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Ansha Sayed_Lady who crossed threshold of 17 year old record breaking crime show - CID in the episode Kissa Pagal Aashiq Ka as Officer Purvi. In a snap she hauled all loyal fans in. One who spends time in pursuit of dedication looks in her the ace comrade. Appraising that she amassed a massive number of fans, only next to the show's Famous Five rings true.  Her best performances never came to a standstill and she never ceased to incentivize us. Speaking highly of the fact that how with clarity Ansha Sayed makes the word "Protean" quite plain, She is by far the exceptional women cop. This Appreciation Thread is meant for all the fans of Ansha Sayed/Inspector Purvi

Ansha Sayed was born on 16th July, and her full name is Ansha Reshma Imtiaz Sayed. After completing her graduation with B.Com, she grew interested in Mass Media and accounts, but was approached for acting. She did a few episodes in Aahat, then Laagi Tujhse Lagan and a few other shows before appearing in her most well-known role as Inspector Purvi in CID, for which she won stupendous praise and recognition. Ansha is inclined towards Indian culture and loves wearing saree, is very fond of gym, adventure and loves to spend her free time with her family. In a short time, Ansha has captured the imagination of all and sundry, with her fantastic performances and stunts in CID. Ansha is an energetic girl who loves driving cars and has a penchant for reading novels and is a self confessed spiritual person. Her favorite food is the mutton pulao which her father makes on Eid.

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These three years of Ansha Sayed's journey proved to be meritorious in view of great finesse and remarkable artistry. Being integral part of CID she bears out the probity of her character. Where famous five's experience comes from way back, she excelled in no time and along with them stands out from the crowd 👏   


Getting ahead with the episode Kissa Pagal Aashiq Ka, she embarked on her brilliant pursuance. In kick off she together with her seniors thwarted a gang of criminals. Hence! With gusto she began her journey in CID but proclaimed a short break in order to wrap up her role of Leelavathi of Laagi Tujh Se Lagan_Here she was playing role of a women with a bit uncouth behavior. This also serves as an example of actor's versatility 

           Let us discuss here journey of Ansha Sayed in CID 😊

P U R V I  was first seen in the episode Kissa Pagal Aashiq Ka[30 July 2011] as a timid, silent junior. After a couple of episodes, she again returned in the episodeAankhein in 2011. Very soon, she proved to be a very daring yet a loyal junior. The episode dealing with her past CID Mein Gaddar [23 June 2012] revealed her to be an orphan who was kidnapped and sold in her budding age. Her love for her family-like team was seen in CID Ki Kidnapping [15 December 2012] where she tries to jump off the cliff to save the others from an explosion but is later saved by duo. Another instance could be sighted as Diamond Robbery [21 March 2014] where she single-handedly clings on to a rope and saves the asphyxiating Abhijeet. She slowly turned into a woman pillar of the team, when once she singly caught hold of few eve teasers disturbing a living-alone girl in the episode Box Mein Hatya [27 April 2014]


CID MEIN GADDAR was the first episode in CID centered around Purvi and her past. Following a close encounter with a kidnapping racket, Purvi discovers her photo in a collection of young children kidnapped several years ago, and sets out to find the truth. We're shown that her father suffers from Alzheimer's disease and barely recognizes her. Following an ambush and attack on the team, who had been trying to find her, it's revealed that her father Girish had originally adopted her after the gang murdered her biological parents, with his nurse being involved in all of it. ACP Pradyuman consoles Purvi and teaches her that one must accept the positives in life, in this case Girish. The Trio and Purvi's performances were largely appreciated by fans.


CID KI KIDNAPPING was another example of a subpar story rescued solely by the dedicated performances of the actors. For inexplicable reasons, a maniac named Shera kidnaps the Trio, Rajat, Sachin and Nikhil, locking them in monitored rooms and playing mind games with them. He eventually forces Abhijeet and Daya to attack each other, though they manage to get away with quick thinking. He also kidnaps Purvi and tries to force her to sacrifice herself to save her team, which she bravely agrees, but is saved in time by her respected seniors. The performances of the entire team were praised by the audiences.

