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As I entered the club, i was welcomed by the loud music and crazy crowd. I shook my head and made my way toward the private area of the club where my friends decided to meet.

When i reached there, I found my friends Sharon, Kria, Swayum, Rey and Shivam there.  I shook my head seeing Kria sitting on shivam's lap and they both were busy in sucking each other's faces off. I rolled my eyes. Love birds, get a room guys, I was about to shout it to them but kept my mouth shut.

And I avert gaze from them, and sharon & swayum fighting over something, these two won't change. I laughed and walked toward sharon and engulf her in bone crashing hug. 

"Taani-" Sharon squealed and hugged me tightly. We are best of friends but after college ended, we hardly get time to meet each other since we are busy in our respective careers. 

"Taani, Is that you?" Came a husky voice from behind and i know the owner of the voice. He is the guy, you have wet dreams of, almost everyday. My inner voice mocked at me. I rolled my eyes and turned around, facing the greek god. God! Why he has to be so damn hot? If being hot was the crime then he would have been declared as most wanted criminal.

"Rey, How are you?" I asked him, i cursed myself when consciousness took over me as he stepped close to me. Before i knew, i was wrapped in a cozy embrace. It took me moment to realize that he had actually hugged me. I was going to pass out, the guy of my dream, the guy i had crush on since my college days, today he had hugged me! Today has to be the luckiest day for me.

"I'm good. You?" He broke the hug and passed a dazzling smile to me. Damn! Does this guy really want me dead today. I just nodded at him, in response, not trusting my voice at that moment. One by one i greeted my other friends, then we got busy in chit chatting.


I saw as sharon walked away on dance floor along with swayum. Shivam & Kria followed them leaving me & rey behind. Awkward silence prevailed between us. We both didn't had anything to talk about, We are not even friends, we know each other because we have common friend and thats hurt the most that i couldn't even become his friend where as i dream of becoming his love. We used to be like who greet each other nicely when the other walk passed by and other than that, we are completely strangers.

"So hows life going?" Rey asked me, staring the conversation. 

"Its good, I finally got a job so busy with that. What about you?" 

"I joined my family business. Next month, I'll take the MD position." Rey answered me, I was expecting it. He hails from one of the richest family in india. I nodded in response, having no idea what to talk about now.

"Dance?" I lifted my gaze up and stare at him in confusion, he held his hand out infront f him.

"May i have the pleasure to dance with you, beautiful!" Rey spoke, I blushed under his gaze. I gave him a slight nod, placing my palm in his gently. We both got up and went on the dance floor.

Rey wrapped his arm around me, making my stomach churned. I could feel butterflies dancing in my belly with his touch. Consciously, I wrapped my arms around his neck as we swayed our bodies together on beats of music. My heart was ready to burst and come out of my chest any moment. With me being so close to him was driving me crazy.

I gasped when he pulled me more close to him, his hands rested on lower back. I lifted my face little, my breath hitched, our faces were inches apart. I saw him with anticipation as he leaned and nuzzle his face in crook of my neck causing a sigh to escape my lips.

My mind went blank when his lips came in contact with my skin. I shudder in his arms as he started placing soft feathery kisses on my neck. I couldn't hear the music anymore, i couldn't feel any other thing. I was lost, lost in his touch.

"Come with me." He whispered in my ear, he grabbed my hand and dragged me outside the club. I followed him without questioning. He made me sit inside the car, then sitting in driver seat he drove away.

"Rey, where are you taking me?" 

"My apartment." He answered shortly. My mind clouded with questions, wondering why he is taking me to his apartment. I was feeling quiet because of few shots i had taken back in club. I closed my eyes and rested my head against the seat. The alcohol in my system was doing its work and making my head feel heavy.


"Taani-" I opened my eyes when i heard his whispered, i looked around, i wasn't in car anymore, i was carried by him inside what i guess is his apartment.

"Rey, you don' have to carry me, I can walk." I said to him, feeling conscious what if he finds me too heavy. Ah! That would be so embarrassing.

"Thats fine, You are light as feather." Rey replied back and I was in awe, This man is the definition of perfection. He walked inside the bedroom and placed me on bed. 

"But Rey, Why we are here?" I asked him, staring at him. He let out a chuckled making me confuse.

"Look around, sweetheart." Rey said to me, his face was very close to mine, he was sitting right beside me on the bed. I did as he told me to do and i gasped loudly when i saw my pictures hanging on the walls of his bedroom. I looked closely and realized all photographs are from my college days.

