MG SS:Salaam e Ishq#2 *|| Part 56 @ Page 136 ||* 7-June-2020(Page 84)

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thanks for the reply Sobia! 

will wait then! good luck 
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Waiting for update
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waiting for an update on this too...
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Hello Everyone,

Sorry for disappearing for so long ..done with my paper hope you are fine here is your update ..

thank you all for your likes and support

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special thank you to those who had still stick around, Hug don't worry i won't leave any of my stories unfinished 

luv ya


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MG SS Salaam e Ishq


Romeo: geet ma'am woh mishra sir waale project site pe mien aaj raha hoon visit pe ..

Geet: han theek hai report mujhe kal tak chaihye magar ok ...deadline kareeb uski ..

Romeo: hujayega ma'a, don't worry ..

Geet: Great ..(and her phone buzzed with an incoming call) .. yes Mr. Shetty ..

Shetty: geet madam ..humari team ki meeting hugayi hai veer and pari g se ...sab plans set hugaye hain ..

Geet: han pari ne mujhe bataya tha abhi thori deir pehle ..infact mien apko call karne hi waali thi ...dekhiye sir 3 din reh gaye hain sirf and koi garbar nahi honi chahiye ..

Shetty: madam aaj tak apko koi shikayat huyi hai kya ..

Geet: I know shetty sahib but yeh family function hai ..

Shetty: madam hum sambhaalenge bas aap KM ka ek tour karwa dejiye aaj meri team ko ...

Geet saw maan walking in her room with a file and she signaled him to stay ..

Mr. Shetty ek min hold kijeyega ..

Maan sir event planner ki team KM visit keliye aaj sham ka keh rahe hain ..

Han tu theek hai bola lo unko waise bhi abb time kitna bacha hai ..

Theek hai mien bol deti hoon 

Acha sono yeh hujaiye tu mere cabin m aana kuch discuss karna hai ...

G bas 5 minute ..

(she resumed her call) ok sorry shetty sahib ..acha suniye aap apni team ko aaj KM bhej dijeye raat m but 8 bje k baad ..mien khud b wahin hungi ..

Theek hai madam m phir aapka number unko de deta hoon ..coordinate karlenge ..

G theek hai ..

And she went to maan's cabin ...


Pari: maa mien keh rahi hoon that one is really good for dadi maa ..

Aparna: pari pure white looks so much better than off white ..

While the two ladies were arguing about the gifts for veer's family geet came running in the shop ..

Hi ...sorry pari late hugayi ..wohh maan sir ...anyways kya reh gaya ..

Aparna: yeh pocho ke kya hugaya ..meri tu samajh nahi aarahi h geet kya len sab ke liye humien tu unki choice k bare mien kuch nahi pata ..

Geet: aunty aap tension mat lo mien help karti hoon ...and waise bhi dadi maa is not a fan of brands han maan sir and aniee thore brand crazy hain but not her ...

Pari: thank god tu aagayi yaar ..

Geet: acha listen we have only 1 hour phir KM jaana h ..even planners aaj aarahe hain veer will be there ..

Oh god 1 hour mien kya huga ..

Aparna: Pari panic karne se kya huga ...chalo jitna huga hum krenge baaqi tum dono chale jana mien atleast hum logoon ki shopping karlungi then phir kal baaqi k gift le lenge ..


Yeh sab aap logoon ko samajh aagaya na ..dekhiye sagai ka muhurat is around 6pm tu it won't be fully dark tu you guys can't go for a very dark theme and all settings must be done in accordance to that ...dcor bilkul waise hi hona chahiye jaise hum ne plan kiya hai ...andar hall ki space limited hai tu dinner and tables bahar lawn area mien set karenge but ceremony yahin hugi main hall mien ...

Ma'am don't worry everything will exactly be like this ..

Pari: Relax yaar geet itni tension mat de un logoon ko ..

Kaise na doon mere friend ki engagement hai sab perfect hona chahiye ..aap log yeh sab rakhiye aur bahar lawn area dekh lijeye and power supply bhi kal lighting ka koi problem nahi hona chahiye ...

Veer: Geet aap ho na tu waise bhi koi problem nahi hugi

Meanwhile maan came down and saw the designs and layout spread on the coffee table ..

What kind of a color theme is this ...birthday party hai kya ..? kis ne final kiya hai yeh ?

The Helper: Sir woh Geet Ma'am ne ..

Mujhe pata hona chahiye tha ...kahan hai geet ?? 

