Happy Birthday Gorgeous Toral Rasputra

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Posted: 9 years ago

 Toral Rasputra is an Indian TV actress. She born on 26 December 1987 at Mombai, India.This year we are celebrating 27 th Birthday of our Gorgeous, Elegant, Graceful, most beautiful Indian Actress Toral Rasputra😳⭐️.   The date 26 December, 2014 finally came ,which is   very memorable, wonderful day for all of  us and the  year 2014 proved lucky and  vey important year for all of us.😳. We are very prideful for Toral Rasputra👏. Toral is very hard working, intelligent, beautiful, sincere actress which helps her to be achived in her goal as  successful Anandi⭐️. She made her entry in   the loyal viewers of long-running and popular Balika Vadhu  (Sphere Origins) on 4th March 2013. Her character, Anandi is very intelligent, perfect, ideal, simple, hard working, kind hearted, very down to earth nature and honest. She always protests against injustice like a super woman. She never tolerate anybody's pain and always ready to help any helpless person. She is showing mindblowing performance as Anandi.

She is the most genuine human being

She keeps her beautiful smile at all times

She has a heart filled with kindness and gratitude

She is honest and frank

She is a talented and versatile actress

She is completely dedicated and devoted to her work

She is beauty with brains

She has a down to earth nature despite all the glitter that surrounds her
She is simple and straightforward

She has an impressively positive attitude

She talks straight from her heart

She is confident and bindaas'

She has a pure heart that holds no grudges

She is very well-spoken

She carries herself with immense grace

She has an amazing sense of humor

She is fun, cute, and crazy'

She has eyes so beautiful and deep

She is always her natural self with no pretense
She is very affectionate

She brings positive energy

She brings happiness to our life

She is a graceful dancer

She is very charismatic

She is the best of friends

She has great compassion for animals
She has no superiority complex

She realizes her limitations as a human

She is loyal to and has faith in her well-wishers

Personal Life

Toral is a Gujrati girl originally from Anjar, Kutch. She born in Anjar, Kutch but was brought up in Mumbai . She did her schooling at Jai Hing College, Mumbai. She has completed her degree in arts with a amjor in English from St. Xaviers College, Mumbai.
 Her family is very supportive to her. Simplicity and honesty are her best qualities. She is best known for her smile and eyes. Her dream role is of Smita Patil in Arth. She believes a lot in culture. Her travel destination is Mussoorie because it is the most beautiful place she has ever gone to. Her success is her destiny. Her favourite food is Punjabi food like Paneer masala tikka and Biryani.

We wish the best for you👏⭐️

A beauty so pure and true

No sunset darkens her hue

"Stay" implores the morning dew


Traveling through rocky mountains or steppe plains

She carries soft roses and luminous flames

A lass who transcends all the laudatory claims

Toral was not born for ordinary frames

Happy bithday Toral Rasputra😳⭐️😃

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Posted: 9 years ago

     Different avatars  of Toral Rasputra                               

Toral was seen as Priyanka in Dhoom Machao Dhoom. Priyanka ends up creating chaos everywhere. Over the course of the show, she becomes stronger, more hot tempered and coordinated after dealing with all the problems caused by Koel and her gang. She is an idealistic student who wants to break the stereotypes at school and is looked upon as an idol by other girls. She is always brimming with new ideas, some of which land her into trouble. Her parents are divorced and she lives with her mother. Priyanka has a habit of humming to herself even in the middle of her classes as she loves to compose songs. She is the band leader, lead singer and guitarist in the Pink Band. She is also the president of the Music Society formed by Nihaal.

Toral played the role of Rasal in Kesariya Balam Avvo Harame Des.The story focused on Rukmini a.k.a. Rukmi (Jaya Binju) lives with her father Madan Singh, step-mother Dhapu, younger half-sister Rasal (Toral Rasputra) and half-brother Gheesu. They are poor and struggle to make ends meet. Rukmi, in childhood, had saved Rasal from a fire and got one side of her face burned. Since then, she has been wearing a half veil so that the burn marks are not visible. Rukmi's scarred face acts as a hurdle in her acceptance by society.

