The Third Dyut-sabha.

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Feeling Shocked ?
Well, Don't, Because This Is Just An Imaginary Story By Rajshekhar Basu Named "Tritiya Dyut-sabha". He Wrote It By The Name Of "Parashuraam". I Found The Story Too Hilarious, And So Thought Of Sharing It With People Who Haven't Read It. I Word Obviously Suggest You To Read The Original Version In Bengali, But I'm Just Posting The Whole Story (Line By Line) In English.

I Take No Credit For This. All Rights Belong To The Author And The Publishing Houses Only.

Scroll Down For The Story, Which I'm Sure You'll Enjoy.
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Part 1

In Mahabharat it has been said that in the first Dyut Sabha, Yudhishthir had lost all his possessions, which Dhritarashtra, out of remorse had returned. The old man, influenced by Shakuni and Duryodhan had called them back, for another game, as the Pandavs were preparing to return to Indraprasth. Even in this second game, Yudhishthir had lost and the Pandavs had to go for an exile of 13 years.

But what kind of a game did Yudhishthir and Shakuni Play ? They did not have any tokens or yards, both sides just uttered their bets and rolled their dice. The one having the greater points was the winner. In the "Dyut Parvadhyay" of Sabha Parva, this Shlok is repeated every time Yudhishthir utters his bet. -

Etachshrutvaa Vyavasitoh Nikritim Samupashritah |
Jeetamityeva Shakuniryudhishthira Mabhaashatah ||

Meaning, on hearing the bet, Shakuni, using Nikriti (Dishonesty), rolled his dice and told Yudhishthir, "I won." This shows that one game ended as soon as the dice was rolled. The one who had a greater point collection won.

Most people do not know that there had been another Dyut Sabha, a few days before the Kurukshetra War. It is very difficult to say why Sage Vyaas had not included this incident in the epic. Maybe there were some political reasons or he might have thought that in the upcoming Kali Yug, it might be harmful for the ordinary people if Shakuni's technique was revealed. But, pertaining to the various new methods of cheating people that has been invented in the modern ages, there will not much harm in revealing this ancient mystery now.

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Part 2

Only twenty-five days are left to the Kurukshetra War. Yudhishthir is sitting in his tent, while Sahdev is reading out the list of materials bought for the war. Arjun has gone for a meeting in the Panchaal tent, and Nakul is busy with the practice of the soldiers. The hundred maces that Bheem had sent for has reached and now he is shouting and dedicating them, one for each of the Kaurav brothers. All the maces are made of wood, leaving one which is made cotton stuffed in a cloth. This one is for the 18th brother, Vikarna. He's a good lad, he had spoken out against the injustice when Draupadi was being insulted.

Sahdev was reading,"Barley, 448 Kg, ground slaked lime, 29859200 Kg, unground slaked lime, 18662000 Kg -"

Yudhishthir was pretty irritated by the long list, but not showing interest doesn't look good, thus he asked, "Will that be enough ?"
Sahdev said, "It will be enough. It's only 7 Akshouhini, and the war will extend maximum till 20 days, and there will be plenty of casualties. Now, Listen - Ghee, 100000 pots -"
"You'll make me a beggar, I see. From where will I get so much of money ?"
"What's the need of money ? All of this I bought in credit. You shall pay them with sweet words after victory. Oil, 200000 pots, salt, 1866200 Kg -"
"Stop, stop ! Do whatever you wish, why dragging 'me' in between ? I understand the Vedas, the duties of the king, the law. Mathematics is a Vaishya's job, I can never understand that."

When such a discussion was going on, a guard came and informed them about an unknown hunchbacked person who sought to meet the king. Sahdev said, "No, Maharaaj is busy with his daily works now, ask him to come in the evening."
But, Yudhishthir, much eager to free himself from Sahdev and his lists said, "No, no ! Bring him just now !"

