Dharmakshetra on Epic channel #4/ DT Nt pg 3

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All mytho addicts - 
There is a new show on a new channel called Dharmakshetra. 

Concept - The main players of Kurukshetra are called to Chitragupta's court and all the characters throw accusations. Chitragupta gives verdict at the end and decides whether they are going to be allowed into heaven
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Episode 1, Panchali - couldn't find anything to blame her for, so he judged her ambitious and wanting to be the instrument of revenge for Drupad. Awesome GoLi chemistry and Keshav defended her tooth and nail even against Bua Kunti. She had darned good answers for Karna

2nd defendant, Shakuni - I found his answers reasonable, as in, his dice were his weapons, but Justice Gupta parceled  him off to Hell

3rd defendant, Dury - I like EDury. EKaDu have good chemistry too. Their banter was FUNLOL. He had his name changed from Suyo to Dury for punishment LOL

4th, Drona - Nauseating obsequiousness from Eklavya and Abhi (I don't subscribe to the Matha, Pitha, Guro Deva philosophy any longer, may be that's why it sickened me). Basically they absolved him of all sins he committed. 

5th, Arjun - a lot of nonsense involving Mayasur and they didn't even bring up the important ones like KP and Eklavya. BUT THE ENDING WAS A ZINGER!LOL After he got absolved of his sins , Keshav got up and said Mere aur Panchali ke bhi kuch aarop hain. Then he proceeded to accuse Arjun of ignoring her. Which was strange, because he could have been accused of consenting to the division or of not looking back when she fell or of not thinking the assault on her was important enough to wage war for. The verdict was LEGEN, wait for it, DARYLOL. Mr Gupta divorced ArDi and when Arjun asked Draupadi for a second chance she said, 'I am not a young princess to be impressed by an archer any more'LOL

6th, Kunti- Accusations from Karna took up the bulk. Somehow she got absolved of all of it. Then after the verdict was done (she would be called mother of 5, not of 6 which she countered by saying the world will know she loved Karna) Panchali and Arjun accused her of maneuvering to have her divided. Dharma Raj offered to accept blame, but Patni was having none of it and held forth unchecked. Then it ended when Kunti said I am a mother and I did what was best for my sons

7th, Bheem - apart from the usual cruelty to Kauravas, the entire two episodes was taken up by PDA between BheemDi. The tender eyelocks, the touches, the hugs, the kisses. OK, I made the last one upLOL. But I suspect Moumi to be part of the CV team for DK. The verdict was that Bheem wouldn't be known as the hero but as a killer. Which he counters by saying, I kid you not, LOL, the world will know him as someone who knew how to love 

And how could I have forgotten the Bheem-Dury exhibition match!LOL. I skipped through that part, so I don't know who won. Justice Gupta seems to be a sports fan. I wonder if he will have KaJu do an archery match as well.LOL

8th, Ashwi who was basically beaten up by everyone. The funny part about Ashwi episode was that Dury accused him on Panchali's behalf. LOL. He actually asked Bhabhishree Panchali's permission to do so. And Arjun got jealous ShockedLOL. It was darned funny. Justice Gupta of course told him he can continue his wanderings but Keshav showed him some kindness and told him when he feels Ashwi has suffered enough he will make certain Ashwi gets into heaven

9th, Bheeshma- more obsequiousness, and this time from Panchali who absolved him of his sin of not stopping the VH. But, she did get a zinger in at Dharma Raj by calling him a weak prince. Keshav made a speech saying he consolidated power in his own hands under the guise of giving it up. Bheeshma says Thank you, because now you have shown me who will actually support me and who wont. Because the Kauravas of course agreed with that assesment. I thought it was a rather good way of bringing up the truth about Bheeshma without causing protest rallies LOL. But the best part was Amba. BheeMba had awesome chemistry. And Justice Gupta got them MARRIED! LOL

And btw, Amba used the sacred 'N' word on DevavratLOL

10th, Gandhari - It was a foolish vow to take and even more foolish and very passive aggressive to hang on to the idea when she saw her sons were going down the wrong path. I know there are some who blame Kunti for hanging onto the blind couple but she did function as a glorified maid to them along with Vidur. I disagree with the 3rd one. Right or wrong, those were her sons. The curse came from her heart. I don't think she should have EVEN BEEN BLAMED for that. I think the show did a good thing though bringing it up. But Keshav said she has had enough punishment in her life and her only punishment from Justice Gupta was to tell her she would be an example of how not be a parent.

Then came the important part of the episode. LOL THE ArDi HUG (poor GandhariLOL). 

11th, Dhrisht - Under the understanding that CiC has the responsibility for all the stuff pulled in the war, Justice Gupta found him guilty.My favs were always Panchali, Govind, then Arjun. I had a soft corner for Mr Sen. The other Pandavas were OK and I could tolerate Yudhi since you couldn't get A or B without Y. But this one episode got me to totally loathe them. Sitting there and moralizing about the adharm done by Dhrisht!Shocked Without Keshav, without Dhrisht and yes, without Sikhandin, they wouldn't have won the darned war! The moralizing is coming from the 5 Ns who sat on their hands while Panchali was disrobed.Shocked. The original Ps must be rolling around in their icy graves nowD'oh.

