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Posted: 6 years ago
Who do you think will go along with II to get nivi's ears pierced? I am sure RbB will not be able to tolerate it. 
Posted: 6 years ago
Ayyyooo, so cute to read the future wala updates, such a happy feeling in the heart seeing Maanvi interacting with II, Dude and ranjan, so shy, so sweet, cute, adorable and writing poems Day Dreaming
Now i am finding it difficult to decide where to let my mind wander...present or I cant wait to read II getting pregnant in the present...more than that I want to read about the reactions of everyone...god this wait will make mad.

Nisha...I had actually asked for a baarish of updates as a treat/party on your new job...and I really got it...3 updates to read back to back...Dancing

Good II is giving it back to Ritu...still when would she have Ritu is on the did the dude hear her saying to Ritu that husband is a French national...Smile, post it's made a come back...hope Ranjan gets well soon.

Pata nahi, kyon i am missing Sam and Vandu's gossiping/interaction. 

And I really cant imagine Nandu terrorizing Maanvi...Shravu I can...just goes to show dont fall for the facade, these silent types are really mischevious/deviousWink. just like dude.

Thanks for the updates Nisha...made my day...its 2:30 am here and I am just so happy after reading Maanvi's poem.
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by taramira

Who do you think will go along with II to get nivi's ears pierced? I am sure RbB will not be able to tolerate it. 

Shru, u have gone to ear piercing...its usually done within the first we should now imagine a one year old Maanvi...

This going back and forth in time will surely make us mad...LOL

I cried along with my kids when they got their ears pierced...did it when they were 5 months old...was so scared something will go wrong...closed my eyes tightly and held my son also tightly.LOL. It really pains to see them wailing when they are so young and in pain.
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by dristi64

Ok I'm logging out.. Nisha's green no more..
Kalpana, Sudhi, Putti, Nouf, Shruti

Bye you girls... catch up tom..


I just saw some previous post where u said that nobody reads your posts? I hope that was a silly jokeErmm
You always have something new to share. You are the celebrity through whom we view celebrities! You have so many experiences to share. I love it!
Also I so dig your humour and sarcasm. Makes me feel safe and like I'm in familiar territory. Warna pata nahi kitni bar mujhe sochna padta before commenting ki sach bolun ya sensodyne laga kePinch
So no more of such thoughts.

Abhi sach mein byeBig smile


I am one of those sidey celebrities who everyone uses like a gadha. MC notes I write, credit kisi aur ko Milta hai, pressers  I arrange, hero koi aur ban jaata hai stories  main likhti hoon, byline kisi aur ki chali Jati hai. I don't know how to use connectios or network to forward myself. I can only others gyaan apne liye than than gopal. I help and do things because I enjoy doing them and it gives me a chance to observe people. In regards to being sarcastic, I am very cynical about things primarily because o the profession I have been in...isliye I would rather enjoy and have fun than dig and overly analyze things because there are so many  layers and layers and layers to what peopl do and how they do them that the fun of the moment or situation is lost. Isliye I try to keep it simple and funny at least here. 

Thanks for writign to me and reading what ever rubbish I churn out, if you smile readin my sily posts then I have done what I wished to do- make you happy - I almost sound Like Radhe  MAa now. 
Posted: 6 years ago
So so cute the future glimpse wer! Reminded me of when were all at my nanu's house in India one summer. Me, my younger brother, Nivi di, Manit, my other mama's kids, & maasi's kids too. It was a full house w/ us 9 kids. All the parents were out somewhere but they had left us kids w/ nanu & nani.

Nani took the younger kids to a neighbor's house & left us 5 older ones w/ nanu. Nanu luvs to cook but nani never lets him into the kitchen since he always makes a mess. So as soon as nani left, nanu started planning a party for us. It was raining that day I'm pretty sure bcoz we made all different kinds of pakoras. By the time nani came back we had devoured 3 batches of chai & most of the pakoras already & the kitchen was an oily sticky mess!

