RAYA OS : Without You

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Priya was wandering down the beach of the sea the waves that lost their power due to the meeting with the shore were gently kissing her bare feet the shoes were hanging down from the fingers of her left hand a naughty night wind was playing with wet red hair a dress a little too light for such a cold night tried to heat up her body

She trailed her hand through still wet hair and carried the gaze of her beautiful eyes to the horizon line behind which the first shy rays of the sun could be seen the night passed by unnoticeably she didn't want to come back to an empty house the only place where she could feel comfortable at the moment was this shore this sea that had always shared its warmth and coldness the rays of the sunset that reminded of her inner self. every time she came here all the problems went to the background of this sandy world

Priya went down the shore slowly enjoying its chilling laughter for a moment she closed her eyes and carefully embraced herself by the shoulders It seemed that the wind itself was gently hugging her that feeling of freedom like flying above the ocean nothing could be compared to that she could understand herself only being alone understand that she was unbearably lonely only now she felt the coldness of the night that was making its way to the dawn smoothly

She opened her eyes slowly her gaze fell on her bare feet at this moment she felt someone's presence Immediately without any other thought she looked up and her eyes met so familiar gaze of his brown eyes his lips whispered softly breaking the melody of the singing sea and she feel tear in her eyes

Today like any other day 

is lonly and my heart feel torn
into because you arent there

My Ram

Days I havent seen you
Hours I havent held you
Minutes that just seem to say
you wont come home

I feel tormented
I feel lost

You are my light
that i always saw at the end of
each dark tunnel life would
present to me

Ram just come back to me

But atleast i wish that i could have gone
with you just this once

I have finally found you Priya

A man approached her in a fast and confident step his hands captured her slender body in his strong arms he raised his beauty as a feather and twirled her in the air she cried out in surprise but he did not stop swirling his wife he missed her like crazy and it took him almost three hours to find her

Priya asked sadly to put her down because she felt dizzy Ram immediately fulfilled her wish

Ram said that he was worried when he got home after a business trip and did not find her anywhere he searched through all of her favorite places in the city until he found her here

Priya apologized for the concern she had caused him and said that she couldn't bear solitude when he was away that was why she decided to take a walk and dispel her sadness

Ram stroked his beloved wife's long wet hair and clung to her salty lips in an intense and passionate kiss she answered his dominant and deep kiss with all the love that lived in her heart the spouses continued kissing for a long time enthusiastically to the accompaniment of the sound of the waves Ram was not able to let go his sweet wife from his strong and admiring embrace

Only at dawn the couple returned home Ram suddenly stopped in front of the door and kissed Priya's seductive pink lips passionately again she was a little surprised by his sudden impulse but implicitly responded to her beloved's affectionate attacks which made the blood dance in her veins when his warm lips left the girl alone Ram told her that he was madly in love with her and then he asked her not to scare him like that anymore she was his precious treasure and if something happened to her he just had no idea how to go through this grief Priya sincerely promised him not to disappear without warning ever again In response the man picked her up in his arms and went into the house in a confident step carrying his wife to their lovely bedroom Ram wanted to warm up her frozen body in a hot tub and after that to lay Priya thiere bad ram look at her that time his phone rang ram look at her and said sorry Priya smile and he went to attend the phone after some time letter Priya look at him but he still with his phone and she went from there when he hang up and look for Priya but she was nowhereand he  balcony

Priya stood on the balcony of her house she was dressed in a silky nightgown of red colour the beauty looked up at the night sky dreamily the view was amazing millions of bright stars were shining above sending their smiles to her nd suddenly Priya saw a shooting star

She pressed her hand to her heart and made a wish with a sincere faith unexpectedly Priya felt Ram's arms around her waist her heart knew that it was him and besides...only Ram had that unique spicy scent she loved to inhale so much

Ram kissed the soft and pale skin of her neck and asked what she had wished for Priya said that it was a secret a stubborn smile was playing on her lips when Ram chuckled and replied that he would make all efforts to make her tell him her wish Priya released herself from his tight hug and turned around sending him a playful wink

If I tell you Mr.Ram Kapoor my wish will not come true nd with those words she was about to go to the bedroom but Ram interrupted her bold intentions by capturing her hand and pulling her body to his with high speed unexpectedly to herself Priya let out a sound of surprise but Ram looked deep into her azure eyes tenderness and never ending love could be clearly read in his mirrors of soul that had the most beautiful colour Priya had ever seen

I want to be the only one who fulfills all your wishes my beloved wife Ram said

Then he bent his head down and kissed her on the slightly parted lips he kissed her deeply and emotionally showing his loyalty and adoration to her great amazement he bent her down the next moment holding her by the back like in tango

For some unknown reason she made him feel like a hero of some novel tonight If only someone could know how much he loved to be her hero Ram didn't plan to take that pose but his enlightened mood whispered to his heart that she would look incredible with her luxury loose hair touching the floor and her slightly flushed face that would show that Priya was reacting to the special atmosphere he was creating

Priya held her breath when she found herself soaring in the air It felt amazing and extremely intimate to be held like that but the most indescribable moment happened when she saw Ram's face standing out against a starry background the view made her speechless his eyes were shining just like those distant stars she would never reach nd suddenly she realized that Ram was her lucky star nd he was there for her and she could always reach for him no matter how far away he might be their souls were tied with invisible ribbon forever

A smile found its perfect place on her lips as she decided to give up and tell him her wish

Come back to me alive Ram I need you and your love without you I'm not living but existing

Ram smiled at her so warmly and brightly like the sun itself and after taking her in his arms he carried his beauty to their room

Ram laid her on their large bed and whispered sincerely to his outstanding wife you know my heart is beating desperately it beats only for you I promise that I will always come back to you no matter what

Ram lay beside her on the bed and she took him in her tender embrace kissing him sweetly

This wish is my most treasured Priya whispered in his ear closing her eyes

My goal in life is to fulfill your wish sweetheart Ram responded and captured his beloved wife's lips in a deep and sensual kiss

I love you Priya

The moment those words escaped his mouth Priya's lips twisted in a broad smile despite the telling blush on her face she reached forward and kissed his smoothly shaved cheek tenderly

I love you too Ram she whispered in his ear and hugged him gently

The night was young and beautiful...just like them... but the stars had never shone so brightly like they did that night never letting his adored wife go from his secure and caring embrace.


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Lovely os thank u for updating beautiful os everyday plss update ur ff na plss
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Posted: 2015-03-23T09:43:41Z
superbly sensuous. too gud.
do write more.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2015-03-23T19:31:22Z
Thx for d pm.
it's beautiful writing again, a masterpiece on raya n their ever ending love.
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Posted: 2015-03-23T23:40:14Z
Your writings are just beautiful...
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Posted: 2015-03-24T00:04:52Z
beautiful small bt romantic os..
RaYa meant to b together
thnx for the pm...
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Posted: 2015-03-24T03:12:52Z
It's a beautifully written story.
Keep writing such stories on raya. Edited by Sakshiashu - 2015-03-24T03:13:11Z
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Posted: 2015-03-28T04:46:30Z

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Thank you very much for reading and commenting!Smile

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