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Hi friends I have written an OS and the response I got was heart warming and beautiful. I never knew I could write but I tried and to trouble you people  I wrote again and its going to be a SS. I hope you people will like it and I will be waiting for your comments, criticism and love. 
Coming to the SS am not going to introduce any character I will just bring up every character into the story and as the story unfolds you will get to know the twists and anything related to the characters.
Lol dont kill me for writing this story...
Its just second attempt so please bear with the mistakes.
Thank you and Love you all.
Keep rocking.
Waiting for your response
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Links to the parts will come here...

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Slowly she entered the building it was so huge and so classy. She was nervous and excited both at the same time. Finally she was going to start her dream profession that day. She went near the lift labelled "Staff only" and was waiting for it. The lift came and when she was about to enter, the lift boy asked her to take the other lift as SIR was coming..She was taken aback for a moment but she was in no mood to spoil her happiness that day. She was about to move to her left to enter the other lift, she felt one soft plumpy thing hitting her. She was like unaware what was that thing and she understood it was a man when she heard a voice saying "Walk with opened eyes lady". She gulped the sorry she wanted to utter and just gave a glance at him. He was too busy to give a second look at her and entered the lift and ordered the boy to be fast. She thought how arrogant and moved towards the lift.

When she entered the MD's chamber she found him smiling at her and saying "welcome Dr. Priya Sharma, I hope you will like our hopital. You are going to start today, hope you will have a great day. I am happy to have you in our panel of doctors. Thanks.for joining us. Good luck and my PA will guide you further."
Priya thanked him and went to the PA to fulfill some formalities. After finishing there she was accompanied by a lady to show her chamber.

They went to the next floor and she was guided towards a room. Before entering she found her name embossed on the door 'Dr. Priya Sharma, MD, General Physician.' Priya had tears of happiness when she entered the room. The lady took leave from there and Priya was just awed at the beauty of the interiors and she slowly took her seat and was living the moment. Finally her dream came true.  She has achieved something in her life which she has dreamed since her childhood. 
P: (Herself) Phew Priya dont be so emotional, you will do great. Its going to be a great start.
"Excuse me mam"
P: Yes, get in.
One woman entered the room and wished her goodmorning. She introduced herself as Sudha, incharge sister of that floor. 
P: Oh nice meeting you sister. I am Dr. Priya Sharma. I have joined today.
Su: Welcome mam and good luck mam. Hmmm..
P: Why are you hesitating to tell me something. You can just speak out.
Su: Nothing mam, Patients are waiting for the other physician but he didnt come due to some emergency. If they are willing to see you shall I send them in.
P: Oh any time sister, you can just confirm me before sending in.
Su: Thank you Mam, have a great day.
Sudha left the room and after 20mins she came in saying that only five new patients were willing to consult her.
P: Any count will start with one sister, here we have five. Please send them in as per order.
The next one hour Priya was busy with the patients. She was having a sort of satisfactory smile when she finished her work. 

In the same hospital, in a different floor, the happenings in an operating room(OR)..
The surgeon was sweating a lot even in AC, as he was at the verge of losing the patient. He was trying all sorts to control the bleeding still he couldnt locate the bleeder. Everyone was on their nerves and helping him in all ways.
Surgeon:(Yelled) Call RK Immediately..

Priya entered the "staff only" lift showing him her ID and the lift boy said Madam we are going to 4th floor now then we will go down. Priya said it was ok for her and entered the lift.
When the lift stopped at 4th floor she saw the huge man entering the lift. He had a serious look on his face and he seemed to be in a state of emergency. Priya told herself to ignore him and stood calm in the lift. He got out from the lift on the 1st floor and went towards left. Priya came out and went to the RMO's chamber. When she was called inside she introduced herself and asked the RMO that she wanted to have a look around the hospital and she needed some one to help her out.
The RMO accepted her wish and called a Manager and ordered him to guide Priya.
The Manager took Priya to every floor and briefed her the details.

In the meanwhile in the OR the chief surgeon was turning impatient with every passing second. "Where the hell is RK? Did you make a call or not?"
RK: You took the name of the devil and the devil is here.
Surgeon: Thank God..Aaja dekh yeah..this bleeder isnt coming into view and the patient is...
RK: Haan I know teri tension main samajh tha hoon lekin I will just help you in reviving the patient baki ka surgery tu hi karega.
Surgeon: first.. He saw that RK was already busy in the work. He got an instant smile as he knew that now patient will be safe.
RK was a focussed person now, the helping staff was handing him whatever he asked and after 10mins he sutured the bleeder and checked two times whether bleeding was controlled or not.
Then he lifted his head with a calmness in his eyes and asked the sister to connect blood and turned towards the surgeon.The assistant took over from RK. 
Sur: Thanks RK.
RK: Thanks se kaam nahi chalega. Tu perfectly karna seekhle jaldi..
All the staff were busy in the work except the assistant. He stared at RK for a second and thought how arrogant.
Sur: Laughed and told tere jitna perfect hone mein mujhe saari zindagi lagegi. Thanks yaar.
RK: Chal abhi lag ja, I will leave. Saying this he went to changing room.
Assistant: How he spoke with you sir. He is very arrogant thats why I dont like him.
Sur: Do you think he even cares about your feeling?. Just focus on the work.
The assistant had a glare for a while and he silently gave place to the Chief surgeon and started assisting him.

