IMP Update -Chat Club LockDown Rules

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Posted: 9 years ago
Attention ChatClub forum Members : 

The following update is being made to the current rules & regulations of the CC forum.(ATTN:Revised CC Rule/ Amendements - MUST READ (April 3, 2014))
Members are requested to read and get familiar with the penalties one may encounter upon breaching the forum rules. 

Though this has been the norm in lockdown process in the recent times , we are making it clear & official since many CC's continue to violate rules and the severity they may face as a consequence. 

If rules are breached in a ChatClub depending on the amount of legitimate reported posts and forum violations following actions will be enforced : 

First time : We sent PM warning(s) to the relevant members/individuals informing the violations and the impact of subsequent breaches. 

2nd time - Warning Note . 
The CC Admin(s) are informed of the same as a courtesy as they are expected to warn their members about the official warning they have gotten thus giving them a chance to correct themselves.

3rd time - Another Warning Note with a notice of impending closure next time. 
4th time - CC Lockdown for 2 weeks
5th time - 3 weeks lockdown
6th time - Permanent Closure 

At certain times, when there is lack of manpower or more time to deliberate is needed , CC Lockdown time may be extended to complete the review . Members are requested to comply and be patient in such instances.

If there are any concerns during lockdown , rather than mass PM same query by various CC members to the DT , any one member or admin can represent and seek clarifications. Bombarding the Dev Team with PMs will not rush the process , rather it may delay the process due to diversion. 

Reminder :   While under Lockdown ChatClubs cannot open any new CC thread ( same series or a new sub CC) , reuse any old thread and/or  Rename the CC and try to circumvent the violations. 

ChatClubs who wish to rename their Series , should seek approval of DT prior to making any changes .


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