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Posted: 6 years ago
Time 8:52AM.

Hope Nisha is fine and good.

Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by VeeIyer

jab change honi ho...even you cant stop it Nisha...believe me..
Iam a qualified elementary school teacher...worked 18 years, got defeated by the system and quit..., joined hands with a friend and produced broadway musicals for charity...5 years...found major ego issues with friend...quit...

joined a still part of that...Big smile

then in 2002, started a non profit for rural kids for college education..AT LAST found mother still going strong and am HAPPY...
It is all a matter of the right time...believe me

mera bacha ka payback list itna lamba hai ki he has to take punar janam to return all that money Big smile
The Retreat is with 40 youth from the villages, so I will have my hands full as Iam Camp mother...

In the meantime, mere teen protagonists ko jyaada taklif nahi dena...avaalukku talaikku mela tanni odaradu..( water running over their heads )
Take care people...logging off now...sadly before Nisha's updateConfused

God give me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change
The Courage to change the things I can
and the Wisdom to know the difference

Thank you Vaniji. Have a safe and wonderful trip. Enjoy.

Nisha, Thank you for giving a place were could meet accomplished people like you, Nivi, Vaniji and all over here. Congratulations Vikas.

You will be back with a bang at your workplace as well (New or Current one that you will know in due course). 

Ashu you are inspiration behind people eating up pages here be it Noufi, Namrata, Drsiti, Shipla or SR. 

Apart from Nisha you are the One to motivate people to jump and comment over here.

I fall short of words to appreciate your writing Nisha. I can only say I enjoy each and every update of your and wait eagerly for another. Somehow stop myself from asking for more. Thank you Nisha.
Posted: 6 years ago
Curse & Krishna

"Did u ask her if she can go?" Sam asked

R&B didnt respond just ate

"To nahi ja sakti na?" Sam asked feeling terrible

"We should have waited for the shaadi" Sam said

"Arey nahi yaar" Tan said

"What will u say to Mr Iyer Tan?"Sam panicked

"Dont be silly... we will tell him his work is designed to keep him mostly in another continent"

"aur woh maan lenge?"

"Dekh, he knows the guy has an office and an apartment there, they know he owns his own company or part owns, they also know he hasnt been living here seriously" Tan laid it all out

Sam relaxed leaning

"But what will she do?"

"Haan iska jawab nahi hai mere paas apne bhai se pooch" Tan waved his hands in the air

"Do u want her to quit in a week and go with u?" Sam asked

"If she wants to"

"Did u guys ever talk about u getting up and leaving this way?"

R&B shook his head reluctantly

"so she basically married you hoping or believing u will stay here?"

"Usko keh deta I love Paris more"

"she knows" he said looking at his wife, she stood feeling the water from the central tiered water fountain that had birds flying around

"Everything just fell apart the moment he was found in Le Meridien" Sam said

"Abhi tak hil hi raha hai" Tan nodded defeatedly, agreeing and not admonishing his wife for the first time in a long time
Maybe he was tired of being a peace maker?
Maybe he felt terrible about Ranjan and Ishita?
Nevertheless his disappointment was showing

Sam served her self rasmalai on her bread upma plate... and cut up into tiny pieces

"In a way its good it happened, because we found her" Sam said

"Not good... but yes... she came" Tan nodded

"Ma would have picked her too" Sam smiled

"40 years ago Mom would have looked like that, a mirror image... with the nose ring on the left side" Tan chuckled

"Saara maza Malcha Marg aane ka khatam kar diya toone, u jerk" Sam began to cry

"Kyon? Ishita mentally relayed to u she is going too?" Tan mocked gently

"I mean... I was beginning to believe this is how it will be" Sam said

"The mind's a crazy thing jaan, it will find itself a new normal"

"Ab se pehle ke saare normals I HATE Tan" Sam accused

"Woh normals bhi toone nahi chuney ab aage ke bhi tu nahi chunegi" Tan reminded her

Manya walked in with Vik

"What? There is a parteee? And no invite me?" Manya chuckled

Vik sat by R&B and started with rasmalai

Mahavir sprinted in "Deedee aapke liye ande banayen hum?"

"Jee thanks" Manya nodded

"what did she make?"

"Bread upma and rava idli" Sam smiled content

"BREAD UPMA?" manya asked

Sam opened the warmer bowl and served a scoop...

"OMG! Iyers make upma with everything?" she said chewing

"she makes the best coconut chutney" Sam smiled

"Hey if she makes the best sarson ka saag then talk to me" Manya teased

"IF YOU make that then I will" Sam said bitingly
Vik was flustered

"Mujhe kaun sa seekhna hai khaana banana" Manya took a dig "I am not married... Vik will eat uncooked food if he is hungry" she said with pride

Sam rolled her eyes

Tan was on the phone cleverly staying out of it

He was finishing up waved Mahavir for another espresso

"Hes leaving" Sam said

"Kaha? Kab aayega?"