Bahar lawn mien ...

Mien khud hi baat karta hoon ..


Acha dekhiye yahan p tables arrange hujayenge n yahan photo booth like after the ceremony pari and veer ki photo album ke liye pictures yahan hungi ...veer .. pari theek hai na 

She turned only see herself alone with the 2 event planners ..

Yeh dono kahan gaye ?

The 2 planners smiled teasingly ..

Ma'am wohh tu gaye

Lo ...ab sab mien hi decide karungi kya .. ?
Chaddoo ..aur aap log kya hans rahe hain ..shadi hone waali hai unki ..yahan sun'nege aap log ?

GEET ...

Before she could say anything more they starled with maan's voice ..and geet walked towards him ..


Meanwhile in the back side of the garden veer dragged pari ..

Veer yehh kya kar rahe ho ..geet hai wahan ..

She won't mind me 

Pari glared him while he gave his signature teasing smile few days back it use to irk her to the bits but now it only made her blush as now she could see the love in those eyes ..the sincerity

Veer held her hand and jerked her forward making her loose her balance and fall in his embrace ...her eyes widened and breath stopped ..

Koi aajayega veer ..

He never averted his gaze from hre captivating her ..

Aane do ..

Dekh lega ..

Dekhne do ...

She was almost immune to her surrounding ...a thought of getting caught still somewhere at the back of her hard core practical mind but his soft breath falling on her face ..her own heart beat which she could hear in her ear in the silence of the night and his hypnotic charm making her loose her senses standing there at his mercy she closed her eyes just as he diminished the distance between their lips surrendering herself to him ..totally unaware of the battle on the other side of the garden ..  


Kya hua maan sir ..??

Geet saw the planners roaming around and so lowered his voice ..

Geet yeh designs tum ne final kiye hain ..?

G kyun ??

What kyun geet ? Aniee ki birthday party nahi hai veer ki engagement hai ..what kind of a color theme have you selected ...

Geet looked confused almost not being able to get his point 

Lavender and white mien problem kya hai ..??

Problem ..?? geet yeh lavender kuansa color huta hai ...aur yeh tumhaari choice ko kya huagya hai ?? 

Haw ...(geet made her famous O-shaped face and took a defence posture offended much by his remarks) aapko agar itni problem hai tu you should have sit with us ... jab planners aaye tab tu aapko email ka respond karna yaad aagaya tha ...aab jab sab final hugaya hai tu aap nuks nikaaal rahe ho ..yeh hi problem hai aapki mien kitna bhi try karloon meri har cheez mien problem huti hai aapkko har baat mien nuks dekhta hai aapko ..

Maan stepped back and looked away not wanting to be rude still offending her 

Geet aisi koi baat nahi hai ..but this theme is very childish bilkul tumhaari tarha ..

Hadd hugayi ...ab aapko mien childish bhi lagne lagi ...

Maan realized what he just said but he couldn't take back his words besides he knew lavender can never be veers' choice than y was she going with this theme ..

Mene aisa nahi kaha geet yeh tu tum hi khud ko keh rahi ho ...

Aap ne aisa hi kaha aur aapke kehna ka yeh hi matlab tha ..

Maan kept his hands in his pocket and very non-chantantly left his sentence mid way ..

Geet ab tum accept kar rahi ho tu mien kya keh sakta hoon ..

Geet glared at him and stood infront of him pointing her index finger at her ..

What ever maan sir theme tu abb yeh hi rahegi ...

No ways geet itni bekaar theme mere bhai ki engagement ki nahi ho sakti ..

Mr. Maan Singh Khurana please yeh sirf aapke bhai ki nahi meri dost ki bhi engagement hai tu sab kuch veer ki pasand ka nahi ho sakta ..

Geet mujhe ache se yaad hai but I am sure pari bhi itni boring light colored theme kabhi pasand nahi karegi ..

Bol tu aap aise rahe hain jaise aapko baare bright colors pasand aayenge ... BTW aapka khud ka fav color white hai ..right sir ..??

Tumhain kaise pata ..??

Geet took a step back and looked away stamperring while giving the answer ...

Umm ..wohh ..(maan almost smirked seeing her loose her confidence but she looked up with double determination) poori dunya ko pata hai ...waise bhi aapki life mien black.. blues ..whites and greys yeh 4 colors hain ..iske aage tu aap jaate nahi aur meri theme ko boring keh rahe hain aap ...

