1st Sakshi Bday Gift to BALHians

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As I requested Our writers came up with Beautiful One shots on Raya .. 
so here is the first one .. 

Hope you too enjoys ... 

[Note:  This idea is inspired from a 1 minute video that i watched on FB LOL ]

"Priya, I have asked lawyer to prepare our divorce papers, they'll be ready by tommorrow",Ram announces
Vikram n Neha, who were having tea with Priya, were shocked while Priya leaves the place without uttering a word.
"are you mad, fatty?", Neha shouts
"shut up Neha", Ram replies
"i won't, dimag kharab hogaya tera jo divorce ki baat kar raha hai", Neha again shouts
"Vikram isey chup kara yaar", Ram requests
"answer me fatty", Neha demands
"Neha chup karo", Vikram tries to stop her
"dont tell me tum is decision mai uska support kar rahe ho", Neha asks Vikram
"pagal hogayi ho kya, tum Priya k paas jao mai baat karta hoon Ram se", Vikram explains
"abhi ja rahi hoon but i won't spare you", Neha warns Ram n leaves.
"kitna chillati hai yeh", Ram says while relaxing on chair, "tu jhelta kaisa hai isey"
"meri  chod apni bata ", Vikram questions
"kya batao", Ram asks
"divorce k bare mai, tu ne itna bada decision itni asani se le liya?", Vikram asks
"commom vikram, tu janta hai mai roz roz ki kit kit se tang aagaya hoon, ab aur nahi hota mujhse", Ram says
"tu Priya ko apni life se out kar raha hai, yeh wahi Priya hai jis se shaadi karne tu ne kya kuch nahi kiya", Vikram reminds
"mujhe sab yaad hai Vikram, hum ab saath nahi reh  sakte, bht differences aagaye hai hamare beech", Ram says
Vikram: differences toh har husband aur wife k beech hote hai, iska solution divorce toh nahi hai na
Ram: yehi solution hai, mai business ki tensions mai uljha rehta hoon aur Priya ke jo expectations hai wo fulfill nahi kar pata, isi wajah se roz roz ke jhagde se mai tang aagaya hoon, ab aur nahi jhel sakta mai
Vikram: ek bar phir sochle Ram
Ram: soch samajh kar hi faisla liya hai maine
Vikram: theek hai tujhe jo theek lagta hai wohi kar
Neha takes Priya with her to her home as she wanted to be with her in her difficult time. Priya was silent all the time as if she is in some deep thoughts.
Next morning, on Breakfast:
Vikram: Priya tum tension mat lo , mai phirse ram se baat karta hoon
Priya:  nahi Vikram kuch samjhane ki zarorat nahi hai, maine faisla kar liya hai
Neha: kya faisla kiya?
Priya: mai divorce papers sign kardungi
Neha: are you mad? Wo bewkufi kar raha hai aur tum usey support karogi
Priya: yehi sahi hai Neha, wo pehle se office ke kaam ko lekar pareshan the aur maine unki pareshani badhane mai koi kasar nahi chodi
Neha: don't blame yourself Priya, tum akeli responsible nahi ho, wo bhi utna hi responsible hai
Priya: mai KM jarahi hoon, lawyer aata hi hoga
Neha n Vikram wanted to do something to stop this divorce but neither Ram nor Priya were ready to understand. They both themselves wanted to get divorced.
Ram and Priya's marriage was love marriage. It was love at first sight for Ram n he made great efforts to make Priya fall in love with him and his efforts paid off when Priya too reciprocated his feelings. Initially, their marriage was not less than fairy tale but the time made it worse. They used to argue for small things. All Priya wanted was Ram's attention n time but ram was unable to do so due to his over growing n expanding business. Ram too wanted to spend time with Priya and keep her happy but that was not happening. The business's tensions keeps worsening his mood n indirectly his married life. Priya used to bug him to the core n remind him of his promises. Their relation was on stake n ram took decision of separating so that they both can be in peace.
Priya enters KM n find ram lost in his thoughts. "Hi", Priya makes her presence felt.
Ram looks in the direction of voice n finds Priya standing near him. He asks her to sit n tells her that lawyer has prepared the papers n they have to sign it.
Priya sits in front of Ram, Ram opens the file, takes the pen to sign but he keeps fidgeting with pen as if giving a thought to his decision. He wanted Priya to stop him, somewhere. But getting no opposition, he signs the papers n give pen to Priya. In the mean time, Vikram n Neha too arrive KM, they stand near Ram n Priya.
"I'll sign this papers on one condition", Priya says looking into Ram's eyes.
He was little surprised but ask her about the condition.
"you have to spend 30 minutes with me for the next 6 days", Priya reveals her condition.
Ram was confused with her strange condition, he accepts her condition.
"I'll sign the papers on 7th day", Priya stands up taking papers along with him. Ram too stands up along with her.
Priya bids good bye to Ram n asks him to take care of him while hugging.
Neha n Vikram were equally confused with Priya's behavior.
Ram could not sleep properly whole night. He was not able to understand the reason behind Priya's condition. On other hand, Priya couldn't sleep due to her excitement.
First day:
Next morning Priya messages meeting place n time to Ram. 
Ram arrives on time n greets Priya.
"you remember, this is the place where we met for first time", Priya reminds Ram.
Ram smiles acknowledging it. Ram closely looks at the restaurant, yes they met at restaurant. 
Priya was very hungry so she enters the restaurant to have some food. As there was no table available, she occupies the reserved table. She thought that she'll gone by the time the person who reserved the table will come.
Ram comes to restaurant like daily to have his lunch. He was irked when he saw some one else using his table.
"kitna chillaye the aap waiter pe", Priya smiles
Ram laughs, "aur tum khane mai busy thi"
Ram: excuse me, this is my table
Priya looks up smilingly: have a seat
Ram wanted to argue but looking at her smiling face his anger subsides.
Priya: I am sorry, koi table available nahi tha aur bahot bhuk lagi thi, I hope you dont mind
Ram just kept listening her n staring her lovingly. Priya kept speaking meanwhile.
Priya: okay, bye
"we haven't introduce ourselves", Ram speaks to know her name.
"Priya sharma", Priya smiles
"Ram Kapoor",Ram introduces himself
Priya: nice meeting you and thanks for meals
Ram smiles: have a good day
Priya gives a brief hug to Ram n leaves. Ram have a genuine smile on his face after months.
Second day:
Ram goes to meet Priya to beach.
"our first date", Priya says
