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Posted: 8 years ago

The heavy velvet drape falls, and lo appear Croczy and Bunny!

Bunny: Ladies and Gentlemen! We are here on a very special occasion. A cordial welcome to all of you! πŸ€—

Croczy:  A very important moment has come. Indeed a landmark in the history! πŸ˜³

Bunny: We give you word that you'll enjoy here! πŸ˜ƒ

Croczy: So, hold your breath and...

Just then the light starts flickering

Bunny: Mamma Mia! What's happening? πŸ˜²?

Croczy: Incandescent bulbs produce light with wire filament which is heated to high temperature. It's further protected with quartz bulb that's filled with inert gas and...

Bunny: Hey reptilian version of Thomas Edison! No details needed. πŸ€”

Croczy: Lemme call an electrician

A slight infrequent flash and then light goes off...

Croczy: Oh boy !

Bunny: Ahhh! Someone just squeezed my tail! πŸ€’

Hahahahahahahahahaha (A maniacal laugh)

Bunny: Never would have guessed.

Biryani and Padma emerge.

Biryani: Why so serious?

Croczy: That little thing which is inserted in the socket that produces light by...

Bunny: MAGRUDAS! πŸ˜‘

Croczy: Whatever! In short, no light.

Padma: No problem. There you go. πŸ˜‰

And then in less than no time, the hall was lit by brilliance.

Bunny: Wow! Beautiful! 

Kongming lanterns were everywhere in the air.

Croczy: That hot air balloon is basically made of paper with...

Padma: What's your major? Bio or Physics?

Croczy: Purvics. πŸ˜Ž

Biryani: So, how was our surprise?

Croczy: It's out of this world! πŸ‘

Padma: Didi will like it na?

Bunny: Like? She'll love it! 

Biryani: After all! It was my idea. 

Padma: What? I bought those lanterns! πŸ˜²

Biryani: And I suspended fire in them!

Padma: I turned off lights!

Biryani: And I squeezed this weird tail!

Bunny: Get me spoon. I'll finish this plate today. πŸ˜‘

Croczy: Stop it guys! πŸ˜•


Padma: What's that?

Croczy: My alarm!! 

Everyone looks at Croczy with a queer expression.

Croczy: It's the notifier. The much awaited time has come!

Padma: So what are we waiting for?

Croczy: Countdown begins!

Biryani: Lights... camera... action!! πŸ˜Ž

Bunny: ^ Born idiot. πŸ˜΅

Padma: Hold your breath!

1..2..3..4..5 and the blast!!! πŸ₯³

And the Earth verily heard throbs of Purvians' heart! β€οΈ

For it is a special day. Very, very special indeed. The day the world was blessed with a priceless gem who enriched our lives beyond measure. Who stood as a symbol of girl power and the glory of women, and a pure lamp of light even in the darkest ages of C.I.D. And to her, we hereby dedicate this thread and our humble token of love and appreciation. Happy Birthday, Ansha Sayed didi!


Ansha Sayed was born in Mumbai. After completing her graduation with BCom, she grew interested in Mass Media and accounts, but was approached for acting. She mentions that she was never keen on acting or doing television, but it was in her destiny and gradually things worked out. She did a few episodes in Aahat, then Laagi Tujhse Lagan and a few other shows before appearing in her most well-known role as Inspector Purvi in CID, for which she won stupendous praise and recognition.

Ansha is inclined towards Indian culture and loves wearing saree, is very fond of gym, adventure and loves to spend her free time with her family. In short time, she captured the imagination of all and sundry, with her fantastic performances and stunts in CID. Ansha is an energetic girl who loves driving cars and has a penchant for reading novels and listening to music, and is a self confessed spiritual person.

Quotes from interviews:

"Purvi is a subtle girl who does her bit on the field. She is also very calm and tries to understand the situation before coming out with her opinion."

"It makes me proud just by thinking that I represent females in the CID team. For one, it is quite a challenge every day when you meet all types of people and do different types of scenes. Unlike other daily shows for which you shoot indoors with the comfort of AC, we are always on the run outdoors on the roads, in malls etc."

"I know how to run but Purvi taught me to sprint and how to slap. I discuss a lot with my co-actors and get to learn a lot from all of them. Purvi has given me a new family."

"The people on the sets of CID are so humble despite being part of the longest running show which holds a record in the record books. I am so proud and honored to be a part of the show. Being a part of this show is just like I am getting an award every day."

"I share a great bond with everyone on the sets like ACP sir, Abhijeet sir and I have a lot of respect for them. Daya sir is like a friend and I share a very special bond with Tarika, as she is just like me on the sets. She is bindaas and sweet. Hrishikesh Pandey and Shreya are very good co-actors to work with."

"I want to be Purvi. It is like an achievement to be part of CID, and when I joined CID I had that in my mind that I will be doing CID for a very long time. And I said that at the time when I joined it, so you can imagine how much I love CID and Purvi."

A TV show you can't miss: "CID, not because that I'm doing CID, but when I was kid, I used to come home from school and watch CID and Hum Paanch."

"My father was strict and protective towards me. He never used to allow me to go out and play after 5-6 o'clock in the evening. I miss playing a lot. I feel that I am still like a kid because I still do all the mastis that a kid does."

