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That day Priya worked till late at night all her colleagues had already gone home and there was only Priya left in the office but not only her her boss Mr. Ram Kapoor who had a reputation of a workaholic had a habit to stay late at work and today wasn't an exception actually it looked like he didn't plan to go home today at all

Priya looked at her watch and gaped It was already midnight Priya stretched up in her chair all her muscles fell asleep due to the continuous sitting in one place but she couldn't but feel relieved all the documents had been prepared and now she was proud of herself being Mr. Kapoor's secretary wasn't that easy she was always busy with paper work and telephone calls but she didn't complain at all because Priya was the type of persons who always did their best when it concerned work that was why her boss appreciated her professionalism and respected her as a subordinate moreover he treated her very nicely too

She stood up from her chair and tried to put out everything in order on her work place but some of the papers fell down from her desk on the floor she walked around it to reach the ill fated papers but all her efforts were in vain Priya had to bend down so deeply that her skirt got ridden up and exposed her lags fortunately there was no one in the office or else Priya would have burnt in shame

Priya picked up all her papers and straightened up with a sigh but when she turned around she got a heart attack by bumping into her boss face to face

How could he come in without a single sound? Priya thought anxiously

Miss. Sharma as far as I can see you are still here Mr. Kapoor uttered in a steady voice

I was about to go home Priya answered as calmly as it was possible in her state trying to sneak past him

He was standing in the way and it was hard to walk around without accidently brushing against him but Priya didn't pay much attention in her nervous state and she went past him she brushed against his in a process but she hadn't had a chance to make even several steps towards her desk as her boss's strong arms wrapped around her slim waist and tugged her body to his forcefully Priya got tightly pressed to her boss's broad chest with her back 

Haal-e-Dil ko sukoon chahiye
Poori ik aarzoo chahiye
Jaise pehle kabhi kuch bhi chaaha nahi
Waise hi kyun chahiye

For a second she lost her gift of speech in anxiety but when she felt his hands roaming down her waist and then her back in a hurried pace she started to break free from his iron embraces

What do you think you are doing Mr. Kapoor? you're going too far I am not that type of women Priya exclaimed but Ram didn't react to her outbursts and continued to undress her

Priya struggled for her freedom as a tiger but when his lips started to kiss the delicate skin of her neck she felt her knees shaking and losing their ability to support her body

Ram was covering her slender neck with hot kisses biting the skin softly and admirably his skilful fingers found the scarf of her neck and unfastened it with one swift motion letting the piece of fabric fall down from the Priya's neck as he pulled her into a cuddle and squeezed her tighter

Dil ko teri mojoodgi ka ehsaas yun chahiye
Tu chahiye, tu chahiye
Shaam-o-subah tu chahiye
Tu chahiye.. Tu chahiye..
Har martabaa Tu chahiye

Priya felt as one of her boss's hands pressed her hips as firmly to his as it was possible and a hoarse groan of pleasure escaped his lips his other hand found its way to her Ram gently held her face in his hands nd cupped her face and he kissed his forehead

Priya started to tremble uncontrollably she got really scared for her safety she tried to break free again but he turned her around in his embrace with one forceful motion now they were face to face but Priya didn't like what she saw in his eyes there was a fire in his dark brawn mirrors of soul and Priya felt that she was going to burn in its flame completely

Jitni dafaa.. zidd ho meri
Utni dafaa.. haan, Tu chahiye

Wo o...
Wo oo...

Plzz...let me go...Priya whined trying to reach to his common sense but in response Ram crashed his mouth against her lips in an all absorbing and dominating kiss he kissed her so severely and hungrily that Priya couldn't stand his wild energy anymore she got dizzy and felt her body falling not able to support her any longer but her boss's reaction was on the top he caught her body up in his arms and carried her to his cabin where he laid her down on the leather couch and weighed upon her with his own body Priya had no way to escape and no more strength to fight he was too strong too powerful to stand against but she didn't want to become his sexual toy for fun either she decided to try to talk to him again

Plz Mr. Kapoor don't do it you have a wife...

