Musings of a silent heart

Posted: 2015-02-25T00:34:21Z
This is a mail I received from a silent RR fan.

A fan who is a regular in RR forum
A fan who never signed in but was still a silent reader of all posts
A fan who wants to now narrate her RR journey and RR forum journey

I am sure she will be reading this thread.
So please read this and post your views both on her journey as well as yours.

Thanks in advance.

PS: I removed a few personal details. The rest is below for you all to read

PPS: I was initially planning to post it in the RR FF thread. But now starting a new thread based on the suggestion of Ruchi, Mano and Deepa

PPPS: Thanks Ruchi for the beautiful title you suggested.


Dear JJ,

Actually i dont know ur real name, i will call u JJ.  i have read ur FF reviving parud... and i m writing this mail to inform you how amazingly u hav written it.. and edits of mano is awesome. thanx to sonia for the wonderful romantic writing in between . I wish that the creatives have taken this story of urs to end rangrasiya... coz this is a perfect ending to RR... Thank u dear for the wonderful writing, and still keeping Parud alive in our lives.

Now let me introduce myself to you... Coz if i dont say thanx to u all atleast now, i will be ungrateful to you guys...I am from Kerala,  since last 8 years i am always busy with work, my parents and my pets ... i dont watch any soaps... apart  from one called Kahin To hoga during my college days coz all my friends used to watch, so i too watched it jus like dat...  i dont have any favorites in tv or films... i jus watch it n jus forget it, dats all...i m a movie buff, but wont even remember the story of the movie the next day, i hav a poor memory dats wat i thought... but i remember each n every episode of RR even friends calls me an unromantic creep...coz i never enjoy love stories in serials or movies or novels...hehehehhe... i feel its all not practical n find it funny...

one saturday afternoon i was jus watching tv n changing channels, i jus saw a scene where rudra is slapped by a soldier's mother, his acting jus attracted me, so i dint change the channel i jus kept on watching... n then comes our epic mirror scene, i was like woow awesome acting by two leads... i never knew who is sanaya irani or ashish sharma... hehehhehe... i saw the title of the serial during the break, then i searched in the net, for the timings of the show... from dat monday onwards i started to watch rangrasiya... and u know i started loving it coz of the acting of the people and story line...

Next i started searching for previous episodes in the net, at dat time i found out india forums... i m still not a member in the forum...but from dat day onwards u wont believe i read each n every post in rangrasiya forum...  i have read all the ff, os ts and seen all the pic edits, gifs which is open to all...sometimes i get irritated when someone post ff for "members only" heheheheh... i jus curse dat person for not opening it to people like me who r reading silently n enjoying it ... infact i used to wait for the updates... i slowly started to become addicted to this forum... u know in btwn the interval of my work, meetings i jus peep into the forum ;-), at home also whnever i m free i jus chek...but i m a bit apprehensive to become the member of the group, coz i hav never been into somthing like this group... nor been watching any other shows...

slowly rudra n paro had become part of my life... so as all the members of the forum... u all made my life like happening... i was going thru a realy bad phase in my life... dat bad phase of my life, all the stories in forum and all the post and all jokes made me happy. gave me positivity... Now i thank God for making me suffer all that, bcoz of that i came to know all of u and watched RR...

Now i shud thank

Preggy - for those naughty jokes, u dont know dear u made me laugh like a joker sometimes in my office, n my staff used to jus peep into my cabin, thinking whtr their boss is mad, laughing alone... u know making people laugh is one of the biggest virtue...thank u... God bless... keep smiling

Sonia - ur works major saabs kiss, kailedescope r incredible... And ur tender care was soo sensuous, its the first OS i read in this forum... I cud even picturise all ur writing while i read it. thank u sonia for taking time n writing and entertainng us... ur romantic parts r superb sensuous without vulgarity...Sonia i seriously feel u shud write a novel coz u hav such a good command in language and have a professional touch in writing...God bless

Allysa - unloved and beautiful and condemned...all are like awesome, fantastic, i dont know i m running short of adjectives...Hope u r feeling better... Get well soon, waiting for the updates of unloved.

Joseph - thanx 4 the collages and for the updates of sbs  n ssb, i used to wait for ur updates n read it fast before u make it to members only post hehehee  and ur banjara collage is awesome...

Mano - u r simply wonderful dear so as ur collages... i jus wait for ur edits... u make rudra n paro more beautiful in ur pics...

Prabha abha - ur 2 unknown angels was the most cutest story i hav ever read... Ruki was soo cute i miss her...thanks dear 4 the writing and pls start a new Fiction...pls...

Rithu - ur  after the storm was beautiful so as clear blue skies,.. realy nice...waiting 4 the updates... i appreciate for u taking soo much effort to write fictions n entertaining us...

Shona - mere man bhasiya is goin good, but ur updates r very slow, jus testing my patience... Lol...thanks dear for finding time n entertaining us...

Thanks 2 Amy, prabha, deepsel, parud, Anny, titlibhaisa... and many others list is endless... pls forgive me if i hav missed anyone...

