Software Symphonies 20 Color my shadow on 100 - Page 47

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Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

Originally posted by swathi1990

now things are moving in a new interesting phase...II and R&B problems pathathu nu now we have manya...
If I am not wrong manya - vik relationship is similar to R&B and marliese - unemotional relationship with benefits...thats wat she mentioned wen she spoke to sam...If it is so, then maybe this will not be a big problem...but still after seeing both of her siblings 'settled', vik's this move might disappoint her...making her more irritated...

However on the other side, vik and manny might not take anything about this seriously irrespective of R&B's decision on this proposal...that might be a positive turn...

Sam and tan clearly feels that vik is using manny...r&b in a dilemma...its nice to see that he is treading a thin line when it comes to his siblings...

Good thought process Swa, youve pretty much laid out every option there is, so the outcome will be one of the ones youve listed. She told Sam explicitly "While u both curl up in bed with ur partners why should I return to a cold bed".

R&B has been witness to Chachu misusing Ranjan, it will be interesting to see how he deals with his own exploitationBig smile

I would love to see his decision...Actually this might give him an insight of why ranjan is accomodating chachu everytime...namma enna venalum sollalum...but when it comes to close relations, we do adjust and turn the blind eye...

R&b mostly tries to do whatever sam says, even if it is emotional blackmail in a way...So he might do the same for manny as well...afterall 12 crores is probably nothing for him if he feels that it is going to keep manny happy...ana sam and tan is not going to like this...they wud probably see it as wrongly encouraging vik...overall, I feel that manny cannot take a breakup now...she will be really upset irrespective of whatever she may feel abt this relationship...
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Hsp.canada

Originally posted by Nisha0604

Originally posted by putti77

Just saw some tweet from KP in forum people are organizing rally to support Salman on 10th May from Marine drive.
Are they really insane?
Crap and shitAngry

Of course he will, if  a faintest chance exists he will ever make it big in Bollywood  Tongue, then Sallu Miya is ITBig smile Sucking up to Sallu Miya has been extremely rewarding for big screen nobodies, atleast dude's a "somebody" on TVTongue

From the looks of it Sallu Miya should be gassing his car readying to kill a few in the upcoming years. Thanks to the impotent justice system and lawyers like Salve, looks like the DUDE MAY WALK FREE
I bet he will also receive the PVSM at Republic Day next year. Katrina and Aishwarya are going to performing on the street I hear dancing to

"Oh! tumko piya dil diya kitne naaz se"
"naina lad gaye bhole bhaale kaise dagabaaz"
"Oh! tumne piya khoon kiya kitne faqr se"
"salve aaye May mein tumko chhudaane"
Clap Clap

Ash might be the only celebrity who must be happy as she had a bitter break up with him and she had confessed of verbal and physical abuse. Rest will suck up to Salu mia

Oh! dont be too sure of that Shev, tomorrow if she breaks up with Abhishek she might go right back into Sallu Miya's arms... she exploited Vivek Oberoi and made him lash out against Sallu
She will do anything for name fame and money... only time will tell.  If she cared about morailty she would be called Mrs Vivek Oberoi, not Mrs AB JrBig smile

I read a Hindustan Times article comment this morning that said somewhat like the following

"Bollywood is a incestuous family with punitive barriers of entry, if u dont belong to the family, the only way you can achieve anything is through the casting couch. Despite all that the lure continues to fog up the eyes. Bollywood is the easiest way to make a big buck, without any effort.
Its bankrolled by criminals and propped up by politicians.


100 crore is riding on Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo so Salman needs to be out is the worst sorry ass excuse I have ever heard from any criminal. As if his romancing a 22 year old virginal Sonam Kapoor at the age of 50 mandates rewriting laws of crime and punishment

Shame on him for doing everything possible to stay out of prison

Karma is a bitch they say... lets see how it catches up to him.

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Posted: 7 years ago
What made R&B low n clingy?? What was the cause nisha?
Posted: 7 years ago
Abhi time nahi hai to finish up the chapter and post
I will when I return from the evening rounds

hopefully before 8 AM IST
Posted: 7 years ago
"Should I laugh or cry?"

"WHAT does he do for a living?" Sam asked troubled

"I want to know what his "proposal" is dude" Tan said

"Dont know, petrol pumps in the North East or North someplace" he said looking at Sam first and Tan later

"PETROL PUMP?" "Really?" Thats insane... they cost between 5-10 crores dont they?"

