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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by putti77

I don't think our Dude will act ignorant if he comes to know about Manny's antics.. It just that Manny is not exposed infront of him..
When he has not spared Nandu for his mistake, Manny kya cheez hai?
His justice will be fair..
putti I think Manny isn't playing games that dude will punish her
She is just rude in the way she talks
Due to the pressure of her problems 

Dude will be pissed I such negativity towards his wife
But at the end of the day he understands

Manny is trying isn't she??

Chalo guys have a great day/night 
 A few more days of this in and out scenario
Posted: 6 years ago
Something funny i find my posts are going missing
Posted: 6 years ago
appa nahi to Appa Jr hi sahi RB ko heartburn dene ke liye. 
Fell so in love with Rb all over again.. bloody hell knows where and what to say, understand everything but doesn't add fuel to the fire... 
and to amma i can say with confidence your beti is in good hands, dont fear!  

Posted: 6 years ago
Watching "Letters To Juliet" in Romedy Now Smile
6th time?
Posted: 6 years ago
Disclaimer - I dont want to tax anybody. I am not preaching. This is strictly my opinion.  
I might be rude. But trust me. I am unable to get over a few things on sosy. 
Am sorry to be digging out the buried. ( I will be blamed later. Hence apologising) 
MAANVI is gone. She is loved,  missed, and will always be with us through her posts. 
The author's ode to her is using her name for the leads' first born. THATS IT. 

I sincerely request you guys to not think beyond this. I am sure Nisha is not going to incorporate Maanvi for real in the tale. We will simply use her name. 
I was reading a few posts and I felt we are invoking her name for no reason. I agree she is loved and misse. But guys,  we must let go. We cant stop people who have moved on and pull them back to our grief saying no... Sit with me.. Cause I havent stopped thinking about it. 
I grieve her each day. I know she is an important part. We are only hurting ourselves more by invoking her in every post that describes II's kids. I am sorry to say this. But I am not liking it. FORGIVE ME. 
I might slowly lose interest in the tale and be gone. MY CHOICE I know. 
But the association I have here... It will always be a void. 
I dont want any bitter feelings after this post. 
All I am saying is lets not be invoking her too much and lets just let go. Its painful. We are still coping. Bit how is it going to help us in any way better?? 

Posted: 6 years ago
couldnt leave without acknowledging all the amazing reviews
Originally posted by taramira

appa nahi to Appa Jr hi sahi RB ko heartburn dene ke liye. 
Fell so in love with Rb all over again.. bloody hell knows where and what to say, understand everything but doesn't add fuel to the fire... 
and to amma i can say with confidence your beti is in good hands, dont fear!  
agree with every word EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Originally posted by dristi64

This is as real as it gets.
II has been lost in transition for a while now. It's time to accept the fact that the transition has happened. 
Her heart has acceptable it that she's a part of MM now, no matter how much the mind contradicts.
Maayka will always remain the first home, but like all the married women she is realizing that she has to let go..
After all, Amma or Akka has been daughters, too. But their priorities speak volumes of where they feel they actually belong now.

R&B is a shrewd observer. Love his ability to take things in his stride without batting an eyelid. Bala's envy was so apparent today. He really needs to take a break and mull over things. If II is expected to learn from the Ipad fiasco, then so is he. 

Awaiting BUTTER ki entryHug
Originally posted by Ashu25

II will now atleast draw her lines straight. She will know where she has to stop. Where something must end. Where she must be. 
I am glad she is now accepting and warming herself upto the Bhalla clan. 
She needs it. 
Am also glad her husband was around her to save the day. He clearly noticed each and evedy uncomfortable squirm the family took and every snide remark that the SIL uttered. The great observational skills are of what use... Am really glad. He will comfort her now. I am sure about it. 
II will go visit BUTTER now!!!!! 

Shiny ball is sooo cuteee.. Paavam he is crushed like this on day 5 only... I so want to see him !!!
Originally posted by moonwearer

Superfast train has non stop food service...the envy being well nourished...isolation of II  almost complete and her acceptance that she is a Punjabi nailed it ...even though the prenup says she'll remain II, though Amma claims Ishitha as her's ...though Bala pretends to be cordial to II, the Dude sees the difference which her own sis and amma fail to notice...II admitting what she'd do if theirs was a Baldie...super cute 
Originally posted by EnVee

I like this return on investment. Rich dividends expected. 

It will make II a complete Bhalla and warm MM with greater love. II's true bidaai starts now. 

But sad that she has to be hurt to see the real. 

Does the dude sense her hurt? It looks like he does. 
agree with every word EmbarrassedBig smileBig smile

Posted: 6 years ago
Thank you for the acknowledgementEmbarrassed


I second that. No hard feelings any oneHug

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