Geet exactly mera fav color white hai veer ka nahi ...he likes blue ...dark blue aur yeh lavender its such a girly color ...kis ko pasand huta hai aisa color ..

PARI: Mujhe ...

They both turned and saw pari and veer standing there ..

Maan sir lavender mera fav color hai ...

Yes bhai and I don't mind that as well ...geet ne humare consent se hi theme final ki thi 

Maan had his guarded look on while geet copied his signature arm folded in front position with an irritated smirk on her face clearly depicting what she could say *Anything-else-you-wanna-say*

Babaji kasm se ...

Veer and pari looked at them both and held their breath fearing who would blast first but geet turned and went towards the even planners who has drifted away in the lawn to check the whole location ..

Maan(st): Mar gaye maan beta ...veer ka bhala karne ke chakar mien mishty se lar lia ..why do I get so carried away with her ...

Pari nudged veer scared of what would happen ...n just then maan turned his attention to them ..

Tum dono yahan kab aaye ?

Bhai kaafi time hugaya ..probably aap jab upar gaye tu uske 5 mintues baad hi ...beqaar hi aapne geet se itna jhagra kiya 

Mien geet ke paas jaati hoon ...excuse me sir 

She went away while maan ran a hand in his hair in frustration ..

Lavender seriously veer ..??

C'mon bhai kya farq parta hai ...pari khush hai na ...mujhe aur kya chahiye ..

Maan(St): pari tu khush hai but ab mien geet ko kaise manaonga ..

Bhai kuch kaha aapne ..?

Nahi ..kuch nahi ...mein kahan ..

Veer smiled sheepishly ..

Don't worry bhai ..maan jayegi ..

What ...?

Nothing ...(he smiled teasingly) andar chalen ?

Hmm ...(they started walking in inside while maan murmured) lavender ?

Thora girly tu hai I admit but as a whole dcor geet ne nuhat acha plan kiya hai trust me you would like it ...

More than me.. you should be the one liking it ..veer yaad hai aniee ka kitna mazaak uraya hai tu ne ...

Mujhe tu yaad hai but I hope aniee ko na yaad rahe ...

Ah ...that I would see to after all tu ne lavender approve kiya hai ..

Bhai please yaar for once saath de do ...

Maan patted on his back smiling at the change in his attitude this was little brother he has known for all his life to be the most choosing guy ...and here he approved lavender to be his engagement theme does wonders to people ...


Geet and pari sat down in the lounge of KM after the even planner left ...

God I m tired ..kuan kehta h its fun to get married ...

Abhi tu sirf agai hai pari soch shadi mien kya hoga ...

She gave her a horrified look and geet laughed at her plight than hugged her ...

Geet chuckled and stood up to get water when she saw aniee and dadi maa walk out of the kitchen ..

Dadi: geet sab decide hugaya ..

Gi dadi maa ..hugaya ..

Veer aur maan kahan hai ??

veer bahar gaye thay event planner ko bahar tak chorne and maan sir got a call from London ...

Pari; umm ..dadi maa mien chalti hoon ...kaafi late huagya hai ..

Aniee: arre aise kaise ..dinner tu kar lijeye ..(with a teasing smile) ..bhabi ji 

Geet smiled and dadi waked her ..

Aww dadi ...kya hua veer bhaiya h mera tu pari bhabi hi huyi na ..

Pari (she looked down blushing) mien chalti hoon

Dadi: arre bte ..iss aniee ki baton ko mat sono isko showk hai sab ko chirne ka ...aap chaliye humare saath ..infact geet aap bhi ...dinner ke liye

Pari: dadi ...thank you so much but wohh maa wait kar rahi hoon dinner p mera ...mien ghar p kha lungi ..

Dadi Maa: chaliye agar aap iss hi mien khush hain tu hum force nahi karenge ..but aap akele ghar nahi jayengi ..

Pari: dadi maa ...//

Maan: dadi maa theek keh rahi hain pari ...driver chor dega tumhain ..kaafi raat hugayi hai ..

Geet looked at maan walking down from the stairs smiling at the total silence that came with his commanding voice and the way pari still couldn't argue with him ..

Veer: arre bhai aap tension kyun le rahe ho ..mien chor aata hoon na 

Aniee chuckled and pari ducked her face down in embarrasement 

Maan (smirking in a teasing way): mujhe koi tension nahi hai veer ..driver pari ko chorne jayega ... 

Aniee: han aur waise bhi anisha aunty and aparna aunty ne aap dono ka akele ghomna ban kiya hai na until engagement ..