Priya came back to first floor after an hour and when they were about to enter RMO's chamber, RMO came out along with the MD who was on rounds.
Seeing Priya over there the MD smiled at her and asked her " hope you have liked our hospital Dr. Priya."
Priya: Yes Sir, I am just trying to get familiar with the surroundings.
MD: Definitely doctor you will have the staff support always.
Then his look went to the far end of the corridor and his face lit up instantly..Ahhh RK.
Priya too turned her gaze and found the man she has seen for two times in past few hours. She didnt give a second look to him.
Do you who is that man Dr. Priya.
Priya: (How and why would I know) No sir.
MD: Can you guess??
Priya: May be some member from management or some doctor.
MD: Ohhh he isnt some one, he is the one...Dr. Ram Kapoor, top CT surgeon of Mumbai. The best man ever.
Priya: Mhmm so this arrogant fatty is a doctor...uff why I should care? Chill.
MD asked Priya to come along and she walked reluctantly towards OR...

HI guys so I end here the first part and they will officially meet in next part. Hope you will like this and please suggest corrections or you can raise doubts..will wait for your response. I know its short but please kindly bear. Thank you..tensed you know...

MD: Doctor of Medicine (Priya's qualification the other one is managing Director)
RMO: Resident Medical Officer
CT Surgeon: Cardiothoracic surgeon
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First Congratulations for starting new story Clap
 the first one is still in my mind as fresh as you posted it 
it was so soothening ..and i know this is also going to be a hit Tongue
Im dead eagerly waiting for this story 
and im so happy fos this story 

Love you baby 
 a grand congratulations once again ...

The title itself tempting Tongue
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OMG OMG That was so sweet title "DHADKANEIN " 
And the tag image ..awww simply superb the heart image and the ECG waves ...
Awww so priya is doctor and Rk bhi a doctor hai .
Super sketch ..super line
Aww meri Priya ...she is always down to earth person 
Im with her whatever also we start with ONE 
and indeed she is looking and doing superb 

Rk is so keen in his practice i think 
The way he handled the other case and the assitant words to him  ,i understud he is a Arrogant famous doctor ..
and she had already met him twice ..and now her sir introduced him
and her sulking was too good 
i so so want to read next part 
please update ASAP 

You know I so loved to read doctors stories .Giri wanted to write but already her hands ful with 4 to 5 stories that time .Now she is full with two stories .Than she might be busy 
But my wish has fulfilled thru you 
that i really wanted to read this type of story on Raya 
Im eagerly waiting for their milan 
and their love or friendship ...
Hawww double eagerly waiting for marrige 
and tis time i want to read some romance so try to write that also ...
Love you 
superb ..stupendo fantabulous story ...
Way to go 
your writing is just flaw less ...
Thank you for writing it down 

Abrevations bhi given Lol 
thank you for enlightening our knowledge but frankly few of us may not known to them
so thank you Tongue 
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Posted: 2014-06-22T03:31:52Z


for the New Story & fulfilled our request Smile

Very big Congrats to your new story HugParty
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Posted: 2014-06-22T03:35:11Z
Hi Viji

When i seen this picture

I guess this story is based on hospital & doctor
My Guess is right
you start the story very Beautifully Clap
When Priya seen her board "Dr.Priya Sharma MD, General Physician."
i can easily imagine Priya expressions, that scene is awesome
Priya scenes are superb , well written
So Ram also a Doctor in the same hospital , interesting
Ram scenes are also Superb
I like this dialogue " "Where the hell is RK? Did you make a call or not?"
RK: You took the name of the devil and the devil is here." very much
I loved it Clap
Totally wonderful update
You wrote very well
Continue soon Day Dreaming
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Posted: 2014-06-22T03:54:29Z
Originally posted by luvsakshi

First Congratulations for starting new story Clap
 the first one is still in my mind as fresh as you posted it 
it was so soothening ..and i know this is also going to be a hit Tongue
Im dead eagerly waiting for this story 
and im so happy fos this story 

Love you baby 
 a grand congratulations once again ...

The title itself tempting Tongue
Thank you so much Neel and its all your love that I could go ahead with writing. Hit hona I dunno but just expect people to connect with it.
Title/..hmmm yeah it should indicate RaYa's occupation as well as relation so chose it..
Love u too
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