Koi aur dooja kyun mujhe
Na tere siva chahiye
Har safar mein mujhe
Tu hi rehnuma chahiye
Jeene ko bas mujhe
Tu hi meherbaan chahiye

Ram averted his mouth from her decollete he had been showering with hot and wet kisses and looked straight in her flushed face

I don't have a wife anymore I broke up with her we have been divorced  she used me and then dared to cheat on me Ram said it in a low and cold tone

Seene mein agar tu dard hai
Na koi dawaa chahiye
Tu lahu ki tarah
Ragon mein rawaan chahiye
Anjaam jo chaahe mera
Wo.. aagaaz yun chahiye

Priya got surprised to hear such news Priya decided to soothe him and try to distract his attention from her She needed to win some time to escape

That's why you don't have to work so hard you need to take a vacation and have a good rest maybe you will meet a good beautiful and decent girl during your trip she will give you the love care and peace that you deserve so much she will be loyal to you and will never break you kind heard but will mend it and treasure it

A grimace of pain reflected on the Ram's face as he listened to her words

You are so naive innocent honest Priya you refuse to see the obvious his voice was filled with pain Ram sighed and caressed her cheek with his thumb It was the first time he called her by her given name and for a second he could swear that he saw a shadow of shock in her magical eyes he looked at her face and caressed her cheek lovingly

I don't need to look for someone when I have already found the only one I was searching for all my life

Priya's heart started to beat wildly in her chest after his declaration she turned dangerously pale in a moment.

Ram noticed that Priya didn't look well and he got scared for her health during those 2 years she had been working at his company she happened to lose her consciousness for several times he had been giving her a couple of days off when such accidents occurred nd now she looked paler than a paper and he really didn't like her state Ram helped her to sit up and embraced her gently stroking her head in a soothing manner and pulling the hairpins out of her hair one by one It was a crime to prison such luxury hair in a plain office hairstyle that curtain needed to be free

Priya didn't know what to think she hadn't got a clue of how to comprehend his words she had a feeling for her boss yes she was secretly in love with him during those 2 years but she locked her heart and prohibited herself to even think about him he had a wife but now...

Letting her long  hair fall loose Ram took her by the chin and looked deep in her eyes an invisible contact appeared between their mirrors of soul

Ram took a deep breath and uttered in a deep voice

Priya I love you and I want you to become my wife I fell in love with you at first sight but I refused to take these feelings nd now when I sorted out in myself and let go off my past I want to build my future with you by my side with the woman I am madly in love with with the woman I admire with the woman I treasure the most in this world nd that woman is you Priya sharma

Sparkling tears appeared in the Priya's eyes she didn't know if she should believe her ears or not

Ram wiped her tears away from her eyes with his long fingers and asked her

Will you marry me?

I... and she fell silent her throat got dry from all the emotions that were running through her body right now and she instinctively licked her lips with her tongue her innocent action didn't go unnoticed by Mr. Kapoor a dangerous fire inflamed in his eyes right away but he took control of his emotions and continued to wait for her answer not even daring to lay a finger on her

Priya concentrated on her feelings and emotions and responded in a hushed tone

I love you Mr. Kapoor but do I have a right to give in to my feelings and let them show themselves? Tomorrow you will regret about everything and you won't even want to look to my side nd I will be left with a broken heart she sighed heavily and added in a confident voice no I have to leave immediately and not let you make this big mistake

With those words she was about to stand up from the couch but her boss didn't let her do it he tugged her body to his and pressed her firmly to his chest

You are too kind you think about everyone but you always forget to think about yourself why don't you want to give me a chance to make you happy? why did you decide everything for me? Ram said it in such a sad and anguished voice that the sound of it made Priya's heart tighten in her chest

Ram took her by the chin confidently and forced her to look straight in his eyes

Listen to what I am going to say attentively I won't repeat it he declared firmly and powerfully that Priya swallowed uneasily and nodded I am a man of his word and you know it If I said that I love you and want to marry you then it's an incontestable fact I never do anything if I am not sure in what I am going to do so I swear to you that you will be mine and only mine and I will never give you to anyone or let you go you are mine forever