12th, Yudhi - AARRGGHH! Of all the questions Panchali could have asked him, 'Why did you look at me?'D'ohShe couldn't find it in her to ask 'Why did you stake me?', or 'Why did you not defend me when I was being assaulted?'. And Yudhi escaped while SK baby remains the child of a broken homeCry

13th, Dushy - He tried to argue "Dury made me do it' And Keshav reorted 'So if he asked you to jump off the roof, would you?"LOL Not quite, but you get the gist. Panchali used StarShishu's sacred wordCry . On his first death anniversary too!Cry. And Keshav, what suppressed rage, man! 'Tumne meri sakhi ke kesh pakda' Oooh! I got the chills!LOL As expected, Dushy went southward. Where Dhrisht waits for the guy who assaulted and nearly raped his sister!Evil SmileLOL

Next up, Dhrith

Remaining - Vidur, Drupad, Nak-Sah, Karna and Keshav. I am praying they dont forget poor Nak-Sah. Poor things! At least in swarga loka someone should remember themLOL
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Originally posted by LiveYourDream

That is what i wanted to say too Radhika...Smile
Arjuna had a good sarathi who did his job well whereas Karna and his sarathi's equation was not the same..

Shalya, had his own agenda, I guess
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Originally posted by ashne

Originally posted by AnuMP

One Q I have
The sinking of chariot wheels occurs twice in that fight

1) When G saves Parth from Nagastra
2) Karna's wheels

But since Parth's wheels sank first, one assumes he did come out of the mud before they resumed the fight. How?

Bcoz of Govind, maybe. But if u don't go by the divinity part, how was Govind able to bring the wheel out and not Karna?

arjun stayed on the chariot fighting while krishna pulled the chariot up. karna got no help from shalya and so could not fight and raise the chariot at the same time.

"Then Jishnu, turning his face in rage, cut off, with six keen shafts, that snake in the
welkin as the latter was coursing in a slanting direction. His body thus cut off, he fell down on the earth.
After that snake had been cut off by Arjuna, the lord Keshava himself, O king, of massive arms, that foremost of beings, raised up with his arms that car from the earth. At that time, Karna, glancing obliquely at Dhananjaya, pierced that foremost of persons, viz., Krishna, with ten shafts whetted on stone and equipped with peacock feathers.
Then Dhananjaya, piercing Karna with a dozen well-shot and keen arrows equipped with heads like the boar's ear, sped a cloth-yard shaft endued with the energy of a snake of virulent poison and shot from his bow-string stretched to his ear."

"When his car began to reel from the curse of the Brahmana, and when the high weapon he had obtained from Rama no longer shone in him through inward light, and when his terrible snake-mouthed shaft also had been cut off by Partha, Karna became filled with melancholy.His steeds and  his driver also were displaced from their usual position. (i think shalya left karna to his own devices)

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Originally posted by ashne

Originally posted by LiveYourDream

That is what i wanted to say too Radhika...Smile
Arjuna had a good sarathi who did his job well whereas Karna and his sarathi's equation was not the same..

Shalya, had his own agenda, I guess

That is called cutting off your nose to spite your face...you pick someone that does not want to be a sarathi then you end up paying the price...
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That's because on kauravas side he is the only guy who can come near to the neck-breaking speed at which Krishna rode.
And its Duri who orders him.
Yudu knows this and tells Shalya to use the opportunity to lower karna morale.
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Originally posted by bhas1066

That's because on kauravas side he is the only guy who can come near to the neck-breaking speed at which Krishna rode.
And its Duri who orders him.
Yudu knows this and tells Shalya to use the opportunity to lower karna morale.

True, but did Dury really expect that once Shalya was forced to fight for him, he would continue to favor his cause. Shalya was Karna's charioteer for a few days (wasn't he), They could have bought in a mediocre guy to replace him,once they realized what he was doing. Karna would have fared better, I guess.
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Found this (am expecting all Yudhi fans to kill meLOL, but OTOH it says Bheem did the Lac house burning)

Then Yudhsthira, the lord of the world call his younger brothers and addressed them as follows :-- "O highly fortunate ones! Our revered uncle is desirous to perform the funeral obsequies of his sons; so we will have to give him some money for the purpose." 

Hearing these words of his elder brother of indomitable valour, Pavana's son, the mighty armed Bhma became very angry and spoke out follows :-- "O highly lucky one! Is it that we will have to give wealth for the spiritual benefit of Duryodhana and others? What a great stupidity can there be than the fact that such a malevolent blind king is deriving so great happiness at your hands? O rya! It is by your bad counsel that we suffered endless troubles in the forest and the extremely good Draupadi was brought before the public in the hall by Duhs'sana. O one of good vows! It is for your satisfaction alone that we, though we were very mighty, had to remain in the house of Matsya Rj Virt as servants. Had you not been our elder brother and not been addicted to the gambling, would it have been possible I, who killed Jarsandha, would have been a cook to Virt Rj! Never we had been put to so great a trouble! Never would the mighty armed Arjuna, the Vsava's son, have acted the part of an actress (a dancer), dressing himself in a female garb, under the name Vrihannal. Alas! What more painful could there be by assuming a human birth that the hands of Arjuna, that wielded always the Gndva bow, would have worn bracelets befitting a woman? I would have been happy then had I, seeing the braid of hair on Arjuna's head and the collyrium in his eyes, cut off the head of Dhritarstra!


O Lord of the earth! Without asking you, I set fire on the house, named Jatugriha (a lac-house, as built by Duryodhana in order to burn up the Pndavas) and therefore the vicious Virochana, who wanted to burn us, was himself burnt up. Again, O Lord of men! similarly, without asking you, I slew Kichaka; this is now the one thing I regret that I could not have killed in the same way the sons of Dhritarstra before the public hall. O king of kings! It was simply your stupidity that you liberated Duryodhana and other sons, the great enemies of the Gandarbhas, when they had been imprisoned by them. Again to-day you are willing to give wealth for the spiritual benefit of those Duryodhana and others! But, O Lord of the earth, I would never give wealth, even if you request me specially to do this.


Thus saying, Bhma went away. 


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