God and Religion in PK movie

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Posted: 2015-06-22T09:51:30Z
I don't know whether I should post in this forum or not.But as people here discuss about God here so I am posting here.If the mods feel my topic is irrelevant here then they can move it to Debate mansion but please don't close it.
I was watching PK movie few days back.After watching the first half of the movie,I realized that this movie criticized all the religions and not just Hindu religion as some religious organizations said.Basically I felt that maybe this movie was trying to give this message that people who believe in God and fulfill all the rituals suffer a lot.
First it said that Religion is so confusing.Hindu widows wear white clothes whereas Christian brides wear white dresses on their weddings.Christian widows wear black whereas Muslim women wear black burqas.So each color has a different significance in every religion and every religious practice is different.
Then in the song,Bhagwan hai kaha re tu they showed PK suffering a lot while performing the rituals of all religions.The song was a meaningful song but the way it was picturized,i felt like they are showing how people who go in the path of God suffer a lot.In one scene,PK tells Jaggu that I followed every religion,i performed all the religious practices and rituals but still I neither found God nor my remote so I felt it was useless doing all these.I just ended up suffering a lot but still God didn't fulfill my wishes.
So after watching the first half of the movie,i felt like this movie was made by a group of atheists to target Religion.They didn't do it directly but did it indirectly.
The second half of the movie was about how PK exposes Tapasvi and gets his remote.Of course they then took a different turn in the end by saying that there are 2Gods,one that has made us and the other one that we have made so that people don't realize their true intentions.But I felt like they are actually saying that better not to go in the path of God and suffer so much.
This is just my opinion.People are free to disagree with me and give their own opinions.
If the mods feel I posted this in wrong forum then please move it to some other forum but don't close it as I feel it's an interesting discussion and I really want to read others views on this. 
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Posted: 2015-06-23T04:51:29Z
As per my understanding, the makers of PK attacked the complexity of the religions and not the religions themselves, and in the movie, PK is frustrated that so many methods are prescribed, though none led him to the God. But that was simply because, all the religions he tried, of them the ways shown to him was full of hypocrisy, and that is definitely not the way to God.
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Posted: 2015-06-23T07:20:14Z
There are lots of movies that attack religious rituals because people don't end up "finding God", but it is important to remember the basic meaning behind these rituals. First of all, religious rituals should be done with true devotion, not ego. They shouldn't be done because people want to prove there is or isn't a God. Rituals that are done with arrogance or an egoistical purpose never bear fruit. Only when they are done with true devotion, wherein a person has no motive but to communicate with God, do they bear fruit. 

Also, the fruit borne from rituals takes time. Yes, every ritual does bear fruit and God never forgets his devotees, but they bear the fruit as and when the time comes. There are so many examples in our puranas where a person does tapasya for years and years before God finally appears to them, or when a person does penance for decades before that penance bears fruit.

I feel that so many people today want immediate gratification. They have no patience to wait for destiny to take its course. People have forgotten the concepts of karma and dharma, and how they affect a person's life. Just because one does a ritual does not mean they will find God immediately and all their wishes will come true the next day. If finding God was that easy, then why would the great Maharishis of yore have struggled so much? Why would it take so much hard work and effort to attain moksha? Yes, God is everywhere and resides in every particle of Earth, but to attain him is not easy. 

Before "finding God", we must cleanse ourselves of all our sins and make ourselves worthy of finding him. People do not understand this, and instead criticize the validity of religion and religious rituals. People have become very egoistical and think God should be at their beck and call, coming to them whenever do one religious ritual. First we should remove our ego and get rid of all our earthly desires. Only then does God answer to us. A person may ask, what's the point of religious rituals if God doesn't answer immediately? Well, the answer is that religious rituals prepare us for God by removing our ego and destroying our sins. The more rituals we do, the more worthy of God we become. It takes lots of time and devotion, and only when our ego is completely destroyed can we find God. We should never go to God with arrogance, because if we do, we will never find him. 

So movies like PK that attack religious rituals will never find God, because ego is the ulterior motive behind their message. These movies are encouraging immediate gratification and telling people that if God doesn't come immediately when called, then there is no God and the rituals are useless. 

It doesn't matter what religion one belongs to, what color they wear, what color is auspicious/inauspicious. A person doesn't have to believe in all religions. Believe in the religion that is close to your heart, and follow the rituals without any ego or arrogance. Don't think you know everything. Destroy your ego and you will find God. If not in this lifetime, then another lifetime. 
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Posted: 2015-06-23T08:11:05Z
Wow Janaki Clap very very beautifully put! You have written the words of my heart Smile
I have not watched the movie, so can't comment on it. But it is true that finding God is never possible if you do not go through Gyan, Bhakti, Karma and Yoga. Each path is unique, and hard too. It is said that Bhakti is easiest for kaliyug but that Bhakti must have to be Nishkaam one, no give and take policy. You cannot deal with God, you have to love Him. Only love, pure and unconditional love that demands nothing. If your Creator can love you unconditionally then why not you do the same? Smile There is a line in Ramananda Sagar's serial Shri Krishna, "God accepts His defeat only in front of true love!" It is our fault that we cannot love Him that much.
And if this movie is trying to spread the message that God cannot be found then it is all wrong. I have read biographies of several saints who are still living in kaliyug and were blessed with more than one Divine visions. So it is possible. All we have to do is concentrating on our goal. There are people who think Spirituality is their hobby, just a time-passing element. They do not love God. This will never work. Religion is not a show-piece to be used to decorate one's room, neither is it a way to cure all material problems. Religion is to be felt from inside. Because the Creator is inside you only.
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Posted: 2015-06-23T12:25:20Z
The concept PK the movie, is trying to portray is marketing. Here the product is not God or religion but what sells in the name of God & religion. They are trying to portray shallow ideas which has many takers. Because they are as confused as the makers of the movie as far as the deep understanding of God is concerned. Its a fashion to say I don't believe in a faith system or I was following abc system but the result was not satisfactory. I was suffering then & am suffering even now.
Here mind plays the trick. Mind tries to find reason for every action & reaches a conclusion by analysing superficially. The result may be like the one PK makers are trying to market.
Rituals are one of the medium to establish connection, relation with the Deity. Over a period of time the relation matures. When a ritual is followed regularly it becomes part of our system. It is said that the Deity one worships daily, a connection is established between the worshiper & the worshiped. One should try to be regular because the Deity actually comes at that time to honour the relation created by his/ her worshiper.
Such concepts can be understood, realised only with a neutral, matured outlook. The one portrayed in PK lacks the actual understanding.
The advantage of such movie is it compels some of us to learn, know, understand more about the most amazing concept of our life, God & the Religion.
Regarding suffering, I guess everyone undergoes this feeling. Makers ok PK are just minting money by showing their pov, which is noting but an excellent marketing scheme. If the movie was doing badly, they would be suffering. LOL
Understanding God, the way his system works, is such a fantastic subject. If anyone makes  a movie with a matured understanding on this concept, I am sure it'll do better then PK. Big smile
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