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Read Season 1 before you start reading season 2
Soulmates : Season One

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-Chapter One-

It had been four days Rey return back mumbai and since that day Rihanna was not well. She was so attached to rey that she was missing him like hell, Restless in his absense which was making taani worried for rihanna's as she was not eating properly and she had fever too yesterday. Taani hadn't told rey anything yet, was sure it will effect him badly and he won't be able to perform in his event.

Taani went in her room with rihanna's in her arms, they just finished their lunch. After giving Rihanna her medicines taani sat on bed taking support of bed post. She made rihanna laid down on her lap. Caressing her head taani tried to make her sleep. Rihanna who's eyes searching for her father from past four days.

"My baby ish misshing daddy? Okay lets call your daddy and talk to him" Taani said in childish tone, she picked up her cell phone from side table and dialled rey's call.

"Hello Taani! Thank god you call. Hows you and Rihanna, hows she? You know i was feeling so restless from since i came here, say something na" Taani smiled when she heard him asking questions without even taking breath.

"Oh god! Rey take a deep breath and let me speak. I'm fine but your baby is not, She is missing her daddy" Taani said to him over phone. Taani caress rihanna's hair.

"Really? Even I'm also missing her like hell. Taani do one thing, come online I want to see you both" Rey said to her from other side of phone. Taani could imagine his expression, same as rihanna, sad missing them. Taani cit the call and opened her laptop. Soon they were talking through video call.

Taani made rihanna sit on her lap and placed the laptop in front of them.

"Papa" Rihanna said seeing rey on screen, waving at her. She jumped on Taani's lap. Taani smiled seeing her baby happy after so long.

"Did my princess missed daddy?" Rey started a conversation with his baby, as if understanding his words rihanna nodded at him, runnning small fingers over the screen of laptop, as if caressing rey's face. Taani and rey both were in awstruck seeing Rihanna's love for her father. Taani gave amused look when rey also did the same, trace the screen of his laptop on which his princess and queen of his heart were showing. Rihanna and taani giggled.

"Rey I'm coming mumbai tomorrow" Taani spoke suddenly, giving him mini heart attack. He came out from the shock hearing his little princess's laughter, who was laughing at his shocked expression. Rey closed his opened mouth and stare at taani, waiting for her to continue.

"Rihanna's health isn't well, she is missing you and also tauji called me, he said you talked to him few days back and asked him his permission to let me and rihanna stay in mumbai with you, so he said he don't have any problem with me moving in with you and also I can join our mumbai branch office"

Taani explain him, her tauji knew how much rey love taani so he was more than happy when rey come to him and asked for his permission. He was happy seeing his daughter getting her happiness back, and tuaji knew how much rey had suffered as swayum used to tell him and want to know about taani if he knows about her but he didnt told anyone as he promised to taani. Now tauji want taanis happiness and her happiness lies in being with rey so he just agreed.

"What happened to rihanna? And why didn't you told me before" Rey asked her trying his best not to shout at her. Taani looked down feeling guilty. The accusing look he was giving her was something she had never seen before.

"I'm coming back india" Hearing his words her eyes snapoed at him, his eyes were blazing fire at her. If look could kill...

"Listen Rey! You have very important even to attend tonight and Rihanna is fine, she had little fever yesterday and now she is fine, I'm here to take of her you just concentrate on your event" Taani said getting irritated, in past because of her he missed the important event and it caused them to separate and now she and her baby are the reason he wants to miss his event and she still don't know if later on he would blame her or not. Taani don't want to became an obstacle in his path of success. she said his words he said three years ago had stopped hurting her but it didn't, they still act like acid on her wound.

"Stop it taani! You want me to attend this event na then okay, I will attend it for you but trust me I will never forgive you this" saying this Rey disconnceted the call, Rihanna stare at screen for a moment hoping her father would show up but nothing happen.

"Papa" She said looking at taani, who was shedding tears at her fate. Taani come out from her reverie feeling Rihanna's tiny fingers wiping her tears away. Taani brought her in her embrace and brust into tears.