Toral then played the role of Isha in Choti si Zindagi.The story was about two sister's Isha and Ira.
Isha was the elder sister,Mature and Simple.Loved her sister Ira and would do anything for her.

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Posted: 9 years ago

 The character Anandi as played by Toral Rasputra at present is very  perfect as wife, daughter, daughter in law, sister, sister in law, Grand daughter etc and she is showing mind blowing performance  as Anandi.  , Her first appearance in the serial as elder Anandi was through a School function as Chief guest, where she displayed her acting skill so maturely and delivered appropriate and meaningful dialogue before the public so beautifully that she immediately caught the attention of viewers and managed to carry-on the expectations of the character - Anandi. She also participated in school function with great dancing skills on that day. She is superb in dancing skills as well as acting. We never forget Toral Rasputra and Siddharth shukla's mind blowing Sensual dance performance in ITA programme during this year 2014.Loved their fabulous performance very much there.

 Toral, you are my favourite TV actress.   I wish you the best birthday ever, I hope you get lots of hugs and loves. Happy birthday. Toral Rasputra.

  Her  Sphere Origin's popular show Balika Vadhu on Colors is going on successfully till now where She is   popular because of her acting skills, performance, good looking face, dialogue delivery. Love to see her as wife of Collector Shivraj Shekhar , where Anandi is always taken care  by her cute  husband  in the show..  There are various  wonderful, enjoyable and important tract/scenes of this year 2014  like previous year like PA and Collector Saheb's tract, painter tract, Shiv and Anandi's romance with   Ice cream  in the  park , wow, what a scene that was , I love her very much in that romantic scene I never forget the scene when they were playing and enjoying with that Ice cream feeding scene  and rushed to each other, then our Anandi's acting, expression and dialogue delivery was so enjoyable and heart touching. All scenes were full of romance and love.  I have watched that scene several times. Anandi's responsibility to save his husband in the PA and our collector Saheb's  tract was so interesting and meaning.   I never forget Anandi's dance performance in rain with Shiv when she was addicted with drug with DB. Toral is really a great performer also . The main reason for watching the superhit  Balika Vadhu are to see our favorite couple's great chemistry, good looking face,  acting, smile , dialogue delivery  .  There are no words what to say about Ansh jodi' acting, lovely scene. Any Ansh scenes are always my favourite.  She was playing her character there very perfect way. There were  very interesting, meaningful  and wonderful episodes in  painter tract also.  We are able to see very emotional romantic scene including fight scene of our collector babu to save his wife  several times. I never forgot that scene while Shiv has bitten the painter to save Anandi that fight scene was my favourite one and Anadi portrayed her character there in wonderful way.


We wish Toral rasputra all the best for the future endeavors.He is very down to earth and hard working person. She is not only good person , she is good daughter too .She always credits to her mom for becoming a successful actress. She is very close to his mother and always takes advice of her mom where necessary, As a example she already started to take advice her mother to grand success Anandi's pregnancy tract. She is very good human beings. Your character Anandi is a best Female rule in the TV Industry . . You showed wonderful performance in romantic scene with your energetic , naturalistic talent of acting.  You are the best and keep rocking in BV as always .  Love you Toral. I always love and enjoy with your off screen funny interview with your co-star. We are very excited for the upcoming tract where the loyal viewers of long-running and popular show Balika Vadhu  (Sphere Origins) will  witness a new turn in Anandi's (Toral Rasputra) life, where she will be seen embracing motherhood.

Anandi, who already has a son in the show with her husband Shiv (Siddharth Shukla), will now become mother of twins. Her son Amol is the adoptive child of the couple.

Toral, who has already portrayed the role of a mother earlier, will be shown as pregnant with Shiv's baby in the show for the first time.


Now, this will be very interesting to see what will happen next in Anandi's life when she would become a mother.Wishing you good luck for your future project . Happy birthday Toral Rasputra.😳👏


 This beautiful VM made by Anjali

             on account of Toral Rasputra's birthday , here is the link 














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Posted: 9 years ago
 Luara's Beautiful Contribution for Toral's Birthday

As for me, Toral is actress who breathed new life into Anandi. Since Anandi is very important to me, so Toral became someone I love.

