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who is responsible for faliure of show dkbdhj?

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Posted: 8 years ago
I can't point a finger at any one particular fault...
I think it's a combination of weak areas...
Story line was good to start with...then somewhere along the line the show lost focus...
As for Ram Kapoor I don't see 're same charming RK I loved in BALH...Something seems to be missing in this show so far as RK is concerned... ..
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Posted: 8 years ago
The cv's have lost the plot already. It seems only in the last epi v get to c good things happng. Still the games played by Nana are shown successful. The plot has turned bizarre after anu's death. It WD HV been better if this ws a movie. The bond btw father and daughter ws supposed to be the crux of the story which didn't find any existence. In the name of the story it actually offered nothing. The promises thy had made WS only for the promotion purpose. Mahesh bhatt shd stick with films, TV is not his area. Why to blame the actors...?