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Posted: 6 years ago

Please Bala please don't behave like that.. So much of jealousy?

I don't like to hate you.Angry


The cracks are opening up.. Good that Appa was not there to put the ghee in to flames..


Please II mind your business.. I beg you to set the priorities in right place..

Dude is getting all the negative vibes from Iyers especially from Bala..

I think she is going to cry in car.. Dude please take care of  her da..


Our possessive Dude is always to treat to watch.. II you are so lucky to get a husband like him and off course he is also lucky..

Cutest couple on the earth..Smile


Posted: 6 years ago
Superfast train has non stop food service...the envy being well nourished...isolation of II  almost complete and her acceptance that she is a Punjabi nailed it ...even though the prenup says she'll remain II, though Amma claims Ishitha as her's ...though Bala pretends to be cordial to II, the Dude sees the difference which her own sis and amma fail to notice...II admitting what she'd do if theirs was a Baldie...super cute 
Posted: 6 years ago
Grant the wish R&B.
Bass woh baldy nahi hamari Nivi hogi.
Posted: 6 years ago
Dude also relieved at missing maamanar...Mamiyar to his defense was cute...Bala's jealousy and spewing like him...
I love II and the Dude
Posted: 6 years ago
I like this return on investment. Rich dividends expected.

It will make II a complete Bhalla and warm MM with greater love. II's true bidaai starts now.

But sad that she has to be hurt to see the real.

Does the dude sense her hurt? It looks like he does.
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by PriteeMisra

Grant the wish R&B.
Bass woh baldy nahi hamari Nivi hogi.
Gal with curly hairTongue
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by PriteeMisra

Grant the wish R&B.
Bass woh baldy nahi hamari Nivi hogi.
Double postAngry
Edited by putti77 - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
thanks to the amazing network on the phone...the first half of the day went in trying to open the page


Color Orange and The anguish of returns
when II and Bala have an issue 
II is the first one to extend the peace symbol...and bala is a little like "when reality hits me..and i see what my actions extend the olive branch"

(i maybe a little off with the review on colour orange it in the morning...thanks to Putti who helped me with it Smile)

so bala's is unable to contain his issues and insecurities...and its quite noticeable

and II is like...shit i screwed up...and all afraid and reserved.

and dude is able to see things through...bala's issues and his ways of covering it up

WE HUMAN'S ARE COMPLEX...AND EVERYDAY WE COMPLICATE IT FURTHER MORE like we cant live without complexity..if everyday is not a war logon ko maza nahi ata...and this is what i noted today while discussing something important with somebody important Tongue

and i can apply it to the updates

1. bala takes every little sentence to twist it so that he can spit his outlet of his issues that can go unnoticed but still be expressed

2.II takes every situation and puts herself in a tough spot as she thinks through it...over active mind

3.Dude notices everything analyses everything and does not respond to it...good trait...but how long can u hold anything negative within u???
wont it blow up someday??

points i loved

1. dude's ability to take everything positively and ignore anything that might be negative...past few updates ive noticed he never took the things that could get him pissed into amma's comment about manya or manya's comment II belonging to MM etc.

2.II's Jaap for dude
like during shravu and IPAD issue...whenever disaster strikes...dude is II's cafe and hideout
and she doesn't realize how expressive she gets and how coordinated they behave and how happy that makes dude.

3. II is actually behaving like she is punjabi she belongs to the bhallas more than iyers..:P
for now i love it..:p 

wohhh net that doesnt let me post...this is the third try...plzzz get posted LOL

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