Maan: very well said aniee ...I guess koi shadi ki khushi m baatien bholne laga hai ..nahi 

Veer: bhai but mien tu bas ...//

Pari (quickly taking blessing from dadi maa): mien chalti hoon dadi maa ..good night everyone ..

Pari left the house while geet and aniee stood their laughing at the baby face of veer ...

Watch until its ur time ..

And he stormed out towards the dinning room ..

Kya maan aap bhi ...hugaya naraaz woh ..aur aniee aap bhi maan ke saath mil gayi 

Maan: C'mon dadi maa ..chota bhai hai mera itna tu chir sakta hoon mien ..

Geet: dadi maa ..mien bhi chalti hoon ..kaafi late hugaya hai and subha buhat saare kaam hain ..

Maan: driver already pari ko chorne jaa chukka hai n veer won't be in a mood to drive right now cut the drama n beth jao dinner k baad chali jana 

They had fought over most of the things in the last 2 hours with the event management team and now his comment only made geet snap back 

Geet: mien khud ghar jaa sakti hoon ..

Maan stopped and glared back at her 

I am Sorry What ..!!

Geet looked at him and saw the warning in his eyes ...beside even dadi maa won't allow her to leave alone at this hour ..


And with that she stormed away into the kitchen to get the dinner served ..

Maan shook his head at her stubbornness ...

Aniee walked upto to him and tood in front with a scowl 

Why do you always have to be so rude ..usko rokna that u sweetly bhi tu bol sakte thay na ..

Maan initially started saying something but then walked away waving her off ..

Urghh I hate him dadi maa ..


Aniee was walking along side geet to drop at till the door after dinner discussing the plan for the next day ...

Geet you are helping them with our gifts aur yeh tum mujhe abhi bata rahi ho ..

Umm aniee tou iss mien itna shock hone waali kya baat hai ...

Geet tum samajh nahi rahi ho na ...(she made a baby face standing at the door ) abb tumhain tu sab pata hai kis ko kya pasand hai ...n humien tu pari aur aparna aunty ke bare mien kuch nahi pata tu humaare gifts agar ache nahi huye tu ...

Geet smiled hugging her side ways ..

Aisa kuch nahi huga ..beside dadi maa is going to choose it all tu buhat acha huga I am sure ...dekho abb dresses select karne bhi tu pari aur veer ke saath dadi maa hi gayi thi anisha aunty to cards distribute kar rahi thi uss din ...//

Han aur aap aur bhai office mien busy thay ...seriously geet have you even seen your dress ...

Oh ho ..dekhlungi baad mien ..dadi maa aur tum ne select kiya hai acha hi huga ..

Mujhe sachi mien buhat tension hu rahi hai ..wohh tu acha hua I asked you about your clothes warna tum sachi mien koi poorana dress pehan leti ..

Well if u ask me you can still keep the dress you have bought for me ...

Oh please don't even start that again ...also kal jewelers and designer dobara aarahe hain yahan tu u have to be here we'll be selecting the gifts ...

But aniee ..already itna kaam hai how will I ..//

Mujhe nahi pata ...geet please na hum buhat confuse hujayenge ..

Acha theek hai stop making such faces mien dekhti hoon ..karti hoon kuch manage .

Yeahh ..u r the best ...(she hugged in delight while geet responded with equal affection) ..

Aap dono ka hugaya ho tu hum jaa sakte hain geet ..

Both of them parted only to realize maan was standing there in his signature style hands folded over the chest with a stern stare ..

Good night aniee ..

Good night geet ...good night bhai 

Good night kiddo ..

Don't call me that ...I am not a kiddo anymore ..

Maan smirked while aniee went in ...and geet stood there watching him ...its rare to see him tease his siblings ...may be he is actually really happy for veer ...but MSK's ways of expressing happiness is so twisted ...only the Almighty knows whats running in his heart and mind ...

Chalien ..??

Umm .. sorry han ...chaliye ..


The next two days were crazy for all of them ..geet was running between KM and pari's house ...the office work was completely compromised ...there were things that were bothering maan she noticed but never got the time to discuss what ...meanwhile their bickering continued ...and others enjoyed at their expense ..finally it was the day of engagement ..guest had started arriving early morning though it wasn't a big affair just close family was invited but anything happening in KM was a big news for the media ...geet was there early the decore had started already ...she was supervising all the preparations ... aparna and pari was supposed to be here a few hours before the function ...veer and anisha was already  in KM ...