"Umm ya... Petroleum Planning & Analysis Cell estimates Rs, 5 crore, its a Bharat Petroleum document so its all probably "white"" R&B chuckled

"Does Manny know"

"Abhi to kaha yaar..." Tan was irritated

He walked over to her and sat down by her on the swing

Lasya caught the tension and began to whimper,
"Shes too hot I am going in" R&B said holding her protectively

He sat on the couch... in the lounge... and picked up a unfinished crossword...
Tan entered followed by Sam, the kebabs were cold, he paged Mahavir  "Aur laayenge aap?" "Ishita kahan hai?" he asked

"Neeche Akka se baat kar rahi hai"

"Bulaooon?" he asked eagerly

"Umm.. nahi... Vandita aa gayi, Bala bhi aaye?" Tan asked

Mahavir nodded, JOYOUS...

""Busy?" he texted his wife

"Kinda.. enna da venum?" she askedEmbarrassed

"You" he sent backEmbarrassed

"the top half is busy making supper, the bottom half is busy chasing Nandu, u can have the middle" she texted sending a sandwich filling LOL"Venuma?"

"Vendaam" he textedBlushing

"CHOOO CHWEET, JUST for that I could come up and kiss you"Embarrassed

"Be waitin..." Day Dreaminghe texted before Lasya smacked his phone and it fell on the rug

Sam and Tan were whispering...

"Just when I think things are beginning to turn around" Sam muttered

"Dont get melodramatic jaan" Tan said

"I thought he was a good guy" Sam said

She smacked him

R&B just let Lasya play with his car keys, and II's silver bangles that lay on the end table

Lasya stuck it in her mouth widening it... drooling like a leaky shower head

"He talks nice, he said he went to Texas A&M" Sam said

"Ladki thodi de rahe hain" Tan laughed

"Ladki de chukey hain" Sam squirmed

"We went through this before... dont stick your morality into MANYA" Tan warned

"She can tell me who to forgive and why to forgive and who to hate?" Sam argued

"Isko pooch, what did she tell him?" Tan pointed to a quiet R&B

"she hates the fact that I forgave Dad... I HATE the fact that she sleeps around without a concern" Sam said

"Did u hate the fact that he did the same before he found Ishita?" Tan asked bluntly

Sam looked down at her neatly painted toes

"THIS IS NOT ABOUT HIM OR ME, Its about Manya" she spat at Tan

"Its HIS money, let him do what he wants" Tan said

" She paid through her nose for Rishabh (ex hubby)" Sam cried

"Sam calm down" Tan hissed

" Are u going to give her the money?" Sam asked him directly

"Give me a good argument, why I shouldnt, if he can present a good case?" R&B said

"He will con you" Sam warned

R&B had an increduclous expression...

"I am telling you, Manya doesnt know... Vik approached him during poker... its between the men"

"SHE MET HIM ON A PLANE... the one before Vik she met at an African Safari" San shrieked

Tan held his head

R&B stood up as Mahavir brought more kebabs..."Bala ko oopar bhej denge please?" R&B said

"dono lar rahe hain ghante se, isne kal raat ko suna, ab tak chup hai"

"He is waise bhi goonga... wonder what Ishita saw in him" Sam ranted

R&B chuckled...

"Bus ghoom phirke us par aa jao tum dono" Tan was frustrated

R&B looked startled "Whattt?" he asked

"Never mind" Tan sealed his lips

R&B looked at his sister, a guilty flush covered her face

He clenched his jaw...

Bala came up... making funny expressions at Lasya... she looked at R&B as if asking
"Ummm... this man is making strange eye movements and faces should I laugh or cry?"

Posted: 7 years ago
Is it 2 updates a day nowadays ??
someone pls tell me what are the update times
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by TanjoreGirl

Originally posted by blue5sky

Originally posted by ishruhi

god pls pls make these people busy too as i going for a dinner with my friend as her mother told us to go and enjoy our first day of independence.will sound wierd,<font color="#0000cc">but we two are going alone(!!!)</font> at night for the first time...and now checking sosy when i am in a crowded bus!

You are so cute!LOL

exam khatham YEAH YEAH!!!!have fun
walking unporposefully for kms with your friend,laugh out loud even in the busy roads,having mangoshake from your dearest hang out area(roadside type!),dinner from a busiest restaurant with tastiest non veg(my friend was asking-is tomorrow some festival?it was sooo crowded.but the fud yum),had a panic attack at last when we saw the watch as we reached hostel 10 30pm.but God saved us!hostel doors were not closed !why?we dont know!today we'go home!!
Posted: 7 years ago
"He is waise bhi goonga... wonder what Ishita saw in him" Sam ranted

"Bus ghoom phirke us par aa jao tum dono" Tan was frustrated

R&B looked startled "Whattt?" he asked

"Never mind" Tan sealed his lips

R&B looked at his sister, a guilty flush covered her face

He clenched his jaw...

Ahhahha...the cat is out of the we have to see what R& B does to handle the situ ?! He now knows Sam and Manny have discussed II Smile

And why do I have this niggling feeling that II will get willynilly caught up in the AGM business? Somehow feel she will play a key role in the showdown...

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