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Silent Love

Banner credit goes to Temptations.

The gentle wind caressing his face and ruffling his hair. He so loved this feeling. He Stood on the terrace of his mansion, Gazing at garden or should I say At someone. That Someone has changed his life completely without any attempt to change him, He changed himself but for whom? And the answer is her, For her he changed himself. But why? Nobody knows the Answer not even he himself. The Cool dude player Reyaansh Singhania changed himself into One women man, caring and Loving person from rude and arrogant.

She was his best friend's sister now his wife. Its been only a month of their marriage. They shared a friendly relations. Love each other like friends but do they Love each other like Life partners do? There is still a question mark. This was the question he couldn't answer.

His thoughts stopped short hearing a Loud shriek. He look down at source from voice come, His heart stop beating for moment. She was there, In garden holding her injured leg in her, just then his gaze shifted on her leg, He ran downstairs in full speed.

"Taani, How did this happen? Is it paining much?" He asked her concern worried tone, Gently holding her by her shoulder he made her sit on the swing, that was right behind them. He sat on his knees, taking her foot on his lap, examine it sharply, A small piece of glass has pierced her skin, making it blood.

"Don't know, I was waling in garden then I felt something pierced my skin, I look down and there was a glass piece" Taani answered him, pressing her lips together, Trying to suppress her pain. 

"You should be careful na? Their wasn't any need to walk barefoot in garden?' He scolded in her caring tone, she felt an urge to smile at his care.

"Its okay rey, Its just a small wound, I'll be fine" Taani assured him. while he glared at her. He took out his handkerchief from his pocket and wrapped it around her foot carefully after taking out that glass piece from her skin.

"Just a small wound? yeah I can see that" he replied sarcastically, He stood up and scoop her in his arms.

"Rey what are you doing? Put me down I can walk by myself?" Taani said, wriggle to get out of his grasp but his one glare was enough to make her stop her attempts.

"Chup bilkul chup, you are not going to put you're not going to put your foot on ground until your foot completely heal. Am I clear?" Rey said in stern yet caring tone, taani giggled. This is quality she Love the most about her husband, His caring nature.

"Yes sir" She mocked saluted, Rey shook his head at her antics and take her inside in their room. Placing her on their bed gently he walk toward cupboard, After taking first aid kit he sat on the edge of the bed.

He bandaged her injured, with utmost care, All the while she was staring at him, She knows what kind of Life he used to live before marriage, He was a player but it didn't effect her, Why? because she knows that he has changed, He is loyal to her, He left his all player ways just for her and that made her feel special. She first time mat him in her bhai swayum's wedding, he was his best friends, his parents like Taani for their son, then alliance came from singhania's for taani's hand for rey. They both agreed after having a talk with each other. She still remember the way he promised her, to be hers only if she agreed for marriage.


Taani and Rey both are in her room, Their parents were downstairs, From the time Rey had seen her picture, he was sure that she is one with whom he can spend rest of his life But before saying anything he wants to tell her everything about himself, He wants his life partner to trust him with every fiber of her body. Sure he was a player but he too had dreamt of happily ever after with a girl whom he can cherish all his life. He didn't touched a girl from the time his parents came to him and talk about his n taani's wedding. he told her her everything about his lifestyle he used to live.

"I know you don't want to marry a guy like me but still If  your answer is Yes, Then I promise, I'll be yours only." Saying this he left the room, Leaving a smiling taani behind.

She was smiling at his honesty. She knows that she can trust him with her heart. Like every girl she wants a life partner who'll be Loyal with her, whom she can trust and Taani knows that he is one she can trust and spend her rest of the life with him.


"Now you take rest" rey said, making her snap out of her thoughts, She smile at him., they both sat on bed in same blanket, taking support of bed post. She put her head on his shoulder, he smile at her, wrapping his arms around her he return her affection, that time rey knew that He Loves her, more than friends. He think about one month of their marriage, The way she care for him, how she is dependent on him like he is on her for everything. How he can't see her in slightest pain, He can't live a minute without talking to her. Its make his realize  that they Love each other but need to confess it, Till now they both Love each other silently but now he wants to shout top of his voice that he Love her.

"Taani..." He whispered as he closed his eyes and kissed her head.

"Hmn" she wrap her arm around his torso. She was Loving this warmth of his arms.

"I Love you so much" He whispered, placing soft kisses on her head, his hands were caressing her hair. She look at him with wide eyes. Rey gulped when he didn't get any answer, his heart was thumping loudly in his ribcage. He was sure that she can hear his heart beats.

" Rey, I Love you too" She whispered coming out of daze, He blinked as he registered her words. She nodded at him slowly, both smile at each other. there was only an inch gap between their faces, their eyes at gazing into each others with Love n them.Her breath quickened and she closed her eyes, and rey filled the remaining Gap between them by placing his lips on hers.  he grabbed her head in his hands and pulled her to him, She grabbed his arms as he nibbled her lips. electric sparks flew through their bodies, Single touch of others was creating havocs in their senses.

Rey groaned as her hands roamed on his chest, driving him crazy. He embraced her, pulling her on his lap, without breaking the contact between their lips. Her fingers curled on his shirt, gripping it. To get some oxygen while Panting heavily, they broke their kiss soundly.

They put their forehead against each other, neither rey nor Taani broke the comfortable silence, It was their first kiss. silently promising each other to be with each other till eternity. Rey embrace her in his arms, She never felt this safe before.

"I Love you" both whispered in each other's ear.



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Wow awsm os taaeey silent love superb...
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Posted: 2014-07-29T01:33:35Z

CryCryCry update kaha hai...????

mereko hot wala chahiye tha CryCryCry

os khatam hi ho gaya CryCryCry

achha tha... but i wanted tht one Cry

dusra likh ab OuchOuchOuch

thnx fr d pm 
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OMG this was such  simple and beautiful OS <3
Loved it !
Keep writing ! :)
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Posted: 2014-07-29T01:43:22Z
nice os
loved d trust factor between them
for me trust  s  true love...
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Posted: 2014-07-29T01:44:39Z
It was simple yet perfect in itself!!!
so pure love!!!
A light-hearted love-story with all the required ingredients!!!
really amazing!!!
indeed the silent love!!!
Loved the change in Rey!!!
thanx for the pm Pooja diii!!!
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Posted: 2014-07-29T01:45:15Z
This was simply beautiful...
Really loved it :)
Thank you for the pm :)
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Posted: 2014-07-29T01:52:25Z
Nice OSClap
taarey were simply awesomeBig smile
do write more n moreSmile
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