I was sure my eyes were filled with confusion along with shock that i had receieved after seeing this. My surprised gaze met with his.

"Rey, Why you have my photographs in your room?" I asked him innocently. I got more confusion when i saw him frowning at me.

"Budhu! Still didn't understand?" Rey asked me, I nodded my head in no. 

"Because i love you, taani." I heard him saying, he leaned toward him, he brought his hand close to face and caress my cheek with his thumb. I looked into his eyes, they showed love but was it really love or I'm seeing things in my slight drunken state.

"Prove it!" I whispered back. 

"With pleasure." Rey mumbled and before i know, his lips came crashing down at mine and i grabbed back of his neck and pulled him close to me. Kissing him back almost immediately. He brought the pleasurable feel with his touch, made me go insane. 

"It was me who asked sharon to invite you today to meet us in club, it was my plan because i wanted to confess my love to you. I f**king love you, Taani shekhawat, since the day you joined our college I'm in love with you..." Rey whispered against me lips, insides of belly clenched. I squirm in his arms. His confession was overwhelming, took me to another world of bliss.

"Do you love me, Miss. Taani-Beautiful-shekhawat?" I was brought back into reality by his oh-so sinfully sexy voice. I looked up and smirked at him.

"What if i said no?" I thought to tease him little. I placed my hand on his thigh and rubbed it slightly making him groan. 

"Then i know how to make you say those 3 words, I want to hear." Rey replied before he pulled me into another rough kiss, he pushed me onto bed and laid above me. I was being crushed under his body, it aroused me more. Our lips moved against each other, in messy rough kiss. I moaned into his mouth, his hard on was rubbing against me down there. He was rubbing himself against me, making me more weaker. Cunning man! I cursed him and gripped his hair in my fist as he deepen the kiss.

"I love you, singhania." I breathed heavily as he broke the kiss and passed a victorious smirk to me. And my heart burst with happiness when he hugged me, close to his heart.

"Rey-" I started to say but he hushed me by placing his index finger on my lips. I looked at him.

"Aw, Such a innocent baby you are but no more talking.." Rey snickered, he tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear. I smiled softly at him.

"No more words, beautiful. Let me show you how much i love you. Feel my love, Taani." Rey whispered seductively. His eyes darkened in lust but still love was overpowering every other emotion. He leaned and filled the gap between us by placing his lips against mine. I smiled against his lips and kissed him back. 

This was the start of our beautiful journey together.


Just a random shot, hope you guys liked it. 

Please do leave your feedback :)

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 see such a budhhu i am...anyway after agen im 1st to comment..that i posted it blank...Partyanyway party timeBig smile
but seriously di wat an update loved it..well thatline wen taani wanted to say go get a room..reminded me of something hilarious..hah..u knw ppl..Tongue
anyways then the way they danced bon floor..u
ahem ahem..aag lag gayi paani ndaloEmbarrassed
and his so sweeet confession.. !!!!!andtaani teasing himm...well bad gal taaniTongue
and his last words...no more talking innocent babyEmbarrassed
i wish u could jst give 1 more part..pretty plshh..okay i knw i demand too much..stil...
tks for the pm
love nikitaWink
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Posted: 2015-09-11T02:53:14Z
Res TaaRey behaved as stranger at first. Rey lubs taani frm de first day.. Confession sooo cute.. TaaRey Romance Embarrassed sum up lubd it core. Thnkww for pm. Edited by Bista-anzana - 2015-09-11T09:37:04Z
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Posted: 2015-09-11T03:12:12Z
Beautiful Os both taarey love
Each other since col days rey
Plan club meeting so that he can
Confession his love to taani taarey
Kisses was superb thanks for PM
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Posted: 2015-09-11T03:12:34Z
Sweet and hot update
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Posted: 2015-09-11T03:15:45Z
superbos short a and sweet
Kriya se aur kuch excpect bhi nhi kiya jAa sakta
Love them 
Awww Rey love taani from first day I knew it when I was reading 
Loved it 
Keep writing 
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Posted: 2015-09-11T03:17:15Z
amazing os with lots of hawtness n love
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Posted: 2015-09-11T03:18:11Z
That was wonderful..Embarrassed
I loved how he loved her since college ka first day and he was her dream man aww ..Wink
Hot romance and confession!Day Dreaming
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