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It's interesting to know that even before joining as her well-known role as Inspector Purvi, Ansha Sayed had been associated with C.I.D for long. Apart from featuring in some episodes of Aahat (a show also owned by FireWorks Productions) in 2005, she featured in at least four older C.I.D episodes as a supporting character. Her first appearance in C.I.D dates back to 2006, in the episode Case of the Double Identity, where she plays the role of a supposed victim's fiance named Chanda. It's revealed that this man Raghu was living under the alias of another married man named Vishal, and Chanda assists the CID in the investigation as they try to find out his motives. 

Perhaps the most well known among these early roles is the character of Khushi she played in the popular episode, Case of the Bomb Robbery (February 2007). When the C.I.D team arrives to investigate murder attempts on two ladies Sunidhi and Antara, as well as a lethal bomb placed in a public park, Khushi is seen as an assistant in their office apparently trying to help them. Later, the team learns about another bomb having been stolen from a laboratory and placed at a party venue being attended by the ladies, and discover Khushi's involvement in the same. After being cornered, Khushi confesses that her motive behind these deeds was revenge against the ladies, who had killed her mother and devastated her family. Considering her goal as good as met, she then consumes poison. As she dies in ACP sir's arms, she discloses the location of the bomb. Despite a close call, the duo manages to dispose of the bomb in time and the team has a touching reunion in the hospital. ACP sir resolves to deliver justice and punish the ladies who killed Khushi's mother and forced her to become a criminal. 

Ansha di was seen soon after in another episode titled 7 Days To Die (May 2007) as Pallavi, the daughter of a wealthy lady named Mandira who bequeathed all her property to her stepson Rakesh, earning the anger of her daughters and brother. Pallavi and her sisters express their displeasure at this and think of doing something before it's too late. When Mandira is apparently shot to death during lunch that very day, and a gun is found in the house, the CID team suspects Pallavi and all the other members of the house for the murder, though it's soon revealed that Mandira was, in fact, an unintentional victim of a completely different incident. 

Her last appearance before joining as Inspector Purvi was as Pamela in the episode The Gift (2008), the second wife of one businessman named Rohan. Initially she finds small bones inside a birthday cake and is also affected along with Rohan's family when someone poisons water in the house. After the CID team investigates, with the help of X-ray reconstruction they manage to find out that Pamela was a matron in an orphanage which was burned down by Rohan so that he could build a factory upon that land, and was seriously burned in the incident. Later, she opted for plastic surgery and decided to kill him and the factory manager for murdering the innocent children in the orphanage. The team manages to stop her in time and although they relate to her motive, they have no choice but to arrest her for going against the law.

Transformation of Purvi from quiet to an embodiment of women power

"I am not shy; I just don't want to talk when I have nothing meaningful to say". This quotation meticulously gives rundown of Purvi's character in one line. While our male cops will always try to grab prestige with over the top action, their female counterparts are just as tough, and equally efficacious at making arrests and endeavoring goals. To be precise, it's Inspector Purvi who spearheads investigation with exemplary grit and commendable fortitude. 

Despite women being in law enforcement for over 17 years, they still face harassment. They face "brass- ceiling" meaning they are not able to move up in rank and can only go as far as the imposing ceiling will allow. Needs of cadets and recruits were never fulfilled by the department. It seemed like as Inspector Purvi would also be pigeon holed either as mannequin or simply a clerical assistance who is asked to, "Sit there, don't move, hand over the file, match the data", but she indeed evinced that her energy is nothing short of our veterans. And today she is asked to, "Catch that criminal, have your own way! We trust you". Quite an upswing in level! 

Fall seven times, stand up eight and she knew how to do it. The transition was not a duck soup. It took loadsa verve and her brio helped her in developing into stalwart cop. Courage was never the absence of fear inside her but the mastery of it. If we look back to the earlier episodes then we descry a girl, pretty much bashful and quiet. For example, CID Mein Gadaar in which we perceived her as soft hearted and poignant. But that was a prelude to her journey in CID. As courage isn't having strength to go on - it is going on when you don't have strength. Coming towards Kissa Ravan Dehan Ka where she was abducted and gagged while Daya sir came to her aid. It was 8th October '11 when they limned her as one needing help but by gradatim it evolved into being coy and ultimately into a sharp cop, a perfect apotheosis of women power. And then came 21 March'14 where the same diffident girl, once rescued by her senior, now disseminated her nerves by extricating her senior, hedged in a mechanical cellar in the episode Diamond Robbery. It took hard work, indeed lock stock and barrel that finally gave rise to competence. Competence that a girl hardly conceives of doing, but she corroborated to the notion that women are not weak and should never be restricted to some files. 

CID's team spirit has always been inviolable. And if we delve into full panoply of Inspector Purvi's journey in CID, then we can opine she is one of the most quintessential tough cop we have ever seen in the show. Floating onto the episode, Box Mein Hatya where she extricated a girl from bullyboys. This was a another slant on her personality that further described how, "You can break a women temporarily but the real women will always pick up the pieces, rebuild herself and come back stronger than ever". She tells how necessary is to nurture feminine energy in the world. The way she defies lout in the same episode was incredible. 

This is called evolution. She emerged from a reticent lady to a fluent speaker. Not to mention, CID Ki Kidnapping, her intonation and pitch of voice sent the kidnappers in a blue funk. And how can we forget these dialogues: 

"CID ne na kabhi kisi mujrim keh aagay ghutnay taikay hain aur na he kabhi taikay gi"

"Kisi bhi anjaam se nider ho keh guzarne ka sahas hai mujh main"

"Maar dalo mujhey magar baki kisi offficer ko kuch nhe hona chahye" 

Episodes success was her competent of prowess. And then its her savoir faire from Maut Ka Telephone that further added to her agency of saving girl child. In all these episodes, the way she raised to her feet, I laud her as a great actress whose energy is now no less then veterans.

