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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by putti77

Where are you? Reached home safely?
Looks like someone created holes in Bangalore sky Cry
It is raining badly again now... Don't know when it will stop...

Still raining??? Shocked
We in delhi wait for rains !!!
So how was the traffic putti??
Posted: 6 years ago
"Its Paris"Heart

"Where is my stuff?" she panicked

"What stuff?" he asked gazing deeply into her eyes

"Dont go all SRK on me" she hissed, breathlessly, squirming like a worm on the closet wall, fighting his undeniable charm

He slowly bend down as she dodged, thrashing against the wall

"Give me my stuff" she hissedEmbarrassed

He bend down and placed his face on her neck, their groans echoed across the dark narrow closet like room twilight stretched its blanket and pulled
on a tiny window across...

"My things" she whispered

He gently moved against her at first, and then rapidly

their fingers linked, and bodies melded  "Please da" she begged

"II" he groaned channeling the other "Please da" he heard at "other times"Embarrassed
"Dimpal" Manya called out... he held her chin and bend down and kissed off all her fancy lipstick in many kisses

Felt her cheeks with the back of his fingers... it was burning hot...
"This closet is too muggy" she lied defensively

He nodded...Embarrassed as if he believed her

she leaned forward and lay her head on his shoulder weakly, he reached and felt her belly the lower belly hidden under the
coarse jeans he grunted, he rubbed whatever skin he could under the soft chiffon... she quivered and encouraged the caress

They were tall people, really tall. One lied a lot the other seldom
One talked a lot the other seldom.

He sighed, holding her tight

"My stuff" she whispered

He didnt bother answering,  she pushed him away as she heard footsteps
she took the candy out... and put it back in...


She set the bag on top of the chest and unwrapped a candy bar and bit into it

He bend down and grabbed a chewed moist square from her mouth, licked his lips and walked out chewing

Manya was in the living room
"Hey do u want to stop by at Jacque's he texted me saying they are heading to a cocktail bar by his place on the way home from La Defense/office?"  He checked his watch, he checked his phone

"Not sure, bars can be smoky" he mumbled

"Oh ya" Manya agreed

Not liking the answer at first, and then realizing, she can hang with her brother better this way

"So, can we go after we bring them home?" she asked eagerly

"Umm... ya... lets think about it" he nodded

She picked up a stuffed oblong American football from a basket of various sport balls in a corner and flung it to him

He caught it just as Ranjan entered the living room

Still talking on the phone

"where is she?" Manya asked cautiously, looking at the door leading to the bedroom

"On her way" he said cryptically

"Do u know how long they will be here?" Manya asked even softer

"Dont know" her brother said flinging the ball back

"Do u talk more than a couple words?" she flung it back viciously

"Occasionally" he flung it back with the same force

Manya laughed as she caught it  "Niiice" "I saw what u did there U responded with one word"

Ranjan ducked as he picked up his ipad and went to the workshop video feeds

Still talking

"How is Makarand?" R&B asked

"Great... umm.. hes in Delhi this week... scumbag" Manya cursed as she blushed

"Huh" R&B chuckled

"Its destiny... we cant be in the same town" Manya continued

"U shud pick a completely different city to meet"

"Kitne baar jaaoongi main India?" Manya asked

"why?" he asked baffled

"I dont know..." Manya quit aiming the ball

He gestured with his hands to have her throw it back

She did

"I bet everyone wonders what I am doing" Manya mumbled

R&B listened

"Married, dating, single, dating... visiting" Manya summarized her life

R&B flung it back viciously... it struck a crystal vase of some sort sending it crashing

II ran from the inside

Ranjan peeked shook his head and turned back into the balcony
Still talking

"what did u do?" II accused

"Broke a vase I think" he said

She wore a dress now... a floral Anthro dress blue and yellow...

"OMG" she slapped a hand over her mouth

Manya was unfazed

"why are u playing inside the house?" II demanded hands on her hips

"we love doing that" Manya chcuckled

"Lag jaati to?" II worried

"Unlike you we wear shoes inside" Manya laughed

Ii turned to her husband  "Not cool" she waved her finger

"Agreed!" he nodded sincerely

"What did u break?" she asked walking towards it as he tried to hold her back... she realized she had bare feet and went towards the door, it had her ankle length painful lacing boots,
she went inside the coats closet, and pulled out a pair of sandals from last trip

"Oh just stuff he had collected over the years" Manya said flippantly

"Phir bhi" II was upset

"Dont worry" Manya reassured her

II picked up the largest piece, and turned towards the bedroom intending to go back to the kitchen and throw it in trash

"No playing ball inside the house" she ordered looking at R&B

He half smiled at first... and then nodded

They cleaned up

And left around 7 ish

took the subway to Notre Dame, II describing "Paris" to Ranjan

He listened sincerely, paying full attention
Hoping to see the historic city through the untainted eyes of the unassuming young daughter in law

Manya didnt bring back the subject of her life that evening

R&B stood inside the boat, she stood on the shore watching it sway gently

He offered her a hand

"Really??? THIS IS PARIS, u are supposed to pick me up, twirl me, and set me down with a kiss" she ordered
He dropped his "offer" hand with a half smile, she gingerly set foot on the first step of the bobbing tour boat

Manya tried her best not to look

Ranjan wasnt even looking, on another call with Delhi, he was facing the Notre Dame

The sky was a dark orange red, ... her hair tied with a  gold yellow scarf, too long and thick, but silky and luscious

He wrapped his long fingers around her tiny waist, lifted her effortlessly, twirling her as she clutched his shoulders in panic

Setting her down slowly letting her slide, in a soft slow caress over his navy cargos and Lacoste/hoodie clad body...  one of his ear plugs was was in the other out

Her scarf edge teased his bristle as he set her down, her heart pounding like a sledge hammer slammed on concrete..

He bend down and kissed her lips.Day DreamingBlushing

A street performer played a Country Girl in Paris by John Denver on his ukulele, in the street outside the DameEmbarrassed

Posted: 6 years ago
Vikas - I saw it!! A great effort by Nam. Really proud! 
Muns - hahahah. Pata hai!! Theek.. Ab se yehi hongi mulaqatein! 

Putti - Thank you :)
Posted: 6 years ago
Hey all,
Missed you all so much.

Congos on the 55th thread to all, a lil late...but better late than never...

Caught up with all the updates...and loved each and every bit of it. Love how the author sahiba manages to surprise us all...and that's her magic in keeping us flocking to this thread. Impossible to keep away. even when away...I am sure we all keep wondering what's happening, has the update was my haal when I was away for 3 days. 

Loving II and Manny's interaction...but in all this am loving how II is always taking steps to make Manny feel comfortable...she could have easily ignored or acted like Manny herself. But how long will she take the first step...Manny always should also meet her half way. 

Waiting to see what will happen in the outing with dude?

Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by taramira

I think he's tricked her again. The contents Of the purse I am sure are in MM, hidden somewhere, he just brought her purse along in An attempt to lure her to his de. I am sure he didn't know that along with his budhu wife, the wise wizard will also come along and that he would be joined by his foxy sister as well.

When I asked last time, Nisha told why he will bring empty purse to Paris Smile
Posted: 6 years ago
Kitna romance hai baba!!! 
Manny bechari.. Miss kar rahi hai apne bf ko 
Ranjan ji kuch busy lag rahe hain.. Sab theek hai na??? 
II... You are the cutest!!! 

Posted: 6 years ago
Paris has mostly been gush worthy not for reviewing and analyzing

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