Ye Hai Mohabbatein 19th March'15 written update

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Posted: 2015-03-19T14:59:42Z

Raman n ishita r discussing abt ruhi.ishita said ruhi grows up with them, so she know how to deal in every state n she is strong girl.ishita said now they have to find proofs against shagun n present it before court.then she tells they have to think abt Adi too.if we show more concerns for ruhi he will feel bad n lonely, so we should make him feel comfortable.Raman holds her hand and said i knw u will bring back our ruhi. (Yhm song n bg)
Raman drops Adi@ school.he goes without speaking to raman.Raman stops him n gave his badge.Raman asks him what happend he was sitting quite in car.raman tried to have a friendly talk with him but adi doesn't reply n goes.Raman meets bala there.Raman told him ruhi didn't came to school yet and he is going to check, he have to take adi's certificates too frm shagun..bala tells he shouldn't go alone there n he will accompany him.both leaves.
Iyer sisters came to meet lawyer Mr gautam vohra.ishita told vandu, mihika that she wont come inside coz he will recognize her.mihika vandu comes inside.mihika told him she want to file a case against her husband, to get divorce.vandu said they met many lawyers but no1 was ready to help them.he asks why.mihika told her hus is very cunning n trapped.they asks him if he did any out of process case, like he achieved any impossible cases or any complicated case he have solved recently?and tells him to share its details with them so that they will get confidence abt their case.he said he did a child custody case recently but its not related to mihika's case.mihika asks him to tell more abt it.Mr vohra asks why they need to know abt it, they could ask their sister ishita about it.both are shocked.Mr vohra said i know both of youn me n ashok knw eachother very well.he tells their drama was stupid and he know ishita is waiting outside.vandu n mihika request him to help them.but he denies n told them to leave.
Bala's mom comes to meet shagun.she tells she is happy that ruhi is with her now.she taunts ishita n says she spoiled ruhi, as she can't have her own kid she is possessive about others kids.she flattered shagun with her sweet words n said she would b wih her in this fight, jst make sure ishita doesn't get ruhi back.Ruhi comes there listening to this and said her ishimaa would come to take her within 48 hours.shagun tells her to behave well.bala's mom acts good infront of ruhi n tells her to eat cookie.ruhi tells her to feed d biscuit.bala's mom gets happy n feeds d biscuit to ruhi.ruhi bites her finger n she screams.shagun scolds her.ruhi told her if she again dare to talk bad abt ishimaa, she will bite again ;).bala's mom complaint abt her to shagun.ruhi runs frm there n shagun goes behind her.Raman n bala were coming there.ruhi tells raman that she want to go with him.Raman calms her down n said he will come to take her.shagun asks why he came there.Raman said he came to took his certificate.shagun goes to take it.Raman n bala follows her.
Mihika vandu comes out n told ishita their plan s failed.ishita stops Mr vohra n tried to speak him.he told her to speak to him through their lawyer orelse he will take action against them.both argues abt the case.ishita gives lecturers to him and told soon he would realize he used to be a good human before becoming gr8 lawyer,etc. (Oh wow, he already startd realizing he was a good man LOL.
Shagun gave file to ruhi brings bala's mom who was hiding inside :p.both r surprised to see her there.bala asks how come she is there.she asks is she can't become friend with anyone?.bala said she know very well about shagun still meeting her.bala's mom taunts ishita and calls her manhoos n said she would bring bad luck in his family too.bala stops her n gives reply to her.I know u joined with her coz she want to see ishita n sad state.bala said Aap agar shagun ki saath kadi hai, toh mein ishita ke aage kada hoon .and I will protect her. Thumbs Uphe leaves.before leaving Raman told shagun that he will never let her to win.
Mihika came back to home.ashok asks if she went to meet Mr vohra.mihika is surprised and asks how does he know and why he didn't helped her.ashok asks why would he help her.she request him to help her as her akka can't live without ruhi.he denies telling he hates him so hates his family too.mihika said Raman jeeju is lucky to have a gr8 family who supports him n every thick n thin.she then tells in future if he gets in any problem n need any help no1 would be with him.ashok said he is self sufficient and doesn't need anyone.
Adi's classroom. Teacher told their summer vacation will start soon n they will go to higher class, they can choose their subject.teacher said they had invited professionals frm each feed to give guidance to them.teacher welcomes lawyer Mr vohra in class who was Adi's friend's dad too.Adi recognized him n thinks he helped his mom to get ruhi's custody.

Precap:Mr vohra is@ bhalla house.he tells ishita that he would give her a letter n they should talk to judge n say only they should get Ruhi's custody.ishita gets happy and asks if he is telling truth.he said yes...Adi calls shagun n happily tells her now he would be coming to her n ruhi would return to papa.shagun asks who told him this.he said he met lawyer uncle today@ 1school and he had talked to ishita aunty too n is helping them.adi said now everything will be alright.shagun tells nothing will happen, he will stay there with his dad n she wont give ruhi to anyone.Adi felt bad listening this :( !


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Posted: 2015-03-19T18:02:05Z
Thanks Asherkibiwi for Ye Hai Mohabbatein March 19, 2015 written update
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Posted: 2015-03-19T23:30:57Z
Good that skipped!
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Posted: 2015-03-20T00:26:25Z
Thank you so much for the written update. It is well done
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Posted: 2015-03-20T03:27:05Z
Thanks Asherkibiwi for Yeh Hai Mohabbatein March 19, 2015 written update
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