MG SS:Salaam e Ishq#2 *|| Part 56 @ Page 136 ||* 7-June-2020(Page 8)

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hi all,
as some u fb friends know ..i had an assignment submission today which went quite well though i got another assignment for next week ..Ouch
anyways here is the update ..Embarrassed hope u remember what the precap last time was ..Wink

enjoy reading n thanks a ton to all u lovely people how liked n commented on the last one Big smile

MG SS : Salaam  e Ishq


Maan was in a awful mood ..irritable god only knows how he managed his last 2 meetings ..damn those idiotic people can't even manage a single thing on thr own ...n now he sat in his cabin looking at the file n not getting anything seems as if his brain was blank ..he glanced at at right n the empty cabin only reminded of geet's absence n he sighed pushing his chair back pushed his hair back .. he can't even survive without her a day ...her precense use to be enough to cool down his temper ..those widen scared eyes were the very reason many a times he controlled himself n his temper ..n now without her this place seemed so damn suffocating for him to even breath in...   what will happen if she actually left KC some day .. the thought itself was so horrific maan gulped down a full glass of water to cool himself down ..and cleared the sweat from his forehead ..he can't even think of something like that ..n just then his phone buzzed ..frustrated he exhaled sharply he didn't wanted to talk to anyone ..but it was aniee ..maan took a deep breath n picked it up ..

Hi bhai ..aap na jaldi se ghar aajao ..

Maan exhaled trying not to snap at her extra ordinarily high pitched voice ..n said calmly ..

Aniee baat kya hai ..

Wohh hum sab ne dinner ka plan kiya hai so aap jaldi aajao ...we'll go for xyz place unka gaming zone is good tu prem ko wahan bhi jana hai n I ve made the reservation on ur name as well in the dinning area ..

maan closed his eyes he didn't wanted to upset her but he truly wasn't in a mood for outing n dinner he won't be able to stomach anything ..maan tried to think of anything polite n refuse her somehow without upsetting her ..

aniee actually meri ek meeting hai abhi 5 min mien ..n u didn't told me na bacha tu aise last min cancle nahi kar sakte ..

bhai plss na ...(the wicked girl she is).. wohh prem bhi itna excited hai ...Tongue


but he stopped listening to something ..or say someone's voice from behind Wink..his breath got caught in anticipation has he heard geet shouting from behind possibly running behind prem ..

prem ..prem ruk jao dekho chachu tumhain lekar nahi jayenge dinner par ..u have to complete ur homework ...chalo ..premmm ...

bhai u thr ..??

his trance got broken by aniee's voice n with so much hope he apprehensively asked her ..

wahan kuan aaya hai aniee ..??EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

ohh wohh ..geet aaye thi bhai .. (n then she smiled knowing wht would bring his bhai home).. wohh geet bhi humare saath dinner ke liye jayegi bhai ..dadi maa aur mne usko ruk liya please aap jaldi se aajao ..okie 

umm ..aniee wohh mien ...mien try karta hoon ..Shocked LOLShockedokie

ji bhai ...

maan hung up with a sudden calmness over powering him while on the other side aniee giggled seeing the sudden change in maan's voice ..he had a ghost of a smile on his face ...the mere thought of being able to watch her near her ..see her was so overwhelming if only he could he would have flew back to KM just to see her ..but he had to be rational he just told aniee he has a meeting ..but the sudden happiness spreading around in his entire being was so heart warming ..n just then adi came in knocking ..

si...iirrr.rrr wohhh cli...ients aag..ayeee hainn ...

adi umm ..wohh mujhe ..mujhe ghar jaldi jana parega tu mien meeting start karta hoon aur important issues ke baad tum continue kar lena ...

ji ...iii sir..rrr

n stop stampering u can't possibly give a presentation like this ..

maan shook his head trying to hold his smile while adi looked down embarraced n confused at the sudden lifted mood of his boss ..maan walked out leaving him standing thr ...while he followed behind thinking ...bosses can be like an 8 months pregnant woman at time with thr mood swings ..
(sorry i just had to say this bosses can be such a pain in the ass ..LOL)


Here in KM finally done with prem's homework geet was here in aniee's room to see what she had for her to wear for tonight ..n as expected it was an expensive designer saari though it looked damn elegant but geet was still looking at it in a fix while aniee asked apprehensive ..

Tu aise kya dekh rahi hai ..isn't it good ..pasand nahi aayi saari ..?? bolna geet

Aniee bolne degi tu kuch bolongi na ..yeh saari buhat sundar hai ..n I am in love with this color ..but ek problem hai ..

Kya ..?? pls don't say tu saari nahi pehenti ..u had wore I remember ..KC ki first party mien ..u looked divine ..plss pehenle na ..

Aniee beta ..saari pehene k liye aur bhi kuch accessories required hoti hain ..jaise ki blouse ..u getting my point girl ..??

Well u think I m that dum ..i have ur blouse ready my dear ..

Surprised she asked when aniee turned to take it out of the shopping bag ..

But how did u ..i mean trial n all 

Madame u forgetting something ..?? we've been shopping together since last 5 years ..n I know ur size n it wasn't a big deal since we have the same tailor ..

Ohh ..

Oh Yes get urself in thr n get changed ..i wanna see u in this ..

Geet smiled at her craziness she just love shopping ..not only for herself ..but also for everyone else ..n actually for now she doesn't mind coz it helped her today ...she really stinks with the milk all over her shirt ..n she went in her washroom to change ..

However when geet returned after 5 min ..aniee stood up surprised seing her still not changed ..

What happened ..fitting loose hai kya ..??

Nahi ummm actually ...

Tu bolo na geet ...kya hua

Aniee yeh ... (she cleared her throat). Umm yeh blouse sleeveless hai ..

