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Ram gets back from his office and he arrived late he didn't want Priya to be mad at him so he peeps before entering from the front door there wasn't anyone around and he let out a sigh as a relief before he made his way toward his room without getting notice nd just when he thought that he was going to get away with it Priya come there

Where do you think you're going? Priya crosses her arms and frowned Ram stopped his steps and immediately closed his eyes in frustration slowly he turns his head to face Priya but he was afraid to see her expression

Hi Baby he hesitated for a second before he turned his head to see Priya um... sorry I was late... again... he scratched the back of his head as he always use to when he felt embarrassed Priya looks at him with a serious look and Ram simply lowers his head

Hmm... Okay I guess I'm gonna have to punish you this time... she said with a slight smile

You mean...Ram asked with a puzzled look Priya giggles a little and then gazes at him with a angry look

That's right...Priya said softly I'm going to teach you a lesson you won't forget she begins to walk slowly towards him and Ram gulped upon seeing her gaze and begins to sweat he walks a few steps backwards until he hits the wall and Priya locking him between her and the wall Ram's face turned red when he felt her body pressed against his gently she traced one of her fingers through his chest sending tiny electrical impulses through his spine

Priyaa... I uh...his words were cut off when Priya put her mouth in his she begins to kiss him passionately and Ram petrifies his eyes widen upon feeling her warm and soft lips in his he was caught by surprise and he didn't know what to do at that moment after a while Priya broke the kiss leaving Ram a little shocked

I'm very disappointed Ram I thought you were a good kisser she smiled slightly as she releases him from her prison Ram's eyes were fixed in her and his puzzled look vanished in a second when he noticed her playful look in her eyes he then narrowed his eyes at her and quickly grabbed her arm

Come here he pulled her into his arms and pressed a kiss on her lips Priya was surprised to see his reaction but immediately she responded to the kiss with the same tenderness the kiss didn't last long but it was very warm and sweet as she liked Priya always melted herself with each of his kisses and Ram knew how to please her with his lips

How was that? he whispered softly as he separated his lips from hers

Not bad Priya smirked but I know you can do better than that she arched an eyebrow with a smile on her face Ram frowned in amusement and once again he joined their lips this time the kiss was longer and a lot passionate Ram gets carried away by his emotions and forgets all about his surroundings only to concentrate on her her lips were soft and it tasted so sweet he took his time to taste her and he deepens even more while playing with his tongue Priya moaned in pleasure when she felt his tongue inside her mouth and she also begins to play with her tongue giving him smooth massages in his Ram also moaned delighted with his touch and soon he became aroused when she felt his hand on her bake she quickly pulled away from the kiss to slow down a little and to catch her breath

Now she panted that's a kiss she kissed him softly

You liked it...? he smirked

Ha... she whispered in his lips Ram chuckled at this and closes his eyes as he gets closer to her he opens his mouth and waits patiently for the contact until

 It was fun Priya turns around and goes back to clean the dishes

Are you're kidding me? Ram opened his jaw your seriously going to leave me like this?

I did say I was gonna punish you...Priya teased him

Awww come on Priya

Sorry can't help you there... and you've might wanna go upstairs and take a quick shower

Ram frowned and Priya was fighting a chuckle when she saw him scratched the back of his head I hope you don't regret this later Ram said in amusement

I am already...she muttered herself Ram had no choice but to do what she ordered and he accepted his punishment like a good kid and retired to his room

Priya on the other hand was doing her best not to laugh until she heard the door shut she then makes sure that he was no longer there and begins to chuckle in silence however she was a little bit tough by the passionate kiss and simply shook her head to avoid her blushing


Later in that night Ram was sleeping in his room lying in his bed on his back he was exhausted from the long and office work not to mention the embarrassing moment he had with Priya in the kitchen suddenly a figure appeared in his room gradually it approaches to take a seat on bed a delicate hand appears and begins to rub his belly with her fingers a small smirk appeared on Ram's face as he felt the tender touch from her fingers slowly he opened his eyes to see with deep longing to the culprit of such tender caresses

I was starting to think you weren't coming he said with a slight smile

You really think I was going to let you go that easy?  think again Priya teased him Ram reaches for Priya as he sits on the bed and begins to kiss her she responds to his kiss and gently begins to caress his back with his hands Ram begins to moan upon feeling her touch and then breaks from the kiss to whisper something

