TaaRey SS : Soulmates (Completed)

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Hello Guys! I'm back with a new story. I know i have so many stories to update but don't worry, I had already written this story. This story start from the episode where taani asked rey not to perform in NDC semi finals. Banner is by Sameera_12. Hope you all enjoy reading.

Chapter One

After steping out from the shower Rey came downstairs while holding his head, his head was spinning badly. He clutched his head tighty, pain was unendurable for him. He was under the cold shower for more than two hours.

"Kaka, mera sir bahut pain kar raha hai. aapne medicines dekhi hai kya." He asked him when he saw kaka cleaning the hall. Rey was feeling as if he had no strength left inside him. His legs given away and he lost his balance.

"Rey baba, aap thik too hai na" Kaka walk upto him and held him before he could fall down on ground. Kaka was hell worried. With great difficulty kaka made half unconcious rey laid down on couch in hall.

"Kaka don't call doctor, I'll be fine after some rest" Rey spoke, kaka helped rey to reach his room then made him laid down on bed after giving him medicines.

"Taani its all because of you. If you hadn't asked me to choose between you and dance then i would be there performing with my friends. I can't live without you but you also you know i can't live without dance also then how could you asked me to leave my dance for you" Rey said to himself. Yesterday when taani asked him to not to perform in NDC semi finals because her tauji would be there and she dont want him to come to know about him being dancer. Rey was in dilemma whom to choose, he can't live without taani, his life neither he can leave his passion, his dance.

All his frustration which had been bottled up inside him from the morning was oozing out and his mind started to held her responsible for all this. He ditched his friends at last moment by denying to perform in event, its all because of her if she hadnt been so selfish to only think about herself, he will be able to face his friends.

His reverie broke when his phone started to ring. Without seeing the caller name, he picked up the call.

"Rey, aap thik toh hona?"

On hearing the voice that belongs to the person he least want to see or hear right know. The bubble of anger brust inside him. The voice that used to give him immense peace was now hurting him. He didnt wanted to talk to her, atleast not now.

"Come on taani, stop showing as if you care. tum jo chati thi vo ho gaya na then why don't you just leave me alone. Go and celebrate your victory. You won, you separated me from my dance." Rey shouted over the phone, in anger and hurt he crossed all his limits without even realizing it.

"Rey aap hosh main toh ho, aap kya bole jaa rahe ho, I never wished to separate you from dance" Taani spoke from other side of phone, her eyes scorched with hot tears, Tears automatically started falling down from her eyes.

"I am really not in mood to listen your useless talks, just leave me alone. This is the only thing I am asking you, leave me alone. Please taani dont make my life more difficult" blinded with his anger and hurt he didnt realized what he had spoke. He had broke her heart and this time the damage is beyond repair.


"Rey where are you lost, we have reached, Its time for concert to start" Rey heard sharons voice which bring him back into reallity from his past memories. He quickly wiped away his tears before anyone could see them. He lost everything that day. He asked her to leave and she left. she went away from him, leaving him behind to regret his own words. He was never same after that day, the hurtful words he said to her had left a wound on his heart but when realized it, it was too late. She was gone. His broken angel was gone And he was the reason behind her departure from his life. Today he had everything, lavish life style, his friends, million fans and his dance but all he dont have is, happiness. When the person who gave him reason to smile is away from him then how can he be happy.

He took a deep breath. Preparing himself to face the media and their uncountable questions that was waiting for him. He wear his aviators, the soft look on his face changed into hard unreadable one. In short words he transform himself into superstar reyaansh singhania from rey.

Rey, swayum and sharon step down from car, other gang members were in other car. They too come out and all of them started to walk toward the entrance, with bodyguards protecting them from crowd that went wild seeing the world famous D3 dance group and mostly seeing the superstar dancer & actor The Reyaansh Singhania.

Rey avoided talking to media as he was not in mood while gang was successfull at handling the media and their questions. After talking to media they went backstage, to get ready for their performance.

"I'm sorry taani. Please come back" he thought to himself. The one mistake of letting his anger take over him had left him with regret for life time.

"Rey, moved on now. Its been 3 years. Taani jaa chuki hai, tumhe chod kar" He turn around when he heard sharon's voice.