Now we come to the first movie promotion of this era. Vidyut Jamwal appeared in COMMANDO to promote his movie Commando on July 4th, 2013. One of the best integration episodes, Vidyut didn't play himself, but rather played the role of Vikram/Karan, Purvi's friend, and an undercover Commando officer. Throughout the episode he works to find a missing Purvi, first without CID's help as he cannot reveal his cover and then with their help when he gets caught. Together Vikram/Karan and CID reach Purvi, save her, and catch a huge drug racketeering gang. The only mention made to the movie is when Vikram introduces himself as a Commando officer to CID, otherwise you could almost say Vidyut Jamwal was just playing another character role in CID

After trapping the trio again and again in officer-centric cases, the CVs decided that they needed someone new and chose Purvi for LIFT MEIN ANHONI. Also for the first time in many years there was no OTT or YSPT in the episode. Rather it was a well-directed, well-investigated, and well-executed episode. Purvi is kidnapped by a man, Makran, and as she is being taken up a lift with him, the lift suddenly jolts, the lights flash, and the lift comes crashing to the floor. When the doors open in front of Abhijeet, Sachin, Pankaj, and Sachin, who had been following Purvi and Makran, they find that Makran is dead and Purvi is unconscious. When Purvi gains consciousness in the hospital she is told about what happened, but she can't remember any of it. As the case is investigated, DCP Chitrole demands answers fast as to whether Purvi killed Makran or not. When it is revealed that 10 lakh rupees were transferred to Purvi's account, DCP Chitrole's suspicion on her increases, even as the team attempts to solve the case with a clear mind. As the case continues, things slowly clear up proving that Purvi had no involvement in anything and that the crooks had transferred the money to her account to completely frame her. In the end DCP Chitrole apologizes and welcomes her back to CID. Then the team share a light moment

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Tasveer Ka Khooni Raaz (14th October, 2011)

Bezubaan Gawah (21st October, 2011)

Khoon Ki Diwali (28th October, 2011)

Shaadi Ka Khooni Haar (4th November, 2011)

Raaz Khooni Aawaz Ka (2nd December, 2011)


Raaz Bandh Kamre Ke Khooni Ka (4th February, 2012)

Abhijeet Ki Maa (10th February, 2012)

Kissa Anjaan Caller Ka (24th February, 2012)

Chota Sainik (17th March, 2012)

Raaz Wheelchair Ka (31st March, 2012)

Raaz Boondighat Ka (13th April, 2012)

Raaz Tv Reporter Ke Khoon Ka (4th May, 2012)

Raaz Gayab Maa Baap Ka (1st June, 2012)

Raaz Chandi Ki Goli Ka (8th June, 2012)

Raaz Laal Raincoat Wali Ladki Ka (12th August, 2012)

Raaz Jali Laash Ka (8th December, 2012)


Salunkhe Ki Hatya (16th February, 2013)

Heroine Ka Naqaab (13th april 2013)

Naari Raksha (26th April, 2013)

Attyachar Ka Badla (28th April 2013)

Maut Ka Telephone 2 (10th August 2013)

Mouse Trap 1&2 (13th and 14th September, 2013)

Forensic Rahasya 2 (21st September, 2013)

Satara Mein Khoon 2 (12th October, 2013)


Ahmedabad Mein Daya Faraar II (25th Jaunary,2014)

Lift Mein Anhoni (1st February, 2014)

Naari Suraksha (8th March, 2014)

Mumbai Ki Chawl Ka Rahasya (28th March, 2014)

CID Giraftaar II ( 12th April, 2014)

CID Giraftaar VI (20th April, 2014)

Jadoo Punar Janam Ka (15th June, 2014)

CID main Singham 2 (9th August, 2014)

CID main Singham 3 (10th August, 2014)

Khatre Mein Masoom II (August 22, 2014)

Daya Bana Dulhan(August 31st, 2014) 

Ganesh Utsav Mein Apaharan III (September 7, 2014)

Kankaal Ka Rahasya (September 14, 2014)

Naari Shakti (September 26, 2014)

Samundar Mein Kankaal (October 18, 2014)

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This lady welcomes Monday on a positive note whereas many people are known to hate Monday and she is someone who is super energetic and adventurous. Her energy never drops and her dedication for work never stops!  The beautiful and elegant actress, Ansha Sayed is a really friendly and sweet person and we can prove that to anyone by her humble interviews that she's given! 