And there are some incomplete stories like peace of his storm which was simply superb... after MU tough RP, curse of the dusk... all were realy good, i feel like grabbing the collars of the writers for stoping it in between heheehehehe... i know, may be ur busy life might have made u to discontinue it...Thank u for writing those wonderful stories 

i jus enjoy mano's (hope ur hand is better now), meens, varshhu n thushis talks in the AT of ashish... sometimes bcoz of all their funny chats i think i m not in the AT of ashish, i m in some watsapp group, coz they talk less of ashish, they pull each others leg more heeheheh...

i used to enjoy the small cat fights also which u guys used to hav with other forum members  and used to feel sad and anxious on TRP day...

if u ask me, i can say each n every scene of rangrasiya, which dress he and she wore hehehehe... i never know how an unromantic person like me became addicted to this soap even after it got over in sept, i still come to forum n read everythng... and luking foreward to see ashish n sanaya on tv again... and always luks for articles of them and chek twitter posts of Ashish (i m not in twitter also) sometimes i think i m mad...hehehehhe... coz this show had influenced me so much soo as the all people in the forums... i found ashish n sanaya to be gud human beings also...

and funniest part is now i m rewatching the dubbed rangrasiya in malayalam version (pranayavarnangal) evn though dailogue  delivery is pathetic Lol. And my parents r like teasing me, the person who hated love stories is watching even the dubbed version of it hehehehe...  

Rudra n paro are magical... they have given a classic performance and created a new trend and history in the tv industry ... And also we have to appreciate the acting of all other artists, ananya, geetanjali, udit, padam, tarun, kalicharan, dhanveer (i dont knw his name), khushboo n others... Rangrasiya will remain as classic of television industry and will remain in the hearts of rangrasiyans forever

These all makes my dull, monotonous n stressful life so lively and joyful... i realy cant thank enough each one of u coz unknowingly u people are making my life so cheerful and taking me to the memories of my school n college days with my friends... u all have become my invisible friends...i m sure there will b many silent readers like me who r enjoying the forum... i jus extend my heartfelt gratitude to all of u...if i dont write this atleast now, i will feel like i m soo ungrateful to all of u... i know ashish is coming up with new show, soon sanaya also will do some other show, so u all will be scattered in new forums... so before all of u go in different ways i wanted to thank all of u...coz i owe a lot to u guys for making my life joyful, lively and for making me forget all my stress...THANK YOU all lovelies out there from the bottom of my heart... i realy mean it... I pray for all of u to be happy like this... God bless u all abundantly... And rangrasiyans rocks forever...

OMG such a long mail... in my  lifetime i have never written such a big mail... may b the rangrasiyan effect of all u guys made me write this... I know i have bored u with such a long mail, sorry for that...this will be my first and last letter to u guys... will not trouble u in future... but i want all of u to know that ur efforts make some unknown persons life brighter and happier... u guys are doing something realy great... there will be many people like me who will enjoying all ur posts silenty... spread ur joy, smile and love to the world...STAY BLESSED...THANK YOU...LOVE U ALL...

PS - Pls JJ if u cud convey my love and gratitude to all of them, it will be very great... Coz i dont want to enter the forum... i love to remain invisible like this... when u convey my thanx to all, pls dont put my name... i am putting my name and id jus for u... pls dont reveal it in the forum... And JJ finaly thank u soo much dear for giving ur email id... so i cud convey everything in the heart...i wanted to do it for a while now, but i dint hav any way to do dat time only i got ur email id... JJ continue ur fantastic writing and keep Parud alive...i am sure they will jus live in our hearts forever...

With lots of love

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Posted: 2015-02-25T00:36:44Z
Hey Dear,

  First of all U have made everyone reminisce our memories of RR and IF.
All of us got emotional.Instead of u thanking us.Its we thanking u. Bcos of ur post we went down the memory lane. 
    Believe me dear many of us here were same like u.We have never been in any social network before.never commented before.Hesitated or may be scared too to put forth our thoughts into words.If some one had come up to be and said that u will make 8000 post in IF.I would have thought the person is crazy.Leave at all edits.Never thought of myself typing more than a sentence before.See now I am writing essaysShockedLOL

   I am not anyway forcing u to appear.Just letting u know that there's first time for everything.And to start with IF u won't find a better forum or show than this. At-least that's what I think.But even if u want to remain silent ur still our fellow RRian and forum member.

  Actually u have started pretty earlier than.U have started seeing RR around its 13th episode.The soldier's mother slapping Rudra

I was very late.But now have re-watched all the many times.Sorry I don't know the count.LOL
And its still continuing.Other than the fact that it was an amazing and memorable show.RR and IF has given me bunch of friends.Whom I will cherish for life.

  Starting with the Tamil CC then to Ashish AT and to my own posts.It has given me some lasting memories and friendship.Gone through almost all the emotions.Happiness,excitement,frustration ,anger,helplessness,solace and it goes on.Ok how much have I typed.Now this OS is turning into a FFLOL.

  Thank u dear for letting us know ur feelings,for liking my edits and our AT banter.Hope u will be there with us in the forum though invisible.