On this occasion, I want to share with you what scenes were special for me during last year, the scenes where Toral was amazing as Anandi, the scenes when depth of emotions affected me the most.   

Let's go down the memory lane...

At the very beginning of this year there was a scene on the lake when Anup regained his memory back. It was Anandi who made this moment so special. Intensity of feelings in her eyes and smile that shone through her tears when she realized that Anup is "back home", made this scene so touching and memorable. What can we do except to love this unique girl for her amazing capability to care for others, to feel their pain and their happiness as her own...  Just look at her face:

Another highly emotional moment was the scene when AnSh met Amol for the first time. As Anandi saw little boy who was sitting alone, drawing the picture, she recognized him for what he really was - a precious human being. Thanks to Toral we could see that impact of emotions which overwhelmed Anandi ... remember?

As, I love this emotional Anandi who deeply sympathize with others, who finds happiness in giving to others. Toral portrays this Anandi so naturally, as if it's her own character. She shows such beautiful warmth with both children and elderly people. That's why I loved her scenes in old people's home, conversations with Daddu, and with Dadisa, off course.

 We're used to emotional, respectful, obedient, responsible Anandi. But, what about playful, naughty, mischievous Anandi?

Mmm, if she exists?

Yes, she does! We could see this playful, naughty and surprisingly romantic Anandi coming into surface after a long time. Sadly, Anandi let her inner cheerful nature to be revealed only under the influence of drugs. However, I fell in love with this vivid Anandi. Provocative glow in her eyes, naughty smile on her face, briskness of her body movements - everything was adorable. Because every time she looked so pure and innocent, like a child. Great job, Toral!

Another scene of vivacious Anandi is illustrated here in a lovely avi made by Sara. I would love to see Anandi behaving like this in a fully conscious state:

As the months passed, Anandi looked more and more as confident, content with her life, fulfilled woman - in one word she looked more and more beautiful, and in Palash's track she looked just like a queen. The way she was gracefully coming down the stairs to meet Palash, radiating inner wealth -  extraordinary beautiful!

What I love about both Anandi and Toral is their constant growth - they're getting better, more interesting, more complex, more adorable, more alive day by day, month by month. It's good to learn with them, to cry with them, to smile with them - it's good to be part of their journey.  

And this is how I want Anandi to go through the life from now on - gracefully and with determination:

I wish the same to you Toral! Be positive, patient and persistent and you'll overcome every obstacle. Keep your beautiful smile on your face! 

Happy birthday, Toral! 

P. s. As for you, my friends, I'm sure that these lovely avis made by Sara will bring smile to your faces😃

  Big thanks to Sara🤗

          Write up by S.Omar

Toral Rasputra , exquisitely sculpted
Soaked with splendor and elegance
As she walked through the orchard
Roses felt deprived of beauty and sense
An empty glass could be filled on the morrow
For she knew how a sprout of bliss
Could grow from the root of sorrow
With counted breaths, she wouldn't be remiss
Draped with sunlight,
Calmer than the dead
It gazed through the cloudless night
So that some of her secrets could be read
I always believed that poetry is not my cup of tea. I consoled myself saying that I prefer prose anyway, but I knew deep down inside that the reason is the bitter fact that I am incapable of creating poems. Just then Toral Rasputra , you came across to show me that with a beautiful source of inspiration, a non-existent poem can begin to take a certain form to the sheer amazement of the inexperienced writer. Every time I write something with you in my mind, I turn back and say "Did I actually write that?" which goes to confirm that writing is not necessarily an inherent skill. I am still unable to determine though whether your physical manifestation is more beautiful than your outlook towards life or vice versa. I doubt you are aware of the fact that how and in what form you may touch someone's life out there. So continue to shine and wish you every true success in life.