Geet was talking on the walkie talkie with the caterers as the snacks to be served to the guests were not in the hall yet ..while maan was walking down all dressed up for the office ...and they collided by the stair case ...

Maan held her by her waist preventing from falling on the hard marble while she closed her eyes in fear of the hurt that never came and clutched on his shoulder tight ...for a moment their hearts stopped beating ..and as the realization sunk in geet opened her eyes only to get lost in the deep brown duo staring at her in sheer panic and fear ...the concern in them made her breath stuck and while he made her stand upright she still held tightly completely lost in the depth of his eyes and he held her close not ever wanting to let go ...the moment he realized who was the person in front of him and that she was about to fall he felt his heart stop in fear ..the heat of her body and the sound of her heart gave him assurance that she is ok ...the calm settled in looking at those hazel duo staring at him with the love of the whole world ...if he could he would have spent his whole life in this one moment with her being this close to him ..protected and away from every harm ..but his revere broke with a sharp voice almost shrieking ...

Oh my god ..!!

Maaneet straightened but geet still held his hand may be because of the after effect of the fall or the shock of seeing the person in front of her ...

Dn't tell me you fell again ...geet din mahine saal badalte hain but u ..u still remain the same ..

Reeta Malhotra ...hello

Maan's cutting voice dominated the room and made the lady avert her gaze from geet to him ...

C'mon maan itna formal apni first cousin ke saath ..khair how are you ...

Bit busy at the moment to catch up ...enjoy the function ..

Maan turned to geet eased her hand in his hold ...and gave her a comforting nod ...for the world it was just a simple look and nod but geet it was all from ...*take care*  *Be Careful* to *I am here for you* *Don't Worry* ...every word he would never say summed up in one single look ...every bitterness from last 3 days kept aside this moment he was with her her the stability she required ...with a smile she released his hand n he went away asking nakul to let aniee know of reeta's arrival ...


While geet was packing the gifts ..anniee came startling her 

Hi ...

Yahan kya kar rahe ho ..? you should be with the family ...

I heard the witch is here ..

ANIEE ...aise baat nahi karte she is your elder sister ..

Cousin ..please no way I would ever consider her my sister n also she is nothing but the biggest pain in my *** 

Shush aniee family hai ..n dadi maa ne sun liya na tumhain aisi language mien baat karte huye bataengi tumhain ..

Its only because of her we tolerate her warna the way she is with you and the other staff maan bhai wouldn't tolerate her a minute in the house ...

Aniee galat baat hai ...ho sakta hai ho koi aisi baat jo usko mere baare mien achi nahi lagti ...jaane do na humien kya ..

Geet mien bata rahi hoon u don't have to tolerate her shit ..aur uski problem sirf itni hai k bhai doesn't give that make-up ki dukaan any importance

Aniee listen to me now ..(she left the boxes and turned towards her) she isn't important ..what we should care about is that today is a big day for pari and veer and nothing ..simply nothing should spoil that ...(aniee looked down) ..adhar look at me.. promise me u won't say anything to her matter what 

Uss ne agar tum se kuch kaha na tu ...//

Mien dekh lungi ...pehle bhi kiya hai ..remember the last time she came her on Diwali ...I did gave her a shut up call ..

But still she was being her bitch self when she arrived today ..

It doesn't matter to me ...she doesn't matter to me ...okie so my dear anvesha go out there enjoy with your friends ...dress up like the Barbie doll you are and we'll click a lot of pictures today ..okie (aniee still had a frown and geet started tickling her) ...okiee 

aniee shrieked and stepped back laughing ...

Okiee ...I will try and bee away from that witch ...
Geet hugged her side ways ..

That's like my girl ...

The girls were living their moments completely unaware of the one person standing their admiring their bond and feeling relaxed having his sister my her side ...she won't leave her alone at least ...he knew reeta had some issues with geet which only she knew off but last year as well she created a scene over geet almost got her dupatta burnt by the Diya (lamp) and in process of saving her the whole decoration by the stairs were spoiled ...maan couldn't let any of such a thing happen today would not only make him loose his patience but would also spoil veer's and pari's function ...which even he didn't wanted but for now he has the front covered ... 

Hope you enjoyed it please do leave a comment 

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Loved it loved glad Annie is with geet maan is glad too...wish he would just accept and confess to her and make her his forever...
Posted: 2 years ago
Loved geet and annie bonding
Ma'am can't control infront of geet

Gurmeet Choudhary Drashti Dhami Geet Hui Sabse Parayi 

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