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Chapter Sixty: Creative spark


With the game finishing with Naksh's side winning, everyone happily dispersed in their own preparations for the Jhaki. Myrah and Naksh packing the boxes of cricket gear away, dragged them inside before sitting down on the sofa with a exhausted sigh. 

Naksh: "That was superb fun. Fab idea Myrah."

Myrah grinned: "I know right. Sunheri and everyone had loads of fun right?"

Naksh nodded in agreement. Unfortunately for him, Rudra was storming downstairs rolling the sleeves up on his teal green kurta shirt...heading straight for him.

Rudra: "Naksh!"

Naksh closed his eyes whispering to Myrah: " Kill me."

Myrah sniggered a laugh but composed herself seeing Rudra seriously mad. 

Rudra stopped stood beside Naksh still sat down lazily: " Where's Paro?"

Naksh looked up at him confused: "What?"

Rudra's jaw tightened: " Where's Parvati? She's not in her room. "

Naksh: "Rudra relax she's probably around the house somewhere with the kids. "

Rudra firmly: "You're supposed to help me keep an eye on her at least Naksh."

Rudra glared at Naksh unable to believe he couldn't even be confident on where Paro was. Myrah on the other hand wondered if Rudra was acting frustrated seeing Naksh sat so close to Myrah. She didn't like however that Rudra felt Naksh should be looking out to Paro.

Myrah smiled: "Rudra, Naksh is right. It's not like she's left the house by herself for hours. You don't have to pick on Naksh He doesn't have to look out for her all day you know. "

Rudra was about to shout when spotting Sunheri come in from outside with Shautabdi.

Rudra: "Sunheri?!"

The two paused to look at Rudra confused at his tense state.

Sunheri: "Kya huwa bhai-sa?"

Rudra walking a step closer: "Have you seen Parvati?"

Shautabdi looked at Rudra suspiciously, while Sunheri nodded: "She's outside with Koel and Dhruv."

With that the two walked off making Rudra grit his teeth hearing that information.

Rudra muttered: " Why is she there?"

He swifted stormed towards the front door while Myrah stood up.

Myrah: " Rudra relax it's ok she-"

Rudra angry shouted back, not even looking at her: "It's not ok Myrah!!"

Myrah taken aback at how Rudra shouted at her then leaving her confused. Why's Rudra getting angry over Paro being outside? It's not a big deal. As she sat down awkwardly, Naksh had his eyes on her the whole time not liking one bit how Rudra spoke to her. Myrah noticed him stare and so smiled weakly at him.

Myrah: "He's always taking his job seriously. "

Naksh paused staring at her before nodding slowly: "Riight..."

Myrah glanced at Naksh then wondering what he meant by that tone.

Rudra rushing outside into the setting amber of the sun, he frowned not finding her anywhere. Gritting his teeth he was about to rush inside when hearing children laughing. He turned to find it coming from the other side of the gate. He frowned hearing Dhruv and Koel's laughter intermingled with them. He went round the slightly ajar gate to find Koel, Dhruv and the others clapping as Paro did hop scotch while taking turns with others. Rudra watched with a smile seeing Paro properly enjoy herself with a grin of her own of a million stars.

As Paro jumped from step to step, she felt so alive feeling the dust beneath her feet and the warm sun rays against her arms. It made her smile remembering when she used to play this game so many times with Nandini and Bindi. Picking up the stone on a leg, she hopped back making everyone clap.

Dhruv happily: "You're really good at this game Mumma!"

Koel smiled nodded: "Bilkul best."

As the others clapped encouragingly, Paro's grinned before her eyes fell on Rudra stood by the gate with his arms crossed. Rudra's smile fell instantly pretending to be stern. Paro gulped dropping the stone before putting her hands behind her back guiltily. Dhruv and Koel frowned and looked across to see Rudra making them stand awkwardly too. Rudra tilted his head at Paro indicating to her to get inside. Paro unable to handle Rudra's stare at her, she looked down before slowly walking towards and past him with Dhruv and Koel following her quietly like little lambs. Rudra smirked shaking his head before following them in.


It was late with the children in bed when Myrah went to visit Naksh to ask his opinion of what necklace to wear for tomorrow. She was surprised to see his room empty however making her frown. She then heard his voice from Paro's bedroom making her go over to the window to see Naksh talk away at Paro while she tidied her clothes away.

