe. She was feeling dizzy with new sensation he was giving her.

"Are you trying to seduce me?" Taani whispered in barely audible tone. Taani let out a gasp feeling his manly massaging her belly, squeezing it occasionally. This little act made the weird feeling rose in her stomach. 

"What will you do if i say yes?" Rey questioned her back, looking into her eyes, shiver ran down her spine under his intense gaze. he removed her waist long silky soft hair from her back and keep them on her right shoulder. His fingers ached to feel her soft skin under their tips. Taani closed her eyes tightly feeling his hot breath fanning over her nape. What else except losing herself in his charm she could do when he is giving her this sweet torture?

Rey pulled her more close to him and started placing light feathery kisses on her neck. And in response all she could do was sigh in content.  Her innocent response seems to push him to the edge, he scooped her in his arms and walked toward the bed.

"Rey! Aren't you feeling sleepy? We were out whole day, you must be feeling tired-" Taani said to him, as he made her lay down on the bed and joined her in bed.

"Sh. Don't disturb when i'm loving my beautiful wife." Rey whispered, he came on top of her and captured her lips in passionate kiss. Soon, their clothes were lying on the floor and both lost themselves to each other.


In morning.

Taani entered the kitchen to make breakfast, she smiled at subhadra devi & sharon, who were already there, and making breakfast for themselves. Since, Swayum had to go to visit his ill mother, sharon was staying with them.

"You are late." Dadi reminded her, giving her stern looks.

"I was-" Taani started off but dadi cut her off in the middle.

"No need for your explanations. We got tired of waiting for breakfast, so me & sharon have cooked mine, sharon & Rey's breakfast. You can cook yours. It won't hurt your princess image, i guess." Subhadra devi said to her, her brows knitted in confusion, she wondered why they are treating her like an outside in this house? 

"I'm sorry, dadiji. Kal se mein jaldi uth jaaungi, aapko wait nahi karna padega." Taani said to her, feeling guilty for making them wait, but it wasn't her fault either, she usually wake up at this time only and Rey never complained before.

"We will see- Come, Sharon beta, Rey must be getting late for office." Dadi said to her before she picked up the tray of food and left the kitchen along with sharon.

Taani was hurt by their behavior, but not making fuss out of it, she brushed it aside and went to cook something for herself to eat, it wasn't good to stay empty stomach in this state and she knew it very well. She won't neglect her baby because of someone's harsh behavior toward her.


"Sharon, Where is taani?" Rey asked her, who was serving him breakfast at breakfast table. 

"She is cooking her breakfast." Sharon answered him, then she served subhadra and sat on her chair, started having her own breakfast.

"What? But why?" Rey questioned her, confusingly.

"Because she didn't wake up on time to cook breakfast, so we cooked ours. Now she is making for herself-" Subhadra devi answered on behalf of sharon, who was nervous of her brother's reaction to it, but her grandmother placed her hand on her shoulder, assuringly.

Without any word, Rey got up, leaving his plate untouched. Subhadra devi look at him, with anger visible in her eyes.

"Where are you going, leaving your food in middle isn't a good thing, don't you know that?" She hissed at him.

"I'm going to have breakfast with my wife. I have no interest in having breakfast with people who treat my wife like an outsider in her own house." Saying this, Rey walked away from there, in kitchen.

"Dadi, we shouldn't have done this? We could have made breakfast for her too, then bhai wouldn't have got angry with us." Sharon said to her, sadly. Subhadra devi sighed, she made sharon look at her.

"If you don't want to lose your bhai forever, you have to follow me. We need to show that girl her place, else she will turn our Rey against us." Subhadra devi said to her. Sharon was unsure, but in fear of losing her brother, she didn't thought whats right or wrong, and agreed with her grandmother.


Second thread! Ye! Thank you so much guys, for supporting & loving this Fic so much. This is my most loved fic so far and I'm overwhelmed to see your response, Thank you so much guys. You guys are the best. Love you all Hug

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waiting to see the update
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congrats for second thread
i really love this story
superb update
i still can't believe how can someone be so dumb 
just because her dadi said that Taani is taking Rey away from them 
she believe it 
i really hate the way they treat Taani in her own house
poor Taani feelins so hurt
love that how Rey get angry with them for that 
eager to read next part 
update it asap
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Nice update i hate this sharon&dadi so mach for treat like thisEdited by sailaja. - 2016-01-12T11:04:59Z
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congreats for 2nd thread and amazing update awww taarey romances nice and dadi taani kaisa kar sakti hain or wo sharon ka bhi brain wash kar rhi hain i hope koi problem na ho nice..
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Posted: 2016-01-12T11:07:20Z
Congrats for new thread
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Posted: 2016-01-12T11:07:38Z
Amazing update
i hate taani and dadi 

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