I’ll MISS kstreet & u all...GOOD BYE GUYS

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Posted: 17 years ago

Hey friends...its me KK after a very long time.I missed u guys alot.I know dat many of my friends ve left dis forum but my message 2 all my friends is jst dat i luv u guys n i had a blast through out da time i ve been on dis forum,i enjoyed alot,only coz of u guys.😃

My One and a half year journey of dis forum has been lovely.I never thought i would get soo much luv n soo much affection but u ppl made it true.

Guys as kstreet is finishing in a few days...so i think i should tell u guys  dat dis may be my last post on dis forum.It doesnt mean dat im not on forums any more..jst dat u may not be able 2 find me any more on ksteet forums..I had luved da show n i wish it ends on a good note,as it is in a few days.I jst  think its time i shuld take off.Its no other reason, jst dat i think dats gonna be good for all of us as kstreet's ending in 2,3 days.But trustt me our friendship will neva end n all my friends can PM dere kk any time dey want😃

I am a bit emotional guys but i guess v all ve 2 be strong..n i think all my friends will be happy infact dat dere link wid me is not endin only coz of kstreet's endin or any other reason..i'll always be friends wid u guys.😊Its jst dat v may not be able 2 chat on Kstreet forums again, but v'll always be intouch.

Take care guys... i luv u all😊


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Posted: 17 years ago
Hi guys. Yeah, I'm gonna miss K-Street and all of you 2!!! 😭 Don't know why it ended so abruptly but now its over and we can't do anything about it. 😭 I just joined this forum very recently but had a really nice time and made some really good friends, will miss u all. 😭 Take care guys, bye.
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Posted: 17 years ago
i will miss u too and bye k streezians
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Posted: 17 years ago
we'll all miss u too! 😭 😭
bye Jaan!