The newcomer was a hunchbacked old man, bald, with a huge pagdi on his head. He wore a blue stone necklace, and a long loose dress. He folded his hands as Namaskar and said, "May Dharmaraaj Yudhishthir be victorious !"
Yudhishthir asked, "Who are you gentleman ?"
The man said, "Please forgive me, but I wanted to speak only to the king."
Yudhishthir said,"Sahdev, you may leave now. Go and check the bags of peas, whether they have insects or not." Sahdev left with an irritated and suspicious mind.

The newcomer said in a whisper, "I am King Subal's son, Matkuni, Shakuni's step-brother."
"What good fortune ! You are our respectable uncle, please take this throne !"

"No, Maharaaj, I'm merely a maid's son."

"Fine. Then sit on that lower seat, and please reveal the reason of your arrival ! But Uncle, why haven't we seen you before ?"

"How would you see Maharaaj ? I prefer to be inside a house, and also, I was not here since the last 13 years. I couldn't become a warrior due to this hunch, so I studied the science of engineering and mantras, and have excelled in that. Vishwakarma, the teacher of the Gods, has blessed me. But, Maharaaj, I've heard that you're excellent with Dyut ?"

"Yes, people say so."

"Still you lost to Shakuni. Do you know why ?"

Yudhishthir replied with anger, "Shakuni, had used dishonesty to defeat me !"

Matkuni smiled a little, "There is nothing called honest and dishonest in a Dyut. If both the sides depend on luck, then normal people say it is honest. If one side depends on luck and the other side used his own intelligence, then the defeated side says it's dishonesty. Dharmaraaj, your luck-assisted dice has been defeated by Shakuni's brain-assisted dice. Now, you use a greater amount of intelligence, shoot a Raam-arrow against a Ravan-arrow, the Goddess of Dyut will choose you."

"Uncle, your words are not entering my head. People say that Shakuni's dice has a gold plate attached to one of its side, the opposite of which has the maximum digits, and so every time, it wins."

"Maharaaj, people don't know the real story. Many people use gold or lead plated dice, but that is not absolutely safe, as out of many times, a few times, the dice is bound to roll.Recollect, you had played for a number of time, did you win even once ?"

Yudhishthir replied with a sigh, "No, not even once."

"So ? Shakuni, is an experienced player. He wouldn't have played against you without absolute surety."

"But what's the use of these words now ? The war is nearing, there is no chance of another Dyut-sabha, and I can't defeat Shakuni anyway."

"Dharmaputra, don't lose hope. Listen to me now. Shakuni's dice was made by me, I have placed a magical spell inside it, so it is infallible. That Shakuni, has learnt the secret from me and discarded me. He had promised to give me the kingdom of Indraprasth, after you five had left for exile. When you left, I went to Duryodhan. He said - I don't know anything, ask Mamashri. And when I went to Shakuni, He said - What do I know, go to Duryodhan ! After this, the two of them imprisoned me in a secret fortress in the country of Balhik. I somehow fled from there after 13 long years, to meet you."

Yudhishthir said, "Oh, so do you want to roll me like a dice to get Indraprasth now ?"

"Dharmaraaj, I beg pardon for my previous mistake, but now I am your greatest well-wisher. I was like a fool, who tried to touch the moon of Indraprasth, but believe me, I've suffered enough for that. I will be content, if after your victory, you dethrone Shakuni and give me the kingdom of Gandhaar Only."

"As a prize for what your ingenious dice has done to me and my family ?"

Matkuni replied, embarrassed, "No Maharaaj, that's past. now listen, I've received news, that Dhritarashtra is sending Sanjay to you. Under the influence of Shakuni and Duryodhan, the old king is again inviting you for a Dyut. Maharaaj, don't miss this golden opportunity."

Just then, the sound of the wheels were heard. Matkuni said in an alarming tone, "Maharaaj, I beg you, don't deny. Tell Sanjay, that you'll think and send a messenger. I'll reveal my plan after Sanjay leaves. Till then I'm hiding is that room."

