FAN-FIC: A-K Fightclub

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All said and done by the Godzilla Gang, Angad is convinced that Kripa is an opportunist who used Angad for ulterior motives especially because of what Harshini said about that money transaction...he has gone back to his old colours,Dadi tried knocking some sense into his head but was shocked by his ruthless attitude...and now Angad wants to get back at Kripa.He calls her to the rehearsal hall when she calls him from the airport that she has reached Mumbai......

Angad is standing in the middle of the rehearsal hall the very same place where Kripa had slapped him right across the face and that's exactly what he is thinking about staring at the wooden floor.Suddenly, he hears Kripa call his name....for a second his heart skips a beat as he lifts his eyes to the door to see a tearful Kripa staring at him with a soul-igniting yearning. She runs into his arms and instinctively, Angad is about to wrap his arms around her but clenches his fists and holds down his arms even as Kripa hangs on to him......

KRIPA(between tears and sobs):"Angad...yeh sab kya ho gaya? Tumhaari sagaai ki khabar sunkar mera kya haal hua...tum soch bhi nahiin sakte...kucch der ke liye to laga ki jaise mere jism se meri jaan hi alag ho gayi.....sab theek ho jaayega na Angad? Tum mere paas waapis aa jaaoge na...please, please mujhse kaho ki ye ek bura khwaab hai jo aankh khulte hi khatam ho jaayega."

Angad doesn't say anything and Kripa is surprised that Angad is not responding at all........she breaks away from him and looks into his eyes and is shocked at what she sees...........

KRIPA(shocked n confused):"Oh God! kya hai Angad? main kya dekh rahi hoon? Tumhari ..tumhari aankhon mein mujhe wahi...wahi."

Angad gives her his old devilish grin and very arrogantly crossing his arms against his chest says..........

ANGAD:"Wahi purana Angad Khanna nazar aa raha hai, right? To kaho na, Kripa Sharma.Don't be surprised lady."

Kripa can't understand what Angad is saying and draws away from him further.........

KRIPA(alarmed):"Yeh tum...tum kis tarah ki baatein kar rahe ho Angad? mujhe kucch samajh mein nahiin aa raha hai...."

Angad breaks into a ridiculing laughter and shakes his head.....

ANGAD(between laughs):" Ya, right.Kripa ..agar tum ab bhi nahiin samjhi to tumse bada bewakoof duniya mein ho hi nahiin jagah yaad hai tumhe?...hum wahiin khade hain jahaan se hamaari nafrat ki shuruat hui thi...yaheen isi jagah khade hokar tumne mujhe thappad maara tha...yaad aaya?"

Kripa's head seems to be swimming as she gets repeated flashbacks of her first clash with Angad...and she seems to be going numb with Angad's behaviour......

Infuriated, Angad pulls her close, locks her arms with his and bores his furious concentric circles into her terrified face.....

ANGAD(breathing fire):"Yaad nahhin aa raha to main kucch madad kar doon tumhaari?.......Tumhaari aankhon par jo ye so-called pyaar ka parda pada hai..ise hataao aur haqeeqat ko dekho......maine tumhe aaj yahaan isliye bulaaya hai kyunki aaj tumhari aur meri kahaani yahaan khatam ho jaayegi...mera badla poora ho gaya hai."

Kripa stares into his angry eyes as slowly realisation dawns upon her.........

KRIPA(numb):"Badla? nahiin ho sakta...tum to mujhse pyaar karte ho na?"

ANGAD(almost digging his fingers into her bare arms):"Pyaar?Pyaar tum mujhse karti ho Kripa...main tumse nahiin..samjhi? Jo tumne mujhse kiya woh pyaar ho sakta hai..lekin jo maine tumhaare saath kiya..woh pyaar nahiin...ek daag..ek dhokha hai jo maine tumhari zindagi mein lagaaya hai....tumne mujhe sirf isliye thappad maara tha kyunki maine tumhe chhua tha...bas...usi din mane soch liya tha ki main tumhe jhukaaoonga nahiin..tod doonga....tumhe apne pyaar main itna majboor kar doonga ki tum mere bina jee na sako.....mere bina ek saans bhi chain se na le sako...and you know what...maine ye kar dikhaya.......thappad maara tha mujhe..sirf tumhe chhoone ke liye..aur ab? Ab nahiin haath uthaaogi tum mujhe par..jab maine  tumhe choone ke know what..........(grins shamelessly at her)."

Kripa seems as if life has ebbed out of her as shw slowly come to terms with what Angad has just said. She breaks away from him and moving away whispers..........

KRIPA(cold eyes but a tear trickles down her cheek):"Nahiin Angad..aaj main tum par haath nahiin uthaaoongi..kyunki agar aaj maine tum par haath utha diya to hum dono mein koi farak nahiin reh jaayega."

She turns away and though wobbly in knees..slowly walks towards the door. Angad watches her go with a triumphant look on his face.Kripa, on reaching the door, turns around one last time and says......

KRIPA(pained n hurt but firm):"Hamaari kahaani abhi khatam nahiin hui Angad.....Kahaani to ab shuru hogi."

TO BE CONTINUED.....................

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Posted: 2005-06-14T00:34:38Z
nito di, ab continue bi karo na. mujhse sabar nahi hota.
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Posted: 2005-06-14T00:41:59Z
Hi Nitica

you have to continue.. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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Posted: 2005-06-14T00:48:33Z
come on nitu pls continue....
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Posted: 2005-06-14T01:07:07Z

The story has been it.Big smile

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Posted: 2005-06-14T01:38:19Z
awwwwwww just read it... u wrote it soo welll....parh ki hi kuch ho raha tha mujhe tou...poor kripa...
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Posted: 2005-06-14T01:43:24Z
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Posted: 2005-06-14T02:14:30Z

Originally posted by dinky21


Tum bhi na Dinkoo.Don't worry, it's gonna get worse and am sure all will love it...including you.LOL

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