   Last but not least.Thank u JJ for making this Thread and helping her to convey her feelings.Its been a wonderful experience being associated with ur FF which serves as a healer for many RRians

  Finally a small dedication for u.hope u like itWink

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Posted: 2015-02-25T00:58:59Z
Hugs to you, our invisible dear forumwasi...thank you for such a lovely email...yes, we would love to have a completion to those stories which are left midway but still floating in our minds... Let's hope they reach their completion take care dear & do write once in while. Thanks JJ for posting it here.
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Posted: 2015-02-25T01:07:35Z
Dear XXX,

That was the most heartfelt post I ever read. You call yourself a silent member but probably must be the most active member of the forum. You know about each and every FF, about every jokes of Amy, every edits of Mano and deeps, and every serious, playful, heated, insane, useless, stupid, frustated, lovely discussions that go on in the forum.

Though my tryst with daily shows goes long back to the era of DD, the connection with india forum started with IPKKND. But like you I was neither a member nor dared to make any posts. Later  with Sanaya next show CC, opened an account under an alias and commented rarely in Diya or Joseph's post. I was very wary of such social sites.

But with RR, became a little bold and started commenting here and there. After all there was a magic about the show and its leads. And the magic doesn't end there, the forum too had cast some spell on me. Here I met many wonderful people with different backgrounds but a common love for Parud. The interactions later on took a turn to being net buddies. We may not know each other's real name or how we look but we do know how to bring a smile on each other's face. We know that our love is the same and so was our pain watching the early end of our lovely show. We all here are reliving those wonderful memories that RR gave us.

This is the best forum I have ever seen and have some of the best members I have ever interacted with. My wish is the same as you. I just hope this interaction continues with whatever future lies ahead of us.

I don't know the reason for you being silent member. But just let me tell you, the happiness you feel when reading  the FFs, the laughs you have when you read Amy and Prams jokes, the oohs and aahs you let out when you see Mano's edits and the smile on your face on reading the misc posts on this forum are to be shared and reciprocated too.

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Posted: 2015-02-25T01:41:03Z
Dear this one is from Deeps for u
Since she couldn't  login presently
I am posting it on behalf of herTongue  

Dear Unknown Angel,

Yes you are an angel, who brought warm smiles on my/our faces with this overwhelming post..You know I almost saw myself in your post..this is how exactly I entered this forum during my stressful days thanking the RR writers/members...but to see my name in one such post from another invisible member just warms my heart and its really overwhelming..Thank you so much for your kind words for us all..

Well thats the beauty of Rangrasiya isn't it? Even I enjoyed so much being a silent member during initial days but after joining my life changed totally with so many wonderful friends, some more closer to my real life , giving shoulders during my tough time too..I wish you too join us for more fantastic times but surely respect your privacy too sweetheart...

Even if we all scatter to different forums with our fav's shows, our friendship stay stronger and you can surely see each of us in all our posts - a beauty of RR fandom :)

And a big teddy bear hugs for taking your time to appreciate all these lovely members..It really means a lot to all of us to see and feel there are ppl outside this forum too who cares for us...

Special thanks to JJ for bringing to my notice about this post since am not regular in IF nowadays due to busy real life..and to Mano daring for passing on my msg to this post ...Luv u gals :)

Enjoy ur stay in this forum though invisible, my dear fellow RRian :))

Warm Regards

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Posted: 2015-02-25T01:56:12Z
oh ! gosh ... you guys make me so emotional !!!
RR is way too special for me and the forum as well!!!
*** RES****
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Posted: 2015-02-25T02:40:47Z
Such a beautiful, heartfelt letter! Rangrasiya was really a magical show ... touched the hearts of so many people.

-RES- will come back with more.
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Posted: 2015-02-25T03:29:14Z

Dear writer,

How lovely letter and so beautifully written. Your letter brought tears to my eyes.

You know all RR episodes and all active members of the forum. As a silent member you are a truly a part of this forum.

Your words are easy to join; RR was a unique show and it touched the hearts of so many people. Gave us so many beautiful memories, gave us Parud. It was so sad when RR ended; way too early.

But just like you, I too accidently found Rangrasiya when I was looking something from Youtube. And just like you I accidently found this forum.  And just like you I read the forum posts for a long time, not daring to join... you have no idea for how long I wondered if I dare to join or not...I don't understand Hindi, I live on the other side of the word and I had never seen any India series...

But when I read all the posts I decided one day that now or never. And that's how it joined and I have never regretted it. On the contrary, I have met here so wonderful people, learned a whole new culture and got wonderful new friends. And really, I mean friends. RR brought us together; a variety of people from different cultures. And I hope that the friendships that we have created here will never break no matter what happens.

You have your reasons why you want to be a silent reader. I respect that.

I can only speak for myself, but I believe that others agree with this when I say; You are welcome to join us at any time. Hug

Thank you for writing such a beautiful and heartwarming letter. Big hug to you...


ps. Thank you JJ for making this post!

And thank you to all the lovely forum members! You are the reason why this is so lovely forum and place to come over and over again...


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