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Part 3

After the conventional well-wishing, Sanjay said,"Pandav-shreshth, Kururaaj Dhritarashtra wanted to send Vidur, but Vidur did not agree to perform this ominous task, so I was sent. I am messenger only, please pardon my words. The king has said this - My son Yudhishthir, you five are as dear to me as my hundred sons. My first and foremost duty now, is to stop this great war. I am an old, blind man, and my sons are disobedient and ready for the war, so I decided after great thoughts that an non-violent war in the Dyut-sabha is better that a great war. I have coaxed my sons into this with great difficulty. So, I would really appreciate it if you would come and play once again. The bet is to be the whole Kuru kingdom. If Duryodhan's player Shakuni loses then all my sons will leave for the forests for ever. If you lose, then its the same for you. Son, don't fear dishonesty, as I will arrange for two dices with which you both will play. You are to choose first, and Shakuni will take the one left. What can be more fair that this ? I will be waiting for your decision through Sanjay. May you and your brothers be blessed and the 18 Akshauhini of soldiers be saved."

Yudhishthir asked, "Did Uncle himself say this, or just recited like a parrot whatever Shakuni and Yudhishthir taught him ? Sanjay, what do you think I should do ?"

"Dharmaputra, I'm a mere messenger. I can't say what I feel. You use your knowledge of the duty of a king, you will take the right decision."

"Fine, then you tell Uncle, that I'll decide and send my word. Now you have some food, take rest and return tomorrow."

"No Maharaaj, I have to return just now." Saying thus, Sanjay left.

Matkuni came out of the room and said, "Maharaaj, you've said the right thing. Now listen to my plan. You send a messenger to Dhritarashtra, today itself, but be careful, your brothers must not know. Your messenger will say - O respectable Uncle, your request is an order for me, though it is most unpleasant for me, I'm ready for another game. I don't need your dice, I will prefer my own. Even Shakuni Maama can use his own dice, I have no problem. The bet you decided, is also fine by me. But, the only condition is, that, we will play with only one dice, instead of a pair, and will roll it thrice. the one whose, points will be greater will win."

Yudhishthir said, "O son of King Subal, I thought you were my well-wisher, but now, I think I'm wrong ! With what guarantee will I play with Shakuni again ? Even if you give me a dice similar to that of Shakuni, how do I know that I'll win ? What's the problem with Uncle's dices ? Why will I hide this from my brothers ? Why will we roll the dice only thrice ? Rolling it many times is the best way to gather points. How do I know that you are not Duryodhan's spy ?"

Matkuni said, "Maharaaj wait, I will give an answer to all your questions. If you play with the dice arranged by Dhritarashtra, you're bound to lose beacause Shakuni will never play with that. He, like an expert magician, will change it and play with his own special dice. But, I was not wasting time in Balhik, I have invented a stronger mantra to defeat Shakuni. His dice will become completely ineffective. Maharaaj, your brothers are all waiting for the war; they are not as calm and intelligent as you. If you tell them, thy will obviously stop you, and you will lose such a perfect chance of winning back your kingdom without bloodshed. You send your word, and then tell your brothers. If they say anything, you stay still like the Himalayas."

"But Draupadi ? Uncle, you haven't heard her sharp words."

"Maharaaj, the anger of a female is like a fire in the grass, that can't collapse a mountain. And how many days will it last ? After your victory, all of them will automatically stop. Then listen - my dice is very delicate, so it cannot be used many times a day. Even Shakuni's dice is not long-lasting, he will gladly agree to three times and three times is enough for your victory. I have the dice with me. You can test it if you like." [The first line, is not my creation. I'm just writing whatever is there is the book.]

Matkuni took out an ivory dice from his long dress. Yudhishthir observed that the dice was very much like Shakuni's. The same well-made, well-polished, the sides rounded of and a minute opening at the center of each dot.

Matkuni said, "Maharaaj, please roll it three times." Yudhishthir did so, and each of the times the result was six. Yudhishthir, amazed, looked at it closer, but Matkuni at once snatched it and put it back in his pocket and said, "This magical dice is not to be looked at just like that. It destroys its power."