(reserved for bonding)

Inspector Purvi is a very loyal officer of CID. ACP sir is a fatherly figure for Purvi and he has always shown care, trust and love for Purvi. In CID Mein Gaddar, ACP sir guides Purvi saying, "Zindagi humein jo deti hai wo apnana chahiye". It was a beautiful portrayal of their father-daughter relationship.
In CID Ki Kidnapping, when Purvi selflessly tries to save her team from being harmed, ACP sir says to her, "Hum CID waalon ko kuch nahi hota, aur na hi hum tumhe kuch hone denge."
In Lift Mein Anhoni, ACP sir along with all the other teammates shows utmost trust in their dear officer Purvi and takes her side when she is accused of murdering a man; later she is proved innocent and team welcomes her whole heartedly.
In Khaufnak Haveli, as Purvi is thrown down by a lady criminal, ACP sir gives her a helping hand and encourages her.
In Sabooton Ka Rahasya, ACP sir showed trust in Purvi's positive spirit and hard work, and asks her to handcuff the lady and as the lady tries to escape, Purvi proves herself worthy of ACP sir's trust by giving a tough fight to the criminal lady and thereby catching her.
Purvi proves to her most caring and fatherly senior ACP sir that his choice is undoubtedly right in choosing her ahead of any other cop.
Purvi's bonding with ACP sir and each and every member of team is really appreciable and no wonder, Purvi has become an inseparable part of the CID family.

There is something about building up a comradeship - that I still believe is greatest of all feats - and sharing in the dangers with your company of peers, it's the intense effort and pleasant sensation. Her bonding with Daya sir is always been that inviolable. Bonding not only means rubbing shoulder jocularly but understanding each other quite well. Lets us start with, Kissa Ravan Dehan Ka where she was tied inside the Ravana effigy and Daya sir comes to save her. They are given a daring stunt where they sprang out to safety just before the effigy blazes. Purvi leading the search with him including a thrilling bike ride in Satara Mein Khoon, is another highlight. And then it's the episode, Lift Mein Anhoni where the DCP questioned her propriety and he along with Abhijeet sir and ACP sir takes up cudgels for her. He even raised his voice in front of the DCP and showed a great deal of esteem he processed for his female comrades. Later in the episode, Bhootiya Boat when Daya sir was admitted in the hospital, her care and concern purely spoke volumes and won million hearts. And then there's the wonderful CID In Train where Purvi quietly updated about Abhijeet sir's injury out of concern for both of them. They back each other up during daring fight sequences in the train, and then investigate together until the climax where, under his subtle eye signal, she bravely acts on time to pull down Ameesha so that he's able to shoot and disarm her father.

Equally wonderful and loved is her camaraderie with Abhijeet sir. Not only is he the first CID officer we se interacting with in her debut episode Kissa Pagal Aashiq Ka, but ever since they share a smooth, respectful and coordinated bond during investigations and light moments alike. Although (thankfully) absent from  hurtful scenes of him being accused in some episodes, her helpful accompaniment of him in almost all investigative scenes in the same clearly show her support towards him. Then there's the classic scene of her saving him single handedly in Diamond Robbery, him returning the favour in Jadoo Punarjanam Ka, her selfless concern for him in CID In Train and many more. Truly a bond to cherish forever.

Her understanding with Freddy sir, Dr. Salunkhe and Sachin sir and others is remarkable as well. She's one of the few juniors to always respect Freddy sir, care for his wellbeing as seen in her rushing to his aid during gunfights and consoling him during the emotional hospital scene in Abhijeet Ka Intequaam. Salunkhe sir was one of the first to say that she would go on to become a wonderful CID officer. And his words came true, and how!

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Let us now take a look at the nuanced and varied disguises portrayed in CID until now by Ansha di.

It all cropped up as a commencement of her performance in CID in the very episode Kissa Pagal Aashiq Ka, aired on 30th July, 2011. Here she along with Abhijeet, Freddy and Daya batters the ruffian gang. She was later introduced as Inspector Purvi to Freddy by Abhijeet, further adding that her branch was behind this gang who often plunders in places like bars.


Bezubaan Gawah

Another indelible disguise came off in this episode, aired on 21st October, 2011, where she along with Kajal makes it to a disco in search of a man who proffers big roles. Here Purvi's vigilance is clearly shown that how carefully she apprises Kaajal that something was mixed in her drink. Later on both were abducted and at end rescued by team mates.


Gayab Gawah

Aired on 2nd March, 2012. Here she along with Daya sir in flamboyant attires, aims to incarcerate a dupe pusher in a bar.


Khooni Keel

She was again in her incognito in this episode, aired on 3rd March, 2012. Here she was decked out in an outfit of a toy seller. Her unique elan was something that carried out the entire scene with a pristine deportment. And the peachy scene at end where she hits criminal with wooden plank further ushering kids to their mother with a sweet smile.


Khooni Gulaal

Aired in March 2012; in an interim lair of a factory where she is seen accompanying Daya and Nikhil veils their face with a mask. At episodes denouement her patent faculty and dedication to work is clearly manifested when she prefers taking part in the chase despite being injured.


Operation Theater Ka Khooni Raaz

Here she had to do a small but substantial disguise where she puts on a front of a patient and catches the criminal bang to rights.