Ram said those meaningful words with such a great power and energy that Priya couldn't stand against the sincerity of his vows and gave in to his dominance all the doubts that were torturing her heart vanished at once and  Priya could finally give freedom to her feelings she kissed her boss on the lips pouring all the love she had been hiding in her heart during those 2 long years nd Ram answered her soft and innocent kiss immediately deepening it and making it wetter and hotter according to what he felt she had little experience in the art of kissing and man he enjoyed it the realization of him being the one who would teach her the secrets of love making was driving him crazy he laid his adored woman back on the sofa and towered over her supporting his body weight with his half bent arm

The man broke the long lasting kiss unwillingly and uttered in a hushed yet firm voice

Give yourself to me my beloved It is beyond my powers to let you go tonight after what I have seen earlier Your stockings have driven me crazy and now my desire to make love to you is essential Priya... he moaned her name in a very intimate way Priya felt her cheeks getting hotter and hotter her boss and his sweet caresses made her lose her sanity she had no strength to say no to him not now not ever she loved him too much

Tu chahiye, tu chahiye
Shaam-o-subah tu chahiye
Tu chahiye.. tu chahiye..
Har martabaa tu chahiye

Her hands started to unbutton his shirt gently stroking his bare chest in a process Ram closed his eyes in total pleasure he unbuttoning her jacket and then her shirt in a hurried pace he gave her a kiss making her melt in his tight embrace

I am all yours Ram she whispered sincerely her words had almost deprived him of his common sense It was the first time she called him by his given name not just her eternal Mr. Kapoor but Ram and he was really surprised how sweet and gentle his name sounded in her voice he was mesmerized with her voice and the intonation she used to call his name It came in a little pants which made it sound absolutely seductively and innocent at the same time Ram couldn't get enough of this woman she was something nd he would make her cry out his name in that unique voice of hers during the whole night of their lovemaking when their bodies and souls unite in a single whole

Jitni dafaa.. zidd ho meri
Utni dafaa.. haan, tu chahiye

Wo o...
Wo oo...

Yes you are only mine he breathed out and with those words Ram crashed his lips into her ones taking her tongue in a masterly dance of their sensual and all absorbing kiss that night he was showing the true power and meaning of his feelings and words tirelessly he loved her and needed her in his life nd Priya was glad to give herself to him without a trace

They didn't shut their eyes that night they were making love for several times till the break of dawn early in the morning a couple in love was lying naked cuddled to in each other's arms Priya woke up Ram was still sleeping like a baby Priya was staring at him while he sleeps he looks so adorable she then noticed that they were naked she tried to find her clothes but they were lying on the ground In the process he woke up for her he look at her and smile and said baby what you doing? she look at him and he was staring at her she felt embarrassed and try avoid his gaze Ram call her name Priyaa and says what happened she nodded as no then did you think last night we did something wrong she nodded no Plzz look at me Priya when she looked at him just gazing into each others eyes Priya finally spoke I want my clothes and try to caver her body with her hands he smile and said what u hiding from me baby last night I see you Priya got shy and she covered her upper body with her both hands looking away from Ram closing her eyes taking deep breaths. Ram smiled seeing her he moves more closer to her & then he place his hand on Priya's both hand then pull her hands down Priya still looking aside taking deep breaths while shivering he moves closer to her and whispers in her ears I love you Priya he kept on telling her those words never forgetting to shower her with sweet kisses

Mere zakhmon ko teri chhuan chahiye
Mere shamma ko teri agan chahiye
Mere khwaab ke aashiyane mein tu chahiye
Main kholun jo aankhein sirhane bhi tu chahiye

Wo ho...
Wo ho ho...

I love you too Ram she whispered back while burying her fingers in his thick hair she kissed him like not remembering herself trying to give him everything Ram now we want to go home before staff come yeah he then take his cloths and wears it and help her todressed Priya fortunately they noticed the first rays of the sun in the window they left the cabin before the working hours at the company started

Ram walked Priya to her home and persuaded her to take a day off It was hard to separate from her after the happiness they shared but he decided to give her time to think and get used to the idea of being his bride

He held his promise the next day the man made an official proposal to her and gave her a golden ring with a huge sapphire a month later they got married nd Ram promoted his wife from his secretary to his business partner they were very happy together and spent almost all of the time in each other's company but even that way they couldn't get enough of each other


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