Sharon, swayum and others don't know why taani left without saying anything to anyone. They all now hate her for leaving rey like this, he was so heart broken after he came to know that she had left. Swayum too don't know about her whereabouts.

"Let's not talk about it guys" Rey replied in monotone voice, not interested to take this conversation further because he knew where it would lead them.

"No rey! Its clear that she didn't loved you. Even after doing so much for her, you even missed NDC semi finals rehearsals for her" Sharon spoke with anger in her voice. She had seen him crying day & night because of taani.

Before rey could say anything, they heard host's voice who announced their performance.

"Lets go guys" Swayum said, his voice broke the tension in room. Rey nodded and left from there leaving then alone.

"Tumhe kya lagta hai swayum, Is he doing right? He had done everything for her still he is getting punishment. Kya pyaar karne ki use itni badi saza milegi" Sharon voiced out her feelings, she had never seen rey so broken. Seeing his state only increase her anger toward taani.

"I dont know sharon, I dont know" swayum said to her. He was himself confuse, taani loved rey more than anything, then what drove her to take the decision of leaving him. It wont be easy decision for taani and he know it. He know from which depth taani loved rey. There was something they dont know.

Now it was time for their performance, first whole gang perform leaving audience mesmorized. Then second performance was swayum and sharon's, they performed on song tujhko jo paaya. Hearing that song Rey got goosebumps, this song was very close to him because it reminded him of her and their beautiful memories. Rey was watching from back side of stage as Swayum and sharon moved on rythm of beats, somewhere deep down he felt jealous seeing his friends with their partners, but again he cant's blame anyone that he is alone, he had himself choose this loneliness for himself by sending her away.

His reverie broke when audience started hooting his name, he look at the stage SwaRon's performance had ended now it was his turn to perform.

Rey went on stage, host handed him mike. Today was special day, it was his taani's birthday. He had prepare a special performance for her.

"Hello guys!"

Crowd literally went crazy, they were shouting his name, jumping in joy, excited for their rockstar's performance.

"My today's performance is very close to my heart, Its for my angel. I know where ever you are right now, you are watching me. I'm sorry, Please come back my love" Rey spoke, he knew taani must be watching him right now as she can never stop watching his dance, and it was the only way he can convey his feelings to her, show her how much she meant to him.

There was silence, fans listen their rockstar's pleading to his love. It made clear to them that the person he love is not with him. Millions of heart of girl broke too, but they were eager to know the name of the lucky girl whom rey love.

Spotlight fell on him, the music in background starts. He danced his heart out, remembering the most beautiful moments of his life, he danced on her favorite song, maula mere.

Gang members were watching as their friend dance, it was like he was trying to convey his feelings toward taani, his love, his pain can be seen in his performance.

Finishing his performance rey went backstage directly in his dressing room. Outside audience was truly mesmorized by his performane, some pray that he will get his love back soon. While the media had present this as breaking news, on every news channels there was only one news was running. Reyaansh singhania and his love life, they were still unaware about the girl name.

"Guys let him stay alone for sometime, we should go and attend press confrence, then we will leave for my house here in delhi, we will be staying there only" Swayum said to them. They all nodded and left from there with their team manager to attend the press confrence to anounce about their new dance school they were opening in delhi.

Rey sat in his dressing room, tears were streaming down from his eyes.

"I wish i could take my words back i said you that day. I cant live without you, please come back taani" Rey said to himself, he was completely broken, the only thing that was holding him together was hope, hope that one day she would come back to him and forgive him.

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New one
This was emotional prt Rey
said those words to Taani &
taani actually left him aww rey
Miss taani sooo much gang don't
know Anything Abt TR update soon plz Edited by raddhi - 2014-11-08T03:51:48Z
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superb concept and part 1 awsm and ya plz apni phela ki stories complete kar do two shots wali to atlesht finish kar do plzzz update soon..
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Hailaaa ek aur nayi story di ,baba reyyy ,but it was awesome i so so wanted to read something like this aww rey is heartbroken but he deserves this but want taarey meet soon thanku for the pm and update soon
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awasome concept
chapter 1 was awasome
rey heartbroken
love rey dance
rey missing tani
plz do update soon
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Omg feel sad for rey i wish soon taarey meet . Pm next time pls
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awesome concept
loved it
update soon
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