Khooni Pani

Another solid disguise eventuated in this episode, aired on 29th June, 2012. She passes herself as criminals' sister by ensconcing herself on the wheel chair and hence deluding the criminal.


Rahasya Bacchi Ka

Aired on 14th September, 2012. Here she garbed herself in disguise of Marathi fishmonger. The way she gets on with her comportment was awesome i.e. a man trying to bargain with her and she hands over a couple of gratis fishes.


Heroine Ko Khatra

Aired on 21st September 2012. Sachin and Purvi were donned in the disguise of foreign junkies. After a meeting with drug dealer they are taken to the actual dope pusher. Here again Purvi's mtier is laid plain with great verve.


Room No: 303

Aired on 6th October, 2012, another considerable disguise was coined when she checks in an hotel as an NGO worker. Once again she proved that how easily she can pass herself off as a different personality in pursuance of crossing up criminals.


Raaz Breaking News Ka

The head of news 365, the rival of speed news calls for a press conference, which Purvi and Nikhil attend as journalists.


Khoon Ki Holi

Purvi in a traditional wear takes the place of Ragini(The victim) who is tied to a chair and as the boss enters the room, Purvi reveals herself and sachin catches the boss and ACP sir reveals himself as well and slaps the boss.


Kidnapper Ka Khel

Purvi, Daya sir and Nikhil wait in disguise at the Kurla Bus stand, keeping an eye on Harshavardhan and on receiving ACP sir's call the team reaches a hotel where Mahima was to come to meet a man.


Maut Ka Telephone 2

Purvi, Freddy sir and Rajat sir in disguise perform a street play about "Save the Girl child" and Purvi gives a lovely message about pathetic state of girls in India, infanticide and about empowerment of women. Rajat sir talks about how successful a girl can become and Freddy sir says it's a very sad picture of girls in India. They have a group of drummers along with them whose intensity they use to locate the place of imprisonment and finally they reach a spot from where Daya sir tells that he can hear the drum sound quite clearly and thereby help Daya sir, Shreya and Sachin sir in escaping.


Mouse Trap 1

Purvi in disguise as a fish seller knocks on Room No: 113 and greets Chirag. Chirag tells her that there are no ladies in his house and he doesn't want to buy fish. Purvi spots Sonal and points out his lie. Chirag in irritation tells Sonal not to come out in the open, but Purvi has a hidden camera on her fish basket thereby recording all the discussions of the two. Purvi hands over the chip of hidden camera to ACP sir in the bureau and informs him about the lady Sonal.


Soon later, in a basti, Purvi is disguised as a tapori along with Daya sir as an old man, Abhijeet sir as Pakhiya, Freddy sir as a roadside beggar and Nikhil as a press wallah. Purvi follows two parcel-bearing guys under the instructions of Daya sir and Daya sir even asks her to keep watch over Dilwar - their actual target.


Forensic Rahasya 1

Purvi disguised in a saari as a South Indian, shows a slip to an attendant in hospital. In pathology lab, a curly haired nurse makes her sit on chair to take blood sample. Purvi enquires about Shounak's blood report mentioning that he is too ill to come to collect it. Other attendant has no idea of such a report and CID team enters in, and Purvi slaps the nurse with curly hair as she had stolen the blood sample without analyzing it and asks about details.


Satara Mein Khoon 2

Purvi and Shreya in disguise join a dance stage group and the dance begins. Daya sir and others wait outside alertly. As they are performing, the two culprits arrive and come on stage trying to behave in a bad manner, and Purvi and Shreya thrash them and chase them until they're finally caught.


Khooni Stage

Purvi in a traditional disguise along with other CID Team organize a contest where they announced that the company celebrated its birthday on 12th December and thereby are giving gifts to all those passengers who travelled on 12 December from HETTY TRAVELS. For this they take thumb samples and find out the culprit by scanning the reports.


Ahmedabad Mein Daya Faraar - II

In this episode set in Ahmedabad, where the team is seen in disguise waiting for Daya sir to arrive and confront the enemies in a boat, Purvi is seen in a disguise as a begum accompanied by Abhijeet sir. They share some light-hearted and funny moments before getting into a motorboat and heading on to face the villains once Daya sir has moved away from them. This results in a high-speed chase through the turbulent waters; both parties exchange heavy fire until the cops' boat gets damaged and they are forced to move ashore.


Lift Mein Anhoni

In this episode, Purvi is seen undercover as a commonplace girl living in an apartment to keep an eye on a criminal mastermind there, named Makran. Eventually, she's ambushed by his men and taken hostage, but there's an attack in their lift and Makran is murdered, and Purvi is blamed for the same. Her team believes in her words and eventually succeeds in proving her innocent.


Naari Suraksha

As the CID faces a gang of homicidal, misogynist thugs, Inspector Purvi dons a disguise as an everyday girl out on a night in a taxi, which she knows is a trap. While pretending to be in conversation on phone, she maintains hidden communication with the team and keeps them updated. Eventually she's attacked and tortured by the thugs, but manages to free herself and strikes them down during the climactic confrontation.


Mumbai Ki Chawl Ka Rahasya

In order to investigate a series of murders and crimes taking place in one Gulabwadi chawl, Purvi is seen disguised as a commonplace girl named Pooja who along with Nikhil comes to stay at the chawl room of one of the victims, Nalini, which is being eyed by some thugs intending to usurp it. They lay out a trap and although aware of it, she allows herself to be captured and overhears them discussing how to gain ownership of that room. Following some amusing scenes, she holds them at gunpoint and demands them to divulge their boss' identity, for the team to apprehend.


