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need to get my creativity starting a fan fic...- kya yehi pyar tha...i'm introducing the characters and the story concept... will post the story later on night...

Character -


The rastogi's are an affluent family belonging to  Palampur, Himachal. They now own a construction company in Mumbai.

Mr Amal Rastogi: A literary professor. He is married to Pratibha who is a social worker and works towards the development and upliftment of women. They have two daughters, kripa who is a budding classical singer and Kashish who is renowned classical dancer in India.Amal is a kind and genrous man who can do anything for his friends.

Mrs Pratibha Rastogi:A social worker with a secret past. has a soft corner for Piyush Raheja who was orphaned at an early age and is Abhays business partner in his company.  For pratibha, her home and her children are everything.

Kripa (age 20): Kripa is the youngest daughter mr Amal Rastogi. the darling of her parents, is a very helpful,caring , kind and a lovable girl.Is in love Angad but somehow never got the guts to tell him. Sujal knows about her feelings but Kripa has vowed Sujal to secrecy.

Kashish (age 24): Kripas eldest sister and a renowed classical dancer. was going to be married to sujal but because of some misunderstanding the marriage was called off. Is tho still in locve with sujal and knows sujal loves her too. but now they can never meet or so she thinks!

The Kapoors

Abhay (age 27): Abhay is an orphan who is a running a steel business - Kapoors and Khanna's in Mumbai.  He is a self made man who taught himself how to read and write and was determined to become the businessman of the year. He was married to kkusum for five years before they got divorced. He still loves kkusum  tho. he has a bone of contention with karthik whom he thinks is responsible for the divorce. Abhay is Tall, dark and handsome with an intriguing personality. Quick thinking and witty, he has an amazing sense of humour and can make even the dumbest of jokes look funny! Abhay was orphaned at the age of five when his father drank himself to death and mother died of a kidney infection.


The khannas are one of the richest family in Mumbai. They encourage budding talents are into film distribution and productions. They run about five - six music academies and have  3 recording studios in Mumbai .

Dilip Khanna :is not into Music and is the co founder of Kapoors & Khannas - Abhay's steel company. Dilip is married to Naina who is like the patriah of the family.

Naina Khanna: runs the music business of the house and is the one controlling the affaies of her son. Always been a busy bee, she never had time for her sons - karthik and angad who were actually bought up by their dadi. While Karthik is the director of the three recording studios and the Chairman of the music acamedies , Angad is a popular rockstar. arrogant, good looking with a dashing personality. Naina and Dilip have a daughter Kkusum who is an interior designer and was married to Abhay.

Karthik:(age 26) He is an average looking guy and is the blacksheep of the family. He is jealous of angad and always thought that angad was given more importance than him. In love with Mishti , He is now determined to pull Angad down at any cost as he think angad loves mishti.

Angad (age 24): from childhood has always been taught by his mom that no matter what he does, he will always be right. He was told that love was waste of precious time. Right from childhood his upbringing was such that he never had the love of his parents as they were too busy trying to make a name for themselves..he was  forced to grow up quickly and he was determined to accomplish something in his life, His sheer determination, desire and arrogance to become the best has now led him to become the super rock star of the country.  Angad  is not very approachable and has very few friend one of them being Mishti and the other being Sujal. His dark and brooding looks have made women go head over heels for him

kkusum (age 26): An interior designer who is very homely girl. loves her brothers dearly but cant stand charu- karthiks girl friend.


Damini Bose is a widower and is a music and film financer. She has a son Prithvi who has just finished filmaking in the States and daughter Mishti who is studying film production in College. The bose's are a well knit family. Damini's husband Anurag was good friends with Aman & Dilip.

Mishti (age 24):  Younger sister of Prithvi ,she is a super bra who loves to boss her brother around.She is beautiful and arrogant and is best friends with Angad. She doesnt think too highly of kripa and has a flirtatious nature

Prithvi (age 26): a film maker who is a dreamer, a visualiser and believes in the beauty of life. Hasnt found the perfect girl for himself though as yet but has a soft corner for kripa.


Sujal(age 24): Angads best friend and his partner in crime. Likes kashish and is friendly with kripa. Calls Kripa a kiddo!

Dadi: Angad, Karthiks & kkusums  dadi. Has a soft corner for Sujal who she treats like her own son. Never like Naina and couldnt do much when her son rebelled to get married to the girl of his choice.

The concept:

Kya yehi pyar tha is a fan fic arising out of a result of watching too many balaji  serials...any resemblance to any character being portrayed on screen is pure co incidence. . as my brain is dead and i badly need to enhance my creativity, i thought why not intermingle the stories together!!jokes apart. Kya Yehi Pyar tha looks at life the way we chose it to be..its an intense classical love saga involving the fate of four  couples - Angad & Kripa, Sujal & Kashish, Abhay and kkusum and Karthik and Mishti.

Are these four couples meant to be together? Call it Fate or is their destiny that they only realized the meaning after they lost it..but will their love come back to them....what is it that they lost out on the very person they really cared for...Is the meaning of love letting go and sacrifice? whats the misunderstanding created that led to the Abhay - Kkusum divorce, Why cant Kkyusum not get along with her brothers and whats the torrid past of pratibha...Sounds filmy and familiar but isnt ....Kya yehi pyar tha is all about realising what love is ..when you have actually lost it...Life and Romance intermingled in the present day scenario - thats kya yehi pyar tha for you...

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Posted: 2005-06-14T06:42:22Z
wow...KYPH, KTH and KUSUM all mixed together....hope it doesn't get too confusing....all the bestSmile
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Posted: 2005-06-14T06:49:37Z
it wont ..and thats a promise ...
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Posted: 2005-06-14T07:46:48Z

it has too many charecters but it is good

start story i think it will really b gr8

waiting for ur next post

lots of love


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Posted: 2005-06-14T08:35:23Z
Good luck... will probably be interesting unless one gets mixed up between characters!
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Posted: 2005-06-14T09:32:53Z
this looks like a great story in the making!Wink
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Posted: 2005-06-14T09:34:11Z
Thanks it's really nice
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Posted: 2005-06-14T09:39:15Z
good luck misty...make it funny.....
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