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Posted: 9 years ago



                                                 MADE BY SARA

                               MADE BY PARI

                                         MADE BY NENA

                                            MADE BY LAURA

                      MADE BY S. OMAR

                                            MADE BY ZARQA


                                                    MADE BY LEKHA

                                                             by Chandrani

                                   BY UMMAS

                                                               BY MERU

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Posted: 9 years ago

                                                  FROM SARA
So on this very special day
We would like to say to you
We hope you will always find happiness
In whatever you may do...

May this B'Day be just a beginning of another year 

filled wid happy memories,
wonderful moments n shinning dreams...

Hoping your B'Day blossoms into 
all your wishes coming true...
May you have all the joy your heart can gold,
All the smiles a day can bring,
All the blessings a life can unhold,
May you have God's best in everything...
Wishing you a very Happy B'Day..
with tons n tons of Love n Good wishes,

       FROM S. OMAR

On your birthday, special one,
I wish that all your dreams come true.
May your day be filled with joy,
Wonderful gifts and goodies, too.
On your day I wish for you
Favorite people to embrace,
Loving smiles and caring looks
That earthly gifts cannot replace.
I wish you fine and simple pleasures.
I wish you many years of laughter.
I wish you all of life's best treasures.
I wish you happily ever after!
Happy Birthday! Toral


Happy Birthday Toral Rasputra!! I love you sooo much!! I'm soo happy and don't know what to say but here..

Dear Toral, I remeber when I start watching Chhoti Si Zindagi I hate you as Isha but later I start liking you and loving you...I love your acting a lot and I love it when Isha pretend to be dead and then the ghost and old lady!😆 But the old lady make me laugh like really hard!🤣 But when Chhoti Si Zindagi ended, well before that I join India Forum since October and I your real name is Toral Rasputra I was like "Toral Rasputra,Hmmm that a lovely name" then I know a lot of actor and actress real name! So when Chhoti Si Zindagi ended, I was waiting for you and want to know when you gonna be on show. Sooo End of April I was happy when you gonna be on show Balika Vadhu and you replace by Pratyusha I was so happy I get to watch you as Anandi on show :) I'm so lucky that my birthday is on December 24 and your birthday on December 26...I love you Toral and have a amazing birthday enjoy your life with your lovely husband :) love you Toral



                                        FROM VANDOOR

Toral Rasputra...a name that shook  millions of viewers around d world on 4th March 2013..a name that grew apprehensions in people along with hopes n lot of expectations 4 their beloved character -Anandi...

N kudos 2 Toral 4 living up 2 their hopes...4 crushing their fears gradually..bit by bit...making them love their Anandi once more..👏👏.
Toral...u came as a surprise in r lives..n more surprisingly touched r hearts n souls like never before...⭐️

2day is the birthday of a simple girl who make heads turn just with her work n hearwarming smile...!!😊😊

I need not mention ur graceful dance..ur subtle acting...ur pure indian beauty...or ur eyes which speak volumes...because it would be an underestimation of ur inner beauty...ur dignified personality and d most respectable manner in which you carry yourself in real life....👏👏

Toral...u r special⭐️
u r unique..⭐️
u r different⭐️

May god shower lots of happiness, success  n prosperity on u...
may u shine like a star in d world of acting n glamor..
may ur kitty overflows with awards n applauds...



                                  FROM LEKHANA

Wishing a Very Happy BirthDay Toral Rasputra 
                            Hope u get more & more successes in your life...😊
                    The Charming Smile &  Eyes are most Beautiful in your face ...❤️
                              We love to see u as Anandi in Balika Vadhu ...😃
                                    I like your simplicity & your attitude...😉
                 The way you are facing Challenge and Hardwork is your Success.. ..  👏
                                         Great Going Toral Rasputra...⭐️ 

                                          FROM ZARQA

      Dear Toral wish you a very very Happy birthday!! Hope & Pray this year brings you lots & lots of happiness, love & all the success😳 May God fulfill all your wishes & blesses you with everything that you deserve! You're such a wonderful human being, so simple yet so elegant ❤️ I really admire you for your simplicity, being in an industry full of glitz & glam you manage to keep your simplicity intact & I love this about you! You're a beautiful woman in & out plz always remain the same ❤️ and not only your beautiful you're also a very talented actor! You have made Annadi so special for all of us! You've made her character come alive & thnku for that! Thankuu for giving us our real Anandi 😳 Even with all the negativity going around you while you entered as Anandi, you managed to come out of it & shine like a star! Once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY TORAL Have a rocking day & blessed year❤️ Love youuu 🤗❤️❤️