Jadoo Punar Janam Ka

When the CID team receives whiff of something suspicious going on in a magic show under pretext of showing people the secret of their past lives, Purvi disguises herself as a participant in the show named Sakshi, along with Freddy sir, and offers to go on stage in order to get to the bottom of the mystery.


Jahareelay Bichoo

With a seemingly insane killer targeting victims using scorpion venom synthesized in the labs, Purvi along with other officers visits one of the poison labs and finds out about a prime suspect named Mangesh who is due there for treatment. She waits in the disguise of a scientist along with the others and they chase Mangesh, but he succumbs to the poison before being captured. Later she is also seen in disguise with Daya sir and others at a club as they prepare to catch the goon smuggling scorpions.


CID Mein Singham 2, 3

In both of these episodes, in course of investigating a girl's murder and tracing the possible suspect to one "Nilanjana" play, Purvi is seen disguised as a set designer named Riya, who takes handprints of the people there under the clever pretext of a creative idea, and then has them sent to the forensic lab for scrutiny. She and Shreya then sneak into one of the rooms and check a laptop to identify the murdered girl and also obtain background info of the other crew members. When nearly discovered by one of the crew, Purvi fakes an injury and distracts him long enough for the data to be copied. After the culprit is identified, the cops chase and capture her.


Khatre Mein Masoom (Part 2)

Purvi and Nikhil come in disguise as drug addicts with a broken car and ask the manager to fix it but the manager after glancing at the car refuses since he thinks it's a police matter but Later he agrees when Purvi offers 50 thousand to do the work. Purvi offers the manager 20 thousand in advance to fix the car and asks for clarification if he is really going to fix it. Manger claims that he will definitely fix it overnight as he did the same for a blue truck that come 3 months back which had an accident and he overnight fixed the car and turned it into red. In this way the cops catch hold of the Manager and find the info.


Daya Bana Dulhan

The CID team goes to Mirpur community marriage in traditional disguises and Purvi is disguised as a traditional lady.


Ganesh Utsav Mein Apaharan III

Purvi along with other CID officers is seen in disguise of Indian traditional attires attend various Ganesh visarjan programmes to look out for the person they are finding. They follow the gang which takes the people through small alley and Daya and Abhijeet catch the criminal after taking away the kidnapped people and Purvi calls the ambulance for taking away the injured people.


Kankaal Ka Rahasya

Purvi disguises herself as the victim girl "Raima" to catch the culprit. She snatches the gun of Shreya and runs away making the cops run after her. She gets into a bunglow and hides herself. At the same time the producer Alok who was following the fake Raima comes and holds her on gunpoint thinking Purvi to be the real Raima. Purvi reveals her identity as CID officer and knocks down Alok with a great kick, making him to confess his crime.


Naari Shakti

Purvi comes to Sakshi's house disguised as an old lady who runs a NGO. Firstly her PA Kanchan and in-laws refuse to let Vijaya aka Purvi meet with Sakshi as she's not well. Later Sakshi herself takes Purvi to her room. When Sakshi excuses herself during their conversation, Purvi checks her room and takes a sample of her medicines (which are later revealed to contain hypnotics). At the time of leaving, Sakshi gives her a pay cheque. Purvi wants to tell Sakshi about her real identity but keeps quiet after noticing Kanchan keeping an eye over them and leaves from there in an auto, instead of joining Tarika and Shreya in the car.


Daya Vs. Daya

Purvi along with Freddy sir and Pankaj gets on a running bus as passengers and after a funny conversation, Purvi is instructed by Abhijeet sir to sit near Niharika and keep an eye of her as her life is in danger. Later the team is held on gunpoint by the phony passengers, but shoots their way out and engages in a thrilling final confrontation at the enemy's hideout.


Samundar Mein Kankaal

Purvi and Kavin disguise themselves as party interested in melting their gold ornaments and find a jeweler who boosts them of having working with Mughal jewels in 2005. They go to this person and find about the person behind the crime.


Shera Ka Dost

Purvi in disguise of "Miss Zooby Zooby" visits the builder's office and gives them supari of Nikhil. The builder falls into trap and ACP sir, Nikhil catch him. He confesses he sent his man to kill Chinkoo.


Khatarnaak Bikers 

Purvi with the biker Gulabo goes to hand over gold to Monica and holds her at gunpoint, is attacked by another biker and but the CID turns up and apprehends them.

CID in Train, 1 & 2

In both these episodes, Purvi is seen as a pickpocket along with Daya sir, Abhijeet sir, Pankaj, Nikhil and Shreya in train. Purvi and Abhijeet sir enact a fake conversation and Purvi peeps into what the culprit texts on phone. Abhijeet sir asks Purvi to keep an eye on one suspect and goes after other and Abhijeet sir is found bleeding later due to attack of suspect by Purvi and she shows true care and concern for him and texts to Daya sir about Abhijeet sir's injury.

When Purvi spots some thugs carrying Shreya in a bag, she immediately goes to the rescue and gives a good fight and even saves herself from being thrown out of train, but is viciously assaulted by the thugs before Daya sir saves her on time. Later in a fight with thugs, Purvi saves Daya sir from being hit. In the climax of the episode, Purvi is kept on gun point by the criminal and she acts sharply by following Daya sir's eye communication and thereby the team captures the criminal.