Naksh sat on Paro's bed in his PJ's: "Then you should have seen Rudra's face. He looked like he was going to kill me!"

Paro smiled: "I'm sure he was just worried. He does take his job very seriously."

Naksh sighed shaking his head: "Too seriously in my opinion. I mean you're here living in his house. How much more safe can you get!?"

Paro sitting down in a simple white and yellow ghagra choli beside Naksh: "I feel your right. As I'm staying here with you and with everyone around me including himself, he shouldn't have to worry so much in protecting me...But I can't tell him how to do his job Nakshatra."

Naksh: " But you just said yeah..I'm here too aren't I? That's also why VK Singh Sir assigned me to help Rudra to watch out for you. *whispered* You would rather have me to look after you right."

As Naksh flexed his muscles dramatically, Paro stared at him shocked before Naksh cracked laughing at her expression. Paro simply smiled shaking her head at him. Myrah smiled hesitantly glad that Naksh was keeping Paro company, but felt annoyed as she wanted to speak to him. Mohini walking by noticed Myrah and slowly came to her side to see what she was. She smiled brightly with a raised eyebrow.

Mohini: "Accha hain. These two being close together is good. It'll make them more fond of each other. Just made for each other hmm? Like you and Rudra. Don't you think?"

Myrah gulped smiled nodding when she found it weird why she didn't really agree focusing solely on the comment Mohini made about Paro and Naksh. I mean... It's not like their both alike.


It was a few hours later, just past lunch time, when guests began to come in from Aman's side. They were welcomed warmly with Aman over the phone to Rudra assuring that his Dadi had invited only the most trustworthy of their neighborhood, fully aware not to risk Paro's safety. Though Aman wasn't there for the event, his Dadi and Maasa was to make sure they fulfilled their side.With the ladies talking away excited to see the coming new member of their neighborhood, Sunheri sat nervously under the dupatta wondering what they will think seeing her. Paro in her sparkling pink and white ghagra with golden borders spotted Sunheri's hands fidgeting on her own lap. She smiled before discretely sitting beside Sunheri holding her hands still.

Paro whispered: "You look fine Sunheri...Don't worry too much... If you can't then *smiles* think of Aman and I'm sure that beautiful smile will just shine."

As Sunheri smiled shyly behind her dupatta, Rudra watching from the distance smiled glad to see Paro looking out for Sunheri. He frowned seeing Mohini however come to Paro's side.

Mohini : "Ey Duwa kuma...Mera batlab..Parvati... Move. It's time for everyone to see Sunheri."

Paro nodding left Sunheri's side while she herself stood up, spotting Maitilli calling her from behind to help her lift something heavy to move to the store room. Paro smiled moving to help her. Myrah on the other side of the room waved her hands in front of her face stuffily.

Myrah: "It's too hot. Good thing Naksh got these fan's in for me."

As she got two going, she noticed one of the lighting decorations along up pillar was off.

Myrah annoyed: " I told those workers to make sure the all the switches were on. Now I have to fix it won't I?!"

Paro having difficultly lifting the heavy chest with Maitilli, gasped as Rudra grabbed the side of the box right next to her. Paro stared at Rudra for a minute while he stared back kindly. Maitilli smiling a little turned serious.

Maitilli coughed a little: "Vo Devarjisa. Can you help Paro take this to the store room. I have to start help serve out the meetai. "

Paro frowned: "But-"

But Maitilli was already gone making Rudra mentally thank her. Paro looked to him where he cleared his throat a little.

Rudra huskily: "Ab chale?"

Mohini smiled before gathering the guests around who eagerly came near. Aman's Dadi nodded to one of the elders on the neighborhood who grinned slowly walking up to Sunheri.

"Arre Arre dekte-hain. What beauty Devayani is bringing?"

As all the other ladies giggled agreeing, the veil lifted and placed upon her head everyone awed with pleasant surprise. Sunheri smiled shyly as everyone grinned happily back at her. Sunheri took everyone's blessing with everyone giving it gladly. However suddenly the fan's wind caught Sunheri's light netted dupatta making it fly off and swiftly land upon Rudra and Paro. Paro in shock was about to drop the box making Rudra hold it close while firmly holding her close. But under the netted pink fabric he gulped as the memories flooded back to him. Paro felt that serene moment halt as she simply became lost in Rudra's eyes feeling utter peace. She didn't want to move. Nor did she want to think. Just stop time.