"I hurt him again, I such a bad person. I don't deserve him" Taani said between her sobs, Rihanna doesn't know what is happening to her ma but she was sad seeing tears in her ma's eyes. Rihanna tighten her hold around taani and nuzzled her face between crook of her neck. Taani made her laid down and both mother daughter slept in each others arms.

In London

"What the hell does she think of herself? Jo mann mein aayega woh karegi? How could she even think of hiding about my baby's health from me? I've every f**king right to know to know about my daughter" The anger started to buil up inside him, his heart was badly bruised by her. Rey was packing his bags, he had already booked his tickets. After the event he was going back india.

"Rey what happen? Why are you packing your bags?" Sharon asked him as whole gang entered in his room and shocked to see him packing his stuff as they still have 3 three days to go back.

"Guys I have to go back India, Rihanna's isn't good, even I'm also not feeling good being away from her." Rey answered them, he settled down on bed as he finished packing.

"And what about Event?" Simmi asked him.

"I'm going back tonight after the event"Rey replied they all took sign of relief, Rey's absence from concert can create problems for them as organisers specially want rey to perform in event.

"Rihanna ko kya hua?" Swayum asked him, worry could be feel in his voice, that made rey hapopy that someone care about his baby too not only about event.

"She had Fever, she is missing me, not eating properly and I dont know what I'm still doing here, I want to meet my baby" Rey breathed swayum smiled seeing the desparation in him to meet his daughter, the cool dude college hearthorb or the hot headed superstar rey was no where to seen, he was like a complete family man for whom his family come first.

"Don't worry about rihanna, Taani is there with her" Swayum assured him, Rey smiled he knew taani is there he had nothing to worry but still the father in him want nothing but go back and gathered his daughter in his arms.   



Chapter One : Page 1
Chapter Two : Page 11
Chapter Three : Page 20
Chapter Four : Page 29
Chapter Five : Page 40
Chapter Six : Page 50
Chapter Seven - Page 67
Chapter Eight - Page 75
Chapter Nine - Page 85
Chapter Ten - Page 107

Season 3 : -Click Me-

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Finally season 2 is here..
Awsum update...
Both rey and rihaana missing each other...
Taarey n rihaana's video call scene was amazing...
But one thing i don't like that rey is missing only rihaana not taani also...
Well waiting for the new twists..
Update soon...Edited by TR_lovebirds - 2014-12-04T03:31:47Z
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Posted: 2014-12-04T02:35:43Z
rey and Rihanna seem like soulmates
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Posted: 2014-12-04T02:54:12Z
Congrats :)
Most wanted story of taarey once again back with bang :) loved caring side of rey towards his own princess :) online conversation between rihaana and rey where awesome. :) taani decided back to mumbai . Waiting for more twist and turns :) and pls update never too late also yaar . i know pooja you are not well. get well soon. Take care :)Edited by Jasmine_ash - 2014-12-04T03:04:53Z
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Posted: 2014-12-04T02:58:43Z
awesome ..amazing update
update soon
And pm me when you update
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Posted: 2014-12-04T02:58:53Z
wow season 2
dats grt
loved 1st chaptet
aww both rey n rehaana missing each other
hye love taarey n rehaana part
talking on laptop
tani feeling guilty
tauji is o k with taarey relation
m gang dey r worried abt event
nt abt rehaana Cry
atleast swayam is der wid rey
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Posted: 2014-12-04T03:06:47Z
season 2 is a bang
was waiting for it pooja
loved that you started..
worried Rey and his bonding with Rihana was treat to read.
But I Feel Taarey Relation needs more to work...to get back to the original form
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Posted: 2014-12-04T03:29:51Z
Oh my god.. This is just soo awwsomee... Big smile
Just loved it.. Dont want ki taarey ke btw firse fights or misunderstandings ho..

Please update soon and pm me.. Smile
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