**Losing my Heart **//Sid Makkar/Sunderlal Bharadwaj AT#1~\\

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Posted: 8 years ago
Reserved posts will be edited later😳
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Posted: 8 years ago
Hello Everyone,

Dedicated Appreciation threads (ATs) for an actor/actress/characters of the show will be subject to specific rules, from here onwards. These rules will apply to all current ATs in the forum and any new ATs created in the future. 

[Credit for Rules: -Deepzz-/jyoti06 - Zee Tv Forums] 
  1. The word "Appreciate" in itself means to have a highly favorable opinion of someone or something. You are supposed to appraise the value of the work of the actors and express them in positive light. A thread where all the fans of the Actor/Character/s gather to discuss what they liked.
  2. In an essence Constructive criticism/Positive Outlook towards Actors/Characters, must prevail in these threads.
  3. Members must understand that, discussions are restricted in ATs.  ATs are safe zones for the Actor/s fans to exchange information without being subject to negativity. You have the main forum to present opinions which calls for discussions and debates. All discussions related to actor's performance, looks, style and personality can be confined to  ATs  and keep the discussion of story tracks restricted to just the character and his/her scenes with other characters. Please refrain from analyzing and discussing scenes which are not directly/indirectly related to the actor/character of this AT , in particular when they imply stating negative opinions. However we do  allow minimum chatting in ATs, provided it is related to this AT alone.
  4. Please refrain from bringing and discussing other general topics of the main forum into  the AT. If you find anything offending in the main forum, report it with crisp and clear notes, without bringing them to the ATs.
  5. Please refrain from any negative/bashful/insulting comments against any actor/character/member/DT. If members of an AT are caught discussing other actors/characters/fan groups/DT negatively, then AT will be held liable for it and may be subject to warnings & eventual closure/Ban as follows.
  6. Admins/Monitors of the AT (Those who are opening the AT will be called the Admins/Monitors) will report  the troublemakers or problematic members of the AT to the DT  in a timely manner, so that the AT/other genuine fans are not penalized for it. Here the Admins have a big responsibility and so we believe them to be totally unbiased as the whole responsibility of a AT is on them.
  7. When an AT reaches 150 pages, hit the report button and add this "AT reached 150 Pages", the DT will close it as we can not have two ATs open at the same time.When the AT is about to end, please wait until one of the AT admins create the next. If the assigned admin for a certain AT isn't around, drop in a quick PM Aahaana or Resham to open the next AT, any other ATs which are made by any other members will be closed without further notice
  8. If the DT notices more than 3 people violating the AT rules constantly for a week, the effects of violations will kick start, which go as follows:

  9. First Violation - Warning Note
    2nd - Another Warning Note
    3rd - Another Warning Note
    4th - Close the AT for 24 hrs (1 Day)
    5th - Close AT  for 72 hrs (3 Days)
    6th - Close AT for 1 week (7 Days)
                                                   7th - Get rid of AT completely from the Lajwanti Forum/Shift it to Celebrity Fan Club Forum

    Having said that, please do not assume that every report submitted by opposite fan group will be entertained. We will go through the reports and only if we find the report valid based on above rules, then we will speak to the Admins of the AT and action will be taken accordingly as stated above.

    NOTE: All AT admins should make sure that the second post in every AT on the forum, has these rules posted for members to be aware of the rules

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Posted: 8 years ago
About the actor and previous shows
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Posted: 8 years ago

Wanna Join the AT ?

How to enroll:

  • Hit the LIKE button for this post ONLY if you want to be a member of this AT.  Don't do it otherwise.
  • This list will be periodically updated as new members join
  • No need to PM anyone
  • You're strictly not allowed to comment until hit LIKE button here.
How to un-enroll:

  • Undo your LIKE and PM Me, your name will be removed.

.Sanskruti [Admin]

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Posted: 8 years ago
I ❤️ him.
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Posted: 8 years ago
i am loving this guy. he is doing a good job as sunderlal
count me in
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Posted: 8 years ago
members list updated...

The guy is doing quite an appreciable job:)
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Posted: 8 years ago
Plz count me in. I really appreciate the way he is acting.