Everyone's voices however, made Paro blink furiously shocked how close she was still stood to Rudra. She immediately backed away from Rudra, letting the box fall to the floor. Letting Sunheri's dupatta slip off her as she backed out, she panted breathlessly staring at Rudra still covered. With her back hitting a pillar she stopped feeling her heart race wildly wondering what was wrong with her. Rudra staring at Paro through the dupatta, slowly pulled the dupatta to slowly slip off him. Mohini watching all this was furious wondering where on earth Myrah was.

Sunheri coming to their side: "Bhais-a sorry...Vo the fan...and-"

Rudra: "Koi bat nai. Le."

Sunheri took it before going back to the others. Naksh coming down the corridor spotted Paro against the pillar and frowned tapping her shoulder. Paro jumped a little looking away from Rudra's mesmerizing eyes.

Naksh: "You ok?"

Paro smiled hesitately nodding: "Come lets help jija. She's in the kitchen."

With that they walked off, Paro not daring to look back feeling embarrassed.


After serving out the halwa with Paro double checking it for Myrah, the traditional dancing soon began with the ladies of Aman's neighborhood with his Dadi and Maasa joining in for Sunheri's happiness. Everyone else watching happily clapping to the beat. The house was buzzing with music and happiness. Naksh frowned at the side lines with Paro scanning around.

Naksh: "Parvati have you seen Myrah anywhere? She would have loved to have a go at this?"

Paro shook her head now also wondering where Paro was. Her eyes to Rudra immediately to see he was a bit away  from the music and dancing near the front doors on the phone to someone, with Myrah not in sight. Dhruv suddenly rushed to Paro hiding near her while hugging her.

Paro gently: "Dhruv what is it?"

Koel panting close behind Dhruv: "All of the guests keep squeezing Dhruv's cheeks. Why do old people do that? Is it because they don't have cheeks of their own."

Paro stared at her shocked, while Naksh nearly burst out laughing hugging Koel close.

Naksh: "You little miss naughty.."

Dhruv looking up at Paro: " I don't like it Mumma. It hurts."

Paro stroked his cheek smiling: "They do it out of love beta. And how wouldn't they *grins* you look like such a rajkumar."

Koel with her hands on her hips: "Well they could just hug him instead."

Paro and Naksh looked at each other sharing a laughing smile.

Naksh: "Anyways have either of you two seen Myrah anywhere?"

Dhruv shook his head as Paro stroked his hair.

Koel nodded: " She looks like she's fixing some lights."

Naksh frowned: "Meaning?"

Koel pointed up to help Naksh see Myrah on a ladder high up against a pillar fixing some of the wiring for the lights on the other side of the hall.

Naksh confused: "I didn't even see her."

Koel shrugged her shoulders: "When you're little like us, you have a habit of looking up to people who are so big. Easy to spot."

Paro smiled at Koel's wit, while Naksh shook his head at Myrah's craziness.

Naksh shook his head: "She and her DIY independent showing off...*frowns* Hold on...aren't all the pillar lights connected? So why are the others still on."

Paro frowned realizing what he meant: "She hasn't turned the electricity off for them Naksh!"

With the situation dawning on him he rushed forward lifting a hand: "YO MYRAH! MYRAH DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING! YOU'RE GOING TO GET AN ELECTIC SHOCK! MYRAH!"

But the music was too loud for Myrah or even anyone else to hear. Paro and Naksh panicing, rushed forward trying to get through the guests to get to Myrah.

Naksh calling out to her as he neared: "Myrah!!"

Paro: "Myrah!!"

Though Myrah still couldn't hear, Rudra hearing Paro turned with a concerned frown hearing the distress in her voice. He spotted where she was heading and knew something was definitely wrong. Myrah however was so lost in her own work, as soon as she connected the wires a burst of pain went through her fingers paralysing her muscles. Myrah screamed making everyone around her look in shock. With her instinct to back away, she slipped on the ladder falling off it.

Myrah realizing she was going to hit the ground screamed: "RUDRA!"

She had closed her eyes waiting for the impact, but it never came. She had been caught in someone's arms making her open them. She stared shocked seeing Naksh. The music was cut immediately with everyone gathering round concerned.

