|| To the Brightness of the Horizon, Happy Birthday Semanti ||

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Welcome to the birthday bash of our darling princess Semanti!


In the days when the era of the Cold War was counting its last days, a bright s
tar broke off from the brilliant blue sky. It flew through the clouds fulfilling the wishes of numerous little boys and girls, until it decided to descend in Kolkata, the city of Joy on the 6th of July. This little star came to be known Semanti, the beauty of the horizon, where the sky meets the earth, where truth meets humility.
On 12th December 2010, this little star joined our sweet haven, soon after this Mythological Masti forum had been created. In her first post she voted to choose a name for this forum. Since then, she has been loyal to this forum, and has laughed and cried with it as the forum saw its highs and lows.
She has always sympathized with Urmila, Laxman's wife in Ramayan, and hence her username. She is ready always to defend the characters who we often misjudge.
I'm sure we'll all agree on one point, that she never speaks ill of anyone, no matter how much the person hurts or provokes her. She's always a sweet and down-to-earth person, always the first one to be approached for help of any sort.
She simply adores King Yudhishthir, and has been awarded the distinction of being his wife Devika by the Mahabharat forum. She is also known to many as a brilliant writer, who manages to keep us wanting for more with each and every one of her stories/write-ups.
But what very few people know about her is that she is a teacher of Physics, as well as a perfect interpreter of Sanskrit verses. She is a staunch devotee of Lord Raam and Krishna, and when she says 'Jai Shri Ram', she means it, with all her heart. She is truly the nicest and the loveliest girl I've even seen! Hug
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Semanti,
Happy birthday to you!
May God bless you,
May God bless you,
Happy birthday dear Semanti,
Happy birthday to you!

Followed by a large and tasty cake!

It's time for gifts now! Scroll down Didi!

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H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y 2 U

      Thank you for being such a wonderful sister. Sending you a bouquet of love, joy, happiness, beauty, health and prosperity. 
You are the best sister that I have ever had. Even in my imagination. 
                                             HAPPY BIRTHDAY
                                    Many happy returns of the day! Party



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Now, time for some food!

First, take some chocolates!

The main course!

The prides of Bengal!


Hope you enjoy all your meals in real life as well!

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Wish you a very happy birthday Di! Love you for all the love you have showered on me, and the support you have given me all through these days! This one goes for you!

Hope you have a very very nice day, and a nicer year ahead! Here are some of the gifts I had made for you, I hope you like them!

And lots and lots and lots of love from me! May God keep showering his blessing on you! Keep smiling and relishing the delicacies up there!

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Devi Draupadi's  Greetings and Gifts to Semadi  [Urmila } !

The Goddess of Dawn Usha is greeting the Horizon with her enchanting colours !
Devi Draupadi decided to send" Shubhkamnaye " to her Ishtha Sakhi Urmila on the occasion of her Birthday  !

She informed  her husbands about  the HAPPY BIRTHDAY celebration of her dear friend Urmila , who has given her the beautiful idea of writing a love letter to each one of them  , to share her  lovely hidden feelings with them , to cheer them up !!!

Yudhisthir asked the Dharmadevta , to choose the Brightest  Stars from the sky  to make a star necklace to gift it to Urmila .

Gadadhari Bheem asked the Cool Breeze to collect all the floral fragrances from the Spring Gardens  , to make a sweet  scent , as a present to Semadi !

Gaandeevdhari Arjun asked the Apsaras from his father Indra's  Dev Sabha ,to descend to earth to decorate  his great adorer Urmila and adorn her with all the divine thoughts !

Then the twins Nakul and Sahadev requested the Gandharva Kanthas to weave a beautiful Rainbow coloured Saree to gift the Birthday lady to wear  it  for the evening party , for which Mohan Krishna himself is going to attend ! 

Devi Draupadi carried all the gifts to the house of Urmila !


In the evening ...there was a huge party , the stalwarts of Mahabharath and Ramaayan are present there , but they are visible to only few pure souls including Urmila  , rest are enjoying with the earthly celebrations .

 Here comes the Avtar Purush Lord Krishna and he first greeted his Sakhi Krishna

Then accepted the Saadar Pranaam from the birthday girl and blessed her to write many more OS & FF in future , and earn so much admiration from her readers !

Urmila felt very happy for the Divine appearance and advises , and sitting there watching  the  songs and dances of her friends , but seriously thinking about the plot , for writing a story on the interactions of Sita and Drraupadi there in that Party !Big smile


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Wish you a very Happy Birthday dear 
Stay blessed & Many happy returns of the day Smile 
AMUNRA - MY GOLD MINE 🌺🌺 !! सुलगती रेत पर पानी की अब तलाश नही, पर ये कब कहा हमने कि हमे प्यास नहीं, शिकायते तो तुझ से बहुत हैं ऐ जिंदगी, पर जो आसान हो वो खास नही !! 🌺🌺
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Happy Birthday


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lovely thread.. Clap
Happy birthday Semadi... Embarrassed
Thanks for PM Prateeti.. Smile

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