Yudhishthir said, "Your dice is dependable but what is the guarantee that you will not deceive me later."

"The guarantee is my head. Yes, you keep me imprisoned from now. Let two armed soldiers always be with me. You give an order that if you lose, then they will immediately cut off my head. Maharaaj, do you believe me now ?"

"Yes. But if I use your Dice, and defeat Shakuni, then will it not be cheating ?"

"O Maharaaj, you are still afraid of deceit ? Both of you will be using these special dices. If in a wrestling match, your power is more that your opponent, is that a deceit ? If you know more tricks, is it a deceit ? The mechanism in Shakuni's dice is mine, and the better mechanism in your dice is also mine. So, in this Dyut, I'm playing in both sides, you both are just my puppets here."

Yudhishthir said, "Matkuni, I am getting more and more confused by your lecture. Dharma has a very subtle course.I have fallen into grave trouble. On one hand, there is the great war, and on the other hand there is the Dyut. Both of which I equally dislike. But, to ignore the call for war is against the duty of a king, and to ignore the call of my Uncle is against my personality. Therefore, I agree to your plan, from today, you will be imprisoned in a secret room with two soldiers, none of Kaurav or Pandav groups shall know of your existence. If I win, then you can have Gandhaar, and if I lose, then you will die. Now give me the dice."

Matkuni said, "No Maharaaj, if the dice stays with you, then in the absence of proper care, it's power will be destroyed. Let it be with me, I will regularly charge it with more and more power. I will give it to you just before you leave for Hastinapur. But if you wish, then you can come everyday to try it out."

Yudhishthir said, "Matkuni, your very cheap life is in my hand, but my intelligence, my kingdom and my Dharma, everything is in your hand. So, I have no other choice but to listen to you."

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Part 4

Next morning Yudhishthir told his brothers about the upcoming Dyut-sabha. On hearing of the latest example of his simplicity, the words which the four brother hurled at him, cannot be mentioned. (please imagine them yourself). Yudhishthir sat quietly and listened to what all of them had to say and then, he replied, "Brothers, I'm the eldest among us, you call me Maharaaj. A king can decide his own duty without discussing it with anyone. I think, deciding our fate in a Dyut is better than winning our kingdom, through a devastating war. I am sure of my victory, due to reasons which I cannot disclose now. If you cannot depend on me, then speak out clearly. I will send a message to our Uncle as such - O Uncle, I have been discarded by my brothers, they don't consider me to be their leader. I do not anymore have the right to stake my kingdom in a Dyut, so as a repentence for breaking my promise, I will end my life in a fire, you do whatever think is right."

Then Arjun touched Yudhishthir's feet, and said, "Paandavpati, please do not be angry, and forgive me for all the insults that escaped my mouth." Then Bheem, Nakul and Sahdev also asked for pardon from Yudhishthir. Yudhishthir retreated to his tent after blessing them all.

Only Draupadi hadn't spoken yet. What can one say to a person who even after losing two times and suffering so much, agrees for another round of gambling. After Yudhishthir had left, Draupadi cast a fearsome pair of eyes of Sahdev and said, "Chhote Aaryaputra, please take the trouble to stand up. Yes ! Now take the fastest horses and go to Dwarka, tell him everything and bring Vaasudev with you. Only he can solve this ! You five brothers are five good-for-nothing, Urgh ! What should I say, good-for-nothing nothings !"

Withing ten days, Sahdev returned with Krishna. Krishna descended from the chariot and said, "Dau's coming with Daaruk." Yudhishthir said with much happiness, "What good luck !! Panchaali is very lucky, both Krishna-Balram can't stay unmoved when she calls."

A second later, Balraamn arrived in Daaruk's chariot. He said from the chariot itself, "Dharmaraaj, we heard that you've arranged for great fun. I don't want to see Kauravs and Pandav's war, but I'm very eager for this Dyut. I won't stay here, or people will say, we are showing favoritism and this Dharmaraaj, doesn't keep any drinking facilities. Let Kanha stay here, I'm going to Duryodhan. We'll meet at the Dyut-sabha. Start Daaruk." Saying thus, Balraam departed for the Kaurav tents.