After few days, Ram again meets Priya in a business meeting. She was there to accompany her friend. Ram manages to get her contact number. As Ram was working with her friend's company so they kept meeting daily. Soon they became good friends. Ram was very eager to confess his love, one day he asks Priya for a date and she agrees. He took her on beach for a date, made arrangements for dinner on beach itself.
"aap ne aaj tak nahi bataya k beach pe date ka idea kiska tha", Priya questions
"ab jaan kar kya karogi", Ram questions back
 "thanks karna chahti hoon, hamari pehli date memorable banane k liye", Priya says
  "tumhe beaches pasand hai toh strong impression jamane k liye maine hi arrange kiya tha", Ram reveals
"kabhi bataya kyun nahi",Priya asks
"tumhe pareshan karne mai maza aata hai", Ram quips
"thank you for making our first date special, it'll always hold a special place in my heart", Priya hugs Ram briefly n leaves.
Third day:
Priya was waiting for Ram in conference room of his office.
Ram enters the room and find Priya lost in her world with a smile playing on her lips.
Ram: sorry thoda late hogaya
Priya smilingly: aap ne jhoot bol kar mujhe yahan bulwaya tha aur phir yehi Propose kiya tha mujhe
Ram: jhoot bolne k liye gussa bhi toh kiya tha tumne
Priya: you lied about your health, i was worried
Ram made the arrangements in his conference room(ofcourse after office hours). When Priya entered the room, she was showered with flowers. She looked for Ram but he was not there. An audio was played describing their journey so far. When audio stopped, Ram came infront of her, held her hands, "Priya, you had been a wonderful friend, I am sure you'll be a wonderful wife too, would you mind me as your husband?"
Priya smiles at his question while Ram scratches his chin.
"i would be the happiest person if you will be my husband", Priya answers
"should I take it as your Yes?",Ram teases
"ofcourse", Priya rolls her eyes
"I will cherish the fact that I was part of your life till my last breathe",Priya hugs him with teary eyes n leaves
Fourth day:
Ram n Priya are sitting outside a movie theatre. This was the theatre where they used to come to watch movies, mostly Priya's favourite movie Baghban.(Baghban is my fav emotional movie LOL, i dont remember any other emotional movie LOL)
Ram: lagta hai aaj tumhari favourite movie lagi hai, dekhogi nahi?
Priya: nahi
Ram: kyu?
Priya: aapko pata hai mujhe akele movies dekhna nahi pasand
Ram: mai hoon na
Priya: for 30 mins not for 3 hours, more over you dont like emotional movies
Ram felt bad for himself n Priya. Before leaving Priya hugs him.
Fifth day:
Priya is standing near harbor watching ships.
Ram: hi
Priya: aap ne first promise yahan kiya tha mujhse, do you remember?
The promise was echoing in his mind,
"I promise to walk the path of life with you; I'll never leave you alone, no matter what"
"aapne apne saare promises poore kiye, thank you", Priya hugs him and walks off
Last day:
Ram was getting ready to meet Priya, he was praying that Priya should not sign divorce paper. Those 30 minutes meetings with Priya for past six days invoked his love for Priya which got buried under his work n tensions. He realised what mistake he was going to commit.
Ram goes where Priya was sitting.
"isi mandir mai humne shaadi ki thi, aap chahte the k hamara rishta bhagwan k samne jude", Priya reminds.
Ram recalls his wedding day, wedding vows, rituals
Priya: jo rishta humne bhagwan k samne joda tha, mai chahti hoon k hum usey bhagwan k samne hi tode
She hands over him divorce papers. Ram open them to check if she has signed.
"i have signed them",Priya informs
Ram was numb, he didn't wanted to end his marriage.
"apna khayal rakhna", Priya hugs him tightly n walks off
while walking away, Priya wanted Ram to stop her but Ram was not in a state to react.
In the evening, Priya was thinking why Ram didn't stopped her, what could be the reason behind it. as far as she knows Ram, he should have rethink about his decision. Neha come to meet Priya.
Neha shouts: congratulations Priya
Priya confusedly: kisliye?
Neha: finally tumhara divorce hogaya, tumhari khushi toh celebrate karna chahiye na
Priya sadly: you are happy about it?
Neha: ofcourse...tum dono ne apni marzi se divorce liya
Priya: haan par...
Neha: jo hua accha hua kam se kam tumhe us akdu, khadus se chutkara toh mila
"Nehaaa", Priya stares her angrily
Neha: ok...tum kyu upset ho, divorce ka decision toh fatty ka tha
Priya: but I pushed him to take such drastic step
Neha gives a consoling hug to Priya.
Next morning Priya receives a call from Ram,
Ram: kaisi ho
Priya: theek hoon
Ram: aaj mai apni life ki fresh start karne jaraha hoon n i want you to be with me as a friend, well wisher.
The first thought that came to her mind was, "is he marrying someone?". This shooked her up.
Ram: are you there, Priya?
Priya: ya
Ram: will you come?
Priya: yes, i'll
Priya wanted to see if her thoughts are right.
Priya went to KM, she was waiting for Ram. Ram came from his room, he could see that Priya is tensed, his lips curves into smile.
Ram: would you like to have some tea or coffee?
"ek din mai hi ajnabi bana diya", Priya curse him in mind n calmly replies, "thanks"
"maine bahot socha akele rehne k baare mai par akele Zindagi bitana bht mushkil hai, maine shaadi karne ka faisla liya hai", Ram says.
Priya was angry, "congratulations"
Ram could see anger n jealousy written over Priya's face.
"how can he move on so easily? Zaroor apni associate Reena se shaadi kar rahe honge, he deserve that witch", Priya keep cursing them mentally. She was afraid if Ram make her meet Reena, she don't wanted to feel embarrased n insulted atleast infront of Reena. She gets up to go.
"Ms Sharma", Ram calls her from behind
"ms sharma" acted like a fuel to Priya's anger. Ram has always addressed her either as Priya or Mrs.kapoor. She turns back to vent out her anger. On turning back, she find Ram sitting on his knee,
"would you mind me as your husband again? Will you remarry me?", Ram propose Priya again
Priya have tears of joy while accepting his proposal.
"ro kyu rahi ho?", Ram asks
Priya simply nods her head sideways.
"can I hug you?", Ram asks
Priya nods her head in yes.
"mai wada karta hoon k personal aur professional life mix nahi karunga",Ram promises
"mai bhi waada karti hoon k aapko kabhi pareshan nahi karungi", Priya hugs him tightly
"aisa promise kyu kar rahi ho jo poora nahi hosakta", Ram teases
"you mean mai apne promises poore nahi karti", Priya pouts
"tum mujhe pareshan nahi karogi toh mera kya hoga isiliye mai tumhe yeh promise poora nhi karne dunga", Ram again takes her in his embrace.