Naksh: "Myrah!? Myrah you ok!?"

But Myrah stared shocked at Naksh unable to move or let him go. Everyone called her name worried even Rudra and Paro when they reached Naksh's side. But Myrah didn't say a word. Just stared at Naksh calling out her name over and over.



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*Wishing everyone a warm (slightly advanced) Happy New year! *Embarrassed

Chapter Sixty Three: Test of Trust


The light tinkering of Paro's ghagra gently collided against the floor as she paced through the main doors and rushed up the stairs, not giving a glance to Maitilli, Sunheri and Myrah in their own conversations in the living room with their shopping bags. Had they looked up at Paro, they would have seen her distressed face with beads of sweat already on her forehead from sheer fear. Rudra rushing in the main doors discretely rushed following the same path as Paro, with Naksh trying to outrun him, much to his annoyance. This Maitilli did notice as they two were rushing oddly up the stairs competitively making her shake her head oddly at the two.

Paro locking herself in her bedroom panted, backing away from it with panicking thoughts. Her heart raced frantically and her mind blanked only with the thoughts of being in danger. Her arms coiled in on itself against her chest while her head shook not wanting to go. As her back gentle stopped pressed against the end post of her bed, a small voice made her jump and look round. Dhruv with a few drawing books on her bed. He frowned seeing her state and rushed off the bed coming to her side.

Dhruv concerned: "What's wrong Mumma?"

As the two men arrived at Paro's door realizing it was locked, they sighed annoyed putting a hand against the door.

Rudra: "Parvati?...Parvati open the door."

Naksh looked to Rudra raising an eyebrow: "I told you didn't I. And of course she won't open the door. She must be scared stiff."

Rudra grit his teeth looking at him: "And I'm telling you again. Her tests need to be done at a hospital. And just because she's scared we can't stop her from remembering! She needs to face her fear and get out of this bubble her brain is protecting her in."

Naksh calmly: "Have you ever thought that maybe her mind is doing this for a reason? Maybe she's had a bad past and if it's scaring her so much, shouldn't we assume it's for the best? Maybe she can move on with new memories."

Rudra looked at him carefully before remembering his own past..before the divine light of Paro entered his life properly. The sadness..the anger...the pain. But Paro came like a butterfly changing his life.

Rudra: "Those nightmares she's having aren't going to go if she keeps running. Those memories she wants, her parents, her family anything that is precious to her, will be locked away forever. And those men who are after her won't stop until they take her. And until we find out why we have to keep Parvati like this. *looks at him seriously* Is that what you want? If so you can go downstairs and leave me to it."

Naksh looked at him before sighing knowing he was right: "Fine. But let me talk to her. She will listen to me over you."

As Naksh made his stance in front of Paro's door with Rudra behind him, he tapped on the door lightly.

Naksh: "Parvati. It's me Naksh. Listen to me once ok. Parvati?"

Rudra put his hands on his hips looking at Naksh shaking his head. He sighed looking at his watch before looking around, spotting Paro's bedroom window round the corner seeming to be open.

After a minute or two, Naksh sighed leaning his head against the door.

Naksh: "Parvati, please understand. If you just open the door we can talk about this."

Paro however was still sat on the floor with her back against the foot of bed board and with Dhruv held close in her arms. Dhruv hugging Paro back lifted his head a little from her chest to glance up at her terrified state.

Dhruv whispered: "Mumma...maybe you should listen to Naksh?"

Paro however frantically shook her head whispering back: "I don't want to go. I don't want to."

Dhruv smiled: "Then no one will force you. Naksh! Mumma doesn't want to go so leave her alone!"

Naksh's ear perked up hearing Dhruv inside: "Little buddy! Buddy you can help make her see sense mate."

Dhruv: "But Mumma is scared!"

Naksh closed his eyes sighing: "But's for her own good isn't it. Parvati? Don't you want to remember your past? Going through with this can help you."

Paro firmly shook her head while hugging Dhruv tighter. She closed her eyes remembering a blurred man in a long white doctors coat overlooking her. She remembered the pain from the bright white light among the darkness with piercing pain as she struggled before falling into darkness again. She opened her eyes in panic not wanting to go through that horrible scary feeling again.

Paro: "I don't want to go Nakshatra! I'm fine how I am!"