Haweli Mein Daya

Abhijeet sir and Purvi enter in disguise as Daya sir's bhaiya andbhabhi, and claim that some people whom they know told them about his whereabouts. After some funny talks, they take Daya sir inside his room and discuss about the family hiding something big.

Celebrating the many wonderful moments of our Inspector Purvi (Ansha di) in C.I.D, here is a video mix (VM) featuring some of her memorable moments we all love. Presented by DemonStar (Ravi).

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Ansha Sayed is Super Happy Playing Character Of Purvi In CID

Ansha Sayeed is quite kicked playing her character Purvi in Sony Entertainment Television's super hit crime detective show CID.
"She is a subtle girl who does her bit on the field. Purvi is also very calm and tries to understand the situation before coming out with her opinion," this Mumbai-born and brought up B. Com graduate avers.

"It makes me proud just by thinking that I represent females in the CID team. For one, it is quite a challenge every day when you meet all types of people and do different types of scenes. Unlike other daily shows for which you shoot indoors with the comfort of AC, we are always on the run outdoors on the roads, in malls etc," she describes.

Ansha ,who has earlier done Bandhan Saat Janmon Ka and Laagi Tujhse Lagan (both for Colors) further adds, "For a long time, this Fireworks-produced show was watched more by men and kids while women stayed away for they preferred family dramas. But now, all that is changing as we have three women in the team, Shreya (Janvi Chheda), Dr. Tarika (Shraddha Musale), who is in the forensics team, and me."

Coming to her looks, Ansha has no issues with the fact that she does not get to dress up much. "Our costume is quite smart and chic. We (female cops) don't have much of a make-up to do and our hair also has to be always tied up as well. After all this, if you still look good, you are a pretty looking girl right," she smiles.

"Although Laagi' had given me some fame, it was CID that changed the entire ball game for me as an actor. More than the money, what I really love is the respect one gets from people for being a part of this longest running show on the National TV," Ansha ends.

{Source: TellyChakkar}


The courageous officer Purvi aka  Ansha Sayed is happy being a part of SONY TV's long running popular crime thriller show CID and she shares her journey about the show and much more with TellyBuzz.

Tell us something about yourself...

I am happy playing Purvi in CID and I am a chilled out, easy going and relaxed person in real life.

Tell us something about your early life. How did acting happen to you?

After completing my graduation, someone approached me for acting. I was more interested in Mass media and accounts so I asked my father about it and he said if you wish to give it a try then you can go ahead. I did few episodics in Aahat, then Laagi Tujhse Lagan and few other shows and now here I am, playing the character of Purvi in CID.

How has been your journey as officer Purvi so far?

Its been amazing so far and I know that it will be amazing for me always. Purvi for me is Ansha because Purvi is also focused about her work just like Ansha is. I am very happy to do  CID and I wish to do it forever.

Do you think that CID is a turning point for your career?

Yes, definitely it is a turning point for my career because it has given me the recognition and lots of love and respect. Its a pleasant experience to work with this team. All the actors in the team including the crew and the production team is so lovely that anyone who will come here won't like to leave.

Which has been your most challenging task portraying Purvi so far?

I remember one scene, in which I was on a harness and I was hanging. It was like the scariest experience for me. I was hanging and from one side, Daya sir (Dayanand Shetty) was holding my hand and Abhijeet sir (Aditya Srivastav) from the other side. I got goosebumps and I was scared thinking what if this harness will break (laughs)!

Anything which you have learned from the character of Purvi?

I have get to learn a lot of things like I have learned to run. I was wearing a saree while doing Laagi Tujhse Lagan and here, I have to wear shirts and trousers and run. I know how to run but Purvi taught me to sprint and how to slap. I discuss a lot with my co-actors and get to learn a lot from all of them. Purvi has given me a new family.

How do you feel being a part of the long running successful show CID?

The people on the sets of CID are so humble despite being part of the longest running show which holds a record in the record books. I am so proud and honored to be a part of the show. Being a part of this show is just like I am getting an award every day.

Your best performance till date?

It was 'CID Mein Gaddar' episodic which was a Purvi centric episode. I did my best in it.

What kind of bonding do you share with your co-actors?

I share a great bond with everyone on the sets like ACP sir, Abhijeet sir and I have a lot of respect for them. Daya sir is like a friend and I share a very special bond with Tarika, as she is just like me on the sets. She is bindaas and sweet. I don't get much to shoot with Shreya but whenever I do, then its just like a girls gang on the sets with me, Tarika (Shraddha Musale) and Shreya. Hrishikesh Pandey and Shreya are very good co-actors to work with.

What are your interests other than acting?

Watching movies, driving, and listening to music. I like reading but not that much.

Define Ansha in one word.


What kind of roles are you looking forward to play?

I am very happy doing Purvi and I would like to focus on Purvi only. I am not really interested in doing saas bahu sagas since I am happy doing a crime show.

{Source: Tellybuzz}


Ansha Sayed who is seen playing the role of Purvi in Sony TV's CID, gets candid about how she started doing acting.

What made you chose a career in acting?

It just happened, it was in my destiny. I was never keen on acting, I was never keen on doing Television, it just happened. I was in college and had attended a Jam session and some guys came up to me and asked me if I would like to do modeling. I then told my father, and I got clicked, did a portfolio and it all worked.

What challenges have you had to face in your acting career?