All I ever want is to be part of your heart,
And for us to be together, to never be apart.

No one else in the world can even compare,
You're perfect and so is this love that we share.

We have so much more than I ever thought we would,
I love you more than I ever thought I could.

I promise to give you all I have to give,
I'll do anything for you as long as I live.

In your eyes I see our present, our future and past,
By the way you look at me I know we will last.

Authour : Peeyara [naseem ] 

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Posted: 2015-01-11T12:46:45Z
Such a beautiful OS this is .. 
Damn good naseem .. simply superb 

will give my full comment later .. 


Sorry for late reply . Naseem Thats a beautiful Idea to make one person how much you love him and  make him realise how much he loves her and how trusty and wonderful is their relation  ship is , the idea is outstanding , and the way you narrated both Ram & Priya feelings were just awesome . 
at the end i was laughing imaging priyas expressions LOL but when he asked her to remarry how  her soul was confined ,  she very well knws it works and it worked .. 

Awesome , perfect love story Wink 

Thank you .. 
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Posted: 2015-01-11T22:17:54Z
StarStarBeautful write up , loved reading it.

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Posted: 2015-01-11T23:53:47Z
Superb os hayeee so cute tha
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Posted: 2015-01-12T01:15:25Z
Ohh wow wonderful...enjoyed reading
maanna padega jahan se bhi copy ki ho,,,mast thaLOL ,,,all six days...and Raya ka milna. 
beautiful OS...aur eise wale topics mile toh likha karoLOL
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Posted: 2015-01-12T01:37:08Z
heyy superb os yaar..!!
fantastic story line..
i just loved it...
total concept is very interesting and beautifully penned down...
i must say its really very beautiful os...
do write more like this...
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Posted: 2015-01-12T02:15:27Z
beautiful. naseem di. it is such a pleasure to read this beautiful story. love u raya. the six days reminds me of balh when priya ko cancer bataya tha dr. ne. superb naseem di.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2015-01-12T02:35:57Z

superb os. loved the way  they felt their love

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