**Happy Birthday ** Mahima Makwana!!!** Our Dimple Dovey!!!**

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Posted: 8 years ago

                          Here is a VM highlighting all the milestones our doll has scored!


Hats off to your achievement and we know you are yet to achieve much, much more! Thank you for being just you, simple yet bold, confident yet humble. WE ALWAYS LOVE YOU!


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Posted: 8 years ago

What to say about Mahi?  Words don't seem to do enough justice to her. 

To start off with, when she comes onscreen it becomes difficult to take eyes off her. She slips into the skin of her character and emotes so convincingly that we forget she's just acting. She is blessed with a pleasant demeanor and the ability to connect with the viewers effortlessly. 

She's got eyes which speak thousand words even in deep silence and a voice which would surely melt your heart. We are not exaggerating when we say that give her any character, any situation and she would nail it completely. Mahi has already showcase a vast range of emotions and proved her versatility by portraying characters startlingly different from each other.  Yet, she is always keen to improve and learn every day. She loves taking up challenges as an actor and even manages to ace them all with hundred percent dedication.

She has charmed her way into the hearts of people. She is an enigma in her own right with a magnetic aura around her. The reason why she is loved by many is the fact that she always stands out in a crowd. She comes across as a simple, humble and sensible person, someone we all can relate to. At the same time, she also has a fun, bubbly and mischievous side to her which makes her all the more lovable.

Happy Birthday Doll !!!

1. Loves to dance and participated a lot in dance competitions in school
2. Earned her first salary at the age of 9
3. Speaks four languages, include 'Hindi' 'Marathi' 'English' 'Konkani'
4. She terrified of exams yet she scored brilliantly in her SSC
5. Her favourite dish is Pani Puri
6. Nicknames include 'Mahi', 'Mahi Doll' 'Dimple' 'Chaana'
7. Her favorite past-time is go for long drives, and having coffee with her friends
8. Crazy about chocolates
9. Being a big time foodie, her current favorite cuisine is Indian
10. Loves watching movies; her favorite actors are Aamir Khan and Madhuri Dixit
11. Loves to watch movies & her all time favourite movie is Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
12. Loves to travel and wants to see the world
13. Family and loved ones are her strength
14. If not an actor, she wants to become a Doctor
15. Uses Twitter and Instagram the most to get connected with audience quickly.
16. She loves reading her fan's reviews



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Posted: 8 years ago


Words are not enough to express how happy I am that you are celebrating another year of your life. My wish for you on your birthday is that you continue to love life and never stop dreaming. May beauty and happiness surround you. Not only on this special day but forever. Keep that smile wide on your face and never stop smiling. Happy sweet sixteenth Birthday Mahidoll!

So here it is a delighted scene Our Mahidoll sweet sixteen A little girl inside u is still seen Even though u hav becom sixteen Although I may b far away I'm sendin out my special wishes on ur day Happy bday n may god bless u our screen star Becaz u hav fans that want to c u go far Happy Birthday Mahima Makwana aka Mahidoll

Dear Mahima, Here your birthday has come and we are here to wishing for you a happy, happy birthday.I like to wish you for your birthday.Healthy, Happiness, Joy and success in every thing you do.May you always stay happy in your life with you brother and your lovely mother.May Your Birthday be the most special day ever. With lots of Love. Nurit Zur from Israel.

May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.

Words alone are not enough to express how happy I am you are celebrating another year of your life! My wish for you on your special SWEET 16 birthday is that you are, and will always be, happy and healthy! grin emoticon Happy birthday to a wonderful girl. You have become a fine young woman and a person I am proud to know,,,,,,,,,I don't think there are many sweet 16-year-old girls like you. I'm even willing to wager that there aren't many as special or beautiful as you, darling. May your life be as sweet as your 16th birthday! God bless U always,

A perfect gift for u! Absolutely no cost, no batteries required, Non-taxable, silent performance, Extremely personal, fully returnable It's a SMILE from me to u on your Birthday! Happy Birthday!! I love u mahima

Happy Birthday Princess Mahima May you have many many more to come and all the happiness u deserve And may god bless u with all your heart desires From your Die hard fan Pooja Usha Nanan.

Happy Happy Birthday Sweet Girl. May Your Day Be Filled With Love Love Love and Your Heart Oh...!! May it smile endlessly over the sweetness of your oh so special day...

Happy Birthday Mahima Makwana...

Happy BIRTHDAY Mahi!!! We Love You! You Are So Pure And Other Worldly. A Real Cinderella, Far Beyond compare with such Capitivating, Soft Compassiate Dark Liqured Eyes, mimicking your Silky hair, Dramatic and Tear-shaped like a fawn's. You are A Graceful Angel, Truly a Gift from The Creator Too the world.. May you have a Wonderful and Peaceful Birthday surround by your Loved ones! We (your Fans From around the world) Support You And send are Best and Happiest Wishes Too You!! Happy Birthday Once again.

                                                                 This is what i feel about you

I wish you on this special Day

may you experience joy
 may you experience love
 may all your dreams come true
 may all your desires be filled

Happy birthday, to a beautiful soul
Happy birthday, to a wonderful you
Happy birthday, to a gentle soul
Happy birthday, to a great you
Happy happy birthday to a once in a lifetime kind of person

Happy birthday to you

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Posted: 8 years ago
excellent writeups and lovely creations of our mahi doll ..

Loved 16 facts about Mahi and the creations of Pari, Kim and Faazila..  

As u have all said, words arent just enough  to tell about this young talented pretty girl..   wishing our dimple dovey mahi doll a very very happy birthday.  May God bless you reach greater heights and achieve whatever you aspire.  

Vasumathi Lakshminarayanan

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Posted: 8 years ago
Wonderfully done by our lovely Pari D'Souza, hats off dear n yes our Mahidoll has turned 16 yayyy 👏, she deserves everything she wishes for. We Mahiholics love her n wish her all the best, Happy Birthday to u our doll, God bless u always ❤️ Loads of love from ur big fan Kimberly Yash Edited by kimberly_yash - 8 years ago
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Posted: 8 years ago
wonderful n superb thread barbie pari! hats off!! U did a wonderful job n i want to wish our wonderful doll Mahima Makwana a happy sweet sixteenth birthday!! May u hav all u desire for and may god shower his love upon u. U deserve d best becaz u r d best! Hav a blast n enjoy ur birthday.. With lots of love from ur big fan Faazila Baksh❤️
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Posted: 8 years ago
Many more happy returns of the day Mahima... May you have a Wonderful and Peaceful Birthday surround by your loved ones. 
and pari you have done a great job. really. specially the vm is excellent. loved it..
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Posted: 8 years ago
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAHIMA😊Edited by mono2015 - 8 years ago
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Posted: 8 years ago
Amazing work Pari. I really love it. 😉
Wish Mahima the best Birthday ever. We all love you Mahi doll 🤗
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Posted: 8 years ago
Happy Birthday Mahi Doll.