She was so angry with nanu! But nanu is totally chaalu! He conveniently said "main sab bachon ko market se kulfi & chocolate dilwa kar laata hoon intne mein tum pakore khaalo." There were like 5 pakoras left! LOL

Nivi di just looked @ nani's expression & realized the bomb was about to go off so she quickly whisked all of us out the door & helped nani clean the entire mess. By the time we got back home they both had made dinner too. I guess nanu had gotten some special dal that night as payback for his little harkat from the afternoon bcoz his face was literally beet red & nani was laughing as she sang "tujhko mirchi lagi to main kya karoon"  ROFL  
Posted: 6 years ago
Let's hav little Maanvi play a prank or two on her older brothers Shravu & Nandu Nisha di. After all she must have picked up a thing or two from growing up with them. Wink & she needs to be prepared before those naughty twins show up!  & I abs luv that she adores Ranjan! I think it would be so cute if she speaks w/ her amma in Tamil & w/ her appa in broken french. For good measure she should go speak to DII thatha in punjabi! That would b hilarious! ROFL 
Reading these future updates reminds me of so many childhood memories. Just this morning I was helping my mom clean out the basement & we came across some old photo albums. They wer all pics from before I was born so my mom was telling me about how she used to kidnap Nivi di on the weekends. Di was the first girl to b born in our generation. Before that my maasi & other mama only had boys. My mom just looked for moments to steal Nivi di away & babysit her for a few hours. Talking about all these things today was so hard for her I could tell & there was nothing I could even do to make her feel remotely better. Cry

Posted: 6 years ago
Garima...Thank you for sharing the snippets of these wonderful memories...its really special and i know even though it hurts,,,,,it brings a smile also, once again I am saying this, you, diva and everyone else who knew Nivi are all so lucky to have had her in your lives.
Take care dear, we miss her but she is there here always with us through Nisha's wonderful tale.
Posted: 6 years ago

Continuation of Pins and Needles

She sat on her pod swing wearing a satin striped kaftan, loose and roomy, periodically she felt the two hard mounds of heads

Sometimes while returning from Rohini after seeing Amma's bhajan mandli friends Amma and her would drive down
Chanakyapuri on Sunday evenings when Dhaula Kuan would be crowded, she hadnt driven on this street but had driven off Nyaya Marg a million times... now it was her homeEmbarrassed
A part of her slept on the master bed with her DaddyEmbarrassed

In her pink lehanga, her fat bangle clad wrist on his chest

He slept on his back when she last checked on the duo

Her oil bath braid almost untangled in sleep, but even in sleep she had her "things in order"
Amma would say Akka slept like that, not one clothing out of place, only her ankle showing
A hand under her cheek though like II...
It was past 6:30
she had woken her daughter early to go to Malai Mandir for Skanda Shashti prayers with Amma

They had to find her a new paattu teacher II's didnt do lessons for lil girls

Amma had told her Bala Mami was bringing a new teacher to the prayer this morning

She had later cooked up a storm, avial and such

The one on the right kicked hard

"Ayyo" she winced

She had another 16 weeks of this "Twins are always early be ready by 35th week" her Doc told her

The house was quiet, the guards changed duty downstairs
The Zambian Embassy had some event cars pulled up... it was twilight

She had a good long nap

Amma wanted her to go over for dinner

R&B only allowed them "one event a day" so she doubted she would be allowed to go again

Nivi spent as many waking moments as possible with her Daddy and Thatha
She needed Amma rarely

She spoke softly and slowly and walked like a feather noiselessly

She hadnt lost one earring or clasp
All her fake jewelry was neatly hung in her closet in a special jewelry box Ranjan bought for her from Hyderabad

He bought her TOO MANY THINGS

R&B chuckled or shrugged when II ranted

"Vendaam sollu da" she would beg(stop him)

"I wont" he would say kissing her

She would pull R&B's hand down , he would kneel and she would whisper in his ear "Can I go to Sam Athai's house? PLEASE?"
He would half smile when she carefully used please

"Can I play with Lasya ka I dont want to go out with u. PLEASE?"