"For good" Sam said through gritted teeth

"WOH BHI?" she pointed to II
"He only made plans for himself" Sam mocked

R&B began to protest but then stopped deciding he will fight with his wife first

"Are u leaving before me?" Manya asked

"If u are leaving after June 15th then yes"


"September bahut late ho jaayega yaar"

"Ph D mera hai I am ready to abandon it tumhe kya" she argued

"Sam aap isko kuch samjhao Vik begged

"Umm... sorry Vik... I cannot offer any advice"
TO BOTH Sam thought in despair, neither ur GF or my brother

Vik's phone rang

R&B got up to go stalk his wife

"Kitne din aur karegi?" Sam asked

"what?" asked Manya

"Aise iske saath?"

"U want to know if I love him? The answer is umm... I DONT know if I like him, I just hook up. Thats it" Manya said

Sam squirmed, visibly hurt

Tan looked up at Manya
"Badi hai tere se dhang se baat kar" Tan said gently
"JAB mujhe milti hai she asked me kya socha kya socha Jeeju? WHAT THE HELL?" Manya complained

"Haan to theek hai na, she worries... Dad ne haath dho liye teri taraf se,
dimpal goonga hai most maamlon mein... if u dont want her to care for u tell me" Tan said firmly

"Did u guys stalk him when he dated Marliese?" she demanded

"Agar woh galat karega tujhe bhi license chahiye?"

"Vik's a good decent man... he is there for me... jab Marliese ki tarah 4 saal ho jaayen to talk to me" Manya spat back

"U will be over 35... bache kab karegi?" Sam asked

"After 40, do u mind?" Manya spit back

II walked back in with R&B holding the baby

"Come eat, love" Sam begged

"Oh haan" II giggled

"U had Lasya after 35 why cant I" manya was beginning to blister
"But us se pehle shaadi karegi na" Sam asked

"Who knows I might have the kid with Vik" Manya said hurting

"Tan dekho" Sam begged

"Tu tedhaa argue mat kar beta" he begged Manya

"There are different standards for measuring me and for measuring dimpal?" "Mere se ek saal chhota hai kisi ne us se poocha WHEN HE is having kids?" She looked at II

Ii was startled

R&B picked up his wife's idea of play thing a cup and a spoon and clanked it, Lasya giggled uncontrollably as she reached for the shiny spoon

"hes married atleast na" Sam said
II gently picked up her plate

"No u dont have to go" Manya said

"Umm.. Akka called I have to call her back I am singing tonite... would u like to go?" II asked changing the subject

"Sure ishita I will try, ab zara meri didi ko batao when u are having kids... bhai to ja raha hai... are u going? if not why?"

"Kar ya jo bhi tera mann ho" Sam got up angrily

"We cant all be in the same room it looks like" Tan said sadly

"Who ever Dad was with must have cursed us" Manya was being thoughtless, angry and impulsive and crossing the line

II's mind did overtime

"Woh kya karengi curse, she made us realize we are basically a bunch of selfish, ingrates that happen to be siblings" Sam vented


R&B went up with the baby, II ate quietly just talking with Tan, Vik joined them soon
Mahavir made breakfast, Sam went to check on Nandu...

Mahavir started to make veg biryani and lamb biryani for lunch promised Sam he would send some over

Sam was disgruntled and disappointed...

Sam didnt stay long, just sent Sofia up asking for the baby

It was past 2... Ii ran down to see her and Tan off Sam hugged her tight

"U can be gussa with us all" she ordered

"Even Lasya?"

"even her" Sam said

II crushed the baby, causing the puffy cheeks to turn red

she now wore a lacy white sleeveless cotton frock

"Cute aa irukku dee kanna" (so lovely)

"Chithi and U are best friends" Sam reiterated

Ii nodded lump in her throat

"Aaj sabka dimaag kharab hai... tujhe kisi aur din dekh loonga" Tan hugged her tight lifting her up

"MAINE kya kiya?" II asked

"Kuch bhi nahi TABHI" Tan knocked her forehead with his middle finger

He waved to the dude

Sam said "Jerk!"
Ranjan wrapped up his meeting with Chahu and returned with Samar and Harish

Manya had shopping plans she said

Ii spoke with Amma and made plans to leave

She didnt ask him if he would go she wore a RMKV Kanjeevaram in orange... with peacocks all over in self/gold embroidery
With a parrot green blouse with gold embellishments

