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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Seriousreader

Murungai is drum stick..yesssSmile
Nugge kai

And Jacques clouseau strikes againROFL
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by moonwearer

Originally posted by Seriousreader

I'll check this with my neighbour ...shes an IyerSmile

I went out:) Seriously goners  we are
My neighbour suspected my it has been confirmedLOL
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by dristi64

Originally posted by Seriousreader

Murungai is drum stick..yesssSmile
Nugge kai

And Jacques clouseau strikes againROFL
Posted: 6 years ago
SR you are another cutie. 
Thanks SR, Dristi.

SVM Clap
Posted: 6 years ago
Color Orange

Amma brought the snack and milkshake, it was ORANGE, II used a bunch of mangoes, like she always did

Akka could immediately spot it  "Vaal pannitha milk shake?" she asked sighing, licking her lips
(Did she make it?) Amma smiled taking the tall beer mug farrr away from Akka

"amma ONE SIP MA" Akka begged

"Podi... u have a 5 day old baby"amma said sternly

"Its not even raining today, its so muggy and hot lease ma" Akka begged

Amma laughed heartily

"ONE SIP THAT IS IT, be happy Janaki Athai, ur in laws and your Kamakshi Athai are not here" Amma warned

Akka quickly gulped HALF THE GLASS DOWN

"VANDU enna di"

Vandu giggled like a teenager, licking her moustache

II would have loved to be part of the interaction, she was a riot when doing mischief

"SO YUMMY  she makes it"

Bala grunted, siing slowly, Amma turned to leave


"When we go there we will worry about it" Amma said

"Ishita when she has hers she will have everything in Paris" Akka sighed

Bala stared at his wife impassively

Amma waited for Bala to react, none came

"She will eat and drink everything she is a maha vaal (very naughty)" Akka continued

Amma left quietly, a lil unsettled

Her daughter talked sitting by Periappa now, she waved to her, as she animatedly explained the Chef's snack night..

"No he said sage was a good choice" she laughed
Amma brought more milkshake

 Bala went quiet...

amma gave him the glass and walked out

"Engey ma adu?" Akka asked

"she is talking to Samyukta" Amma said

She shut the half door and left

"See Vandu either we take what we have and have no reserve money or I do a PF, PF is interest free, and paid back in a year" he explained

Akka became serious

"Car repair panna kuduthachu(I gave my car for repair)  Shravu chemistry camp during Navaratri vacation, we can pay for that, and then Appa's paperwork fee for the house"

Akka was unahppy

"PF LOAN edukku Bala"

"I knew u wont like it kanna... its the best... u know, we have some in FDs... 6 month rolling FDs.. we can break and pay it off if u get too nervous"

"Why dont u sell some of those JK Synthetic and Birla Cement shares da?" Akka pleaded

"Both earnings are expected to exceed analyst expectations raja" he was troubled

"We dont have Rs.5 million no, we only have Rs.50,000 or Rs.30,000" Akka scoffed

"Naa enna R&B ya? to have 100 crores?" Athim spontaneously snapped back (I am not R&B)

Akka froze...

Athim got up and walked to the window

Akka quit nursing and handed set the baby down

"What did he ever do to you Bala?" she asked horrified

"Nothing" he muttered.. staring out the window, not noticing the Ferrari park under the tree


Amma was getting ready to serve lunch, pulao raita, Akka had her food

amma waved to II in the balcony, vaa di saapda

she saw her husband and smiled... she ran to open the door

"what a surprise?' Amma was shocked, she checked her old cotton saree, pulling her pallu fully over her shoulder

"Main rakhoon, Brad Pitt aaya hai"

"Kyon Beckham ko chhod diya?" Sam asked

"No I had my fill of him" she chuckled

"AAO GHAR PAR, meri beti bula rahi hai. Bad girl" Sam scolded

She hung up and smiled at him

"did u need a ride home?" he asked

"HOW do u know?" she asked

"Umm... three cars are still parked" he muttered softly

"Oh?" "aama ille?" (IKR)

He wore navy cargos and a orange shirt

"It wasnt even ironed" she complained

"i didnt it on my own" he tapped her head gently

amma busied making more mango shake

II knew he would have a beer but not mango shake

"Want to see Periappa?" she asked eagerly

"Not Shatabdi?" he asked smiling, not suspecting anything

But saw her face fall

"Umm ya, Athim just returned from work, must be sleeping?" she mumbled

When they visited Periappa and stepped out Bala  came out opening the half door Akka was laying down facing the windows

"Hey Dude, kab aaya?" he smiled and shook hands

"A minute ago"

Bala looked enquiringly

"Give her a ride home" he said

"Oh nice" Bala smiled at II

"Kudichela?" (did u drink?) she asked softly

"Yes kanna, ur akka stole half of it" he laughed

"Really?" Ii was pleased things were back to normal... or so she thought

II went and picked up a sleeping baldie

"Vaa dee... kutti ponney (lil girl) Akka muttered, half asleep

She heard R&B outside the door and pulled her blanket over, covering herself

"SOLLA MATEYA?" (wont u say?)

II laughed
walking away with baldie as Akka scrambled to wear her clothes properly cursing II

"We have rey employee legal services, its like 10% of a private lawyer" Bala said proudly

"Good" R&B nodded

"But thanks for offering to take care of it dude" Bala thanked

(He had done the paperwork thru the bank lawyers, not R&B's)

"Isne jo shake banaya it was the color of ur shirt" Akka squealed

R&B half smiled

"HAR CHEEZ ZYAADA karegi, kam nahi hota is se" Akka gushed proudly

amma handed him his pale orange shake

He hesitantly accepted it

"Tumhe nahi peena hai to mujhe de do" Akka informed him

"VANDITA" amma scolded

"U shud have some then" R&B said

"No dude its not good for her" Bala said

R&B looked at him oddly

"I dont want urs, only the one ur biwi makes" Akka grumbled

"I can make" II signalled with her hand waving at Amma

"I will just keep her" Akka gushed

"Yayyy" II crushed the baldie

R&B grunted... disagreeing

Ii sat down by R&B, R&B felt the nose tip.. of the lil baldie

He twitched

"Hes SOOO CUTE I just want to eat him up"

"U shud," her husband said

Bala nodded..

Posted: 6 years ago
Kanna (no pun intendedLOL) kuch nahi hua. Ppl are just feeling a sense of loss after Nivi. Some days we are rallying, the other days we are just down. It's all about some time and space I believe.Hug
Posted: 6 years ago
Oh God.bala is being jealous ???
Posted: 6 years ago
Finally Vandita knows. It's out in the open that Bala feels threatened or is at least jealous of what R&B can provide and he cannot. I hope there was more to their conversation and we'll get to see it???
II is too naive if she believes that things can go back to normal so easily. The issue is taking deep roots in Bala with each passing day. And it's a fact that men and women view situations differently. I'm not sure how far Vandita's words will be able to erase Bala's insecurities, if they sit down to have that talk.

R&B just wants II all to himselfBlushing
Didn't see Appa. Missing LasyaHug

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