Not really, it took some time for me to understand how the work happens here, but once I understood it was all good.

You have played the role of Purvi for a very long time, how has the experience been?

It is lovely and I am enjoying it. I want to be Purvi. It is like an achievement to be part of CID, and when I joined CID I had that in my mind that I will be doing CID for a very long time, And I said that at the time when I joined it. It has been Mashallah 2 years, and I am still saying it, so you can imagine how much I love CID and Purvi.

When can fans expect to see you in something different than Purvi?

Not right now, because Purvi is a cop and in the show we do a lot of disguise. You get to do different kind of roles when you are undercover, you shoot at different locations and with different actors. It is very interesting that you get to meet new people and every day is a new day.

Rapid Fire:

When is your birthday: 16th July.
Pet name: Yes I do, but I don't want to say that, because it is very funny and I don't want people to call me that.
Favourite outfit: Saree, I love wearing saree.
Friendship is: Most important bond that you share with a person, it is extremely important, pure, innocent and lovely.
Websites you like to visit: Google, I keep googling something or the other.

What is your typical day like: Shooting on the sets of CID, going backhome and spend time with family, that's a typical nice, ideal, lovely day for me.
Food you like to eat: Mutton, I go crazy on non-veg.

Favorite Bollywood Actor: Ranbir Kapoor.
Favorite Bollywood Actress: It keeps changing all the time, right now I extremely adore Kareena Kapoor and Deepika Padukone.
A TV show you can't miss: CID, not because that I'm doing CID, but when I was kid, I used to come home from school and watch CID and Hum Paanch.

Finally, a message for all the fans who love you?

I would like to thank them for loving Purvi, and keep watching CID. The whole team of CID loves them.

{Source: Tellybuzz - Writer: Nadia Malik}

"Adventure according to me is my show CID" - Ansha Sayed

The talented actress Ansha Sayed who is seen as Purvi in Sony TV's popular show CID, shares her adventurous experiences on our thrill zone column this week.

Let's see what Ansha has to share with us...

What is adventure according to you?

Adventure according to me is my show CID (laughs). Adventure is an adrenaline push in your blood and feeling alive.

Share your most adventurous day?

It was my last outdoor shoot when we were shooting under a waterfall and we had to go to the other side of the waterfall by crossing the main fall. Not many actors get a chance to experience all this but we are definitely the lucky ones to go through this and experience it. It was a fantastic experience for all of us.

Your favorite adventure?

Water Skiing and Bungee Jumping.
One thrilling adventure on your wish list?
Who would you want to take for a thrilling activity from the industry?

I will go with my other set of friends who are not from this industry.

{Source: Tellybuzz - Writer: Anwesha Kamal}

"When Sunday ends I feel 'wow' for the new week that starts from Monday" - Ansha Sayed

Sunday for me is: I mostly shoot on Sunday. If I am not shooting then I like to be at home and spend time with my family or watch a movie. In the evening, I like to meet my friends and chill out with them.

On a Sunday I...try to have non-vegetarian food.

A perfect Sunday for me is: Packing up early, spending some time with family and meeting friends in the evening to watch a movie with them.

On a Sunday I get up at: If I am shooting then I wake up at 6 am else I wake up at 10 am.

My Sunday special Khana is: Non Vegetarian food.

My childhood memory related to Sunday: I used to get up in the morning and then I used to get a head massage from my Nani, have non-vegetarian food for lunch and in the evening I used to go out to play with my friends.

After Sunday, comes Monday and my feelings are: I feel 'Wow' that another week has started. People generally don't like Mondays but I like Mondays.

My plans for coming Sunday: No plans as yet but most probably I will be shooting.

{Source: Tellybuzz - Writer: Anwesha Kamal}

Keeping 'Roza' while they shoot - A Challenge for Actors!

Television's popular actors share how they manage to observe fast while they shoot for hectic hours...

While the holy month of Ramzaan is going on, Muslims observe their Rozas throughout the day in this holy month. It becomes really tough for our Telly actors to keep a fast while they shoot for hectic hours as they need to do tough scenes, continuous dialogues deliveries while they keep a fast.

TellyBuzz quizzed some of your favorite stars to hear from them as how they manage to shoot during the holy month of Ramzaan and whether they keep a fast or not.

Ansha Sayed, currently seen in Sony TV's CID - I have been fasting for so many years now. Managing Roza is not difficult; it's just a habit. Initially, it becomes difficult but this year its monsoon so it's not that difficult because we just have to control our hunger because we feel more hungry during monsoon than feeling thirsty. While doing a show like CID, where we have to do scenes like running and chasing but there is some magic when you fast which don't let you happen anything. When we pray during fasting then some magic happens and you get the stamina automatically when you fast.

{Source: Tellybuzz - Writer: Anwesha Kamal}

Jab yeh chote bachche the...

Ansha Sayed currently seen as Purvi in Sony TV's CID - My father was strict and protective towards me. He never used to allow me to go out and play after 5-6 o'clock in the evening. I miss playing a lot. I feel that I am still like a kid because I still do all the mastis that a kid does.

{Source: Tellybuzz - Writer: Anwesha Kamal}

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U r an inspiration of the girls to go ahead in life breaking all the hurdles.

I hope you have an amazing day becoz you r amazing!

Thinking of you on your birthday, and wishing you all the best!

I hope it is as fantastic as you are, you deserve the best and nothing less. β­οΈ

Many many happy returns of the day...