Naksh sighed shaking his head unable to convince her like this. He turned around to speak to Rudra only to find him gone. He shook his head annoyed.

Naksh: "And he goes giving up. Geesh! *idea springing to mind* Maybe Myrah can help me convince her."

And with that he rushed across the corridor and down the stairs leaving Paro and Dhruv huddled in the bedroom.

Dhruv wiping Paro's tears pulling away a little: "Why are you scared of the doctors Mumma?"

She looked to him tearily.

Dhruv smiled assuring: "Doctors are good people. They can help you get better...You have to be brave like me."

Paro gently stroking Dhruv's cheek with a sad smile: "I can't...M..Maybe I don't want to remember Dhruv."

Dhruv's heart sank a bit hearing that.

A husky gently yet firm voice: "Jhoot."

Paro and Dhruv shot their heads round to see Rudra outside the big open window. Dhruv smiled  brightly knowing his Papa would convince Mumma somehow. Rudra leaning against the side with his eyes firmly on Paro's felt his heart tighten at the sight of his small world sat on the floor like this. He knew he had to fix this.

Rudra gently: "You really don't want to remember Parvati? You don't want to know why you can't remember?"

Paro hugging Dhruv tight again looked away shaking her head hesitantly determined. Rudra could see however the restlessness in her eyes with conflicting feelings deep inside her. He stepped inside the bedroom through the window before locking the window afterwards. Paro couldn't help feel her heart jump to her throat seeing this from the corner of her eyes, keeping her sight firmly away from him. Rudra slowly walked towards Paro's side before slipping down to sit beside her, with Dhruv sat on her other side. Dhruv smiled at him while he replying while a reassuring blink. Rudra relaxed a little sitting with his knees up with this elbows rested against him. With his hands clasped he looked to Paro with gentle eyes.

Rudra huskily: "Come Parvati."

Paro shook her head stubbornly: "Nahi. I'm not going anywhere."

Rudra emphasized: "Parvatiii..."

Paro shook her head again: "No."

Rudra a little firmer: "Parooo..."

She paused with a frown before looking to Rudra oddly. Paro?...Again? Rudra not looking away for even a second.

Rudra sternly: "Don't be stubborn Parvati."

Paro blinked at him looking away. Maybe it was just me...

Rudra urged seriously: "You and I know how much you want this. You want to know the truth Parvati. I see how it eats away at you inside ... like a flower without sun or water, like a boat without wind, stuck with no direction...That's what you feel like all the time...Lost."

Paro stared at Rudra shocked as to how he knew so much just like that. How he could simply peek inside her mind like that.

Paro blurting her mind: "What if my past is more horrible than I'm ready for? The small memories I remember I cherish. I ...I could keep those in my chest and move on?"

Rudra smiled a little at her innocence as she glazed back at him for answers. He looked ahead leaning his head back a little. Images filled his head of when he insisted to Paro to go on their honeymoon, to run away from Maasa at the time. His scariest of times. To face his past.

Rudra gently: "Someone once told me that to move on in life you have to face your past. Not by running away. Your nightmares won't go and neither those men after you. And you'll never know why until you take this step.

He watched as his words sunk into Paro as she held Dhruv close, hands clasped tight with each other.

Rudra whispered close: "But you need to want to help yourself Parvati."

Paro looked at him tearily: "I can't do this."

Rudra whispered huskily: "Yes you can."

He gulped watching a tear roll down her soft cheek uttering: "What if they hurt me?"

Rudra frowned: "Why would they hurt you...what would make you think that?"

Paro looked down and away not knowing how to explain making Rudra feel deeply restless now seeing she had remembered something but was hiding it unsure. It pierced his heart that something since that night Paro was snatched from him had terrified her so much that she was petrified of doctors. He knew Paro when going to the doctors in the past was nervous, she had even gripped his hand once when going to check on her eyes he remembered, however like this. It had be something hidden in her memories. A doctor hurting her? He was definitely determined now to make her see sense regarding how important this check up was.

Rudra assured: "No doctor will hurt you Parvati. *putting a hand over hers* I'll be there every step of the way. Nothing will happen to you now. "

Paro looked to him seeing his hand on hers.

Rudra confidently: "I promise...  Can't you be brave for me?"

Paro stared at Rudra as he pleaded with his eyes, before Dhruv smiled looking up at Paro too.

Dhruv: "And for me Mumma?"

