|| Fan Fiction Forum Rules & Regulations ||

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Posted: 5 years ago
Fan Fiction Forum Rules & Regulations

1) Moderation

a) Forum Issues

The Fan Fictions Forum is moderated currently by hinz 

b) Urgent Issues

At any point, if there an urgent issue arises, please contact the DT first. If the FF DT does not respond to you after 72 hours, feel free to contact the Global Moderators, Aahaana or *Shruti* or jyoti06

2) Plagiarism/Inspiration

India-Forums takes plagiarism extremely seriously and ONLY encourages original work to be posted. Please be aware that plagiarism not only puts you at risk legally but also puts the entire website at risk.

In simple words, here is the difference between inspiration and plagiarism.

Inspiration - Taking certain ideas from someone else's work (the general concept) and writing your own story based off of it.

Plagiarism - Copying the entire plot of another person's work.

3) Adult Content

Please click the link to read the consequences of including any violating adult/mature content.

4) RPFs [Real Person Fiction]

Real Person Fiction is a type of Fan Fiction that is written on the celebrities essaying characters in a show or movie instead of the characters. [For example: A fan fiction written on Barun Sobti and Sanaya Irani instead of Arnav and Khushi]. The Fan Fictions Forum will not permit such fan fictions on the forum. The forum is a platform for creativity, not a platform for fan wars and conflict. Such stories can be posted in your own personal blogs.

Anyone found to have violated this rule (any threads posted after February 5th, 2015) will face a 20% Warning Level Raise and the thread will be locked permanently. To finalize this, the rule applies to ALL forums on India-Forums.

5) Language In Fan Fictions

a) Abusive/Derogatory Language

The usage of curse words is prohibited in India-Forums in any thread. However, the FF DT is allowing a certain amount of leniency in this matter in Fan Fictions. You may only be permitted to use the first letter and the rest must be starred out. [For example: f***].

If you are unsure of a certain word and whether or not it needs to be starred out, contact the Development Team. If any usage of curse words (without them starred out) are found, the DT will edit out the content and issue a Warning PM to the offender. The second time will result in a Warning Level raise.

Any abusive words used against another member on IF in any thread will result in a direct Warning Level raise and the removal of the violating word.

b) Racially Discriminatory/Offensive Language

Anything that can be/is deemed offensive or discriminatory is prohibited in Fan Fictions (especially racially discriminatory language). You are not permitted to degrade another religion, race, ethnicity, culture, nationality or gender. You may also not throw negative light on any sexual orientation. The rule is not limited to the mentioned concepts but applies to anything considered offensive to the DT's discretion. 

Note: If the storyline demands a certain belief or dialogue that violates this rule, please double check with the Development Team. More often than not, you will be granted permission with certain conditions!

6) Chatting/Spamming

The Fan Fictions Forum is specifically reserved for posting stories, it is not for chatting. India-Forums has several forums where chatting is permitted.

Please click the link to read what constitutes as spamming and what does not in Fan Fictions.

If any author's Fan Fiction thread is found to be violating this rule, a warning will be issued in the thread. The second time it occurs (for the same author - it does not have to be the same thread), the violating Fan Fiction thread will be subject to a three days lock down.

7) Advertising

a) Private Messages/Threads

Harassing members by sending them PMs to your Fan Fictions and/or posting your FF links in other Fan Fictions without the permission of the member is strictly prohibited. If you require assistance to advertise your fan fiction, you may request it here -> Writer To [Reader] Writer. Anyone found guilty of violating this rule will be issued a Warning and a 20% Warning Level Raise the second time.

b) Blog Links

Blog links are not permitted to be posted in India-Forums. Do not promote your blog link through your Fan Fiction thread. The first time, the DT will edit it out and issue you a Warning PM. The second time, it will be a Warning Level Raise. You are allowed to PM the blog link to your readers but you may not post it in threads or your signature boxes.

8) Multiple IDs [MIDs]

The usage of multiple IDs is restricted according to the IF COC however, fan fiction writers are granted permission to create a second ID for ONLY their Fan Fiction [to send out PMs, post updates, etc]. If you are found to have been using the second ID for anything other than that [posting comments in other threads, harassing members, voting in contests, etc], you will face a direct Warning Level increase. It will also result in the permanent ban of the second ID.

9) Page Limit

One thread is restricted to 150 pages, maximum. Once your thread has reached the maximum number of pages permitted, please create a new thread for your fan fiction. If a thread exceeding 150 pages is found, the DT will close it down.

10) Report Button

The Report Button is to ONLY be used when a member has violated the rules of this forum. Any other unnecessary reports will go unanswered. The wrong usage of the report button may also result in an increase of your warning level if it is continued.  

11) Art Requests

All requests for banners and/or sigs for stories posted on India-Forums [at any forum] can be requested at the latest Fan Fictions Creativity Shop stickied at this forum. For further additional rules of the shop, please visit the shop thread.

-Fan Fictions Development Team-

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Posted: 5 months ago

Hi there, I post my ff in Zindagi ki Mehak forum. I posted as usual but it keep on showing Abusing/offensive slang is not allowed. I checked my content few times and didnt find anything abusive. Who can assist me on this matter? thank you 

Posted: 4 months ago

What if people from rival fan clubs try to report your account just because they don’t want other FC’s other than their own on India Forums? 

Posted: 18 days ago

Thanks for the sharing information 

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