Loads of love & luck
Zarqa ❤️


 Wishing you happy birthday Toral Rasputra. Love you very much dear 👏😳

Happy Birthday. Hope it's one of the best ever!!!!... a lovely birthday for a lovely person!

 Happy Birthday. I wish you well and I hope all you birthday wishes come true!  Wishing you health, love, wealth, happiness and just everything your heart desires. Happy Birthday.

 Happy Birthday to a friend who means more to me than chocolate. Happy birthday!!! 

Hope you have a blast!!!

 Things I like about you: humor, looks, everything. Happy Birthday.  

                 From Love Toral Sid

Happy birthday to my sweetheart Toral Rasputra 
My wishes for angel 

May you get what you wish in life May your dreams cum true 

I wish that you get all the happiness in the world and you get everything that you aspire for... I hope to see you continuously climbing the ladder of success... Always stay as sweet and wonderful as you are now... and most importantly keep smiling!!! because you have the most beautiful eyes and heartwarming smile Smile

All the best for your life and career!!!

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Posted: 9 years ago


                                                             From Mina

Another year has passed and let me just say how much we count on you rather than count the years. I wish you a wonderful birthday with beautiful flower.Another year older, another year wiser. Well, at least you are growing up to be what you were meant to be - the hottest girl around. Happy birthday, gorgeous.Blowing out another candle should mean that you have lived another year with joy and you've made this world a better place. Make every day of your life and every candle count. Have a delightful birthday!Happy birthday!! Wishing you a wonderful year ahead.Your birthday deserves to be a national holiday,because you are a special treasure.Happy birthday Toral⭐️❤️

  •                                                    FROM SARA

    From Ummas

    Many people say that the best way to remember a special person's birthday is to forget it once. I think that Google calendar works better.
    They say that you can count your true friends on one hand. I'll bet that you can't count your birthdays on the other. Happy Birthday Toral👏
    I wanted to give you the best birthday greeting ever...But this card was all I could afford. Happy birthday!
    I always forget your birthday and it's not my memory that makes me to, it's the plastic surgeon of yours.I hope that your birthday is as happy as a chimpanzee without pants! Happy Birthday.Despite all of the advances in medicine, there is still no cure for the common birthday.

     From Meru

    The sun is shining more brightly today as a way to wish you happy birthday.
    Today, I wish all your dreams come true as you walk on your path. Count your blessings day by day, realize there are more than years in your life! So, celebrate your day!
    It's your birthday today! You know what that means? It's time to wear the hat, blow the candles and cut the cake. But don't forget to think of all the wishes you want to make! Enjoy your day!
    We have been best friends since forever. I'm running out of birthday greetings so what more can I say but a matter-of-fact. Happy Birthday! I wish you a wonderful day today and the coming days as well.
    Happy Birthday!! Hope your day is filled with lots of love and laughter! May all your birthday wishes come true. Wishing you happy Birthday Toral with beautiful flower.😳

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    Posted: 9 years ago

      VOTE OF THANKS & Credits


         Hey, guys😃, 26th December is a very special and memorable day for all of us as Today is our beautiful Toral Rasputra's i.e Anandi's  Happy Birthday . We are celebrating 27th Birthday during this year, 2014. We are really happy and glad  for her. Thanks👏 to everyone for making  the beautiful , wonderful Siggies, beautiful write ups, wishes, avis, VM etc to make this celebration a great success. Congratulation🥳 to whole Toral team for preparation to celebrate of her Birthday. It is party time now. Let us start the party🥳


    TORALSID i.e Sara

    VM :- Anjali



    S. Omar


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    Posted: 9 years ago

    Happy Birthday  Toral Rasputra

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