Paro smiled at Dhruv as he continued confidently: "Papa won't let anything happen to you. He'll beat everyone up for you."

Paro laughed lightly before kissing his cheek while Rudra watched them warmly. He stood up then looking down at Paro who stared up at him.

Rudra held out his hand to her: "Trust me?"

Paro gulped feeling that niggle of fear in her throat, but have full faith in the man before her she smiled bravely slipping her hand into his.


Naksh coming up stairs with Myrah reached Parvati's room, with Mohini hot on their tail wanting to see what the commotion was about. To all of their surprise however the doors opened with Rudra coming out with Dhruv and Paro behind him. Mohini was infuriated while Naksh rushed to Rudra.

Naksh: "How did you-...What t...You convinced her?...You?!"

Rudra narrowed his eyes on him: "What's that supposed to mean?"

Naksh blinked shaking his head with a grin: "Nothing...*shuffling to Paro* He didn't threaten you did he Parvati? "

Paro frowned shaking her head honestly. Myrah smiled awkwardly at Naksh's odd smile, before feeling Dhruv hold her hand. She smiled at him warmly glad he was happy, but winced feeling a small pinch on her arm. She rubbed her arm looking to Mohini annoyed and confused. She was about to ask her why she pinched her when Paro suddenly held her hands. Myrah surprised looked to her.

Paro requested: "Can you come with me Myrah? I'd feel much better about it. "

Myrah was about to refuse as she didn't know what help she would be, but Mohini swiftly intervened.

Mohini grinned: "Of course she'll go! Go Myrah. Go."

Paro smiled following Rudra as he called her along as they were getting late. Kissing Dhruv's cheek, she followed with Naksh beside her. Myrah was about to follow when Mohini held her back out of everyone's ear shot.

Mohini firmly: "You felt bad didn't you seeing Rudra banna in the bedroom with that Duwa kumari.. Can't you see what she's doing?!"

Myrah annoyed at Mohini: " And what's that exactly??"

Mohini harshly as if Myrah was a fool: "To separate you and Rudra! *in her own thoughts* That chori is smarter than I thought."

Myrah rolled her eyes taking her arm away walking down the stairs with Mohini hot on her heels.

Myrah:" Paro can't remember anything so I don't know what you're on about."

Mohini harshly: "Really? Fine! What about Rudra?! Hmm? Why is he so desperate to show her to the doctors? *gripping her firmly at the bottom of the stairs* Why is he so desperate for her to remember??"

Myrah taking her arm away again infuriated: "He wants to find out what happened to her. Alright!? She was his wife once upon a time. He has the right to know. So butt out if you can't help."

As Myrah stormed away to the door, Mohini raged like a bull: "Bewakoof larki...If you love this fairytale of a life with Rudra then you have to make him yours. You understand!? Understand!?!?"

Myrah furiously walked away out the doors nearly bumping into Naksh.

Naksh: "What took you? Why do you look like you wanna start a fight?"

Myrah shook her head forcing a smile: "Nothing."

With Paro and Rudra nearly at the car already, he noticed a playful smile on Paro's lips as she looked ahead. He knew without knowing the reason for her smile he wasn't going to able to do anything.

Rudra: "What is it? Why are you smiling?"

Paro glanced at him: "Why? Can't I smile?"

Rudra frowned: "When did I say that?"

Paro smiled gently: "I was just wondering what you would have done if I still refused. "

Rudra stopped making Paro do so too beside him.

Rudra seriously: "I would have dragged...or carried you."

Paro stared at him with wide eyes shocked seeing the dead seriousness in his eyes: "Kya?"

Rudra nodded: "Probably carried you. "

He walked round the car with a swag in his walk before entering the driver's side with a smirk discretely hidden. Paro wore a cute pout, quietly sitting in the back of the car with a light blush against her cheeks.


While Myrah and Naksh chattered all the way to the hospital, Rudra glanced in his rear view mirror seeing Paro staring out the window with eyes filled with worry and dread seeping back. Her hands gripped the door handle tightly as if involuntarily planning to jump out the car. But he knew it was all nerves. She soon looked away from the window soon meeting eyes with Rudra in the same mirror. He smiled reassuringly nodding at her making her hesitantly smile back feeling better.