"Can I go to Vandu Periamma's Shubhang and I were going to do finger painting" PLEASE?"

II reminisced one such evening last weekendEmbarrassed...

Shravu picked her up like a toy and twirled her, he sat her on the dining table and watched her talk

He was almost 17, headed to college in Fall

He even shaved... like Nandu, Nandu wore glasses.. Shravu was expressive like II

"Chithi ida ennoda anupungolen please?" (Send her with me to college no?)

"Sure kanna take her.. I am like a factory I am making two more" she rubbed her belly

Akka threw a towel at her "DONT TALK LIKE THAT" she warned her from buri nazar

"I will have THREE NOW" II shook her head embarrassed

"U shud have gotten ur tubes tied no?" Akka whispered sitting by her  "Its called fallopian tubes and usually the"

Akka wore glasses now, she was louder and funnier too

"SHUT UP" II ordered... as she reminisced

"Vendaam da" she begged after Nivi was born, 6 weeks later when he became frisky

"II" he warned

She had slid her arms around him in bed letting him smother her

"I am getting my tubes tied... feels like I was pregnant for a DECADE" she recalled

He chuckled

Nivi slept in the crib nearby

Ofcourse THAT never worked... he wouldnt let her get her tubes tied, he tattled to Sam and Sam went all ninja on her

And one of those "I havent seen u for a week, Paris was hell, I am not letting you leave the room, Dad can watch Nivi" madness
The twins were formed
Sex was a big part of her married life  like food...

"I am getting a hysterectomy" II hissed

Akka rolled on the couch...

"I cant seem to stop... who would have thought I will have twins ka?" II groaned
"I HOPE ITS BOYS" Akka whispered

"I hope its GIRLS" II graoned

"Nee Shravu Shatabdi paduthina padukku IT HAS TO BE BOYS" (the way uve tortured my boys u deserve it)

"WHERE IS SHATABDI?" she asked

"He is a Sachin, hes downstairs playing cricket, paavam this one has board exams, " Akka laughed

He stormed through the door, threw his  taller than he was cricket bat

"CHITHIII" he jumped on her

II shielded her unborn lil ones and hugged him

"ARE THEY COMING OUT?" ROFLhe asked looking at her mound curiously

"Umm no not for 16 weeks" she smiled

"Will they have clothes on?" he askedLOL

"AND will be riding a bike" Poda!!" Shravu dismissed him, now that he knew about the birds and the beesEmbarrassedWink

Shravu carried Nivi in his arms, she wore denim shorts and a pink frilly shirt

He had given her his old TI scientific calculator

she showed II the new shiny thing  "amma Nandu na has the same" she said in awe

"Onakku vendama da?" (dont u need it?) II enquired

"I have 4 chithi." he spoke in a deep manly voice "U give her something it will remain the same" he looked at his
 lil female cousin in awe, as she held the calculator like a precious flower

"Polama?" II asked her daughter

"Ask him to come no" Akka begged

"He just returned from Mumbai he was refusing to let me go or her go"II blushed

Akka nodded sadly
"If he is home he wants us to be hovering like drones... Dad's teh same way whenever he is back from Spectrum" II said softly... content

THATS MY CALCULATOR" Shatabdi yelled, snatching it from Nivi

Nivi cried softly... he wrestled her and garbbed the USB cable too

Shravu fought him... II grabbed Nivi and nestled her in her bosom and quietned her  
"Shhh shhh We will ask Nandu na for his old one" she whispered

"I want it amma... PLEASE" Nivi begged looking up at II with eyes bigger than her own

"Paavam da Shatabdi wants one too u know" II pacified her daughter. Nivi was uncontrollable

Akka stod up to tackle her boys...

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