Ansha Sayed is Super Happy Playing Character Of Purvi In CID

Ansha Sayeed is quite kicked playing her character Purvi in Sony Entertainment Television's super hit crime detective show CID.
"She is a subtle girl who does her bit on the field. Purvi is also very calm and tries to understand the situation before coming out with her opinion," this Mumbai-born and brought up B. Com graduate avers.

"It makes me proud just by thinking that I represent females in the CID team. For one, it is quite a challenge every day when you meet all types of people and do different types of scenes. Unlike other daily shows for which you shoot indoors with the comfort of AC, we are always on the run outdoors on the roads, in malls etc," she describes.

Ansha ,who has earlier done Bandhan Saat Janmon Ka and Laagi Tujhse Lagan (both for Colors) further adds, "For a long time, this Fireworks-produced show was watched more by men and kids while women stayed away for they preferred family dramas. But now, all that is changing as we have three women in the team, Shreya (Janvi Chheda), Dr. Tarika (Shraddha Musale), who is in the forensics team, and me."

Coming to her looks, Ansha has no issues with the fact that she does not get to dress up much. "Our costume is quite smart and chic. We (female cops) don't have much of a make-up to do and our hair also has to be always tied up as well. After all this, if you still look good, you are a pretty looking girl right," she smiles.

"Although Laagi' had given me some fame, it was CID that changed the entire ball game for me as an actor. More than the money, what I really love is the respect one gets from people for being a part of this longest running show on the National TV," Ansha ends.

{Source: TellyChakkar}


The courageous officer Purvi aka  Ansha Sayed is happy being a part of SONY TV's long running popular crime thriller show CID and she shares her journey about the show and much more with TellyBuzz.
Tell us something about yourself...

I am happy playing Purvi in CID and I am a chilled out, easy going and relaxed person in real life.

Tell us something about your early life. How did acting happen to you?

After completing my graduation, someone approached me for acting. I was more interested in Mass media and accounts so I asked my father about it and he said if you wish to give it a try then you can go ahead. I did few episodics in Aahat, then Laagi Tujhse Lagan and few other shows and now here I am, playing the character of Purvi in CID.

How has been your journey as officer Purvi so far?

Its been amazing so far and I know that it will be amazing for me always. Purvi for me is Ansha because Purvi is also focused about her work just like Ansha is. I am very happy to do  CID and I wish to do it forever.

Do you think that CID is a turning point for your career?

Yes, definitely it is a turning point for my career because it has given me the recognition and lots of love and respect. Its a pleasant experience to work with this team. All the actors in the team including the crew and the production team is so lovely that anyone who will come here won't like to leave.

Which has been your most challenging task portraying Purvi so far?

I remember one scene, in which I was on a harness and I was hanging. It was like the scariest experience for me. I was hanging and from one side, Daya sir (Dayanand Shetty) was holding my hand and Abhijeet sir (Aditya Srivastav) from the other side. I got goosebumps and I was scared thinking what if this harness will break (laughs)!

Anything which you have learned from the character of Purvi?

I have get to learn a lot of things like I have learned to run. I was wearing a saree while doing Laagi Tujhse Lagan and here, I have to wear shirts and trousers and run. I know how to run but Purvi taught me to sprint and how to slap. I discuss a lot with my co-actors and get to learn a lot from all of them. Purvi has given me a new family.

How do you feel being a part of the long running successful show CID?

The people on the sets of CID are so humble despite being part of the longest running show which holds a record in the record books. I am so proud and honored to be a part of the show. Being a part of this show is just like I am getting an award every day.

Your best performance till date?

It was 'CID Mein Gaddar' episodic which was a Purvi centric episode. I did my best in it.

What kind of bonding do you share with your co-actors?