Parking a little away from the hospital main doors, everyone got out the car with Rudra telling Myrah to stay close to Paro til they reach the doctor herself. Though Myrah found Paro scared of the doctors a little childish, she did as Rudra asked. As they neared the hospital's doors however, doctors were unavoidable. Though Paro tried to keep her eyes low, she spotted the flicker of a doctors white coat from the corner of her eye making her stop in her tracks. Her breathing turned heavy, eyes wide while body stiff making her hands tighten round Myrah's arm. Myrah's held her hand back shocked at how scared she was. Myrah concerned glancing at Rudra and Naksh standing by Paro. She rubbed her arm reassuringly.

Myrah: "We're here. Don't worry."

Paro closing her eyes took deep breathes before continuing to walk beside the three. Myrah noticed Naksh share a smile with her silently telling her she was doing well. Myrah smiled rubbing her hand over Paro's.

They soon reached the BSD ward with more soldiers on guard with BSD approved doctors treating their own cases. It was a little quieter which Rudra was glad about but spotted Aman ahead sat waiting by. Aman smiled seeing them before glancing at the clock. He walked to Rudra watching Paro, Myrah and Naksh coming up behind him.

Aman quietly: "I got worried."

Rudra nodded: "I told you I'd convince her."

Aman nodded never doubting him for a second. Paro's eyes falling on Aman made her leave Myrah's side a little feeling more comfortable seeing another familiar face.

Paro smiled: "Bhai-sa?"

Aman petted Paro's head: "Feeling ok?"

Paro smiled gently steadying her anxiety. A person in a white doctors coat came out of the scanning room making Paro's eyes widen and hide behind Rudra instinctively. The doctor in her 50's looked great for her age as she smiled warmly at Aman and Rudra. Rudra was quiet surprised that this was the sister of Damayanti as she was quite strict and firm, while the lady before him seemed friendlier. 

Doctor: "Good to see you both her on time. Now where is Parvati..."

Rudra stepped aside a bit while holding Paro's wrist to let her see the doctor. Paro terrified kept her eyes low but the doctor warmly petted her arm understandingly. Paro looked up a little slightly releved that she was a woman making her smile a little. The doctor smiled back sweetly seeing the innocence in her eyes that her sister told her about a long time ago. Though she had agreed with the BSD officials not to tell Damayanti regarding Paro yet, she couldn't help feel curious to see what Paro remembers. 

The doctor nodded: "It's alright Parvati. Come lets start."

She walked in the room hokding the door open only for Paro to nervously stay outside. She looked to everyone else who clearly sees she didn't want to be alone.

Aman reassured: "Parvati...don't worry. She's just going to check over you and do a few scans."

The doctor nodded coming back to her side. She went to put an arm around her to lead her in, however as soon as contact was made with her elbows she pounced as if electrified and clinged to the closest person next to her who was Naksh. The doctor stood confused while Rudra looked at her arm a little suspiciously as this wasn't the first time she felt uncomfortable with someone touching her arm like that.

Naksh: "Woah!! Steady there Parvati...Did you want me to come inside too?"

Paro nodded knowing she'd actually feel a lot better with everyone in the room with her. Myrah distastefully frowned on that note as did Rudra. 

Rudra firmly: "I'll come too..."

The doctor didn't sound pleased with too many in the room.

Rudra: "For security. "

The doctor sighed: "Fine. However the rest must wait outside. At least until the scans are done. "

Aman nodded understanding while Myrah feeling annoyed for some reason reluctantly agreed. The three then entered the room closing the door behind them. 

The room was lit brightly with a connecting room which could be seen through a glass window. Paro curiously looked to see a huge bed like machine with a huge circular end. It looked daunting but she looked to Rudra who was already watching her carefully. He nodded reassuringly calming her heart rate. Sh smiled nervously back. Behind the curtain, the doctor did a normal check up first with eye tests, weight, muscles, reflexes all checked thoroughly. When done and the curtain removed Paro sat on the bed while the doctor wrote notes. She looked to Naksh sat opposite her on a chair with a proud thumbs up. Rudra on the other hand was stood beside him with arms crossed stiff, while firmly staring at her arm. Paro noticing this awkwardly held her arms close.

The doctor came to her side again: "Betiya we're going to have a scan done on you now. That's what that machine is for in the other room."

Paro looked at the odd machine through the window again.