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Part 5

The Dyut-sabha has started. Dhritarashtra, unable to stop his curiosity has come to Kurukshetra to see the outcome of the Dyut. He will return after the game. He has great belief in Shakuni, so he is sure of the Kaurav's victory.

When everyone, like Krishna-Balraam, the Pandavs, the Kauravs along with Dhritarashtra, Shakuni,Dron, Karna ETC. had arrived, Bheeshm said, "I hate to say, that even though I do not like this Dyut-sabha, I have to attend it as I am more like the slave of this King Dhritarashtra."

Dronaachaarya said, "I agree, Bheeshm."

Bheeshm said, "Maharaaj, Dhritarashtra, to ensure that no deceit is performed in this Sabha, I suggest Shri Krishna be made the Sabhapati."

Duryodhan disagreed, "But Krishna is biased towards the Pandavs."

Krishna said, "That's very true, and how can I be the Sabhapati when my elder brother is here."

So, with everyone's permission, Balraam was made the Sabhapati.

Balraam said, "What's the use of further delay, let's start the game. All those who are present here, in today's game, on the Kaurav side, Shakuni and on the Pandav side Yudhishthir will play with only one of their own dices. They will roll the dice only thrice. The one with the greatest cumulative points will be the winner. The bet here is the whole of the Kuru-Pandav kingdom. The one who will lose will surrender the kingdom to the winner and leave for the forests. Shakuni, you are elder, roll the dice."

Shakuni threw his dice and said, "I won." The result was six. There were loud shouts on the Kaurav side. Then Yudhishthir Rolled his dice. The result was six. The Pandavs and Krishna shouted out, "May Dharmaraaj win."
Balraam said, "You're shouting without a reason. Both of them have equal scores till now."

Shakuni said, "Two turns are left. We'll win in that."

In the second time the result was 5:6 (Shakuni:Yudhishthir). The Pandav's shouted out. Balraam said, "If anyone utters a word now, I'll make you stand outside, holding ears !" In the third turn, the result was a hilarious 1:6 (Shakuni:Yudhishthir). Balraam declared, "Yudhishthir is the winner."

Then everyone watched amazed as Yudhishthir's dice slowly hopped towards Shakuni's dice. Duryodhan threw his hand and feet while he screamed, "This is deceit ! Yudhishthir is dishonest. Does the dice of an honest person ever jump around ?"

Balraam said, "I'll test both the dices." Hearing this Yudhishthir immediately took his dice and gave it to Balraam. Shakuni held his dice close to him and said, "I will not let anyone touch my dice !"

Balraam said, "I am the Sabhapati, you have to do whatever I say !"

Shakuni said, "I am not your slave !"

Balraam was a little drunk due to the good 'drinking arrangements' in the Kaurav tents. He just slapped Shakuni and snatched his dice and said, "All the people, now I'll break both the dices and see what is inside." Saying thus he broke them. A lizard came out from Yudhishthir's dice and attacked the beetle which had come out from Shakuni's dice. A wave of disbelief flowed through the Sabha. Dhritarashtra asked, "What ? What happened ?"
Balraam replied calmly, "Nothing, Maharaaj, just a beetle was there is Shakuni's dice -"

"My God ! So dangerous ! Did it bite ?"

"It didn't bite anyone, it was just inside Shakuni's dice. This insect is very disobedient. It does not want to turn over; if put inside a dice, it turns straight with the dice itself. And, a lizard came out from Yudhishthir's dice. This one's a more dangerous thing. Even Lord Brahma can't turn it over ! The beetle was afraid of the lizard, and therefore it turned over; therefore Shakuni lost."

Dhritarashtra asked, "Who won ?"

Balraam replied,"Yudhishthir. Both of them had insects in their dice, so it was not deceit. I had heard that Shakuni is very clever, but now I see Yudhishthir is cleverer !"