Oww ..shit ..yeh ... mene bola tha tailor ko ..damn him ..i m sorry geet mujhe yaad tha tum sleeveless nahi pehenti abb ...

Its okie aniee ...tumhari galti nahi hai ..

U ..just give me a minute ill get something else for u ..

Aniee suno tu ...

Nahi na geet tu ruk ill find something ..

Aniee went in running to her wardrobe ..while geet stood thr staring at the cloth in her hand ..n she sighed something can never be mended once spoiled ...after a few minutes aniee returned with a few new dresses n geet went in to try them ... however after good 1 hour they gave up on the idea on borrowing cloths n decided its better geet drive back her home get changed n come back ...even though geet suggested they go n she'll just head home ...but aniee gave a big NOOo ...n then the big valid reason prem would be super upset ..that made geet agree to it ...n just as she was about to leave ..dadi came to aniee's room ..

Kya hua aap dono itni dair se kar kya rahe hian ..

Kuch nahi dadi ..i just got to realize I need to start deiting on a serious note ..Ouch

Kya matlab ..

Geet ko mera ek bhi dress fit nahi aaya she is heading back home to change n be back here in time ..

But aapne kaha tha ..u shopped for her ..

Han dadi but yeh saari ka blouse uss stupid tailor ne sleeveless kar diya ...n aapko tou pata hai geet sleeveless pehena chor chuki hai ..

Dadi maa stared at geet ...n she looked down not wanting to meet her gaze ..she might not be able to have all her emotions naked in front of her ...while dadi maa couldn't help the words escape from her mouth ..

Itne saal guzarne ke baad bhi ..Ouch

Geet looked up realizing its this very moment dadi maa ever noticed the change in her cloths ..n somehow the question in her eyes made her say this ..

Kuch chotien aise nishaan chor jaati hain jo kabhi nahi jaate dadi maa ..DeadDead

Geet sighed controlling her tears ...she didn't wanted to cry remembering the worst day of her life ..that changed her life forever ..n dadi maa n aniee looked down realizing how true it can prove in thr life ...maan constantly hurting her can spoil it all forever ..dadi maa n aniee's eyes met a wave of acknowledgement paased knowing the both were thinking the same thing while geet just took a deep breath n started to walk out when dadi maa stepped towards her n stopped her ..

Actually u don't need to go any where ..(both girls looked confused n she continued).. humare paas ek buhat sundar shawl hai jo iss saari ke saath bilkul matching rahegi ..aap wohh le lijeye ..then u won't feel uncomfortable wearing this ..

Aniee's hopeful eyes stopped geet from refusing ...even though geet knew she won't be able to wear that saari ..the wounds ...the memories would only hurt her more ..


I can't believe dadi maa ...4 saal baad bhi geet ki chot ka nishaan nahi gaya hai ..

N I can't believe hum ne itne saloon tak iss baat ko notice nahi kiya ..

Mene notice tu kiya tha ..that she has stopped wearing sleeveless but ...I never expected this to be the reason behind ..

Aniee aapko lagta hai hum ne theek kiya geet ko wohh saari pehene ko keh kar ..

Pata nahi dadi maa ...aapko yaad hai na ...kitna time lag gaya tha geet ko uss accident ke baad normal hone mien ..

When the two ladies were worrying in dadi maa's room ..geet sat in front of mirror in aniee's dressing room wearing the saari n now looking at the old scare at her left shoulder ..the small scare that geet never even glanced at in last 4 years contained the ugly truth of her life that never wanted to face or even recall ..but today she can see it ..even remember every second of that day when she got hit with bullet from point zero n got this mark to bear for a life time ..a constant reminder of how unwanted she is in maan's life ..n how unworthy she is of his attention ..leave his love ..she doesn't even deserve to be acknowledged by the great Mann Singh Khurana ..

okie its done ..n i am bit jumpy here please please let me know how it came out Embarrassed typed in a hurry with a tired mind but i wanted to ..Big smileBig smile 
n since i mentioned it in last few updates maan has some real reasons for his insecurities n here i m with some revelations from past ...WinkWink however i would try not to make it anymore sad than it is but i can't help myself sorry Dead

okie now me going its already 1 here n i have to be up early bye all Big smile

please do leave ur reviews n likes for me Day Dreaming

luv ya

Posted: 5 years ago
nice part
him missing her and then being happy just with the idea of spending time with her

and geet
oh the shot has left the mark
now am really curious to know the past
poor maaneet

cont soon
Posted: 5 years ago
buddhu geet...maan is in love with u...

superb update...

loved it very much...

thank u very much fr d lovely update...

eagerly waiting fr d nxt prt...

continue soon plz...

Posted: 5 years ago
nice part maan just got happy hearing geet voice n now cant wait to read their past thnx 4 update
Posted: 5 years ago
nice part. Maan was missing Geet so much. Geet was hit by a bullet , but by whom.  Why does she feel, she is unwanted in Maan's life. Waiting to know more about past.
Posted: 5 years ago
It's amazing.  Maan was getting restless without seeing geet. One side he doesn't want to express his feeling and another side he can't even stay without geet. Annie called him to join them for dinner but maan was not in mood so he denied. But hearing geet voice and knowing from Annie that geet will also go with them, made maan agree to go. Geet doesn't wear sleeveless clothes because of some accident before four year. What exactly happened that day. Waiting for next dear
Posted: 5 years ago
Amazing part..Maan doesn't want to go for dinner but hearing Geet's voice he agreed to go..waiting for their past..
Posted: 5 years ago
It was a very interesting update. waiting for the next part.

Gurmeet Choudhary Drashti Dhami Geet Hui Sabse Parayi 

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