The doctor smiled: "Don't you worry. You don't have to do anything. Just lay down on it and relax. The bed will then move in the machine nd make a few noises and that's it. This will just help me scan you head. Like a photo."

Paro looked to Rudra who nodded assuring her.

Rudra: "Main hoon na."

As she laid on the bed with hands tightly held against her stomach, Rudra and Naksh watched from behind the glass with the doctor conducting the scan. Rudra could tell Paro was battling her demons as she laid on the bed. Her restlessness was evident with her eyes shut, figeting hands and stiff body. He knew she wanted to get out that machine as soon as possible. But he also knew the answers to her fear, her memory loss... can be surfaced through this. He glanced over to the doctor looking at her screen intently. He walked over to stand beside her to see the screen. Though he could see the images of Paro's head it didn't really make much sense to him. However he did notice how the doctor's face was frowning with concern.

Rudra quietly: "Is there something wrong?"

The doctor hmm-ed: " I'll know for sure after checking her head again Major. "

Rudra nodded watching her finish the scan making the machine move the bed out to let Paro go. The doctor opened the door to go to Paro's side to help her up with Rudra.

Rudra helping Paro stand: "How are you feeling?"

Paro smiled: "I'm fine. The machine is very strange."

Doctor grinning: "You did very well betiya. We're very proud of you. Now if you don't mind can you sit on the bed for me again in this room."

The doctor led the two out the room before sitting Paro up on the normal bed again. She then went behind the bed gently stroking Paro's head. Paro wondered what she was doing but the doctor reassured her. 

Doctor: "I just need to check your head Parvati. Don't worry."

Paro sat still letting the doctor check while Rudra watched with concern. 

Naksh confused: "But what are you looking for?"

Rudra nudged him not wanting him to distrub the doctor. Naksh rolled his eyes.

Doctor gently: "Now Parvati...I want you to focus ok and tell me if you feel any pain or anything else?...ok...Now?"

Paro: "Nahi."

Doctor nodded pressing in a different but specific area: "Now?"

Paro squinted a little making Rudra come forward.

Paro: "It doesn't hurt...but it feels a little funny."

The doctor humm-ed before fixing Paro's hair and moving to her clipboard writing notes. She then moved to get fresh test tube bottle and syringe.

She then sat beside Paro: " Parvati betiya, we'll need a little blood sample to check-"

Paro snatching her arm away: "Nahi!"

Paro held her arm defensively while her eyes oozed with apology. The doctor seeing her like this advised Naksh to have Aman and Myrah here if it helped. Rudra with his arms crossed at Paro feeling that wasn't the problem. Aman and Myrah cane in smiling at Paro while Myrah went to Naksh's side. 

Myrah whispers: "How's it going?"

Naksh: "Surprisingly well, but we're having a bit of issue with taking a little bit of blood."

Myrah griminced: "I hate needles."

Naksh: "Hey maybe Parvati's the same too. Being afraid of needles."

Rudra wanting to get Paro's mind off it a minute looked to the doctor. 

Rudra: " What's at the back of her head doctor?"

The doctor awkwardly looked at him making him nod.

Rudra: "It's alright. I trust everyone in this room."

Naksh grinned whispering to Myrah: "Everyone includes me. Finally getting somewhere."

Myrah smiled at that point.

Doctor: "At the back of Paro's head there is a scar from what seems like a old head injury. This by eye, from the scan also, seems to me like a very deep wound that may have well caused the amnesia that Parvati is going's also deep enough for her to be put into a coma. "

Everyone concerned looked to Paro who touched the back of her head curiously. The doctor noticing the slight distress on her face however though not to reveal all she was thinking.

Doctor assured: "But as I said this is just by eye. When the scan results come in and also a blood test processed it would confirm all. But I'll need you're arm for that Parvati."

Rudra noticed again her grow defensive, tugging on the 3/4 sleeves of her blouse as if making sure she was covered properly. Rudra stepped in sternly not liking Paro hiding things from him.

Rudra: "You're arm Parvati."

Paro timidly: "But-"

Rudra holding out a hand firmly: "Parvati...let me...see...your...arm."

Paro gulped at the commanding tone: " Can't we just take blood from els-"

Rudra having enough held her wrist firmly, before swiftly lifting her sleeve a little to reveal her inner elbow. His eyes widened with shock as did everyone else at the horrifying sight of multiple needle scars. 



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