Yudhishthir then whispered about Matkuni to Balraam and he [Balraam] replied, "Dharmaraaj, don't be afraid, the use of such special dices is permitted in Dyut."

Yudhishthir poohed away the solution with much disregard, "Haladhar, you are a great warrior, I agree, but you know nothing of the Shastras. Listen what Lord Manu has said,

Apraanibhiryat Kriyate Talloke Dyutamuchyate |
Praanibhih Kriyate Yastu Sa Vighyeya Samahvayah ||

meaning, the game with the use of non-living things is called Dyut, and a game with living beings is called Samahvayah. Uncle had called us for Dyut, but by my bad luck, we played Samhvayah. Thus, this game cannot be considered to be honest.

Karna clapped, "You are true to your name, Dharmaraaj !"

Balraam said,"There is no gainsaying the fact that Yudhishthir is the master of all the Vedas, but he does have an acute deficiency of ready-wit. I agree this Dyut is unacceptable, but in that case, the previous games were false too, as Shakuni had used this beetle-filled dice then too. King Dhritarashtra, your brother-in-law's irresponsible behavior had caused these five brother a lot of suffering, so now give them what they deserve, and put an end to all these."

Yudhishthir could not stay calm anymore. He shouted, "I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR ANYTHING ELSE ON THIS TOPIC ! I am terribly frustrated. We'll take back our kingdom through war itself. Pranaam Uncle. Come on you all !"

Then the Pandavs returned to their tents with much joy. Krishna-Balraam also went with them.

Yudhishthir said, "My foremost duty is to release that Matkuni now. All that the fool did for me has gone in vain. Come, lets pacify him."

Just then the news had reached the Pandav tents that there had been an unrest in the Dyut-sabha. When Yudhishthir and the other came to the prison, the two soldiers had been arguing that whether Matkuni's head should be cut, or cutting his nose would be enough for now.

On hearing everything from Yudhishthir, Matkuni started to cry, "O Lord, I see that you are the most powerful ! I had fed that lizard well to make it heavier, and that insect has betrayed me by jumping about ! Balraam had still managed to patch it up in the last moment, but Our Dharmaraaj, had to recite his scriptures and spoil the well-cooked broth ! What will I do with freedom ? Duryodhan will surely kill me now !"

Balraam said, much amused, "Don't worry Matkuni, I'll take you to Dwarka. There is an Ashram of a group of non-violent Saadhus, there, and many lices, beetles mosquitoes, flies, rats and lizards are cultivated and properly taken care of. I will make you the in-charge of that Ashram, and then you can spend your life researching in peace."

The End.

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WOw what's the catch? Update soon!
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Thanks a lot Proteeti for translating the story here Clap it's my most favorite story from Rajshekhar Basu (Parshuram) Big smile you know what, when I first read this story I thought it happened actually ShockedLOL then my father corrected me by saying that is imaginary only Smile so beautiful imagination, isn't it Big smile this is the best funny FF about MB I read so far LOL the thing I love the most is: Rajshekhar Basu kept all the characterizations as they are in the original epic MB Smile everyone are in character Thumbs Up even I was thinking to translate it for this forum, you took the words of my heart Big smile all devotees use to think same, no? Embarrassed
I love Krishna'a dialog very much when Duri told Him biased to Pandavas, "Kathata mithyaa noy" (that is not a lie) ROFL He is accepting happily that He is biased to His devotees LOL
& I love how Balaram slapped Shakuni Thumbs UpClap he needed another one LOL
I love Yudhishthir here very much Smile how honest & innocent he is Smile at the last part, his honesty makes me overwhelmed Day Dreaming seems like only his honesty won finally & everything else lost in this third dyut krida Clap
Draupadi's "Tomra Panch bhai to Panch ti apodaartho gandomurkho" (You five brothers are five good-for-nothing, Urgh ! What should I say, good-for-nothing nothings !) ROFLROFL what a wrath on own husbands LOL
& last but not the least, imaginary character Matkun
once again, thanks for sharing it with all non Bengali members here Hug Jai Shri Krishna Smile
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