new fan-fic by me (being continued)

Posted: 2005-06-17T21:48:45Z

I wanted to write a new story since I'll be finishing my old one.

A completely new story: story of two lovers

I wanted to make all the characters very positive. So guys you will get to see Naina, Kartik, and Mishti as positive characters.


Angad Khanna lives with his parents, Dilip and Naina along with his older brother Kartik in Mumbai. The Khanna's have a music company along with an academy. Kartik and Angad are completely opposite of each other. Kartik is 25 and Angad is 23. They might be different but they love each other a lot. Their parents also adore their sons and they find no difference between them. No one in the house feels left out. Even though they all share a wonderful relationship, they don't have time to give to each other. Dilip is busy with the music company and Kartik handles the academy work. Naina is too busy with everything and Angad is a rock star so he is busy doing rehearsals and concerts. Angad is a bad boy, keep changing his girl friends because he hasn't found his perfect woman. Kartik is a very homely man. He already found a love of his life and is ready to tie the knot.

Dilip Khanna and his friend Suryabhaan have been very close. Suryabhaan have Dilip get to the heights and Dilip appreciates all that Suryabhaan has done for him. Naina and Dilip both will never forget what Suryabhaan and his wife have done for him.


Kripa Sharma lives with her parents, Suryabhaan and Gayatri in New York, United States along with her brother bobby. They have been living in US for 20 years. Suryabhaan and Gayatri were originally from Nainital, India but they moved there after a year of their marriage. Then they had their daughter Kripa born here. And after 8 years they had their son. Kripa is 20 years old and bobby is 12. Even though Kripa and Bobby are born in US, they are very cultured. Their parents have taught them the Indian values and taught them to respect and love everyone. Kripa and Bobby love their parents and respect their decisions. Kripa loves Indian clothes (me as well). She loves wearing Indian suits, listening to Indian music. She has passion for singing. She is a singer too.

Khanna's and Sharma's have always kept in touch but haven't met for last 20 years. Sharma family is coming to India for the first time after they left 20 years back. They are coming to Kartik's wedding with daughter of the Bose family, Mishti.


Bose family is a very loving family. We have Damini Bose and her two kids, her daughter Mishti, who is 22, and her son Prithvi who is 23. Mishti and Kartik have known each other for long time and finally expressed their feelings to each other. Both families agreed to get them married since they both loved each other and both families know each other for so long.


Naina and Dilip adore Mishti because she is the best thing that happened to their son, Kartik. They are also eagerly waiting for the Sharma's because they want Kripa and Angad to get married. Sharma's also want the same as well.


At Khanna House:

Naina and Dilip are leaving for the airport to receive the Sharma family. Angad and Kartik are eagerly waiting for them come because they want them as well. After some time, Naina and Dilip come back with the Sharma family. Angad and Kartik were sitting on the sofa, when everyone enters, they get up and went to greet everyone. Naina introduces everyone to Angad and Kartik and then vice-versa. As soon as she was done introducing she looks back to introduce Kripa to Angad but Kripa still hasn't entered. Just then Kripa enters the room and Angad looks up. His eyes are wide open, he felt something strange in himself when he saw Kripa. It wasn't a love at first sight but he sure was attracted by her charm. Kripa was looking be beautiful in her white chooridar.  As Kripa enters, Naina was about to introduce them but Angad introduces himself to Kripa.

Angad: Hi, I am Angad.

Kripa: Hello, I'm Kripa

Before they could talk more, Naina start talking.

Naina: kya tum dono yahi baatein karo ge ke andar bhi aayoge.

Angad: sorry mom, hum aate hain

Then everyone walks toward the living room. They all sat there and talked. Angad constantly looked at Kripa but Kripa wasn't really paying attention.

Just then Mishti and Prithvi walk toward everyone. Kartik was very happy to see Mishti. Then Naina introduced the Sharma family to Prithvi and Mishti. She introduced Mishti as her future daughter-in-law. Kripa excuses herself from them and asks if she could go freshen-up. Naina was about to take Kripa to her room but then Mishti volunteers to take Kripa and show her around. Mishti shows Kripa her room and asked her to freshen up and later on they'll all go out. Kripa agreed. Kripa comes from taking a shower and she was wearing jeans and a white tank-top, but she wore a denim jacket over the top. Kartik and Mishti had already asked her parents if they could take Kripa along with them. Kripa comes downstairs and Angad kept looking at her. Kripa gets permission and they all left. Mishti, Kartik, Angad, Prithvi, and Angad all five went to rock the Mumbai city.


I hope you guys weren't bored to death cuz my sis was after reading LOL this or maybe she is lying to annoy me. You decide and tell me if I should continue.

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Posted: 2005-06-17T21:57:10Z
Its great, plz continue. Good to know Mishti and Naina are +ve characters.
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Posted: 2005-06-17T22:06:54Z

good job happe keep it upClap

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Posted: 2005-06-17T22:08:00Z
awwwww..i like.. hecka better be all lovey dovey .. hehe :)

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Posted: 2005-06-17T22:16:22Z

hey happe

i think that u should definitely cont.Wink

i like the innocence in the storySmile

r u from US coz i m in US tooClap


love KPWink

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Posted: 2005-06-17T22:19:51Z
yup, I am from CA, US. what about you KP?
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Posted: 2005-06-17T22:25:06Z
please continue I can't wait any longer 
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Posted: 2005-06-17T22:26:09Z
Hey..........very cute....lovely...soooo sweet.ClapClap
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