I share a great bond with everyone on the sets like ACP sir, Abhijeet sir and I have a lot of respect for them. Daya sir is like a friend and I share a very special bond with Tarika, as she is just like me on the sets. She is bindaas and sweet. I don't get much to shoot with Shreya but whenever I do, then its just like a girls gang on the sets with me, Tarika (Shraddha Musale) and Shreya. Hrishikesh Pandey and Shreya are very good co-actors to work with.

What are your interests other than acting?

Watching movies, driving, and listening to music. I like reading but not that much.

Define Ansha in one word.


What kind of roles are you looking forward to play?

I am very happy doing Purvi and I would like to focus on Purvi only. I am not really interested in doing saas bahu sagas since I am happy doing a crime show.

{Source: Tellybuzz}


Ansha Sayed who is seen playing the role of Purvi in Sony TV's CID, gets candid with (urlremoved), about how she started doing acting.

What made you chose a career in acting?

It just happened, it was in my destiny. I was never keen on acting, I was never keen on doing Television, it just happened. I was in college and had attended a Jam session and some guys came up to me and asked me if I would like to do modeling. I then told my father, and I got clicked, did a portfolio and it all worked.

What challenges have you had to face in your acting career?
Not really, it took some time for me to understand how the work happens here, but once I understood it was all good.

You have played the role of Purvi for a very long time, how has the experience been?
It is lovely and I am enjoying it. I want to be Purvi. It is like an achievement to be part of CID, and when I joined CID I had that in my mind that I will be doing CID for a very long time, And I said that at the time when I joined it. It has been Mashallah 2 years, and I am still saying it, so you can imagine how much I love CID and Purvi.

When can fans expect to see you in something different than Purvi?
Not right now, because Purvi is a cop and in the show we do a lot of disguise. You get to do different kind of roles when you are undercover, you shoot at different locations and with different actors. It is very interesting that you get to meet new people and every day is a new day.

Rapid Fire:
When is your birthday: 16th July.
Pet name: Yes I do, but I don't want to say that, because it is very funny and I don't want people to call me that.
Favourite outfit: Saree, I love wearing saree.
Friendship is: Most important bond that you share with a person, it is extremely important, pure, innocent and lovely.
Websites you like to visit: Google, I keep googling something or the other.

What is your typical day like: Shooting on the sets of CID, going backhome and spend time with family, that's a typical nice, ideal, lovely day for me.
Food you like to eat: Mutton, I go crazy on non-veg.

Favorite Bollywood Actor: Ranbir Kapoor.
Favorite Bollywood Actress: It keeps changing all the time, right now I extremely adore Kareena Kapoor and Deepika Padukone.
A TV show you can't miss: CID, not because that I'm doing CID, but when I was kid, I used to come home from school and watch CID and Hum Paanch.

Finally, a message for all the fans who love you? I would like to thank them for loving Purvi, and keep watching CID. The whole team of CID loves them.

{Source: Tellybuzz - Writer: Nadia Malik}

"Adventure according to me is my show CID" - Ansha Sayed

The talented actress Ansha Sayed who is seen as Purvi in Sony TV's popular show CID, shares her adventurous experiences on our thrill zone column this week.

Let's see what Ansha has to share with us...

What is adventure according to you?

Adventure according to me is my show CID (laughs). Adventure is an adrenaline push in your blood and feeling alive.

Share your most adventurous day?

It was my last outdoor shoot when we were shooting under a waterfall and we had to go to the other side of the waterfall by crossing the main fall. Not many actors get a chance to experience all this but we are definitely the lucky ones to go through this and experience it. It was a fantastic experience for all of us.

Your favorite adventure?

Water Skiing and Bungee Jumping.

One thrilling adventure on your wish list?

Water Skiing.

Who would you want to take for a thrilling activity from the industry?

I will go with my other set of friends who are not from this industry.

{Source: Tellybuzz - Writer: Anwesha Kamal}

"When Sunday ends I feel 'wow' for the new week that starts from Monday" - Ansha Sayed

Sunday for me is: I mostly shoot on Sunday. If I am not shooting then I like to be at home and spend time with my family or watch a movie. In the evening, I like to meet my friends and chill out with them.

On a Sunday I...try to have non-vegetarian food.

A perfect Sunday for me is: Packing up early, spending some time with family and meeting friends in the evening to watch a movie with them.