She wore a emerald necklace Ranjan had gifted her for the wedding with emerald jhumkas.
He took calls in his office... she pinned her pallu like she was a teacher... when she was ready she walked over to the office

He almost dropped the phone at her the sight of her

He paused unintentionally, and then stumbled saying something in French

"Na kelambaren" she said (I am leaving)

"with who?" he asked

She didnt respond


The temple was packed to the gate... she got special treatment as she went on a
recommendation from Mrs Iyengar, her teacher, Bala Mami and ohini Mami, all bigwigs at the Malai Mandir Seva Committee and wives of senior bureacrats
Gurumoorthy Mama had made large donations to the Mayur Vihar temple and had specially called in to congratulate this morning at DII expressing joy that II will be singing

A young 12 year old played violin impressively "Bho shambho shiva shambho svayambho"
Amma stacked her hair with jasmine strings... people turned to ogle men women alike some nudged and whispered gossiping about her chooras

Some asked Amma bravely

"Ponnu Punjabi paiyana pannindu irukala?" (has the daughter married a Punju?)

Amma nodded proudly, Appa squirmed

"Inda kelvi eppovum keeka pora" (this question will be forever asked)

They were greeted and seated with other performers, it was barely 6, she was told she would go at 6

II was expected to go at 7:00 now

The temple was hotter with all the people under the tent

Sam appeared with Tan and nandu and the baby, her in laws were absent

Ii noticed and ran out to greet her

Sam was stunned to see so many people

A 24 hour rudra homam was being conducted in Shiva's honor
People sat around a huge fire chanting loudly

"Did we miss it?"

"No they are late, looks like it will be atleast an hour" II giggled

"Ghar se kaun aaya?"

"akka is on her way... Amma and Appa are here" II smiled

"U are married now" Sam winked

II was quiet

"Kitne gaane?"

"they wanted me to sing for an hour"

"My teacher banned me from singing more than 3 or 4" Ii chuckled

"Wow, I must meet her and ask her if she does violin or something for Nandu, ISKO to tum sikha dongi na?" she asked

Ii nodded shyly

she held Lasya, as Amma and Sam chatted in the back
Appa chatted with Tan... Appa in a relatively good mood

7 and no sign of the dude

II was introduced glowingly

The audience greeted her with thunderous applause

Sam watched open mouthed

"The first is Krishna nee begane baaro" which basically is a plea for Lord Krishna to make an appearance


Begane baro, Mukhavannu toro


1.Kallal andhige gejje nilada baavuli.
Neelavarnane , natya madutha baro

2.Odiyalli odi gejje , beralalli oongura,
Koralalli haakitha vaijayanthi male

Her eyes continued to search the packed tent, as she began to sing

100s... she saw a tall man...Embarrassed in a pistachio green Lacoste and  blue jeans... and a man few inches shorter in cream silk kurta and white chudidar with glasses
Looking wealthy and lost...

Until the young man's eyes connected with one person...Blushing

2.Odiyalli odi gejje , beralalli oongura,
Koralalli haakitha vaijayanthi male

3.Kasi peethambara kaiyalli kolalu,
Pooshitharigandha mayyallo lagamma

4. Taayige baayalli jagavannu toritha
Jagadodharaka namma udupi Sri Krishna

English translation


Krishna, you please come quickly


Come quickly and show your face

1.With anklets in the leg and blue gem studded bangles in the hand,
Oh blue coloured one , come dancing to me.

2.In the hips you wear belt with bells, rings on your fingers,
And the garland of Vaijayanthi on your neck, please come.

3.Adorned with yellow silk of Benares with flute in your hand,
And with sandal paste applied all over body.

4. You who showed the universe in your mouth to your mother,
Oh God who carried the earth, Oh Our God Udupi Sri Krishna
Clap  Clap   Clap

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Posted: 6 years ago
everyone is in silent mode!!!!

namru hai kahaan???


shilpa,how's your day?your maid is still on leave??

baki sab sosy family ke liye GOOD MORNING...

nisha if you are not ready with an update,no worries...take rest...sleep tight!
Posted: 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Perfect situation 
Perfect song chosen!!!!

Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by ishruhi

everyone is in silent mode!!!!

namru hai kahaan???


shilpa,how's your day?your maid is still on leave??

baki sab sosy family ke liye GOOD MORNING...

nisha if you are not ready with an update,no worries...take rest...sleep tight!

I am missing Nammu and SRUnhappy
Posted: 6 years ago

Nisha, you move our heart. Don't know what to say. Simply superb.

Don't want them to separate. I know its not piratical but it would be heart breaking if they do.

At the same time, I completely trust you whatever you do will turn out to be the best.  

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