Ye Hai Mohabbatein Written Update 21st March 2015

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Episode starts with Shagun saying Ishita can't take away Ruhi and shouts. Ruhi says Ishita will take her in 48 hours. The lawyer tells the family that Ruhi will come home tomorrow and Ishita says she will give sweets to Adi, adn asks Simmi to help her. Simmi takes her to Adi's room. Ishita says she loves Adi and talks to him while he is sleeping. Raman talks to Adi's counselor who says he is having fear in his heart and getting suicide thoughts, he is in sensitive stage, he is very weak. Raman asks what should I do. She asks him not to increase his insecurity, as Adi used to come with driver, Shagun did not come. Raman says he loves Adi a lot. Ishita tells Adi that we will become good friends, you don't want to make me mum, but we will become friends, that you can share everything, I will shower love as a friend, we will not let the connection break. The counselor says Ishita can connect with Adu, not you are sending him back to Shagun, he feels he is like any item, how can he bear this.

Ishita says we are not sending you for Ruhi, You and Ruhi are same for me, I understood you, I can't choose between you and Ruhi, you both are part of my life, its new challenge for me to manage you, I will accept this. She says I will try my best that you don't get away from home. The lady says Adi is scared that where is his home, where will he stay, he has pain inside. Ishita says she will not let him break, you are part of Raman's heart and I won't let his heart break. The lady says if Adi takes any extreme step then.. Raman asks how to assure him that I love him. She says you have to assure by actions. Raman says you mean I should not send him to Shagun. She says kids should stay where he feels safe and secure, its your home.

Raman thinks and drinks, while walking on the road at night. He says what kind of father am I, i m sacrificing my daughter to save Adi's life, I m responsible for this. Pita se hai naam tera...plays... He recalls the counselor's words and what Adi said. He says I won't let Adi go, but what about Ruhi, Shagun will ruin her, she will feel negativity in her, and blames Lord for this, saying this time his children will be with him, no one can snatch my children from me, not even Lord. He says its all because of me, that they got divided, I will make everything fine. He comes home and says sorry Ruhi, sorry Ishita, but this time Adi is my priority, I know I m doing wrong, but you will understand. He cries.

Ishita sees the papers Vohra gave and asks Raman why did he not take her calls. She asks did he drink, is there any problem at office, is he tensed for Ruhi or celebrating that she is coming. She says its time to rejoice, we have to go court at 9am, I m excited, I told Vohra about Adi's case, our family will complete, this file is imp, I will keep this with me and sleep tonight. He gets close to her and says he can't be away from her.

He says Ruhi came on Holi day, and she is not here, Adi is sleeping too, its just you and me. He lifts her from her wheelchair, while she has the papers. He gets closer and she gets hurt. He says sorry, I forgot you are hurt, and asks her to sleep. He makes her sleep and she says sorry. He says I m sorry and hugs her. He cries and takes the papers.

Its morning, Ishita gets ready and asks everyone not to worry as Ruhi will come to them, Adi is sleeping and Raman is tired sleeping. Simmi teases her and Ishita asks her to concentrate on making food. Mr. Bhalla asks them to get ready. Ishita says she will make documents ready and asks Neelu to get green tea. She smiles recalling Raman's romantic side. Dil kahin rukta nahi...plays... She says my fracture became a hurdle. She checks the file and looks for the letter. She gets tensed on not finding it. She says where did papers go, I kept in this. She asks Neelu to take her downstairs. She tells everyone that she is not getting the letter which Vohra gave and they are stunned.

Ruhi gets ready and says Ishi Maa will take her out today. Shagun asks why did she wake up soon. Ruhi says she will go home with Ishi Maa, 48hours are over, lets go to court.

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Thanks for Written Update !
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Thanks MariaMars for Ye Hai Mohabbatein March 21, 2015 written update
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Thank you for the written update.

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Thank u so much for the wu...
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Thanks For The Written Update...
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Thanks MariaMars for Ye Hai Mohabbatein March 21, 2015 written update
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Thanks for the written update.. It is much appreciatedEmbarrassed
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