On a Sunday I get up at: If I am shooting then I wake up at 6 am else I wake up at 10 am.

My Sunday special Khana is: Non Vegetarian food.

My childhood memory related to Sunday: I used to get up in the morning and then I used to get a head massage from my Nani, have non-vegetarian food for lunch and in the evening I used to go out to play with my friends.

After Sunday, comes Monday and my feelings are: I feel 'Wow' that another week has started. People generally don't like Mondays but I like Mondays.

My plans for coming Sunday: No plans as yet but most probably I will be shooting.

{Source: Tellybuzz - Writer: Anwesha Kamal}

Keeping 'Roza' while they shoot - A Challenge for Actors!

Television's popular actors share how they manage to observe fast while they shoot for hectic hours...

While the holy month of Ramzaan is going on, Muslims observe their Rozas throughout the day in this holy month. It becomes really tough for our Telly actors to keep a fast while they shoot for hectic hours as they need to do tough scenes, continuous dialogues deliveries while they keep a fast.

TellyBuzz quizzed some of your favorite stars to hear from them as how they manage to shoot during the holy month of Ramzaan and whether they keep a fast or not.

Ansha Sayedcurrently seen in Sony TV's CID - I have been fasting for so many years now. Managing Roza is not difficult; it's just a habit. Initially, it becomes difficult but this year its monsoon so it's not that difficult because we just have to control our hunger because we feel more hungry during monsoon than feeling thirsty. While doing a show like CID, where we have to do scenes like running and chasing but there is some magic when you fast which don't let you happen anything. When we pray during fasting then some magic happens and you get the stamina automatically when you fast.

{Source: Tellybuzz - Writer: Anwesha Kamal}

Jab yeh chote bachche the...

Ansha Sayed currently seen as Purvi in Sony TV's CID - My father was strict and protective towards me. He never used to allow me to go out and play after 5-6 o'clock in the evening. I miss playing a lot. I feel that I am still like a kid because I still do all the mastis that a kid does.

{Source: Tellybuzz - Writer: Anwesha Kamal}

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Ansha Sayed is known as the 'queen of expressions' which she rightly is because she can emote her feelings through her expressive and deep eyes effortlessly and she knows exactly how to evoke through her face without speaking. 👏 Known for her apt expressions in every scene she does, Ansha never fails to speak with her elegance as she does this. 😳 She never goes overboard even if she's doing tough fighting scenes and her elegance still remains making her a perfect female cop. ⭐️ Her effective and sweet voice can enchant anyone! <3 And her stunning beauty and decent body language is sure to remain forever. ❤️

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AT #2: ~Ansha Sayed Appreciation Thread~ #2 (Made by Reshma)

AT#12: The Devoted Comrade*~|| Ansha Sayed AT #12 (Made by DemonStar) 

AT#13: The Scion Of Aristocracy*~|| Ansha Sayed AT #13 (Made by -SAMAN-)

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No appreciation thread is complete and possible without WELL WISHERS/fans. 😳 And quite clearly THEY are the ones who put in so much effort to appreciate and applaud their role model's work. 👏 So to appreciate and acknowledge those true, hardworking and loving WELL WISHERS who make the Ansha Sayed's ATs run actively and nicely, here's presenting to you a list of all their usernames. 😃


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           Please try to keep the discussion focused on Ansha                               Sayed/Purvi only.

Chatting, spamming and bashing of any sort are strictly not allowed here.

Please do not quote posts more than 3 times, as it makes them very difficult to read.

Make sure you post at least 2 or three pictures at a time, and quote only a picture or 2. Do not quote the entire group of pictures.

Ensure that you follow the IF COC at all times and promote a friendly AT environment.

The last but not the least rule is to have fun! 😎 This is the most important rule!  Enjoy your time here! 🤗 Engage yourself in a range of exciting activities to keep the AT running actively and always spread a positive, happy vibe around the AT. ⭐️

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Welcome to the 14th Glorious AT of Ansha Sayed 🥳
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Congratulations Purvians ⭐️⭐️🥳.
Befitting title, Saman di. Wonderful work by you. The welcoming siggy is very beautiful and endearing.