Is my punishment over yet? Ram breathed softly in her lips

That's not for you to decide Priya replied softly before pushing him into the bed she placed herself on top of him and leaned forward to give him a tender kiss tonight I'm going to be in charge

Yes ma'am...Ram smirked while she gets carried away by her kisses

Her eyes were fixed on me and there was something about her gaze that made him want to kiss her once again nd so he did this time she responded to the kiss with the same tenderness his heart was about to burst out of his chest as she wrapped her arms around his neck to pull him close Ram didn't want her to let me go so he tightened the grip as he kissed her Ram was lost in her and I all I wanted was to be with You all night long Priya

I love you Priya whispered softly into his ear before returning to his lips

Priya I love you Ram said and kissed her before she could say anything

After just gazing into each others eyes Priya finally spoke come on lets eat before it gets cold they both sat opposite each other at the table

Mmm this smells delicious Ram said looking at the food as Priya served

I hope you like it Priya said sounding nervous

This is not the first time I'll be eating food made by you Ram looked up at Priya

Yes but Ram you have to be honest tell me what you really think it might not be nice don't say its nice cause I made it okay? tell me what you really think Priya said taking her seat she prepared Mapo Tofu,Potatoes, Green Peppers, and Eggplant roasted potatoes small bite size puff pastries some vegetables Chilli Stir Fried Potatoes

She made all this in that time she's damn good my surprise isn't even that good compared to all this he thought to himself and looked up at her smiling Ram cut into the Tofu  as soon as he put it in his mouth he tasted the rich flavors of the sauce the different flavors in the well cooked meat and the melted cheese as a finishing touch he's loved his mothers cooking but this was different there was so much flavor in it nd he could tell it was made with love and care Priya sat tense biting her bottom lip waiting for Ram's judgment

Priya you cook like this? Its delicious I've never tasted a Mapo Tofu before Therese so much flavor in this its really tasty I could go on forever saying how much I love it this is only one bite I haven't yet had the rest of the food Ram said in astonishment

Aww Mr.Kapoor I'm so happy you like my cooking she smiled so you really like it? priya looked up holding her fork

Ummm no Ram said shocking Priya and making her turn red I Love It I don't think I will be able to leave this table till I eat everything If you cook like this everyday I will loose my good shape and grow a belly he laughed causing Priya to also giggle

Priya eased herself and laughed oh you always know what to say I was worried when you said no.. so pleased you love it she smiled as she ate she also missed her cooking her and Ram enjoyed every bite

They finished up eating dinner that was delicious Priya I haven't enjoyed a amazing meal in a long time he said placing his fork and knife on his empty plate they sat and talked for a little

Dissert   time hope you still have room for some of my special chocolate cheese cake Priya smiled standing up and taking both there plates

Yes I will make room for that sounds really yummy wasn't that what you were making this morning? Ram asked tilting his head a little

Yes she explained walking over to the sink Ram helped clear the table taking the dishes over to the sink as  Priya prepared the dissert

Mmm that looks delicious Ram said gently in Priya's ear hugging her tummy from behind and watching her cut the cake

I made this different too Its got milky bar Chocolate for the topping with milk chocolate for this marble affect and the inside has the basic she explained how she made the cheese cake as she served the pudding Ram patiently watched and listened as he still held her

Come on lets go to the table Priya picked up the dissert plate with one large piece of cheese cake and two teaspoons and walked with Ram who was still holding onto her and walking to the table he kissed her on the cheek he sat on the chair she was sitting on and Priya sat on his lap carrying the dissert plate she cut a piece from the slice and took it to Ram lips as he gently ate it his eyes shot open

Oh my god Priya this is delicious Ram said half munching away your hands are made of magic everything you make is perfect nd so damn tasty you know they say that when a person makes food that food tastes like that person In this case you he smiled as she glided the teaspoon with some pudding on to Ram's lips

Thank you Ram I will always make you delicious food now lets see just how yummy it really is she leaned into Ram licking his lips then kissed him as he sat enjoying her sucking his lips