Wishing u a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! πŸ₯³


Happy birthday Ansha mam.. Wish you many many happy returns of the day. May God bless you with success, happiness and health.

Dear Ansha didi, I wish you a very Happy Birthday. I pray to Almighty that you're blessed with all the happiness and joy in the world, good health, peace and success in everything you do. May you always keep smiling and be joyful, because it makes us so happy too. Thank you for being who you are, for making me happy in some very tough times of my life and giving me a wonderful extended family. Wishing to see you in C.I.D forever. Love you forever, Didi.


May your day shine brightly like your smile,

With the warmth of your heart,

a day that reflects as wonderful as you are.

Happy Birthday Ansha di...😊😊😊πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³

May you have: 

All the joy your heart can hold; πŸ˜ƒ
All the smiles a day can bring; πŸ˜ƒ
All the blessings a life can unfold; πŸ˜Š

May you get the world's best in everything...😊😊😊😊

Since today is a special day, πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š
sending birthday wishes simply wouldn't do,...😊😊😊
so I'm sending you a day when all of your dreams come true, and a year that means the most to you...😊😊

Today is the happiest day as u came to this world to be a blessing and inspiration to the people everywhere...😊😊😊

Words alone are not enough to express how happy I am...😊😊😊
you are celebrating another year of your life...πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ƒ
My wish for you on your birthday is that you are, and will always be, happy and healthy...😊😊😊

You are a wonderful amazing versatile sweetest person...πŸ€—πŸ€—May you be given more birthdays  to fulfill all of your dreams...πŸ˜ƒ

Happy Birthday Ansha di...πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³

Thinking the best of you 
wishes from Lavy... πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š


zwani.com myspace graphic comments

Wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Didi!!

God bless you with all happiness and good health.

Love your work in CID a lot.

You are a rare diamond and a true inspiration for me..Love you a lot Didi.

This is a small sketch made by me:



Happy Birthday Didi !! Have a wonderful, happy, healthy birthday and many more to come.

God bless you Didi πŸ˜Š

-Priya (Sonpaapdi)

Happy Birthday Ansha didi.! You are and always have been a pillar of strength moments from the time you stepped into the show. Through Purvi, you have taught us so much. May God bless you in abundance and keep you happy always..!

Happy Birthday to the queen of acting, Ansha Sayed. I feel the most abstruse task is to compute how much i love you, swearing solemn vow; no gauge can do that. You always goad me into eulogizing you and i do rejoice at the day i actually started loving you. Well! There was ne'er a need to heap praise, flattery or compliments on your acting because that always was bold and stood out a mile. Still i could ne'er help but go into rhapsodies by praising you day and night. It was a great spout of endearment about which i can ante post bet that it shall not abate. Though it was ne'er a first sight love but your powerful voice erupting in a warm approval and later following by your bonding with team mates, fostered great admiration. All glory, hail and honor to the one who gave meaning to Women Power. One is cognizant of the fact that how before you, women was looked upon as one who smirched soil. Even in the department they were hardly renowned but after you things changed. A pure heart cannot forget the episode, Box Mein Hatya in which you targeted malevolent men' carte blanche by liberating an innocent girl. Your prowess was something i can ne'er get over. And your best stunt i.e Acrobatic feat from Diamond Robbery stole our hearts. The way you latched onto a rope, fastened string around belly and started swaying and it was all to save your senior. I must add, even professionals get serious injuries in venturing such a difficult stunt. But you did it flawlessly. These golden moments carries a snob value with them and more i look back to them, more i'm inspired by you. Your heroic manoeuvres has there own place in my heart but more then that its your kindness that made me fell for you. And you made me believe, "The most valuable asset is not head full of knowledge but a heart full of love, with an ear ready to listen and a hand willing to help" Heart

To you it may may be the one birthday cake but to your birthday cake you may be the world. Happy Birthday once again, didi. God bless you and endow upon you zillion of His blessings. Ameen

A very happy birthday Ansha ma'am! May you have a great day!

I wish you an amazing birthday,
A day that's cheerful and bright,
For you have a big, giving heart,
Full of joy from morning to night.

May every moment be wonderful,
Hope many gifts come your way,
The greatest gifts life has to offer,
Making your birthday an amazing day.πŸ₯³

Wishing U a very Happy Birthday😳. Keep Smiling.πŸ˜ƒWith lots of loveπŸ€—

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Writeups - DemonStar, Saman, Padma

Siggies - Saman, DemonStar, -Reshu16-

Tags - -Reshu16-

And a special thanks to all Purvians and everyone who motivated us in this endavour and helped us make this a success, a token of our love presented with heart. You all are amazing! πŸ˜ƒ

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 I hope that you have the greatest birthday ever from the moment you open your eyes in the morning until they close late at night.
May Allah bless you & shower His rahmat on u.πŸ˜ƒ
Happy Birthday!!!!πŸ₯³
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Very nice thread..πŸ‘
Tags r beautiful...
All the gifts and wishes r very sweet and classy..πŸ˜ƒ
everything is soo lovely..⭐️
Ravi bro, Padma, Reshu, Saman...well doneπŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸΌ
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The much awaited moment πŸ₯³. I can't explain beauty of this thread in words, its lookin' swell Very well crafted and far out πŸ‘. Thank you, Croczy πŸ€—
Happy Birthday to the one who has always fired me with enthusiasm πŸ₯³

Wonderful wishes and creations, everyone πŸ‘
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A very happy birthday dear Ansha sayed