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Hi Amazin nd Hot!! Here,

After reading so many gud fan fiction, i've decided to start my one, I HOPE YOU LIKE IT!

Here we Go...

Scene 1

Kriper has just returned from Nanitall, she walks into the out house, the weather is stormy and her heart is beating fast, she can't wait to meet Angad. She goes in to find Angad his eyes were Red and he was crying, and he was very angry, his sitting down with the fireplace on and a few lit candles around. The momment he sees Kriper he stands up. Kripa drops her bag and runs upto Angad putting her arm around him and hugs him. 

Kriper(happily): Tum.. yahaa!!Smile

Angad thought for a momment, how to reply to this, he got a flashback of all the good times they've had, esspecially in Goa. His expression was sad but with a angry touch (if you get wat i mean and if that makes senceConfused). What he looked on the outside wasn't what he felt inside, he felt somehow happy to feel kripa's warmth around him, ignoring these weird and disturbing feelings, he pushes her off him!!

He gave her a discusting look, and isults her, he tells her shes a gold digging b*****! She uses her incocent face and she is a discust to women. He not only insults her but insults her class (middleclassDisapprove), he also insults her parents saying that they only sent her for the money, and used joining the accedmy for an excuse! As soon as he says this she slaps him!!Angry 


She picks up her bag and runs to the door, before she leaves she says    Kripa(angry): Tum rockstar.. sirf mere papa, ki whages se kabi mut bullna aur ainda mere mama aur papa ko insult mut karna...varna bahoot bora hoga! With that she runs out crying but angry. Angad angrily picked up the nearest smallest object (which happened to be Kripas photo) and smashed it, after doing that he drank as much as he could!

Scene 2

Kripa ran from the Khanna house and started walking, it was raining heavily. She has a flashback of what just happened(the sad version of kyph is now playing) shes walking sown. Suddenly out of the blue she starts shouting!        

Kripa(angrily):Angad...tum mere saath yeh kyon kari hoon...maine kya begara ta tumhare... maine tumse pyar kiya aur tumne mere pyar or vishwas ko zala diya!! Kyon? Kyon Angad? Kyon?! She falls to the ground crrying she crys and cryes untill she faints! there she is lying in the middle of the road.

Scene 3

Angad is passionately drinking away, when he gets a all from Dadi.         

Angad(crying):Hello dadi, pleze mere bhatt suno meh is waqt bhatt kar nahi sata.         & amp; nbsp;    

Dadi(worried)Angad...beta tum ise wat meri pas agaow, muje tume kuch bhattana Angad couldn't refuse, he set out to go to dadi's. While he was driving he got a flasback of him and Kripa just fighting, he got annoyed and drove faster...and faster...the weather was getting worse(now it was rain and thunder and lightning)suddenly Angad got a flash back of Krippers smileling, laughing...he couldn't see where hewas driving his speed increased!AAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH. He just run over some one, he got back to normal state... he ran out of the car to find KRIPER lying there with bloood tricling down her face! He ran upto her!

Angad(breathless,upset,worried):KRIPER...Oh God yeh maine kya kare diya...KRIPA please Otto...Kripa(noe he was crying KRIPA...PLEASE.


If u h8ted dat pleze say, i'll delete it!!NO HARD FEELINGS!


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&n bsp; i didnt type this it came on sorry
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Posted: 2005-06-18T11:51:10Z
Great jobClap Please continue. Just don't kill Kripa ok
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Posted: 2005-06-18T11:54:01Z
OMG!!!  This is different.  Keep going.  I like this too
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Posted: 2005-06-18T11:54:40Z
kill angad if u wantLOL
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Posted: 2005-06-18T12:02:13Z

Originally posted by JinK

kill angad if u wantLOL


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Posted: 2005-06-18T12:24:24Z

Originally posted by JinK

kill angad if u wantLOL

nayi don't kill my angad, Kill naina, mishty, kartik, u have a lot of choices.

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Posted: 2005-06-18T12:28:08Z
no it's damn gud..... just don kill anyone....Embarrassed
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