Mmm it tastes even better on your lips Priya said as Ram fed her but he deliberately rubbed a little on her lips too and kissed her tasting the cheese cake in her mouth

Mmm the best dissert on the planet he smiled licking her lips

After eating Ram went upstairs to run the bath water as Priya cleaned up the kitchen she wrapped the remaining food then popped it in the fridge she made enough for Somya and Rishabh for when they get home she put everything in the right places taking her time clearing up

Ram had the bath water running with lots of bubble bath that was sweetly scented he then went around and carefully lit all the candles in the bedroom and the bathroom he dimmed the lights and played the music and that's when he heard Priya approach the door Ram opened the door and saw the look on Priya's face she didn't have to speak a word he could see just how much she loved it already

Ram you did all this It all looks so beautiful Priya said with a soft voice looking around the bedroom

All for you my love Ram put his arms around her waist from behind and opened a velvet box exposing a silver chain with there names written on it

She took the box in her hands Ram this is beautiful thank you can't believe how much our prezzies match she wanted to show how grateful she was but Ram whispered in her ear gently

I want you Priya taking off the bow on her dress that tied around her ribs

Feeling agitated she responded back to him

The romantic night continued with a candle lit bath both enjoyed

Ram look at her who was still smiling

Ram? she said

Ram turns his head to face Priya who was still blushing

he was staring at her naughty

Priya saw his reaction and walked slowly backwards until she hit the wall

Ram what are she couldn't finish her line when Ram kiss her lips softly he kiss broke when Ram release his lips and he whispered in her ear

I'm mad for u Priya he said soft

Ram began to kiss her neck Priya was struggling against Ram's disire

R Ramm she said

Ram wasn't going to do that Priya knew what he wants and he was turning her on Priya couldn't resist it Everytime that Priya try to escape Ram clung even harder then suddenly Priya feels his lips on hers and Priya couldn't resist anymore and she joined the kiss again Ram was kissing her heavier playing with his tongue in her mouth and Priya moaned suddenly Ram starts to push Priya to his bed they were still kissing then the kiss broke when priya release her lips from his and whispered

Even I'm mad for u too right now she sid softly

Ram ceresses her face softly and wispered

Do you like it?

Once I'm with you  I always like it she said

Ram was admiring her and licking her neck and Priya moaned

Ram whisperd

I love you Baby

I love you too Mr.Kapoor she said

Ram joined Priya's lips again and hugged each other to make love

They made passionate love all night till all the candle lights went out and it was all dark Priya lay breathless on Ram's left resting on his chest feeling his heartbeats penetrating through her the silky sheets covered them

I loved today Priya spoke gently Ram felt her as she spoke her soft skin against his he stroked up her back then back down to her hips

Priya though I'm tired every move you make gives me energy and makes me want you all over again as he spoke she brushed her smooth legs against his under the silky sheets she stroked down his abs causing him to breath quickly and tense up

No wait let's just rest for a few more seconds he breathed

Priya giggled oh I'm just enjoying having you here she sat up on him and began kissing his chest then travelled up to his neck suddenly all his energy was back and he began responding back to her and your Punishment is you're not going to office tomorrow priya said

Okay Princess I'm staying home tomorrow with you Ram said and kissed her forehead

priya smiled said I love you

I love you tooo

The warm romantic room nested the loving couple in the luxurious big bed the light was very dimmed just giving a little dim glow they made love till all there energy was drained and fell asleep in each others arms the night was deep no work the next day and there room door locked they had no worries on there mind of sleeping in the next day

The end

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thx for the pm.

ye kya tha?? pure passionate raya...
kiss toh poora enddd karidya LOLLOL''he this is different avtar of our raya
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Very hot and romantic keep writing thanks for pm
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Posted: 2015-03-05T04:34:51Z
super romantic OS
very well penned down
thanks fr the pm
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Posted: 2015-03-05T04:38:21Z
Awesome it is..
Just too good...
Raya magic...lovely..
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Posted: 2015-03-05T06:15:29Z
romance bhara os. too gud. do write more. thanks for pm.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2015-03-05T06:15:54Z
Hot and romantic good job
ty for pm
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Posted: 2015-03-05T07:10:30Z
Hot, romantic OS on RAYA.
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